11 Best Sushi Restaurants In Dusseldorf

Updated on December 12, 2023  


Looking for the best sushi in Dusseldorf? You're not alone; it's a city known for fantastic Japanese cuisine. This guide covers top-rated sushi restaurants, from Michelin-starred spots to casual eateries.

Keep reading to embark on your culinary journey and discover where you can savor the finest sushi in town.

Top Sushi Restaurants In Dusseldorf


I can't help but rave about Nagaya in Düsseldorf—it's a culinary masterpiece deserving of six stars! Yoshizumi Nagaya's Michelin-star restaurant offers a Japanese dining experience that's simply unmatched. [1]

From the impeccable service, marked by delightful Japanese humor, to the modern and stylish ambiance, every aspect is thoughtfully curated.

Nagaya's cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and western influences, reflects Yoshizumi Nagaya's unique style, honed through training in Osaka and Gifu. The emphasis on top-tier ingredients, from Wagyu beef to sushi and sashimi, takes the dining experience to a whole new level.


The quality of the fish and Wagyu meat is top-notch, melting in the mouth. It's not just food; it's a piece of art! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but worth every cent spent.

Despite the snug table spacing impacting a bit on privacy, the overall atmosphere is upscale and inviting. Nagaya is where meticulous attention to detail, an impressive sake and wine selection, and an unwavering commitment to quality come together. It's an absolute must-visit for anyone looking to embark on an extraordinary Japanese culinary journey.

Address: Klosterstraße 42, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Yoshi by Nagaya

Yoshi by Nagaya is a culinary gem, delivering an amazing Japanese dining experience. As the sister restaurant of the Michelin-starred Nagaya, the excellence shines through.

From the daikon soup to the Wagyu, every dish is a flavorful delight. The yellowtail sushi and the 8+1 course menu are standout choices, showcasing the chef's dedication to quality.


The atmosphere, especially in the "back" area near the open kitchen, adds to the experience. Service is top-notch, with detailed explanations of each course, and the presence of Chef Nagaya personally preparing the sushi adds a special touch.

It's an exceptional journey for the taste buds, making Yoshi by Nagaya one of the best Japanese restaurants in Germany.

Address: Kreuzstraße 17, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany


Yabase in Düsseldorf is the ultimate go-to for top-quality sushi without breaking the bank. The fish is incredibly fresh, servings are perfect for sharing, and the service is top-notch.

Despite the high-quality offerings, a couple of minor drawbacks include restroom facilities needing improvement and an unusual seating arrangement due to the small size.

It's a bit pricey, but the sushi is excellent. The raw oyster with special Japanese sauce is a must-try, and the nigiri and grilled miso fish won't disappoint. Keep in mind, though, they don't have gluten-free desserts, which was a bit disappointing.


To ensure a delightful dining experience, make sure to reserve a table in advance; I observed several people turned away today due to lack of reservations.

Address: Klosterstraße 70, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Baba Sushi

Baba Sushi is a go-to spot for sushi and European-inspired Japanese dishes. We tried the Hangover platter, perfect for our group of five, offering a great variety.

While the service had a few hiccups, like delayed miso soup and a forgotten appetizer, the amazing food made up for it. The curry with tofu, Udon noodles, and sushi rolls, especially the crunchy veggie roll, were fantastic.

The cocktails were not only delicious but reasonably priced. Despite a slightly cramped atmosphere, the friendly waitstaff accommodated our requests.


Although service was a bit slow, the beautifully prepared sushi and quick delivery of tasty fish dishes made the dining experience worthwhile at this popular and busy spot.

Address: Münsterstraße 22, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany


Kyodaina Poke & Sushi is an absolute gem! The fish is unbelievably fresh and top-notch. The sashimi cuts are impressively generous, making it some of the best sushi I've ever had.

The family-owned vibe adds a personal touch that I love. The variety on the menu is fantastic, with regularly added dishes like the delicious fried salmon balls.

The owner is friendly and attentive, making the experience even better. What's unique is the chance to design your own sushi and poke bowl, fulfilling every sushi lover's dream. Kyodaina is definitely a keeper!

Address: Lorettostraße 60, 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany


Sumi offers dishes that are not only delicious but also visually appealing. The service here is superb, with attentive and friendly waitresses. The cozy and warm ambiance creates a comfortable dining experience, even when it's full.

The fried chicken, chicken nanban, sumi roll, tekka roll, and tsukune were all mouthwatering. The beef tongue was exceptionally soft, among the best outside Japan.

While the ambiance is okay, the impeccable service made up for it. The location in a quiet street adds to the charm. Fresh dishes, delicious sushi, and must-try gyoza – Sumi is a definite recommendation

Address: Schinkelstraße 28, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

QOMO Restaurant & Bar

QOMO Restaurant & Bar is truly one of the best dining experiences I've had in Dusseldorf. The rotating restaurant offers a unique touch, and although it takes a few minutes to get used to, everything else is fantastic—food, service, and prices.

The Asian fusion menu is a delight, with the lamb stealing the show as the best I've ever had, accompanied by a mouth-watering sauce. The mango mousse for dessert was pure heaven. The drink menu is equally impressive; I highly recommend the banana and lemon curd drink.


The view from the rotating restaurant is spectacular, and the attentive and cheerful staff made our extended stay a birthday treat. [2]

The sushi and sashimi were top-notch, earning a solid 9 from me. While the yakitori could have been grilled more to my liking, the desserts were superb. QOMO is a must-visit, especially for sushi lovers.

Address: Stromstraße 20, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany


Maruyasu stands out for its mouthwatering yakitori and sushi! The yakitori is incredibly tasty, and the meat is so soft it practically melts in your mouth—I could easily devour ten sticks in one go.

The sushi is a winner too; the staff surprised us with two extra beef-topped sushi for free, and they were fantastic. The tender meat paired perfectly with the rice.

Unlike other sushi places, Maruyasu lets you pick and pay at the counter, offering a wide selection at fair prices.

sushi-joints in dusseldorf

The owners, always smiling, even took the time to recommend great options. The atmosphere is lovely, with the owner personally serving customers and sharing a couple of nigiri for smiles. A must-visit!

Address: Schadowstraße 11, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Naniwa sushi & more

Naniwa Sushi & More is a fantastic Japanese gem tucked in little Tokyo. The don with fried chicken, octopus slices, and a sushi set impressed with top-notch quality.

The service was friendly and attentive, and the cozy atmosphere added to the dining experience. It's not overwhelmingly crowded, and the prices are fair, reflecting the excellent food and service.

The two-floor setup ensures comfortable seating, and the visible sushi bar adds an authentic touch.


The Yokohama Special Sushi Set, Unagi Udon, Eggplant Side dish, and Takoyaki were superb, boasting sushi-grade fish. The prices are affordable for the quality, making Naniwa a mid-range delight for anyone craving top-notch sushi.

Address: Klosterstraße 68a, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Kushitei of Tokyo

Kushitei of Tokyo is a gem for authentic Japanese cuisine. The chefs from Japan use a proper Japanese grill, crafting the most genuine skewers. The katsu curry is a standout, possibly the best in Europe, and the portions are generous.

The chicken, thick and succulent, defies description – incredibly juicy and delicious. The crispy Japanese panko batter elevates every bite to perfection.

With the entire staff, including chefs, hailing from Japan, the service and food exude authenticity.


While it's a premium restaurant, the experience is undoubtedly worth the price. Every dish, from the amazing teriyaki to top-notch sashimi and exceptional miso, makes it the best meal I've had in a long time.

Despite a slightly chaotic staff, the food's excellence makes it a must-return spot.

Address: Immermannstraße 38, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

eatTOKYO immermann

I recently dined at eatTOKYO Immermann, and it's truly an authentic Japanese gem. The freshness and deliciousness of every menu item impressed me, especially the eel bento, which was one of the best I've ever had—clearly, they know how to handle seafood.

The service was speedy, though the restaurant was a bit snug with tables close together. In a city with great Japanese restaurants, this one stands out.

The bustling atmosphere adds to the experience.

I also tried the sashimi and sushi bento, a fantastic lunch box set with a great price-quality ratio, though the rice could be less mushy. Despite the wait, it's worth revisiting this spot in Duesseldorf!

Address: Immermannstraße 40, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Sushi Restaurant

Quality Of Ingredients And Freshness

A crucial factor to consider when choosing the best sushi restaurant in Dusseldorf is the quality of ingredients and freshness. High-quality, fresh fish and other ingredients are essential for a delicious sushi experience.

The vibrant flavors and optimal textures of sushi can only be achieved with fresh ingredients. A good sushi restaurant should prioritize proper food safety and handling practices to maintain the quality and freshness of their ingredients.


Reviews and recommendations from customers can give insights into the restaurants that offer top-notch ingredients and ensure a memorable dining experience.

Variety Of Sushi Options

The best sushi restaurants in Dusseldorf offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional nigiri, flavorful rolls, or creative fusion creations, there is something for everyone.

From classic favorites like salmon and tuna to more unique offerings like eel or sea urchin, these restaurants have it all. With so many different types of sushi available, you can try something new each time you visit.


So whether you're a sushi connoisseur or just starting your culinary adventure, Dusseldorf has the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for fresh and delicious sushi.

These top-rated sushi spots not only provide an extensive menu but also use high-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is packed with flavor. You'll find both traditional Japanese establishments and modern fusion restaurants that combine different culinary influences.

Atmosphere And Service

Some of the best sushi restaurants in Dusseldorf are known for their outstanding atmosphere and service. QOMO Restaurant & Bar, for example, offers a trendy and sophisticated ambiance that enhances the dining experience.

With its sleek decor and attentive staff, you can expect top-notch service throughout your meal. Another notable sushi spot is Nagaya, where the elegant atmosphere and professional waitstaff create a refined setting.


These restaurants understand the importance of creating an enjoyable environment while providing excellent service to their customers.

Price Range

Some sushi restaurants in Dusseldorf may vary in price, so it's important to consider your budget when choosing where to dine. While some establishments can be quite expensive, there are also options available that cater to more affordable budgets.

When looking for the best sushi restaurant, take into account the quality of ingredients, variety of sushi options, atmosphere and service, as well as the accessibility and location of the restaurant.

By considering these factors along with your desired price range, you can find a sushi spot that fits both your taste buds and your wallet.

Accessibility And Location

Düsseldorf is renowned for its accessibility and strategic location, making it an ideal destination for exploring the best sushi restaurants in Germany.

Situated in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf boasts excellent transportation links to other major cities, allowing visitors easy access to a wide range of culinary experiences.


Whether you're traveling by train, plane, or car, Düsseldorf's central position makes it a convenient hub for sushi enthusiasts seeking delectable flavors and authentic Japanese dining experiences.

Conclusion: Best Sushi in Dusseldorf

In conclusion, Dusseldorf offers a vibrant sushi scene with top-notch restaurants that cater to all sushi lovers. Whether you're craving traditional nigiri or innovative sushi creations, there are plenty of options to satisfy your palate.

From Nagaya's artful preparation to Maruyasu's wide variety and Yoshi by Nagaya's Michelin-star status, you won't be disappointed with the quality and freshness of the sushi in Dusseldorf.

So dive in and embark on a culinary journey through the best sushi spots this city has to offer!

Key Takeaways

  • Nagaya, Yoshi by Nagaya, Yabase, Baba Sushi, Kyodaina, Sumi QOMO Restaurant & Bar, Maruyasu Naniwa, Kushitei of Tokyo and Eat Tokyo are some of the top sushi restaurants in Dusseldorf.
  • Factors to consider when choosing the best sushi restaurant include the quality of ingredients and freshness, variety of sushi options, atmosphere and service, price range, and accessibility and location.
  • Dusseldorf offers a vibrant sushi scene with top - notch restaurants that cater to all sushi lovers. Whether you're craving traditional nigiri or innovative sushi creations, there are plenty of options to satisfy your palate.


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