Cologne, Germany in October (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on October 7, 2023  


Why You Should Visit Cologne In October

With cooler weather comes smaller crowds – October sees fewer tourists in Cologne than the busy summer months, which usually means lower air fares and hotel prices.

There's more good news for you! There's no longer a need to battle throngs of travelers as you stroll through Cologne's Old Town, Hohenzollern Bridge or the Cologne Cathedral.

Additionally, visiting in October means being part of events such as mini-Oktoberfest, the Cologne Marathon and amazing but under-the-radar street festivals for music and art.


Secretly, I also think of autumn in Cologne as a "second spring". It's when the leaves transform into a bright reddish-orange shade and the city comes alive with warm, golden hues. You can't help but fall in love with the city!

Weather In Cologne In October

Average Temperatures & Chance of Rain

October brings along cooler temperatures, and an uptick in rain. 

Daytime temperatures drop to around 54 - 63°F (12 - 17°C), a reminder you that winter is on the horizon. Nights can be brisk, with temperatures dropping to around 43 - 50°F (6 - 10°C).

October often brings a higher chance of rain to Cologne. Expect about 10-15 rainy days, which adds up to 3 inches of rainfall.

The presence of rain is often joined by a canvas of gray skies that stretch above the city, which tends to lasts through winter. 

Dressing For The Weather

If you'll be outside the whole day, or alternating between indoors and outdoors, try to layer your clothes.

I recommend starting with a long-sleeved shirt, and on top of that, add a cozy sweater or cardigan. This way, you can easily adjust your clothes to the changing temperatures throughout the day.

Most people will also sport a thick denim coat or a waterproof, windproof jacket. This keeps you dry and warm during rain showers (expected and unexpected). Having an umbrella wouldn't hurt!

For shoes, you'll probably get by with normal canvas shoes, but waterproof shoes or boots can serve as added protection from wet weather.

Cologne October Holidays And Festivals

Cologne Oktoberfest

While the original Oktoberfest is held in Munich, there are still celebrations held around Germany, including Cologne! [1]

Typically held from end September to early October, the city has seen over fifteen Oktoberfests to date, where attendees are encouraged to don dirndls and lederhosen to join in the fun.

For the price of €39.50 per ticket, this iconic festival unfolds within an enormous tent, where you can expect to munch o