5 Best Beer Halls In Hamburg

Updated on March 9, 2024  

best beer halls in hamburg

Ready to experience the lively beer culture of Hamburg? In this blog post, we'll guide you through the best beer halls in Hamburg.

From traditional German breweries serving up crisp lagers to trendy craft beer spots, these beer halls offer the perfect atmosphere to raise a stein and enjoy a memorable night out!👇

Top Beer Halls in Hamburg

Gröninger Privatbrauerei

We love stepping into Groninger Privatbrauerei, a place where the atmosphere takes you back to traditional German roots. Open since 1722, it's one of the oldest breweries in Hamburg. [1]

Here, we sip on amber-hued Gröninger Pils straight from wooden barrels and munch on tasty nibbles. It's not just about the beer; it's about reliving history with every gulp.

hamburg beer hall

This brewery stands proudly near the historic Speicherstadt and Chilehaus, brewing some of the best beers in town.

From special taps in their cozy halls to craft options for the adventurous—we can't get enough!

Hofbräu Wirtshaus Speersort

Stepping into Hofbräu, you're instantly whisked from the North German port city to the heart of Bavarian culture.

This place is the little sister to Munich's world-famous Hofbräuhaus, and it doesn't miss a beat in authenticity. [2]

Hofbräu Hamburg Beer Hall

Long tables welcome groups ready to share stories over mugs of frothy beer. Laughter fills the air as friends clink glasses and newcomers become part of the boisterous family.

Lively music often spills from the bandstand, making sure your time here will be fun and unforgettable.

Altes Mädchen

Altes Mädchen, located in Hamburg's trendy Schanzenviertel, is a contemporary beer hall that perfectly blends traditional and modern elements.

With its industrial-chic decor and a rotating selection of over 60 craft beers from around the globe, it offers an eclectic and vibrant drinking experience.

Nestled within the hipster neighborhood, this beer hall is one of the standout destinations among the best beer halls in the city.


Located in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, BLOCKBRÄU offers an authentic beer hall experience with its friendly atmosphere and wide selection of good beer.

Situated centrally, this brewery provides freshly brewed beer and food directly from the brewery.

The highlight is the spacious rooftop beer garden that boasts views of the Elbe, creating a bustling and unique atmosphere in the Landungsbrücken area.

Ratsherrn Brauerei

Ratsherrn Brauerei, nestled in Hamburg's Schanzenhöfe since 2012, is a vibrant hub for beer enthusiasts.

This brewery boasts an array of beers including Pale Ales, Porters, and other craft brews.

What sets Ratsherrn apart is its deep-rooted commitment to preserving the 1000-year-old brewing tradition of Hamburg.

Moreover, Ratsherrn Brauerei proudly stands as an integral part of top-notch beer halls across Hamburg due to its unwavering dedication to genuine craftsmanship and love for brewing.

Unique Features of Hamburg's Beer Halls

Traditional German atmosphere and decor

Stepping into one of Hamburg's beer halls immerses us in a traditional German setting. Ornate wooden interiors, long communal tables, and rustic decorations evoke an authentic Bavarian vibe.

The warm glow of soft lighting adds to the cozy ambience, while the sound of laughter and clinking glasses fills the air, creating a lively atmosphere that invites us to experience true German gemütlichkeit.

The walls adorned with beer steins, traditional artworks, and memorabilia tell stories of local history and traditions. It’s like being transported to a timeless space where old-world charm meets modern conviviality.

Varied selection of craft and local beers

When it comes to beer in Hamburg, the options are diverse and exciting. Breweries and taprooms offer a rich variety of craft and local beers, showcasing the vibrant beer culture in the city.

From traditional German brews to innovative craft selections, there's something for every palate. Visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic flavors of Hamburg through its varied selection of beers, making each tasting experience unique and unforgettable.

Hamburg's beer scene is a treasure trove for enthusiasts seeking new discoveries. With an emphasis on regional brewing art and creative concoctions, the city's breweries satisfy both locals and tourists craving an exceptional pint.

Authentic and lively atmosphere

Hamburg's beer halls exude an authentic and lively atmosphere, immersing visitors in the rich German brewing culture. Whether it’s the traditional decor, the vibrant chatter of locals and tourists alike, or the aroma of freshly brewed beers, each beer hall offers a unique experience steeped in history and community.

From cozy brewery pubs near the Town Hall to atmospheric cellar-style restaurants with scenic rooftop terraces overlooking the Elbe River, these venues encapsulate Hamburg's spirited social scene and appreciation for quality craft beers.

The local breweries' commitment to preserving traditional brewing techniques while embracing innovative flavors ensures that every visit is an exploration of Hamburg's dynamic beer culture.

Must-Try Beers in Hamburg


Astra Urtyp, a beloved beer brand in Hamburg since 1909, is synonymous with the vibrant St. Pauli neighborhood, especially along the famous Reeperbahn. [3]

The Astra brewery pub situated above the lively S-Bahn station offers seating for approximately 200 guests, inviting them to savor not only the brews but also delectable food.

Astra is known as one of Hamburg's cherished beers. Its ties to the city’s legendary beer hall culture make it an essential indulgence during any exploration of Hamburg’s thrilling pub scene.

Gröninger Pils

Gröninger Pils, an iconic German Pilsner, is a definite highlight at the historic Gröninger Privatbrauerei in Hamburg. As one of the oldest breweries in the city, it boasts a rich tradition of crafting exceptional beers. [4]

This renowned Pilsner offers a refreshing and crisp taste that perfectly complements the lively atmosphere of Hamburg's best beer halls.


Ratsherrn Brewery, with its rich brewing history since 1951, is a key player in Hamburg's beer scene.

Known for their dedication to slow brewing and as a member of the Slow Brewing Association, Ratsherrn offers an array of craft beers, including the popular Ratsherrn Pilsner.


Alsterwasser, also known as "Radler" in German, is a popular beer in Germany named after the Alster River in Hamburg. [5]

It is a refreshing blend of equal parts beer and carbonated lemonade or soda, resulting in a light and citrusy flavor.

This thirst-quenching beverage is perfect for enjoying during the warm summer months or while socializing in Hamburg's lively beer halls. The name "Radler" actually means "cyclist" in German, reflecting its origin as a favorite drink among cyclists looking for a revitalizing break during their rides.

The crisp and effervescent nature of Alsterwasser makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a lighter alternative to traditional beers, offering a subtle sweetness with just the right amount of fizz.

Tips for Enjoying Hamburg's Beer Halls

Explore during the week for a more authentic experience

During the week, Hamburg's beer halls offer a more authentic experience with fewer crowds and a laid-back atmosphere.

This allows for a deeper immersion into the local beer culture without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by weekend crowds.

Moreover, weekdays often bring special events or promotions that may not be available on weekends, adding an extra layer of excitement to one’s exploration of Hamburg’s renowned beer scene.

Indulge in traditional German snacks

We love to indulge in traditional German snacks when visiting Hamburg's beer halls. From savory schnitzel to hearty bratwurst, there's a rich variety of local dishes to savor.

Don't miss out on the classic Labskaus, a unique dish blending flavors of beef, beetroot, herring, and potatoes fried to perfection.

Check out local events and festivals for a fun atmosphere

Local events and festivals in Hamburg offer a lively atmosphere for enjoying the beer halls. These events showcase the city’s rich brewing culture while providing a fun environment to savor unique brews.

Embrace the vibrancy of traditional German celebrations, with music, food, and an array of specialty beers that add an extra layer of enjoyment to your beer hall experie