Weekend in Hamburg: The Perfect 2 Days Itinerary

Updated on January 20, 2024  

two days in hamburg

Planning a quick trip to Hamburg can be overwhelming. You've only got 48 hours to soak in this German gem's atmosphere. Good news: our perfect two-day itinerary highlights the must-sees and hidden treasures, ensuring you experience the best of Hamburg.

Keep reading and let's dive into your adventure!

Hamburg 2-Day Itinerary: Day 1

Start your day exploring the historic Speicherstadt and marvel at the modern architectural wonder of the Elbphilharmonie. Take a leisurely harbor cruise, stroll through the Old Elbe Tunnel, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Portuguese Quarter before dining at Krameramtsstuben and admiring St Michael’s Church.


Speicherstadt is where Hamburg's heart beats with history and modern vibes. Wander through the neighborhood, and see how old warehouse buildings hug the canals. They stand tall, telling stories of the past while hosting cool coffee shops and tasty restaurants.

It's a place that mixes its rich history with fresh new things to do.

Speicherstadt photo

You'll love walking along the water, spotting boats as you go. Pop into a shop or grab a bite at one of the local spots. This area gives you a perfect taste of what Hamburg is all about – tradition hand in hand with today’s fun times.


You can't miss the Elbphilharmonie while you're exploring Hamburg. Located at HafenCity, it stands tall near the water's edge and shines as a modern wonder in the city. This building will catch your eye with its wave-like glass design and is known for its excellent sound inside. A great photo for your Instagram.

The concert hall is one of the top spots to see because it's not just about music; it also offers an amazing view of Hamburg from high up.

Elbphilharmonie hamburg photo

Go inside, and you'll feel like you stepped into the future! The Elbphilharmonie cost a lot to build but now hosts some of the best concerts around. Look at this place as more than just a music hall—it's a piece of art that tells stories through its structure and sounds.

Don't forget to take a moment here on your weekend in Hamburg; it's truly something special that adds magic to your 2-day itinerary.

Harbor Cruise

Get on a harbor cruise to see Hamburg from the water. Glide past big ships and busy docks. Listen to stories about how important the port is for Hamburg. Enjoy this relaxing ride as part of your first day in the city.


The 2-hour guided tour comes with live commentary. Learn cool facts about what you're seeing, like why those docks look so impressive.

The cruise gives you a fresh view of Hamburg's maritime spirit, making it a highlight of your visit.

Old Elbe Tunnel

The Old Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg is a vital part of the city's history. It is a remarkable piece of German engineering, reaching 24 meters in depth and spanning 427 meters in length. [1]

Opened in 1911, this tunnel was an impressive feat at that time and quickly became an iconic feature of the city.

Alter Elbtunnel photo

Connecting the central city to the dockyards under the river, it allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross from one side to another in just ten minutes, providing a unique experience for visitors while exploring Hamburg.

This historic landmark stands as an essential element of Hamburg's architectural heritage and continues to attract tourists from around the world due to its significance.

Portuguese Quarter

After exploring the historic Old Elbe Tunnel, head over to Hamburg's charming Portuguese Quarter. This neighborhood is famous for its excellent fish restaurants, drawing in food enthusiasts from all around.

Located a short walk away from the city center, it is easily accessible and provides a unique cultural experience. The vibrant atmosphere of the Portuguese Quarter attracts both locals and tourists, adding diversity to the city's offerings.

Visiting this area on your first day in Hamburg will give you a taste of the rich culinary scene and cultural diversity that the city has to offer.

St Michael’s Church

After enjoying a delightful meal at Portuguese Quarter, head over to St Michael’s Church, also known as the Michel. This stunning baroque church is a significant landmark in Hamburg and one of the finest Protestant baroque churches in Hanseatic style.

st michael church hamburg