Hamburg in November (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in November

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In November

Hamburg shines in November, when the city is less crowded and full of surprises. You can stroll along the Elbe, sip hot chocolate, and enjoy the peacefulness before the holiday rush.

It's a chance to see Hamburg's beauty without bumping into too many tourists.

autumn germany hamburg

Cool breezes from the harbor mix with warm moments in cozy cafes and museums. The colorful leaves paint a perfect picture for photographers and nature lovers.

November invites you to experience Hamburg's charm at your own pace, wrapping yourself in a scarf and exploring hidden gems around every corner.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In November

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Expect cooler days in Hamburg this November. The average temperature hovers around 45°F, peaking at times near 49°F, and it can drop to a chilly 41°F. Bring your cozy sweaters! On top of that, the city sees its fair share of rain with an average of 59 mm falling over the course of 17 rainy days.

So don't forget your umbrella!


Dressing in layers is key for tackling Hamburg's unpredictable weather this month. With temperatures ranging from a low of 3°C to a high of 9°C, you'll want warm options during the day that can be adjusted when needed.

Brighten up gray skies with a colorful scarf or hat – they'll keep you snug and stylish!

Dressing For The Weather

Pack warm clothes if you're heading to Hamburg in November. The chill from the sea breeze can make it feel even colder than the thermometer says. Think cozy layers like sweaters, thick socks, and a sturdy coat – these are must-haves.

You'll want a hat and gloves too, especially when the wind picks up.

Waterproof boots or shoes are smart because of the rain. An umbrella is good to have as well, but make sure it's strong enough for windy days. Don't forget a scarf! It's not just for style; it keeps you snug against that nippy Hamburg air.

With the right outfit, you’ll be all set to explore this vibrant city comfortably!

Hamburg November Holidays And Events

All Saints' Day (Allerheiligen) - November 1

All Saints' Day in Hamburg is a time of reflection and respect. People gather to honor saints and loved ones who have passed away. Catholics and some Protestants attend mass, keeping the tradition alive.

It’s a public holiday here, so expect quiet streets and closed shops as families visit cemeteries to light candles and lay flowers. The atmosphere is one of solemnity mixed with the sense of community as people share memories of those they hold dear.

In Hamburg, this day shows how deeply traditions run through the city's heart. You'll see flickering candlelight spread across graveyards creating a serene glow against the autumn backdrop.

St. Martin's Day (November 11)

St. Martin's Day, celebrated on November 11th in Hamburg, marks the feast of St. Martin and is observed with a charming tradition called Laternelaufen. [1]

This tradition involves children carrying homemade lanterns through the streets, creating a picturesque sight against the November twilight.


The festivities are accompanied by various events and performances across Hamburg, adding vibrancy to the city's atmosphere during this time of year. Whether taking part in local customs or simply witnessing them firsthand, St.

Hamburg DOM (Winter) - November to December

The Hamburg Dom festival unfolds its magical delights from November through December, showcasing a centuries-old tradition of merriment and revelry.

Amidst the charming winter atmosphere, visitors can delight in a plethora of thrilling rides, indulge in hearty German cuisines, and be entertained with live shows.


This longstanding fun fair boasts an intriguing history dating back to the Middle Ages and promises attractions like roller coasters, dazzling fireworks displays, and delectable refreshments that capture the essence of German festivity.

Christmas Markets - November to December

Hamburg turns into a magical winter wonderland from November to December with its enchanting Christmas markets. These markets, famed for their cozy ambiance, are dotted all over the city and offer delightful treats, handicrafts, and festive decorations.

Twinkling lights add to the charm as locals and visitors alike gather to savor the holiday spirit together.

hamburg christmas markets

The Christmas markets in Hamburg are not just places to shop; they encapsulate the true essence of the season with their picturesque setup.

Whether you're strolling through historic squares or perusing unique gifts and ornaments, these markets create an unforgettable atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in timeless traditions and holiday cheer.

Top Things To Do In Hamburg In November

Take a Winter Cruise

For a chic winter experience in Hamburg, consider the Winter Alster Tour aboard the Alster Steamer. The ship provides a comfortable setting as it cruises around the outer Alster near the shore. 


Onboard, you can enjoy reasonably priced mulled wine, coffee, cocoa, and cake. This leisurely hour serves as a delightful break, especially after a lengthy shopping spree. Hamburg exudes its enchanting charm even in the darker seasons.

Keep an eye out for potential changes or cancellations due to varying water levels, ensuring you plan your memorable river cruise at the optimal time based on weather conditions and seasonal fluctuations.

Explore Speicherstadt and HafenCity

Speicherstadt, part of the harbor tour, is a Hamburg must-see. It's a colossal complex of warehouses and an iconic feature in the city. Visitors can explore this wonder by foot or motorboat—just one highlight in this captivating area.

HafenCity presents another facet of Hamburg's charm. The vibrant mix of modern architecture and maritime heritage creates a striking backdrop for exploration.


Speicherstadt photo

Speicherstadt and HafenCity 2-Hour Tour

Explore Hamburg's Speicherstadt district and HafenCity on a guided walking tour. Learn about Speicherstadt's history as a center of trade and see the famous Chilehouse in the Kontorhaus district.

Attend a Brewery Tour

Visiting a brewery in Hamburg in November offers a unique experience for several reasons. Firstly, the winter season adds a cozy and intimate atmosphere to the brewery tour. The chill in the air contrasts with the warmth inside, creating a comfortable environment to enjoy craft beers.

Additionally, November is a less crowded time for tourism, allowing for a more personalized and relaxed brewery experience. You can engage more deeply with brewers, ask questions, and savor the flavors without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons.

Moreover, breweries often have special winter-themed or seasonal brews during November, providing an opportunity to taste and appreciate unique flavors that may be exclusive to this time of year.



Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Taste at least 7 local beers on a 3-hour tasting tour of Hamburg. Explore over 1,000 years of brewing history at different venues and try some of Hamburg's best craft beers.

Visit the Christmas Markets

Explore Hamburg's magical Christmas markets which open from late November till New Year's Eve, enchanting visitors with a festive atmosphere.

Over 30 markets offer an array of traditional crafts, delightful treats, and live music; immerse yourself in the winter wonderland while savoring mulled wine and indulging in local delicacies.

christmas markets hamburg

The twinkling lights, seasonal decorations, and joyous spirit make these markets the perfect place to soak up the holiday cheer and find unique gifts for loved ones.

Engage your senses as you wander through the stalls laden with handcrafted ornaments, nutcrackers, and gingerbread delights. Each market exudes its own charm – whether it’s the historic market at Rathausmarkt or the maritime-themed stalls at Fleetinsel – guaranteeing a memorable experience for all who attend.

Nightlife at St. Pauli and Reeperbahn

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn burst with lively nightlife, featuring a diverse array of entertainment options from bustling nightclubs to unique erotic theaters and art galleries.

The vibrant district offers an energetic atmosphere where visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture through cabaret shows, electrifying theater performances, and live music venues.

With sailor bars adding to the eclectic mix, St. Pauli and Reeperbahn provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking an evening filled with excitement and variety.


Think you're ready for a wild ride? Grab the Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour and brace yourself for a night of thrilling tales, with drinks to spice things up.

If sipping beer is more your style, join the St. Pauli Highlights Tour to uncover hidden spots and toast to your discoveries! These tours will give you stories to share for years—book now and dive into Hamburg's famous nightlife.

Indoor Activities On Rainy Days

Visit the Miniatur Wunderland

Explore the enchanting world of Miniatur Wunderland, where intricate miniature landscapes and bustling model trains captivate visitors.

Located in the historic Speicherstadt district, known as the City of Warehouses, this attraction offers a mesmerizing blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

Miniatur trainset

As the world’s largest model train exhibit, it continuously expands its intricate scenes, providing an immersive experience for all ages. [2] After marveling at the detailed miniatures, visitors can step outside to discover Hamburg's must-see attractions within walking distance from Miniatur Wunderland.

Hamburg Dungeon

The Hamburg Dungeon, built in 2000, is a captivating indoor attraction that offers an immersive and entertaining experience for visitors.

Guests can opt for a guided tour or explore the Hamburg Dungeon independently, making it an ideal choice for indoor activities during rainy days in November.

hamburg dungeon torture

Its popularity as a top-notch option for indoor entertainment reflects its ability to capture the interest of those looking to delve into intriguing historical narratives while escaping inclement weather.

Visitors to the Hamburg Dungeon can anticipate an experience that goes beyond traditional museum visits—it's more akin to stepping back in time through interactive displays and performances.

See a Cabaret Show

Catch an electrifying cabaret show at Pulverfass Cabaret, a perfect evening plan. Gasp at glittering costumes and stunning choreography, with performances ranging from classic to contemporary acts.

Whether it's comedy, music, or dance, these captivating performances provide a fantastic way to spend your time indoors while being thoroughly entertained.

drag queens

Make the most of your rainy day by relishing the energy and talent showcased in one of Hamburg's renowned cabaret shows.

It's a delightful escape from bad weather blues and an opportunity to engage with the city's artistic heritage through an entertaining spectacle that promises lasting memories for visitors.

Visit the International Maritime Museum

Explore the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg to dive into the fascinating world of maritime history.

Discover a treasure trove of exhibits covering diverse maritime subjects, offering an enriching experience for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

international maritime museum hamburg photo

Gain insight into the captivating history of seafaring and maritime exploration within this immersive museum setting.

Uncover a wealth of information on maritime history at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg. Immerse yourself in a wide range of exhibits that intricately detail various aspects of seafaring and its historical significance, providing visitors with an engaging and informative experience.

Visit the Chocolate Museum (Chocoversum)

Discover the sweet world of chocolate at Chocoversum, Hamburg's famed chocolate museum. Uncover the secrets of creating delectable chocolate from cacao beans to irresistible bars during an engaging 90-minute interactive tour.


Perfect for a rainy day activity in November, this unique experience offers a delightful insight into the art and science of crafting everyone's favorite treat.

Ideal for both adults and children, this hands-on adventure at Chocoversum promises to delight all chocolate enthusiasts with its immersive journey through the captivating world of confectionery wonder.

Practical Tips For Visiting Hamburg In November

Saving Money With The Hamburg Card

Not many travelers to Hamburg know about the Hamburg Card, or they find out about it but it's too late. Don't let that be you!

This handy little-known card offers steep discounts on many attractions you might visit in Hamburg - museums, shopping, restaurants, the zoo and more.

For example, with the Hamburg Card, you'd get up to 50% off the top Hamburg museums like Miniature Wonderland, Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburger Kunshalle, International Maritime Museum and many more.

hambug card image

With this card, you can take advantage of discounts for popular City and Harbor tours.

But the best part is really free unlimited travel on all public transportation within the city.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, the savings from buses and trams can add up, especially if you like to move around.

Download The Local Transport Apps

Getting around Hamburg in November is easy, affordable and convenient thanks to the city's excellent public transportation network, from trains to metro and buses.

You can always check Google Maps to plan your routes, but I recommend downloading the local transport apps, which usually display real-time updates.


The HVV (public transport association in the region) has their own app where you can plan routes and even buy and pay for tickets.

Another popular app is the Rheinbahn app!

Also worth downloading is the DB navigator app, which is managed by Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany. It covers regional and long-distance travel outside of Hamburg.

Be Prepared for Sudden Rainfall

Pack a compact umbrella and waterproof clothing to be ready for Hamburg's unpredictable weather. The city, situated by the water, can experience sudden rain showers throughout November.

With average temperatures ranging from 3°C to 7°C, it's essential for visitors to prepare for potential wind and rainfall at any given moment during their stay in Hamburg.

Remember to dress in layers and have a water-resistant outer layer handy when venturing out, as the climate can swiftly shift. It's wise to check the weather forecast regularly and carry an umbrella or raincoat while exploring this vibrant city.

Weather In Hamburg In November: FAQs

Does It Rain In Hamburg In November?

In November, Hamburg experiences rainfall on around 14.5 days, with an average precipitation of 36mm over the month. The chance of rain on any given day in November is about 29%, making it a somewhat wet month.

However, despite the frequent rainy days, Hamburg’s climate during this time tends to be relatively dry, with a total rainfall of approximately 2.9 inches spread across just five days.

Hamburg has an average monthly precipitation level of 36mm in November, which means that there is a fairly good chance of experiencing some rain during your visit to this beautiful city at this time of year.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hamburg?

The best time to visit Hamburg is between May and September, with peak season falling within these months. The period from May to September brings good weather, with the warmest months being JuneJuly, and August.

This time offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration due to the favorable climate conditions. With numerous holidays and events taking place during this timeframe as well, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Hamburg while enjoying pleasant weather.

When Is The Shoulder Season In Hamburg?

The shoulder season in Hamburg occurs during the spring and fall, following the peak tourist months of May to September. German weather typically brings warm temperatures between April and August, with cooler temperatures from September through March.

This predictable climate pattern makes the shoulder seasons ideal for visiting Hamburg, allowing you to enjoy comfortable weather while avoiding large crowds and higher prices commonly associated with peak tourism months.

Experience pleasant conditions by planning your trip during these off-peak times while still relishing all that Hamburg has to offer without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons.

How Cold Is It In Hamburg In November?

In November, Hamburg can be quite chilly with an average high temperature of 46°F (8°C) and nighttime temperatures dropping to around 45°F. Daily highs gradually decrease from 50°F to 42°F as the month progresses, making it advisable to layer up for outdoor activities.

Consider packing warm clothing as well as a good jacket or coat because November nights in Hamburg tend to get cool, with average temperatures dropping to about 7.8°C. It's important to dress warmly when exploring the city, especially if you plan on visiting outdoor attractions or participating in festive events.

Is It Sunny In Hamburg In November?

Sunny days are rare in Hamburg in November, with mostly overcast skies dominating the city. The weather tends to be cold and gray during this time, making it essential to prepare for chilly and potentially wet conditions when visiting.

Despite the lack of sunshine, there are still many indoor activities and holiday events that make Hamburg an intriguing destination for a November getaway.

November in Hamburg is more about embracing the cozy atmosphere of winter rather than basking in sunny weather. It's a great time to explore indoor attractions and immerse yourself in the seasonal festivities that characterize this vibrant city.

What Is The Average Temperature In Hamburg In November?

The average temperature in Hamburg in November ranges from a high of 46°F to a low of 37°F, with an average high of 7.8°C. November in Hamburg generally experiences low temperatures and moderate rainfall, typically settling around 9°C throughout the day.

Should I Go To Hamburg In November?

November in Hamburg offers a chilly yet magical atmosphere, perfect for those who enjoy less crowded travel experiences.

With average temperatures ranging from 3.8°C to 8°C, it's an ideal time to explore the city's vibrant cultural scene and festive events like All Saints' Day, St. Martin's Day, and the enchanting Christmas markets that fill the air with warmth and cheer.

Despite cooler weather, November grants travelers unique opportunities to embrace Hamburg's charm without the bustling crowds, providing a chance to savor delightful experiences such as winter cruises along its picturesque waterways and immersing oneself in the city's rich history at indoor attractions like Miniatur Wunderland and the International Maritime Museum.

Are There Any Major Hamburg Holidays In November?

Hamburg hosts some significant holidays and events in November. One of the key celebrations is All Saints' Day on November 1, where people gather to honor saints and loved ones who have passed away. Another is St. Martin's Day, celebrated on November 11th in Hamburg.

Additionally, Hamburg embraces the spirit of Christmas throughout November and December with lively festivities, offering visitors a chance to experience authentic German culture through music, food, and traditional activities.

Are There Mosquitoes In Hamburg In November?

No, mosquitoes aren't typically a concern in Hamburg in November.

The colder temperatures during this season make it an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes. However, if you plan to spend time outdoors in wetland areas, it's good to carry some insect spray.

Conclusion: Hamburg in November

Hamburg in November offers a mix of bracing weather and exciting events. With temperatures ranging from 37—46°F (3—8°C), it's time to bundle up for outdoor adventures or cozy indoor escapades.

Explore the Winter DOM, stroll through Christmas Markets, or embark on a winter cruise – there’s something for everyone! Embrace the chilly charm of Hamburg in November and create unforgettable memories amid this vibrant city's unique atmosphere.

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