Review: Best Wine Tasting Tour in Cologne

Updated on September 4, 2023  


Cologne is more renowned for its Kölsch beer, but you can find small, family-run vineyards in the nearby countryside along the Rhine River.

Here is the best wine-tasting tour in Cologne, Germany.

Trust me, I'm a wine lover, born in Cologne. I've tried them all.

Best Cologne Wine Tour: Wine Tasting Private Tour with Wine Expert

During our wine tasting tour, we were treated to five reds and whites, which also featured local wines.

For wine enthusiasts, this is a fantastic opportunity to savor the unique flavors of grapes grown in Cologne's soil! 


We opted for the 3-hour tour, which not only included a delightful stroll through the charming Old Town but also paired our tastings with delicious appetizers perfectly suited for food pairing.

Our host was apparently a 5-star wine expert. She was highly knowledgeable in everything about wine we could think of - winemaking, grape cultivation, bottling, you name it. While I'm more of a beer guy myself, I'll admit I left with a new appreciation of German wines.

By the way, there's also a shorter 2-hour tour. Patrons can taste four regional wines instead of five, and they are accompanied by a wine expert. Sadly, there are no appetizers for this option, which I felt elevated the entire experience.


  • Exclusive access to a 5 - Star Wine Expert for personalized wine tasting and knowledge
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the wine-making process from grape to bottle
  • Sample and enjoy unique wines at popular wine bars, curated specifically for you
  • Reserve now & pay later, keeping your travel plans flexible


  • Limited time options (2-hour or 3-hour) may not be suitable for those who want a longer wine tasting experience.
  • The tour focuses primarily on German wines, so if you prefer other types of wine, this might not be the best choice.
  • The private tour with a wine expert may come at a higher price compared to group wine tours.

Benefits of a Wine Tasting Tour in Cologne

Explore the Rich Wine Culture of Cologne

Diving into Cologne's rich wine culture reveals an array of delightful experiences that can't be missed!

The city boasts a vibrant tradition of world-class German wines, with tours offering samplings of both red and white varieties.

I meandered through historic cellars hidden beneath the city streets; brushed my fingers over grape-laden vines in scenic vineyards on the outskirts.

Encountering every step with curious locals and fellow wine aficionados added layers to this immersive experience, enriching my appreciation for Cologne's deeply rooted viniculture.


This journey was not just about tasting exquisite wines but also uncovering intertwining stories of love, labor, and legacy reflected in each glassful.

From strolling through bustling Old Town surrounded by its telling history to exploring intricacies involved in local wine production - it was more than mere sightseeing, it was living part of Cologne's cultural fabric.

It opened up avenues for remarkable encounters – each winery visit revealing another chapter about German wine production adding depth to their delicious wines' taste profiles.

Sample a Variety of Local and International Wines

Wine tasting tours in Cologne are an absolute feast for the senses. I get to sip, smell, and savor various samples of both local German wines and international selections.

The experience is often paired with