10 Best Hostels In Dusseldorf, Germany

Updated on December 24, 2023  


Finding affordable accommodation in Dusseldorf doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or location. With hostels like Backpackers-Duesseldorf offering free breakfast and a social lounge, budget travel is more appealing than ever.

Our list of best hostels in Dusseldorf gives you the insider scoop on where to stay without emptying your wallet. Dive into our guide to discover your perfect home away from home!

Top-rated Hostels in Dusseldorf


Backpackers Düsseldorf

  • Best Hostel in Dusseldorf
  • Private rooms & dorms available


a&o Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

  • 2-star Hostel
  • Private rooms & dorms available


BLK Hostel

  • 2 hr Evening Lights
  • Only private rooms available

1. Backpackers Düsseldorf

Backpackers Düsseldorf stands out as a top pick for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in the heart of the city.

Its central location in Friedrichstadt district means you're just moments away from buzzing streets, notable landmarks, and public transport links that whisk you to attractions like the charming Old Town and Königsallee shopping boulevard.

With its commitment to cleanliness and modern amenities such as complimentary WiFi throughout, this hostel caters not only to backpackers but also to couples looking for an affordable getaway.

Accommodation here strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort. Rooms range from communal dormitories to private twin setups, ensuring there's something fitting for every type of visitor.

The shared kitchen facility is a boon for those who prefer home-cooked meals over dining out – it’s perfect for mingling with fellow travelers or planning your next adventure over a cup of coffee. A light breakfast buffet serves as a delightful kickstart before you head out exploring Düsseldorf’s riches each morning.

Choosing Backpackers Düsseldorf is wise because it reliably delivers on both essentials and extras: secure lockers, heating during cooler months, terrace space to unwind after an eventful day—all contribute to its position at number one on our list.

It mirrors what savvy explorers prioritize: authenticity in their travel experiences without sacrificing core comforts or breaking the bank.


  • Various room types for different preferences and needs
  • Convenient shared kitchen and common lounge/TV area
  • Light breakfast buffet included
  • Age restriction ensures a mature and peaceful atmosphere for guests
  • No parking available
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Laundry service at additional charge

2. a&o Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

The a&o Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof stands out as an excellent accommodation choice, striking the right balance between comfort and convenience.

Situated in the bustling city center of Düsseldorf, it is just a stone's throw away from key transportation hubs and shopping avenues. This makes it ideal for travelers looking to explore the city without wasting precious time on lengthy commutes.

With its array of amenities like high-speed WiFi, various room options including family rooms, and entertainment facilities such as pool table and children’s playroom, this hostel caters to all - from solo adventurers to families.

The availability of a daily buffet breakfast helps guests start their day on a full stomach before diving into sightseeing or business meetings. Those keen on experiencing Düsseldorf's vibrant nightlife will appreciate the close proximity to bars and restaurants in the Old Town area.

We place a&o Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof at number 2 because it not only meets but exceeds expectations by offering features that enhance guest experiences – be it through practicalities like onsite parking and disability-friendly facilities or additional perks like bicycle rentals for eco-friendly city tours.

Whether you’re wrapping up your day with satellite sports TV in the bar or starting one with fresh selections from their hearty breakfast spread, this establishment reflects what modern travelers seek: affordability without sacrificing quality or location – crucial elements when selecting among the best places to stay in any cosmopolitan European city.


  • Central location in Düsseldorf city center
  • Convenient access to main station and shopping street
  • Free high - speed WiFi and daily buffet breakfast included
  • Safety deposit box for guest use


  • Limited on - site parking available
  • Noise from nearby tram stop may be a disturbance for some guests
  • Some rooms may be smaller in size

3. BLK Hostel

Even though the name has the word 'hostel' in it, BLK feels more like a budget-friendly hotel.

With its impressive location, guests find themselves conveniently close to public transportation and vibrant city hotspots, making it an enviable base for exploring the local culture and attractions.

BLK Hostel is more than just a place to rest your head; it's designed with traveler needs at its core.

Each room boasts essential amenities like complimentary WiFi to keep guests connected, alongside thoughtful touches such as a tea/coffee maker for that much-needed morning boost or late-night cuppa.

The soundproof rooms ensure uninterrupted sleep — a rare luxury in hostel accommodations — while the presence of an ATM on-site adds another layer of convenience.

The commitment to guest experience doesn't end there – hypoallergenic options cater to those with sensitivities, ensuring everyone has a comfortable stay.

Fast check-in/out services demonstrate an understanding of today’s fast-paced travel dynamics: very appealing for visitors who would rather spend time outside their room than wait in line at reception.

Securing the No. 3 spot on our list isn’t merely about standout features; it’s how BLK Hostel harmonizes these elements into an exceptional lodging experience within Düsseldorf’s hostel scene.

Their eco-conscious ethos resonates well with sustainability-minded individuals looking to minimize their travel footprint without sacrificing comfort or accessibility – truly accommodating the evolving trends towards responsible tourism.


  • Soundproof and non - smoking rooms available
  • Comfortable linen and wardrobe in each bedroom
  • Beautiful inner courtyard views from the hostel
  • Well - equipped kitchen with coffee machine and refrigerator
  • Spacious living area with dining, seating, and desk space
  • Enjoy entertainment with a flat - screen TV in each room


  • Limited amenities and facilities
  • No on - site restaurant or dining options
  • Some guests may find the room sizes to be small

4. Adam's Hostel

Located in the Holthausen district, Adam's Hostel stands out as a cozy retreat for travelers exploring Düsseldorf.

The hostel's approach to comfort and convenience is evident through its provision of free WiFi—a must for both leisure and business guests—allowing you to stay connected with loved ones or keep up with work commitments without any extra cost.

Accommodations at Adam's Hostel cater to varying needs, from solo adventurers requiring a simple bed and TV-equipped room to unwind, to families enjoying the spacious family rooms offering garden views that bring a touch of tranquility amidst city life.

The shared kitchen facilities echo the home-away-from-home vibe, presenting an opportunity for guests to prepare meals and share travel tales with other visitors.

24-hour front desk service ensures assistance is always on hand irrespective of your schedule, while essentials like towels and bed linen are thoughtfully provided, easing one less worry off your packing list.

Adam's Hostel does not shy away from assuring all-around comfort through heated spaces during cooler days; this attention to detail enhances the overall experience.

And although room costs vary by date and type—a peek into their flexible booking options reveal an alignment with diverse travel budgets—the commitment towards sustainability indicates a forward-thinking establishment invested in ethical tourism practices.

From the easeful check-in/check-out times accommodating unconventional arrival/departures to being enveloped in languages bridging cultures—German, English, or Turkish speaking staff—the embrace at Adam's Hostel extends beyond mere hospitality; it encapsulates an inviting atmosphere poised within reach of Düsseldorf’s charm.


  • Free WiFi for staying connected
  • Various room options including family rooms
  • 24 - hour front desk for convenience
  • Shared kitchen facilities for meal preparation


  • Limited parking options
  • No on - site restaurant or dining options
  • Shared bathroom facilities may not be ideal for all guests

5. Eva's Hostel

Eva's Hostel in Düsseldorf stands out as a budget-friendly accommodation that doesn't skimp on the essentials for comfort and convenience.

With free WiFi throughout the property, guests can stay connected whether they're lounging in their family rooms or whipping up a meal in the shared kitchen.

The 24-hour front desk is a boon for travelers with unpredictable schedules, ensuring there's always someone available to assist with needs or inquiries at any hour.

Accommodations at Eva's are thoughtfully designed, providing clean linens and towels which contribute to its above-average cleanliness score.

Although not extravagant, each room includes heating and a flat-screen TV—features indicating that Eva's prioritizes guest comfort without unnecessary frills.

Despite some areas scoring modestly, such as facilities and comfort, many visitors appreciate the hostel’s practical approach to hospitality, especially when it comes with such reasonable value-for-money ratings.

One cannot overlook how sustainability has been woven into the experience at Eva’s Hostel; from LED lighting to recycling options and toiletries policies aimed at reducing waste—it’s clear environmental consciousness is part of this establishment’s ethos.

Travelers who enjoy exploring local culture will find its location beneficial – situated away from tourist-heavy centers but still within accessible reach of Düsseldorf attractions by public transport.

Through real-world anecdotes from previous guests highlighting friendly staff fluent in multiple languages or their experiences using well-maintained communal amenities like the kitchen space and garden views—the snapshot of life staying here adds relatable depth beyond mere numbers or ratings.


  • Family - friendly accommodations
  • 24 - hour front desk for convenience
  • Shared kitchen for budget - friendly meals


  • Limited amenities
  • Shared accommodations may not be suitable for all travelers
  • Facilities cleanliness score could be higher

6. Jugendherberge Düsseldorf

Jugendherberge Düsseldorf stands out as a beacon of comfort and convenience in the vibrant city of Düsseldorf.

Nestled just a stone's throw away from the gentle flow of the River Rhine, this hostel provides travelers with an affordable yet quality lodging experience that emphasizes both functionality and aesthetics.

The modern rooms are awash with natural light streaming through large windows, setting a serene ambiance that is matched by soundproofing for peaceful nights.

The vast array of amenities here exceeds expectations for typical hostel fare, particularly appealing to families and business visitors alike.

A hearty breakfast buffet included in the stay ensures guests start their day off right; while options like table tennis and barbecued meals on the terrace add leisurely charm to one's experience.

Moreover, Jugendherberge Düsseldorf delivers accessibility features with gusto – showcasing its inclusive spirit whether you're enjoying free WiFi in communal areas or engaging staff at any time courtesy of their 24-hour front desk service.

Ultimately, Jugendherberge Düsseldorf earns its reputation not only through its facilities but also via prime location—situated within easy reach of Luegplatz Underground Station.

Accessibility to key tourist spots combined with attentive services rounds off a compelling case for those seeking value without compromising on quality during their German travels.


  • Free WiFi available in public areas
  • Family and non - smoking rooms offered
  • Facilities for disabled guests provided
  • 24 - hour front desk service available


  • Limited parking options
  • No air conditioning in rooms
  • Some guests have reported noise from nearby train tracks

7. City Youth Hostel Dusseldorf

Located a short distance from the bustling heart of Dusseldorf, the City Youth Hostel offers a blend of modernity and convenience for travelers looking for quality accommodations without breaking the bank.

This hostel is distinctly suitable for various types of guests, ranging from backpackers to families, owing to its diverse room offerings which include dormitory options as well as private family, single, or double rooms.

One standout feature is that all sleeping quarters come with their own showers and separate toilets—a nod towards privacy often unanticipated in hostel settings.

Accessibility is another strong suit; those with mobility concerns will find the wheelchair-friendly facilities easy to navigate, thanks also to an available elevator.

Security-conscious travelers will appreciate dedicated lockers and common areas where one can socialize or plan their next city adventure.

The added perks—complimentary breakfast to kick-start your day, free WiFi connectivity for planning itineraries on-the-go (especially appreciated in single and double rooms that boast TV and internet connection), along with bike parking—enhance overall stay-value.

However, no review would be complete without addressing potential downsides: some guests have found certain aspects like location slightly inconvenient compared to other hubs within Dusseldorf.

Yet despite this feedback regarding atmosphere and facility scores being lower than ideal points such as cleanliness are high-rated by previous visitors who emphasize the tidiness maintained throughout their stay.

In conclusion, City Youth Hostel Dusseldorf emerges as a solid choice within Germany's sophisticated metropolis landscape.

Whether you're revisiting or exploring this charming city for the first time, this hostel provides accommodation essentials mixed together with commendable security measures—all while ensuring your travel budget remains intact.


  • Convenient location near city center
  • Variety of room options for different travelers
  • Free WiFi and complimentary breakfast
  • Wheelchair friendly facilities available


  • Limited privacy in dormitory rooms
  • No private kitchen facilities for guests
  • Extra charge for towel rental

8. the niu Tab (from $78/n)

Not a hostel but a cheap hotel

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Düsseldorf, the niu Tab offers respite and modern comfort for travelers seeking a stylish stay without breaking the bank.

With its chic design mirroring contemporary urban aesthetics, guests revel in amenities such as allergy-free rooms—perfect for sensitive visitors—and free WiFi that blankets the property, ensuring everyone stays connected.

The convenience doesn’t end there; private parking is available right on site, albeit with an additional fee.

Guests can start their day with a diverse buffet breakfast before heading out to explore nearby attractions like Capitol Theater Düsseldorf or Central Station Düsseldorf — all within easy walking distance.

After a day of discovering local theater culture or shopping at Königsallee, returning to air-conditioned rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs and ensconced bathrooms comes as a refreshing reward.

The hotel’s terrace provides an idyllic setting for evening relaxation while sipping drinks from the bar—a lovely bookend to busy days spent soaking in German culture.

Reviews often highlight how couples appreciate this proximity paired with features like safety deposit boxes and attentive multilingual staff at reception—it's these thoughtful touches that enhance guest experience and underscore value-for-money lodging options amid accommodation choices in Düsseldorf.


  • Enjoy a comfortable stay with terrace, allergy - free rooms, and free WiFi throughout the property
  • Relax and unwind at the bar or take advantage of private parking on site
  • Each room comes with modern amenities such as air conditioning, safety deposit box, and flat - screen TV
  • Conveniently located near popular attractions and Düsseldorf Airport for easy access to transportation


  • Additional cost for private parking
  • Limited reception languages (only German and English)

9. Premier Inn Düsseldorf City Friedrichstadt (from $63/n)

Not a hostel but a cheap hotel

Premier Inn Düsseldorf City Friedrichstadt presents a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience at an affordable starting rate of just $63 per night.

The hotel's prime location garners a 9.1/10 rating, situating guests within walking distance to Central Station Düsseldorf and famed attractions like Capitol Theater and Königsallee.

Visitors rave about the ease with which they can explore cultural landmarks by day and retreat to their cozy, air-conditioned room by night.

Every aspect from leisurely sipping coffee in your room using the provided tea/coffee maker to utilizing free WiFi throughout has been thoughtfully designed for guest satisfaction.

The facilities are welcoming for families seeking non-smoking spaces, as well as those requiring amenities for disabled guests—ensuring inclusivity is at the forefront of their service values.

While there's an on-site bar perfect for evening relaxation, you might find yourself mingling with multi-lingual staff members who can provide insider tips in both German and English.

Premier Inn doesn't just stop at providing essential comforts; it goes above to offer conveniences like on-site parking—a commodity in bustling city centers—and around-the-clock front desk assistance catering to diverse travel schedules.

Drawing travelers looking for quality accommodations without breaking the bank, this hotel stands out amongst others vying for recognition as one of best-value stays in Dusseldorf.


  • Convenient location with a high rating
  • Air - conditioned rooms and free WiFi
  • On - site private parking available
  • Close to major attractions and public transportation


  • On - site private parking is available for a fee
  • Limited dining options within the hotel
  • Some guests may find the room rates to be on the higher side
normal hotel

10. dreams Düsseldorf (from $67/n)

Not a hostel but a cheap hotel

Dreams Düsseldorf offers a hospitable retreat for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in the Friedrichstadt district. With its competitive pricing starting at just $67 per night, this guest house presents an affordable lodging option that doesn't compromise on quality.

The availability of free WiFi throughout the property is a boon for both leisure and business guests who need to stay connected. Families traveling together will appreciate the tailored accommodation in family rooms, ensuring togetherness and security.

One standout feature of dreams Düsseldorf is its commitment to cleanliness and health with daily housekeeping services and exclusively non-smoking rooms—a detail that aligns well with modern preferences for wellness-focused travel environments.

Multilingual reception services underscore inclusivity, extending a warm welcome to international visitors by bridging language barriers commonly faced abroad.

As you nestle into one of the cozy beds after a day spent exploring Düsseldorf's landmarks, you'll be grateful for more than just the soft pillow under your head; it's about experiencing genuine hospitality without any fuss or frills—just good service where it matters most.


  • Free WiFi in all areas for convenient connectivity
  • Family rooms available for guests traveling with children
  • Non - smoking environment for a healthier and more comfortable stay
  • Multilingual staff to accommodate guests from various backgrounds


  • Limited on - site amenities or facilities
  • Additional charges for certain services or features
  • Location may not be convenient for all travelers

Features of the Best Hostels in Dusseldorf

Affordable prices

Saving money on accommodation means more to spend on exploring Dusseldorf. Hostels in the city offer economical lodging without sacrificing quality or comfort. Starting at just €17 a night, you can find a cozy bed in locations that put you right where the action is.

Many hostels even provide a complimentary breakfast to kickstart your day of adventure.

Value for money accommodations don't have to mean skimping on amenities either. Guests often enjoy lounges and communal spaces perfect for meeting fellow travelers, all included in the lowcost stays.

With discounts up to 20% off already wallet-friendly prices, staying in one of Dusseldorf's top hostels becomes an incredibly cost-effective choice for savvy travelers.

Convenient central locations

Staying at a hostel in the heart of Dusseldorf means you'll be right where the action is. Backpackers Düsseldorf offers an ideal spot for travelers looking to explore, with its prime location near top tourist attractions.

You can step out and find yourself immersed in the vibrant city life within minutes. From here, navigating through Dusseldorf's bustling streets and discovering hidden gems becomes a breeze.

Hostels like Adam's Hostel anchor themselves in lively neighborhoods such as Holthausen district, ensuring everything you need is just a stone's throw away.


Whether it's grabbing a quick bite from nearby eateries or hopping on public transport at Hauptbahnhof main train station, these hostels provide easy access to all parts of the city.

Guests appreciate not only the convenience but also being part of the dynamic urban atmosphere that defines central Dusseldorf.

Well-equipped amenities and facilities

The best hostels in Dusseldorf understand that modern amenities are crucial for a comfortable stay. Take Backpackers Düsseldorf as an example; it offers facilities that satisfy every traveler's needs, from free WiFi to a cozy common area ideal for meeting fellow travelers.

With its prime location just a short walk from Old Town, guests can easily return to comfort after exploring the city's sights.

BLK Hostel goes a step further by streamlining guest experiences with express check-in and check-out processes.

Those staying at BLK Hostel indulge in spacious rooms equipped with luxurious amenities, ensuring relaxation is at the forefront of your stay—some even feature balconies for a private outdoor retreat right in the heart of the city.

Amidst these lodgings options, travelers can find several accommodations offering kitchens where they can prepare their own meals—a budget-friendly bonus on any trip.

If you're looking to keep active while visiting, look no further than hostels boasting fitness centers or bicycle rentals to help you zip around town and soak up all that Dusseldorf has to offer.

Conclusion: Best Hostels in Dusseldorf

For an unforgettable experience during your stay in Dusseldorf, the city's best hostels offer a perfect blend of affordability and comfort. Whether you're a budget traveler or seeking a vibrant social atmosphere, these accommodations cater to diverse preferences.

From the cultural charm of Altstadt to the modern allure of Medienhafen, each hostel is strategically located to enhance your exploration of the city. With friendly staff, clean facilities, and a welcoming atmosphere, these hostels ensure that your visit to Dusseldorf is not just about sightseeing, but a memorable journey enriched by the connections made within these lively spaces.

Still undecided? I recommend Backpackers Düsseldorf as the best hotel near the most popular Cologne Christmas Markets!

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