Is Dusseldorf Safe for Travel?

Updated on March 11, 2024  


Are you considering a trip to Düsseldorf but wondering if it's safe or not? In this blog post, we'll address the common question: Is Düsseldorf safe for travel?

From crime rates to what to avoid based on our personal experiences, we'll break down what matters most — after all, Düsseldorf has become like a second home to us, so we've got a pretty good perspective!👇

Safety In Dusseldorf, Germany

Low Crime Rates

Considering other European cities the size of Düsseldorf, the city has comparatively low crime rates.

While walking around, we find it really easy to feel safe without having to always watch our backs. 

Sure, you might run into some homeless people or rowdy drunkards every now and then — but it's not as common as in other places, such as Berlin or Paris.

👋 DID YOU KNOW: According to the safety rating by Numbeo in November 2023, Düsseldorf is super safe for walking alone during the day. At night, it's still pretty safe, but the safety score drops a bit! [1]

All in all, we feel Düsseldorf is one of the safest destinations to visit in Germany – no matter if you're traveling alone, as a woman, or with children.

Common Dangers & Areas To Avoid

Honestly, the biggest risk for travelers in Düsseldorf is probably pick-pocketing in busy spots like the Old Town (Altstadt), and the popular shopping strip Königsallee, and in and around the Düsseldorf Central Station.

I've personally never had it happen to me, but it's pretty common to hear about friends or people we know getting their stuff swiped because they weren't careful.


If you leave your valuables lying around out of your sight for a long time, be it your wallet or bicycle, be prepared that it might be taken. To be safe, have a hand on your bag whenever you walk around crowded spots.

There are also certain parts of Düsseldorf that's best not to venture after dark — like parks, the vicinity of the main train station and Worringerplatz, which seems to be a place where drug users tend to gather.

I personally avoid the Old Town (where the "longest bar in the world" resides) late at night during the weekends. Sometimes people get way too drunk, and there've been reports of knife fights in the news before.

P.S. I know it all sounds pretty crazy when I list down all the common dangers like that. But if you just use your common sense and take some basic safety precautions, you'll be totally fine during your trip!

Measures Taken To Ensure Safety