Apollo Theatre Dusseldorf: Reviews & Info by a Local German

Updated on January 19, 2024  


Snuggled right under the Rheinkniebrücke, in a brilliantly illuminated glass cube building, the Apollo Theatre Dusseldorf is more than just a place to watch live performances - it's an experience.

Think heart-pounding entertainment and sumptuous dining coalescing into one unforgettable night out. So come on, let's journey together into the dazzling world of Apollo Theatre Dusseldorf.

History and Location of the Theatre

Opened in 1997

Bernhard Paul, a well-known circus director, launched the Apollo Theatre in Dusseldorf back in 1997.

Known more broadly as Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, Paul’s vision led to an entertainment venue that skillfully mixes acrobatics, comedy and music.


Under his expert guidance over the decades, this unique blend has become synonymous with the theatre's name. Every visit offers an engaging spectacle where artistry takes center stage.

Located on the beautiful Rheinuferpromenade in Dusseldorf

Apollo Theatre finds its home on the breathtaking Rheinuferpromenade in Dusseldorf. This beloved theatre sits gracefully on the riverbank, offering striking views of the Rhine River's sweeping currents.

As you amble along this dazzling waterfront, Apollo Theatre easily catches your eye with its unique architecture and inviting presence.

The plenty pubs, bars, and restaurants dotting the promenade make for a vibrant nightlife scene right outside Apollo’s doors.

Take a pleasant stroll along this bustling boardwalk before settling into an evening of thrilling performances - there's nothing quite like it!


With must-see landmarks like Schlossturm and Hetjens Museum merely steps away down the esplanade, everything caters to enriching your overall theatrical experience at Apollo Theater.

Just around the corner is Königsallee, one of Düsseldorf's most recognized shopping streets. Squeeze in some retail therapy during your visit or soak up stunning sights from one of many terrace cafés – all within arm’s reach from our beautiful location on Rheinuferpromenade.

Architecture and Design of the Theatre

Under a bridge

Situated at Apollo Square beneath the Rhine Knee Bridge, the Apollo Varieté serves as a pivotal urban link connecting the historic town, transformed harbor, and the scenic Rhine promenade.

The theater's structure is enveloped by a glass enclosure spanning the bridge's width, with the hall building nestled within like a vivid crimson slice of cake.


Ensuring an intimate experience, the auditorium is meticulously designed, ensuring no audience member sits beyond 12 meters from the stage.

In its early years, a movable stage backdrop offered a striking view of the Düsseldorf Rhine's meadow after each performance, but this feature was eventually discontinued.

Red velvet seats and crystal chandeliers

As I walked into the Apollo Theatre in Dusseldorf, I was instantly captivated by its opulent and glamorous interior.

With 330 seats at tables in the stalls and 146 seats on the terrace, the Apollo is one of the largest and most beautiful variety shows in Europe.


The red velvet seats exuded elegance and luxury, while the crystal chandeliers added a touch of grandeur to the space.

Every detail, from the delicate carving and sculpting to the ornate woodwork, showcased an elaborate design.

It truly felt like stepping into a world of sophistication and extravagance.

The Apollo Varieté Experience

A unique blend of live entertainment and fine dining

At the Apollo Varieté in Dusseldorf, you can experience a one-of-a-kind blend of live entertainment and fine dining.

As you indulge in delicious cuisine, you'll be captivated by an array of mesmerizing acts and performances.