12 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Dusseldorf, Germany

Updated on March 12, 2024  


Looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Dusseldorf, Germany? You've chosen a destination known for its Michelin-star culinary excellence.

Our comprehensive guide to the best Michelin Star restaurants in Dusseldorf will help you discover exciting flavours and world-class service, from creative modern cuisines to traditional food reinvented.

Top Michelin Star Restaurants in Dusseldorf

Le Flair Dusseldorf - French

Le Flair stands as a culinary gem in the heart of Düsseldorf. Basking in the glory of its Michelin star status, this French restaurant consistently showcases high-quality cooking that wins over food connoisseurs and critics alike.

The 2023 Michelin Guide Germany places Le Flair on the pedestal of excellence as a recognized one-star restaurant.


Patrons applaud not just their unique assortment of delectable dishes but also their dedication to maintaining top standards which led them to earn overwhelming praises from TripAdvisor reviewers.

Among all other eateries, Le Flair unmistakably positions itself as one notable Michelin-starred destination in Düsseldorf's vibrant dining scene.

DR.KOSCH - Modern Cuisine

DR.KOSCH breaks the mold with its modern gastro-bar setting located right inside a supermarket.

This unique location didn't stop it from earning one Michelin star and two Gault Millau hats, making it the first German supermarket restaurant to gain such honors. [1]

Culinary team, led by Chef Anton Pahl, impresses its guests by offering an unconventional yet delectable cuisine at reasonable prices.


Among Dusseldorf's 9 Michelin-starred dining establishments, DR.KOSCH stands out for its innovative dishes that drive food lovers through their doors daily.

The uniqueness garners recognition as inventive recipes are laid out on plates making every meal memorable for devoted fans of modern cuisine.

Agata's Dusseldorf - Creative, Seasonal Cuisine

Agata's Dusseldorf has been making waves in the culinary scene as a Michelin-starred restaurant. With its recognition in the 2023 Michelin Guide Germany, it boasts of high-quality cooking and excellent service that satisfies even the most discerning palate.

It creatively intertwines German and South Asian flavors to craft an innovative menu that changes with seasons, thereby embodying true culinary craftsmanship.


Offering these exotic dishes in an elegant ambiance, it effortlessly blends sophistication with comfort.

This approach draws food lovers from far and wide who are seeking unique gastronomic experiences at Dusseldorf Michelin Star restaurants like Agata's.

Nagaya - Japanese

Nagaya is an acclaimed Japanese restaurant in Dusseldorf, awarded with one Michelin star.

Owned and helmed by Chef Yoshizumi Nagaya, the restaurant is known for its exceptional culinary creations that highlight the finest Japanese ingredients.


In 2009, Nagaya relocated to a new spot in Dusseldorf, where it gained its first prestigious Michelin star. Notably, Chef Yoshizumi Nagaya became the first Japanese chef to receive this accolade in Germany.

Yoshi by Nagaya - Japanese

Yoshi by Nagaya is a highly regarded Japanese restaurant nestled in Dusseldorf's vibrant "Little Tokyo" neighborhood.

Owned and operated by renowned chef Yoshizumi Nagaya, this eatery is an extension of the famous Nagaya restaurant in Dusseldorf.


Known for its exceptional culinary skills and a commitment to high-quality cooking, Yoshi by Nagaya offers a delightful dining experience.

With positive reviews everywhere, this Japanese gem is definitely worth a visit for those seeking authentic flavors and impeccable service in Dusseldorf.

Im Schiffchen - Mediterranean Cuisine

Im Schiffchen is a high-quality cooking restaurant located in the village of Kaiserwerth, just 15 minutes away from Dusseldorf. This renowned eatery has received one Michelin star in the 2023 Michelin Guide Germany.

Known for its excellent cooking and high-end service, Im Schiffchen offers a Mediterranean cuisine that combines fresh ingredients with innovative flavors.


Visitors can easily make free online bookings for Im Schiffchen through the official website of the Michelin Guide.

With its commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences, it's no surprise that Im Schiffchen is among the top choices for food enthusiasts in Dusseldorf.

Pink Pepper - Modern Cuisine

Pink Pepper is a modern cuisi