9 Remarkable Dusseldorf Historical Sites

Updated on October 31, 2023  


Are you planning a trip to Germany and looking for historical sites in Düsseldorf that can enrich your experience? Known as the city on the Rhine, Düsseldorf is brimming with significant landmarks that narrate tales of its rich past.

Our comprehensive guide will help you discover some of the best historic gems this city has to offer - from Baroque-style palaces to ancient cathedrals, and more! Get ready to step back in time and uncover Düsseldorf's captivating history.

9 Dusseldorf Historical Sites to Visit

Schloss Benrath

Schloss Benrath stands as a testament to the grandeur of the 18th century in Düsseldorf. Elector Karl Theodor von der Pfalz commissioned its construction, envisioning it as an elegant summer residence and hunting lodge.

Architect Nicolas de Pigage brought this vision to life, crafting a palatial residence that shines with Baroque-style architectural flair. [1]


Despite time's passage, Schloss Benrath remains stunningly preserved – even earning comparisons to a doll's house due to its meticulous maintenance.

The extensive restoration work carried out during the 20th century has kept this architectural gem sparkling through centuries.

It now serves not only as an admired historical landmark but also houses a museum open for public exploration.

Visitors flock from all corners of the world for glimpses into royal life in Germany’s bygone days and admire Schloss Benrath - an undeniable tourist attraction and heritage site emblematic of Dusseldorf's rich cultural heritage.


Exploring the old town of Dusseldorf, known as Altstadt, takes you on a captivating journey back in time.

This historic district boasts narrow, brick-paved streets that wind their way between unique architectural structures.

It's like stepping into another era. Every corner reveals an array of traditional buildings and cobblestone alleys that have seen over 700 years of history unfold.


Altstadt has not just preserved its cultural heritage but also evolved to host an energetic nightlife scene.

The area houses approximately 200 bars, cafes, and restaurants - earning it the nickname "the longest bar in the world."

Whether you're a history buff eager to absorb Europe's past or a foodie looking for your next gastronomic adventure, this vibrant atmosphere filled with landmarks delivers memorable experiences for every visitor.


Hofgarten, a stunning park situated in Dusseldorf's bustling city center, paints an idyllic picture of peace.

Going back to the 18th century in its history makes it the oldest public place for recreation in this German city. [2]


Lovingly planned with English landscape styles, it proudly showcases lush meadows decorated with rare trees that are home to diverse wildlife.

It's not uncommon to find locals and visitors alike seeking solace near its tranquil ponds or basking under the sun by the beautiful fountains.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon here makes you part of Dusseldorf’s rich heritage and historical narrative while you soak up nature's beauty at its best.

Basilika St. Lambertus

The Basilika St. Lambertus, located in Dusseldorf's old town, is a prominent basilica with a twisted tower that has become an iconic symbol of the city.

Built in the 13th century, this historic religious site has stood for centuries as a testament to Dusseldorf's rich cultural heritage.


Legend has it that the tower was twisted by the devil himself when he attempted to uproot the church but ultimately failed.

Despite being damaged during World War II, the Basilika St.Lambertus remains an architectural marvel and an important landmark in Dusseldorf's old town.

Düsseldorf Old Town Hall

The Düsseldorf Old Town Hall is a historic building located in the charming old town of Düsseldorf. It stands as the oldest structure in the city and is situated on Marktplatz.