15 Best Art Museums and Galleries in Hamburg

Updated on January 20, 2024  

art galleries in hamburg

Hamburg is home to an array of top-notch art museums and galleries, each offering a unique showcase of artistic masterpieces. From the contemporary artwork at Deichtorhallen to the classic collections at Kunsthalle, you'll find a diverse range of creative expressions to explore throughout the city.

Top Art Museums in Hamburg


Deichtorhallen stands as one of Europe's biggest places for modern art and photos. This spot is special because it has two big, old buildings from the early 1900s. They are a big part of Hamburg’s art history.

Inside, you'll find amazing artwork from all over the world that will catch your eye.

Art Museums in Hamburg

This place is more than just an art spot; it also has stores to buy books, a café to grab coffee and snacks, and a restaurant when you want something more to eat.

The buildings themselves are cool too – they have an interesting design since they were first used as market halls over a hundred years ago.

If you love new forms of art or enjoy taking pictures, this is a must-see in Hamburg!

Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle is a key spot for art lovers in Hamburg. This huge museum has been around since 1850, showing off art that goes back eight centuries.

You'll see paintings from the 14th century here, as well as pieces by famous Dutch and German artists.

The collection includes not just paintings but also sculptures and drawings.

They even have virtual tours you can take if you can't get there in person. Kunsthalle isn't just big; it's one of Germany's largest art museums. If you enjoy art, this place should be on your list of things to see in Hamburg.

It gives you a deep look into history through incredible artwork, making it an unforgettable visit for anyone who steps inside.

Bucerius Kunst Forum

You'll find the Bucerius Kunst Forum right next to Hamburg's Town Hall, where it lights up the city with art from ancient times all the way to today.

They don't keep their own collection. Instead, they borrow amazing pieces and create themed exhibits that change every few months.

This place brings masterpieces from top museums around the world. Look out for four big shows each year.

One might take you through how Dutch artists like Rembrandt made a splash in their day or how art buying has changed over time.

It’s a real treat for your eyes and mind!

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G) is a leading design institution in Germany. Its extensive collection spans from ancient to contemporary times, encompassing fine, applied, and decorative arts.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Hamburg, this museum is easily accessible for visitors.

Housed in a captivating 19th century Neo-Renaissance building, the Museum of Arts and Crafts offers a cultural experience that's both historically rich and visually stunning.


The Altonaer Museum

The Altonaer Museum is among Germany's largest regional museums. Established in 1863, it's dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and art of Northern Germany. [1]

The museum features exhibits related to the cultural-historical development of Northern Germany and Scandinavia, boasting an extensive collection of art and artifacts.

It’s known for offering visitors a comprehensive cultural experience in Hamburg as it is associated with other top art museums and galleries in the region.

Maintaining its significance as a cultural institution, The Altonaer Museum attracts visitors to explore its wealth of art and historical treasures, making it an integral part of Hamburg's rich artistic landscape.

Ernst Barlach House

Ernst Barlach House in Hamburg is a tribute to the famous Expressionist artist, Ernst Barlach. This museum, located in Jenischpark, celebrates his sculptures, printmaking, and writing.

The museum was built by Hamburg architect Werner Kallmorgen in 1962 and stands as North Germany's first private art museum. [2]

Inside, you'll find an impressive collection of Barlach's artwork featuring his renowned "Hovering Angel," along with embracing his legacy as a champion for the oppressed.

Influenced by Jugendstil and studying art in Hamburg, Dresden, and Paris, Ernst Barlach made significant contributions to German Expressionism.

Here at the Ernst Barlach Haus within the lush landscape garden of Jenischpark - one of Hamburg's most picturesque locations - you can explore the profound impact of this influential artist on Germany's art scene.

Erotic Art Museum Hamburg

The Erotic Art Museum is found in Hamburg's red-light district of Reeperbahn. It offers a serious look at sex with its global collection of erotic art, consisting of paintings, photography, and comics.

This museum boasts the world's largest accessible assortment of erotic art. Furthermore, it maintains close ties to artists from Sankt Pauli and exhibits international erotic art.

Sammlung Falckenberg

The Sammlung Falckenberg is a private art collection in Hamburg that belonged to Dr. Harald Falckenberg, located in the located in former Phoenix factory building, covering a vast 6000-square-meter space.

This remarkable collection houses more than 2200 works by 450 artists, primarily focusing on counterculture art. [3]

After the passing of its owner - who was an esteemed German art collector and patron - the collection continues to be celebrated as one of Europe's most significant international contemporary art collections.

This impressive ensemble features diverse pieces ranging from modern artworks to video art, making it home to one of the largest video art collections in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Sammlung Falckenberg stands out as a captivating destination for those eager to encounter thought-provoking and boundary-pushing artistic expressions within Hamburg's vibrant arts scene.

Top Art Galleries in Hamburg

Flo Peters Gallery

Flo Peters Gallery offers a diverse range of contemporary art in the heart of Hamburg. The gallery has curated 24 exhibitions, showcasing solo and group displays from various artists and curators.

Top Art Galleries in Hamburg

Notably, the exhibition "René Burri: A Retrospective" spotlighted renowned photographer René Burri's work on identity and place, adding to the gallery's reputation for thought-provoking showcases.

Situated within a spacious whitewashed setting, Flo Peters Gallery plays a pivotal role in Hamburg's vibrant art scene by providing an inclusive platform for both artists and collectors.

Galerie Dorothea Schlueter

Galerie Dorothea Schlueter is a must-visit for modern and contemporary art enthusiasts. The gallery, located in the city center, showcases new large format paintings by artists like Helene Appel.

Specializing in temporary exhibitions, it offers an immersive experience into the vibrant art scene of Hamburg. One of its notable artists is Dangler, known for his poetic and visionary style that captivates visitors with artistic flair.

This dynamic gallery plays a key role in Hamburg's art scene by providing a platform for unique artists and offering deep insights through its diverse range of exhibitions and showcases.

LEVY Galerie

LEVY Galerie, established in 1970 in Hamburg by Thomas Levy, showcases a diverse program rooted in Surrealism and Nouveau Réalisme. This renowned gallery is a prominent player among the top art museums and galleries in Hamburg.

It has built a strong reputation for exhibiting works by celebrated artists and is considered a leading private gallery - often associated with the Pop art movement.


With its multifaceted offerings and rich history, LEVY Galerie stands as an influential contributor to Hamburg's vibrant art scene, attracting art enthusiasts from near and far.

Known for its association with renowned art movements like Surrealism and Nouveau Réalisme, LEVY Galerie occupies a significant place among the esteemed art venues clustered within Hamburg's artistic landscape.

MS Artville Open Air Exhibition

MS Artville Open Air Exhibition is located in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg. It's an interdisciplinary and progressive open-air gallery showcasing national and international contemporary art.

The festival aims to foster artistic exchange and dialogue, constantly evolving through interaction. This exhibition creates a vibrant space for artists to experiment and connect with the audience, contributing to the dynamic cultural scene of Hamburg.

The MS Artville Open Air Exhibition in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg features innovative contemporary art from around the world. As an open-air gallery, it encourages interaction between artists and visitors, creating a unique platform for artistic expression outside traditional museum spaces.

Galerie Brockstedt

Galerie Brockstedt is one of Hamburg's notable art galleries, with an additional branch located in Berlin. Bori