4 Best Cologne Food Tours

Updated on October 23, 2023  


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Exploring new cities can often leave you overwhelmed with culinary choices, especially in a gastronomic paradise like Cologne.

Believe me, I’ve been there too – standing on the buzzing streets of Cologne straining to decipher which German delicacies to try next! To help eliminate your food-decision fatigue, this article will introduce you to the crème de la crème of Cologne food tours.

Stick around and prepare for a tantalizing virtual tour sprinkled with mouth-watering must-try dishes.

Top Food Tours in Cologne


3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour

  • "Best Food Tour in Cologne
  • Includes visits to a traditional brewery and iconic landmarks


Traditional German Food and Cologne Old Town Private Tour

  • Exclusive Private Group Tour
  • Combined with Old Town highlights


Sharing Plate Food Tour in Cologne

  • Discover hidden food hotspots
  • Higher-priced

1. 3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour

As a frequent traveler, I can attest that the 3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour provides an unbeatable combination of gastronomic delights and cultural immersion.

This immersive experience begins in the heart of Südstadt at Chlodwigplatz, where you'll meet your certified guide who will share captivating insights into local cuisine and Südstadt's rich history as you walk through this vibrant neighborhood.

Each stop on the tour is a culinary adventure in its own right. You get to sample delicacies from five handpicked international food venues.


I was particularly enthralled by our visit to a traditional Cologne brewery offering exceptional brews that are sure to please any beer enthusiast!

The scrumptious food samples were wonderfully diverse - ranging from savory treats to sweet specialties making my tastebuds sing!

But it's not just about food. As we strolled past curiosity stores and iconic landmarks like House Balchem and St. Severin, our knowledgeable guide wove intriguing stories bringing alive the district's architecture, culture, and history for us.

I selected this product as No.1 because it brilliantly blends culinary exploration with cultural insight – truly giving travelers an authentic taste of life in Cologne.

The bonus?

Since they accommodate private groups up to ten people at a value-for-money price, it’s perfect for sharing this unique dining journey with friends or family!

Plus they offer free cancellations up to 24 hours before the start time ensuring absolute flexibility for your travel plans.


  • Taste a variety of delicious international dishes in just 3 hours
  • Gain insight into the rich cultural heritage and history of the Severin district
  • Enjoy an interactive tour that includes visits to a traditional brewery and iconic landmarks
  • Private group option available
  • Meals can be enjoyed standing or seated, as needed


  • Limited selection of food venues and cuisines may not cater to all dietary preferences or restrictions
  • The 3 - hour duration may feel rushed for some participants who prefer a more leisurely pace
  • The focus on the Severin district may not provide a comprehensive overview of Cologne's food scene.

This 3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour is perfect for food adventurers looking to truly experience the culture and history of Cologne! Sample delicious international delicacies, learn about local landmarks, and take in stunning architecture - all while hearing stories from a knowledgeable guide.

2. Traditional German Food and Cologne Old Town Private Tour

Having experienced the "Traditional German Food and Cologne Old Town Private Tour" firsthand, I can confidently say this tour offers a rich blend of history, culture, and delectable German cuisine.

As an avid foodie, I was taken on a gastronomic expedition by my knowledgeable private guide who led me to local venues where we sampled iconic dishes such as Mettbrütche and Apfelstrudel.

Additionally, being able to wash down these meals with locally brewed beers like the famous Kölsch was undoubtedly a highlight.


For those travelers interested in architecture and history like myself, getting up close with some of the city's most treasured landmarks including Town Hall and Cologne Cathedral provided valuable insights into their origins and significance today.

While soaking in this historic ambiance during our walking tour through Old Town was delightful for its own sake, learning about how these locations are tied into Cologne's culinary heritage made for an even more enriching experience.

It stand out as excellent value for money considering all that’s included - from private tours led by multi-lingual guides to trying out several traditional German foods accompanied by engaging stories behind them.


  • Sample locally brewed beers, including the renowned Kölsch
  • Customizable duration: Choose between a 2.5 or 5-hour tour option.
  • Multilingual live guide: Enjoy the tour in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, or Spanish.
  • Exclusive experience: The tour is conducted only for your private group.


  • Limited availability for private tour bookings
  • Potential language barrier with non - English speaking guides
  • May not be suitable for those with dietary restrictions or preferences

3. Sharing Plate Food Tour in Cologne

The Sharing Plate Food Tour in Cologne is a culinary adventure known for its incredible value and immersive experience.

During the tour, visitors get to sample an array of delectable foods from local insider spots, cafes, and restaurants that even most locals aren't aware of.

This not only provides an authentic taste of Cologne's diverse food culture but also makes this tour a great option for adventurous foodies.

To ensure a personalized and intimate experience, the tour caps at 16 travelers per group so every participant can comfortably indulge in each course.


It spans approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes - ample time to explore up to four unique eateries around town while sharing remarkable dishes with fellow gastronomes.

Conveniently accessible via public transportation options, it removes any worries about navigational missteps or parking hassles - you just have to focus on enjoying your culinary journey!

However, pair these attractive features with a reasonable price which includes all samples making it a steal deal! 

Despite minor downsides such as non-wheelchair accessibility or unsuitability for those with serious medical problems or pregnant women; we believe this product offers more than expected by any traveler seeking cultural immersion through tantalizing tastes.


  • Taste an array of delicious dishes from different local restaurants and eateries.
  • Multilingual tour guides for a more inclusive experience
  • Conveniently located near public transportation for easy accessibility
  • Small group size allows for a more personalized and intimate tour experience.
  • Discover hidden gems and lesser - known dining spots with the help of a knowledgeable guide.


  • Limited availability for larger groups
  • Not suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies
  • May not be appropriate for those with limited mobility as there is a significant amount of walking involved

4. Brewery Tour with Beer Tasting and Halven Hahn

Embarking on this Brewery Tour with Beer Tasting and Halven Hahn is a delightful experience that combines history, culture, and culinary delights. 

As a traveler, I appreciated strolling through the historic old town of Cologne while visiting traditional breweries.

The humorous anecdotes shared by our German-speaking guide added unique color to this 2-hour journey; it's not just about enjoying Kölsch beer but also learning its importance in the city’s heritage.

Plus, discovering why locals confess in breweries or steer clear of ordering water was an interesting twist!


Tasting various Kölsch beers freshly tapped from local establishments will appease any beer enthusiast. Each variety offering a distinct flavor let me delve into Cologne's rich beer culture more intimately than expected.

A highlight was savoring the authentic Halven Hahn sandwich amidst all these tastings - cheese over rye layered with butter, mustard, and onions; simply delicious!

While satisfying my palate, I also learned much about the historical development of this cathedral city via engaging narratives projected lightheartedly. 


  • Experience the rich beer culture of Cologne through a guided brewery tour
  • Sample a range of traditional Kölsch beers from renowned breweries
  • Enjoy an authentic Halven Hahn sandwich, a local specialty
  • Learn about the fascinating history and traditions of Cologne while exploring its old town


  • Limited availability of tour dates and times
  • May not be suitable for individuals who do not consume alcohol or have dietary restrictions
  • Some participants may find the walking portion of the tour tiring or physically challenging

This tour is perfect for beer enthusiasts and travelers looking to experience Cologne's beer culture from a local perspective. Explore the old town, sample unique Kölsch beers, and indulge in traditional delicacies.

Must-Try Foods in Cologne

You're in for a real treat when exploring the culinary side of Cologne.

The city's gastronomy offers an impressive array of must-try local cuisine, including traditional recipes that tell a lot about its cultural heritage.

One classic dish you shouldn't miss is Halve Hahn, a delicious homemade sausage found throughout the city. [1]

halve-hahn cologne food

Other must-try dishes in Cologne: 

Himmel und Äd: This classic culinary delight features black pudding (blood sausage) accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes and a side of delectable apple sauce. The name translates poetically to "heaven and earth," symbolizing the harmonious blend of earthly spuds and heavenly apples.

Rheinischer Sauerbraten: A succulent pot roast, usually crafted from either beef or horse meat, that undergoes a flavorful marinade bathed in a mixture of vinegar or wine, elevated by an array of aromatic spices. It is often partnered with vibrant red cabbage and hearty potato dumplings.

Kölsche Kaviar: Famously known as "Cologne caviar," this refers to the indispensable black pudding or blood sausage that plays a pivotal role in various traditional dishes.

Reibekuchen: Resembling golden potato pancakes or fritters, Reibekuchen are skillfully crafted from grated potatoes, harmoniously blended with onions and eggs, and then expertly fried to a crispy perfection. They are typically served alongside a delectable applesauce.

Kölsch Beer: Although not a food per se, Kölsch beer stands as the most renowned beverage synonymous with Cologne. This pale, top-fermented beer is elegantly served in small, cylindrical glasses, bearing witness to a unique brewing tradition cherished in the heart of the city.

Trying these local foods will not only fill your stomach but also provide insights into the rich history and traditions embedded in each bite!

What to Expect on a Cologne Food Tour

Knowledgeable guides

Each food tour in Cologne provides you with experienced and knowledgeable guides who are deeply familiar with the city's gastronomy.

They have a wealth of information about local cuisine, treasured eateries, and culinary history.

Walking through Chlodwigplatz on the 3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour, you'll gain insights into Cologne’s unique food culture from your guide's narrative storytelling.

A private German Beer Tasting Tour introduces you not just to two beer venues but also to one traditional restaurant with an expert guide steering your taste buds.


On the Old Town Private Tour, guides take pride in showcasing authentic German foods that define this historic area.

Every stop along these tours is handpicked by these masterful curators of taste! With their guidance and passion for food, each bite becomes more than just a meal—it becomes an immersive culinary experience.

Tastings of local specialties

Each bite I took on Cologne's food tours felt like a tiny revelation. The city boasts distinct dishes with flavors tied to its history and culture, offering an intimate, delicious journey through its culinary heritage.

One of the highlights was the Leberwurst - a rich liver sausage that filled my mouth with robust savoriness at first contact. [2] Then there were breaded dishes that crunched pleasantly before revealing their tender and well-seasoned interiors.


We stepped into Südstadt, a district famed for food in Cologne, guided by a local expert providing context for every plate presented to us.

And you won't go thirsty either; included in the gastronomical adventure are tastings of beers unique to the region!

This tour lets you sample up to 10 specialities from Germany’s dynamic cuisine scene; each tasting is more than just eating or drinking—it's an introduction to authentic German traditions woven with regional anecdotes and interesting facts about culture and customs.

Cultural insights and history

Cologne is a city steeped in cultural insights and history, making a food tour here an enriching experience.

As you explore the city's culinary scene, knowledgeable guides will share fascinating stories about its past and present.

You'll discover how Cologne has been influenced by various cultures throughout history, resulting in a unique fusion of flavors in its cuisine.

From the traditional German dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries to the modern twists on local favorites, each bite tells a story of the city's rich heritage.


Not only will you indulge in delicious tastings of local specialties, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of Cologne's identity through its food.

As you stroll through historic streets and charming neighborhoods, your guide will point out landmarks and buildings that hold significance to the city's cultural fabric.

With every step, you'll uncover hidden gems and secret spots that even locals may not know about.

By combining sightseeing with culinary exploration, a food tour in Cologne offers more than just good food - it provides an immersive journey into the heart and soul of this vibrant city.

Sightseeing and culinary combination

During a Cologne food tour, you not only get to indulge in delicious local cuisine but also enjoy a unique sightseeing adventure.

As you tour the city with your knowledgeable guide, you'll have the opportunity to visit famous tourist attractions while sampling tasty treats along the way.


It's a gastronomic experience that combines the best of both worlds – satisfying your appetite and discovering hidden foodie spots in Cologne.

So grab your camera and get ready for a culinary exploration like no other!

Tips for Choosing the Best Cologne Food Tour

Read reviews and ratings

As a traveler looking for the best Cologne food tour, it is important to read reviews and ratings before making your choice. Evaluations from fellow travelers can provide valuable insights into their experiences and recommendations.

These platforms offer a wide selection of tours and allow you to read firsthand accounts of other tourists' food and drink exploration in the city.

By reading reviews and ratings, you can make an informed decision about which Cologne food tour will suit your preferences and ensure an enjoyable culinary adventure.

Consider dietary restrictions

When choosing the best Cologne food tour, it's important to consider your dietary restrictions.

Whether you have food allergies, follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, need gluten-free options, require halal or kosher choices, or have lactose intolerance or nut allergies, there are tours that cater to your needs.


You don't have to miss out on unique food experiences while traveling - there are plenty of delicious options available for everyone.

Don't let picky eating hold you back from experiencing the local cuisine and culture in Cologne; with some planning and research, you can enjoy a fantastic food tour tailored to your specific dietary requirements.

Look for small group sizes

Choosing a food tour with small group sizes has its advantages. With fewer people, you'll have a more intimate and personalized experience.

You'll be able to interact more with the guide, ask questions, and get to know your fellow food enthusiasts.


Plus, smaller groups can navigate through crowded streets and restaurants more easily, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to fully enjoy each tasting and cultural insight.

So when selecting your Cologne food tour, consider opting for one with small group sizes for a memorable and immersive culinary adventure.

Research the tour itinerary

To make sure you choose the best Cologne food tour for your taste buds, it's important to research the tour itinerary. Look for tours that offer a variety of culinary experiences and visit different neighborhoods in Cologne.

Pay attention to whether the tour focuses on traditional German food or if it includes international cuisines as well.

rheinischer-sauerbraten food in cologne

You might also want to consider whether the tour provides off-the-beaten-path experiences or visits popular tourist spots.

By researching the itinerary beforehand, you can ensure that you'll have a delicious and diverse food experience in Cologne without any surprises along the way.

Check for knowledgeable guides and local connections

Choosing a Cologne food tour with knowledgeable guides and local connections is essential for an authentic and immersive experience.

These experienced guides have a strong network of trusted partners, allowing them to provide insider recommendations and exclusive access to the best culinary spots in the city.


With their expertise, they can offer cultural insights and share the history behind each dish, making your food tour not just about eating but also learning.

So when selecting a food tour in Cologne, be sure to check for knowledgeable guides and local connections to ensure you have the most memorable gastronomic adventure possible.

Conclusion: Best Food Tours in Cologne

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Cologne on one of these top-rated food tours.

Whether you choose the 3-Hour Südstadt Food Tour or the Traditional German Food and Cologne Old Town Private Tour, you'll discover the city's culinary secrets while enjoying delicious tastings along the way.

Don't miss out on these unforgettable experiences - book your spot now and treat yourself to a culinary adventure in Cologne!


1. What is included in a Cologne food tour?

A typical Cologne food tour includes visits to local eateries and food stalls, where you can sample traditional dishes, snacks, and beverages.

2. How long does a Cologne food tour last?

The duration of a Cologne food tour varies depending on the specific tour package, but it usually lasts around 2 to 4 hours.

3. Are vegetarian or vegan options available on Cologne food tours?

Yes, many Cologne food tours offer vegetarian or vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences. You can inform the tour operator about your requirements in advance.

4. Do I need to make reservations for a Cologne food tour?

Reservations are highly recommended for Cologne food tours as they ensure availability and allow the organizers to make necessary arrangements.

5. Can children participate in a Cologne food tour?

Some Cologne food tours may have age restrictions or may not be suitable for young children due to walking distances or content of certain foods. It's best to check with the specific tour provider before booking for children.


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