Dusseldorf Card: Where to Buy and Is it Worth It?

Updated on December 14, 2023  


Are you wondering if the DusseldorfCard is worth it?

Wondering where you can buy the Dusseldorf Card for the best price?

In this blog post, we'll answer all your questions about the Dusseldorf Tourist Pass.

DüsseldorfCard Benefits and Where to Buy

The DüsseldorfCard is a special card for tourists. It helps you save money when you visit museums, attractions, take tours, go shopping, or eat at restaurants in the city. Plus, it lets you ride on public buses and trams for free.

You can choose between four options: 24 h, 48 h, 72 h, or 96 h card. Prices range from €12.90 to €30.90 for Single Person cards.


Here's a list of all the Dusseldorf Card discounts (click category to see full list):

Museum Discounts

  • Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum (free entry)
  • Filmmuseum Düsseldorf (free entry)
  • Goethe-Museum Düsseldorf (free entry)
  • Haus Bürgel / Roman fort (free entry)
  • Carnival museum (reduced entry fee € 2.00)
  • Heinrich-Heine-Institut (free entry)
  • Hetjens-Museum/Deutsches Keramikmuseum (free entry)
  • KAI | ARTHENA FOUNDATION (free entry)
  • KIT - Kunst im Tunnel (free entry)
  • Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (free entry)
  • Kunstpalast (reduced entry fee)
  • Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K20 Grabbeplatz (reduced entry fee)
  • Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K21 Ständehaus (reduced entry fee)
  • Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen (free entry)
  • Neanderthal Museum (€1.00 discount individuals, €2.00 discount families)
  • NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (reduced entry fee)
  • Sammlung Philara (50 % discount)
  • SchifffahrtMuseum Düsseldorf (free entry)
  • Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf (free entry to the collections and Special Exhibitions)
  • Stiftung Schloß und Park Benrath (reduced entry fee)
  • Theatermuseum Düsseldorf (free entry to the exhibitions)

Culture Discounts

  • Black Box (free entry)
  • Classic Days - Festival of Culture & Motoring-Lifestyle (04.08.-06.08.-reduced entry fee 4 €)
  • Deutsche Oper am Rhein (20 % discount)
  • D´Haus - Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (20 % discount)
  • Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater (reduced entry fee)
  • FFT (2 tickets for the price of one)
  • Komödie Düsseldorf (20 % discount)
  • Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté (20 % discount on PK1 tickets)
  • tanzhaus NRW (9 € reduction on stage events)

Food & Beverage Discounts

  • Bakeries Josef Hinkel (50% discount of 500g of Black Forest bread)
  • Mustard Shop (1 jar of Löwensenf extra mustard, 100ml)
  • Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf (1 signature cocktail at DOX Bar)
  • Lindt Boutique (10 % discount)
  • Restaurant and brewery "Zum Schiffchen" (1 free Altbier in conjunction with a meal)

Sightseeing Discounts

  • Altbeer-Safari (10 % discount)
  • Old Town guided tour (50 % discount)
  • Old Town AR-Tour (20 % discount)
  • Classic Remise Düsseldorf (10 % discount on guided tours)
  • Climate walk around Düsseldorf (50% discount)
  • Craft Beer & Street Food in Düsseldorf Old Town (20% discount)
  • Düsseldorf in 120 minutes (50% discount)
  • Düsseldorf Food Tour (20 % discount)
  • HopOn HopOff CityTour (Discount: 3 €)
  • KD Panorama Cruise Düsseldorf (20 % discount)
  • MedienHafen tour (50 % discount)
  • Nightwatchmen tour (50 % discount)
  • Rheinturm (€6 reduces entry fee)
  • SEGWAY-Citytour (10 % discount)
  • Sushi, Sake & japanischer Lifestyle (20 % discount)
  • The Sound of Düsseldorf (10 % discount)
  • Urban Art Walk (10 % discount)
  • From the Modern to the Future (50 % discount)
  • The Wehrhahn Line Düsseldorf (50 % discount)
  • Christmas tour (20 % discount)
  • Düsseldorf Souvernis (20 % discount)
  • Weisse Flotte Cruise Düsseldorf and Kaiserswerth (10% discount)

Sport Discounts

  • Freizeitbad Düsselstrand (2 tickets for the price of one)
  • Horse race track Grafenberg (tickets for the price of one)
  • GSV Düsseldorf (20 % reduction on 9-hole and 18-hole green fees)
  • JUMP GALAXY (two can jump for the price of one-for 90 and 120 min. of jumping time)
  • Bike rental Düsseldorf (20 % discount on rentals)
  • SimRacing Center Düsseldorf (2 tickets for the price of one)
  • YOURcockpit (15 % reduction)

Local Public Transport

  • Using the local public transport in Düsseldorf, VRR fare stage A included

Is a DüsseldorfCard Worth It?

Yes, the Dusseldorf Card is worth it. Some of these discounts might seem small at first, but if you plan to visit several attractions in a day, you'll quickly save more than the €12.90 cost of the card.

For instance, if you're a museum enthusiast and you visit:

  • the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum (saving €10),
  • the K20 Museum (saving €9),
  • the Hetjens Museum (saving €4),
  • the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf (saving €5), 

You would have already saved more than twice of what you paid for the DüsseldorfCard. And that's without even using the free public transport or food discounts included in the card.

Additionally, discounts for experiences like river cruises and events can be significant, potentially making the Dusseldorf Card well worth the price.

Just remember to plan your day ahead to make the most of these savings!

Should You Get the DüsseldorfCard?

Whether you should get the DüsseldorfCard or not, depends on a few factors like the number of people in your travel group, how much you want to walk, what activities do you plan to do.

Let's take a look at some of the factors.

How many people are in your group?

If you're traveling in a group of up to 5 people, there's a special deal for you. You can buy the 24-hour Group Dusseldorf Card for €21.90 or the 48-hour card for €31.90. When you split the cost among 4 or 5 people, it can be as low as €4.38 per person, making it a fantastic deal.


If you plan to visit even one museum where you can get a discount with the DusseldorfCard, it's likely to be a better value for your group. So, if you're exploring attractions, the DusseldorfCard is probably the better choice for your group.

How much do you want to walk?

One important thing to consider before getting a DusseldorfCard is how much walking you're willing to do.

One of the biggest advantages of the DusseldorfCard is that it gives you free access to Dusseldorf's public transportation system - Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR). The VRR includes subways, trams, and buses that run throughout the day and into the night, making it easy to get around.


Many of the popular tourist spots and neighborhoods in central Dusseldorf are within walking distance of each other, but "walkable" in Dusseldorf can still mean up to an hour's walk from one area to another because it's a fairly large city.

So, if you enjoy exploring the city on foot and don't mind walking, you might not need to buy a Dusseldorf Card.

However, if you think you'll be using public transportation occasionally, like visiting the Kaiserswerth or Schloss Benrath, the Dusseldorf Card is a great choice.

By paying slightly more than an all-day VRR ticket, you not only get unlimited transportation but also access to a range of fantastic discounts, making the Dusseldorf Card a valuable investment. [1]

Is it Winter or Summer?

Another important question to consider when deciding whether to get a Dusseldorf Card is the time of year you're visiting Dusseldorf.

For example, if you're visiting Dusseldorf during the warmer summer months, you might be more inclined to explore the city on foot, and you might not use the free public transport as much.


However, if you're traveling during the less pleasant weather months, like the cold and rainy German winter, having the Dusseldorf Card can be a real lifesaver. You'll appreciate having the option to hop on public transport when the weather is not so inviting.

Additionally, the Dusseldorf Card offers discounts on bike rentals and river cruises, which can be great alternatives for exploring the city during the summer months. 

Where are you staying?

Your choice of accommodation location in Dusseldorf can also influence whether the DusseldorfCard is a good value for you.

If you're staying in Altstadt, the historic city center, you'll find yourself right in the heart of Dusseldorf, with many of the main attractions within easy walking distance.

In this case, you may not need to rely much on public transportation, and the DusseldorfCard might be less essential for you.


On the other hand, if you're looking to save money by staying outside the inner city or prefer a different neighborhood as your base, you might find yourself using public transport more frequently to navigate the city.

In such cases, the DusseldorfCard becomes a better value for money, as it provides unlimited access to public transportation and discounts on various attractions and services.

How long are you in Dusseldorf for?

The choice between a 24-hour or 48-hour (or more) DusseldorfCard is another important factor to consider when deciding if it's right for you.

If you're planning a short visit, like just a day or a weekend in Dusseldorf, the DusseldorfCard is a practical choice.

You'll likely be cramming a lot of activities into a short timeframe, so having the card will allow you to use public transport to get around quickly and make the most of the attraction discounts during the card's valid period.


However, if you're staying in Dusseldorf for an extended period, like several weeks or more, buying multiple DusseldorfCards to cover your entire stay can become costly.

In such cases, it might not be worth getting the card for the entire duration of your trip. Instead, you could consider getting it for one or two days and using it on those days when you plan to visit attractions with the best discounts.

Your Dusseldorf Itinerary

Your specific interests and plans for your trip to Dusseldorf are a crucial factor in determining whether the DusseldorfCard is a good fit for you.

If you have a packed itinerary that includes visiting numerous museums, taking tours, attending sporting events like ice-hockey matches, and exploring the city's top attractions, the DusseldorfCard can provide excellent value for money. Its discounts and free public transportation will likely be beneficial.

However, if your goal for the trip is to relax, enjoy beer houses, and take leisurely walks along the river while focusing on photography, you may not make full use of the card's benefits. In this case, it might not be the most cost-effective option for your particular style of travel.

Some of the best discounts include…

Museums and galleries:

  • 100% off the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum
  • 100% off the Filmmuseum
  • 100% off Goethe-Museum
  • 100% off Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
  • 100% off SchifffahrtMuseum
  • reduced entry fee to K20 and K21

Tours and experiences:

  • 50% off numerous city tours
  • 10% off segway tours
  • 20% off food tours
  • 20% off bike hire for the day
  • €6 reduced entry fee to the Rhine Tower

Plus discounts on a number of shops and restaurants around the city.

It's worth considering your travel preferences and the activities you have planned to determine whether the DusseldorfCard aligns with your trip goals. For those who prefer a more relaxed or specific type of experience, the card may not be necessary.

So, should you get the Dusseldorf Card?

To sum it up, your decision to get the DusseldorfCard should align with your specific travel plans and preferences.

If you're making a quick weekend trip to Dusseldorf during the winter (or even the summer), intending to use public transport extensively, and want to explore numerous museums and tourist attractions, the Dusseldorf Card is a great investment.

On the other hand, if you're planning a more leisurely week-long visit during the summer, focused on enjoying restaurant terraces, cocktails, and relaxed strolls through the city, the card may not be the most cost-effective choice. You might consider getting it for just one day when it would provide the most value.

Ultimately, the DusseldorfCard's value depends on how you intend to spend your time and whether its benefits align with your travel plans.


1: 4erTicket (4 trip ticket) | VRR, retrieved from https://www.vrr.de/en/tickets-fares/ticket-overview/ticket/vrr/4erticket-4-trip-ticket/

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