Is Dusseldorf Safe for Travel?

Updated on November 11, 2023  


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Safety is a top concern for any traveler, and when it comes to Dusseldorf, it's no exception. In this blog post, we'll delve into the question on many minds: Is Dusseldorf safe for travel?

From crime rates to personal experiences, we'll break down the factors that matter most, providing a straightforward guide for those considering a trip to this German city.

Safety In Dusseldorf, Germany

Low Crime Rates

Dusseldorf outshines many other European cities of similar size with its remarkably low crime rates.

The city boasts effective law enforcement that maintains stringent control over potential violations, creating a safe environment for residents and tourists alike.

Vandalism and drug trafficking incidents do occur occasionally, but they're far less prevalent than in other regions.

As of Novemberr 2023, according to Numbeo safety rating, when assessing the "perception of safety" while walking alone during the day, Dusseldorf boasts a safety index of 21.23, showing a very high level of safety. However, during nighttime, this figure slightly dips to 54.61, a moderate level of safety. [1]

In short: These safety ratings in Dusseldorf align closely with the overall safety standards in Germany.

This rigorous adherence to the rule of law significantly contributes to Dusseldorf's reputation as one of the safest destinations for travelers seeking an enjoyable and worry-free experience.

Common Dangers And Areas To Avoid

Theft and pickpocketing poses the most risk to travelers in Dusseldorf. This happens mostly in crowded spaces - popular attractions like the Old Town, shopping areas popular with tourists like Konigsalle, and main train stations such as Dusseldorf Central Station.

If you leave your valuables lying around out of your sight for a long time, be it your wallet or bicycle, be prepared that it might be taken. Have a hand on your bag whenever you walk around.


There are also certain parts of Dusseldorf known for higher crime rates where it would be best not to venture after dark:

These include the vicinity of the train station and the adjacent Worringer Platz square, which is considered unsafe.

The Altstadt area, due to its popularity, is also known for its high crime rate, particularly at night on weekends, where drunken people knife fighting incidents have been reported.

Some parks in Dusseldorf can be frequented by drug dealers and individuals of questionable character at night.

However, it is important to note that Dusseldorf is generally considered a safe city to travel to, with a low overall risk

Measures Taken To Ensure Safety

Germany takes stringent measures to enhance traveler safety in Dusseldorf. The country maintains rigorous security procedures at its airports and major train stations, helping prevent terrorist activities.

Travelers can also appreciate the robust infrastructure designed to keep them safe during their stay. Train stations and many businesses have installed CCTV cameras, while well-lit streets make walking around at night much more secure.

Authorities constantly monitor these locations for any potential threats and work tirelessly for the protection of both locals and tourists.


In addition to this, Germany is known for its excellent road conditions which contribute significantly to travelers' safety. This includes dedicated bicycle paths where they ensure a safe and convenient travel route for cyclists around the city.

However, as with any busy urban area, caution must be exercised by pedestrians when crossing these paths. These efforts collectively make Dusseldorf safe, providing peace of mind to those visiting the city.

If you witness a crime, or are in danger of a crime, during your time in Cologne you can call the German police. The general number for police in Germany is 110 and the operator usually speaks German and English.

Solo Female Travelers' Safety In Dusseldorf

Women's Safety In Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is generally considered safe for female travelers, a sentiment echoed by many locals and expats residing in the city.

However, a 2020 survey conducted by a children's rights organization revealed that 1 in 4 women reported feeling unsafe in major German cities, including Dusseldorf. While not an official survey, it does raise some concerns. [2]

In Germany, 43% of women have reported experiencing sexual harassment at least once, involving improper touching and inappropriate remarks. [3]

Therefore, although most female travelers may not encounter issues in Dusseldorf, it's advisable to take precautions and not become complacent about ensuring your own safety.


When traveling solo in Dusseldorf, it's recommended to avoid walking alone at night and use well-lit and busy streets when possible. It's also essential not to accept drinks or food from strangers and to keep a close eye on your drink.

Remember that exercising common sense is crucial in maintaining your safety while you're in the city, so stay alert and trust your instincts if a situation doesn't feel entirely comfortable!

Precautions And Tips For Safe Solo Travel

Ensure your safety while traveling solo in Dusseldorf by taking some important precautions and following these helpful tips. First, always stay aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts if something feels off.

Secure your belongings by using a reliable lock for your bags and keeping valuables out of sight. When using transportation, choose reputable options like licensed taxis or well-known rideshare services.

It's also essential to consider cultural differences and respect local customs during your stay. When possible, try to travel in groups or connect with other solo female travelers for added safety.


Exploring Düsseldorf solo can be a thrilling and liberating adventure, but prioritizing safety is paramount.

When visiting Düsseldorf, adhere to standard precautions, including maintaining awareness of your surroundings and ensuring the security of your belongings.

Exercise caution if strangers approach you seeking money. When using transportation, choose reputable options like licensed taxis or well-known rideshare services.

Use only official ATMs provided by reputable banks. When possible, try to travel in groups or connect with other solo female travelers for added safety.

While women's safety is a priority in Düsseldorf, it's crucial never to leave your drink unattended at the bar or walk alone late at night in isolated areas.

Tips For Safe Travel In Dusseldorf

Stay Aware Of Surroundings

When in Dusseldorf, it's crucial to stay alert to your surroundings and exercise caution at all times.

Some travelers have reported incidents of pickpocketing in crowded areas, often due to negligence with their valuables.

Exercise caution if someone attempts to approach you closely, as pickpocket gangs may operate in pairs. One might try to distract you with questions or create a diversion, while the other seizes the opportunity to take your wallet or purse.

While Dusseldorf is generally considered safe with low risks of mugging and kidnapping, visitors should remain vigilant, especially in tourist spots and crowded public places.

It's also recommended to avoid isolated areas at night, especially for solo female travelers. Stick to well-lit streets where other people are present.

If you're out late, consider using reputable transportation options like taxis or ride-sharing services rather than walking alone.

Secure Belongings

When visiting Dusseldorf, it's crucial to prioritize the security of your personal belongings.

It's advisable to opt for a cross-body bag or backpack that can be securely worn on the front of your body for enhanced safety.

Avoid leaving your bags unattended in public places. Even if you come from a country with high safety standards, it's better to err on the side of caution.

When using public transportation like trains and buses, ensure that your luggage is kept close and not left unattended.

While intercity train travel in Germany is generally safe, it's wise to keep a vigilant eye on your belongings throughout the journey. If the train ride is long and you need to rest, make sure to secure your belongings or ask your travel partner to keep watch while you take turns sleeping.

Use Trustworthy Transportation

When traveling in Dusseldorf, prioritizing safe transportation is crucial to mitigate potential safety risks.

The city boasts a reliable and secure public transportation network, featuring trains, trams, and buses running at intervals of 5-10 minutes.


While taxis in Dusseldorf are generally safe, it is advisable to opt for licensed taxi services or use reputable taxi apps like mytaxi. Avoid accepting rides from unlicensed drivers.

Typically, taxis operate on a meter system, starting with a base fee, such as €3.50, and an additional charge per kilometer, like €1.90 for the first seven kilometers and €1.70 for each subsequent kilometer. Be aware of potential additional fees.

When using trains or buses, keep personal belongings close and never leave wallets or purses unattended in public spaces.

Consider Cultural Differences

Understanding cultural differences is key when navigating a foreign country like Germany. Being aware of these nuances can facilitate better interactions with locals and prevent unintended misunderstandings.

Germans, including those in Dusseldorf, tend to be reserved and value privacy, which may differ from the more outgoing nature of Americans or other Western cultures.

Despite this, people in Dusseldorf are known for their hospitality, open-mindedness, and laid-back attitude. It's common to socialize with strangers in pubs.

Punctuality is highly valued in German culture, so arriving on time for appointments or meetings is essential.

Demonstrate courtesy by avoiding loud or disruptive behavior in public spaces, as it is considered impolite.

Travel In Groups

Opting for group travel is a smart approach to enhance safety while exploring Dusseldorf.

Traveling in a group not only deters potential crime but also provides a sense of security knowing that others are looking out for each other.

Group travel facilitates cost-sharing on transportation and other expenses, making it a budget-friendly option.

Additionally, exploring Dusseldorf with a group can enhance the overall experience, allowing you to share and enjoy the journey with like-minded individuals.

Conclusion: Is Dusseldorf Safe For Travelers?

In conclusion, Dusseldorf is a safe city for travelers.

With low crime rates and strong national safety measures, visitors can feel secure while exploring the city's attractions.

By staying aware of their surroundings, securing their belongings, and following basic safety precautions, travelers can enjoy a worry-free experience in Dusseldorf.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dusseldorf, Germany is generally safe for travelers with low crime rates and measures taken to ensure security.
  • Visitors should be cautious of potential dangers such as theft in crowded spaces or certain neighborhoods known for higher crime rates at night.
  • Solo female travelers should take additional precautions like avoiding walking alone at night in secluded areas, not leaving drinks unattended, and considering traveling in groups.
  • Taking standard safety precautions such as staying aware of surroundings, securing personal belongings, using trustworthy transportation options, and being mindful of cultural differences can help ensure a safe trip to Dusseldorf.


1. Is Dusseldorf a safe place to visit?

Yes, Dusseldorf is generally considered a safe city for tourists and locals alike with low crime rates and efficient law enforcement efforts in place. However, it's always important to exercise caution and follow common sense safety tips such as staying aware of your surroundings and not leaving valuables unattended.

2. What areas should I avoid when visiting Dusseldorf?

While there are no specific areas that should be avoided in Dusseldorf, it's worth noting that certain neighborhoods like Worringer Platz may have lower perception of safety than others. It's recommended to research the area you plan on visiting ahead of time and take necessary precautions such as checking public transport timings ahead of time and avoiding walking alone at night.

3. How can I stay safe while using public transportation in Dusseldorf?

To ensure safety while using public transportation in Dusseldorf, try to avoid traveling alone at night whenever possible, keep an eye on your belongings at all times, stay alert for any suspicious activity or individuals around you and use well-lit paths if available.

4. Are there any cultural customs I need to be aware of when visiting Dusseldorf?

As with any new destination, it's always worthwhile getting familiarized with local customs before arriving - especially if you're coming from another country as some nuances may differ vastly from culture-to-culture (i.e. tipping practices).

In general though - most people living within the city are very friendly & welcoming towards visitors so don't hesitate reaching out if ever needing assistance!


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