Hamburg Street Art: The Best Places to See Them!

Updated on January 20, 2024  

street art in hamburg

In Hamburg, the urban landscape transforms into a vibrant canvas, showcasing a diverse array of street art. This blog post serves as a practical guide, highlighting where to find street art in Hamburg. From the graffiti-covered alleys of Sternschanze to the bustling streets of St. Pauli, this exploration sheds light on the city's dynamic street art scene.

Where to See Street Art in Hamburg


Sternschanze, or Schanzenviertel, is where the pulse of Hamburg's street art beats loudest. Walk down its streets and you'll see colorful murals and graffiti at every turn. The PUSH crew has made their mark here with bold designs that demand your attention.

As you stroll through, notice how each piece tells a story of the city's rebellious spirit.

This neighborhood buzzes with energy, mixing an alternative lifestyle with culture and gentrification. Keep your eyes peeled for works by Eckart Keller and Friends or the dynamic creations of OHM ONE.

You might even spot lively pieces by Paco Sanchez or Philipp Kabbe's thought-provoking images on old buildings. Local artists Innerfields leave breathtaking visuals that pop against Sternschanze's urban canvas, while Krashkid adds a touch of whimsy to the scene.

Take a walking tour led by locals who know all about these streets — they'll show you hidden gems tucked away in this authentic slice of Hamburg.


Karolinenviertel (Karoviertel)

Karolinenviertel, or Karoviertel for short, is a corner of Hamburg that tells a story on every wall. Once a bohemian pocket with historic buildings, it's now bursting with street art.

Take a stroll down Marktstrasse to catch the local vibe. Artists like Stick Up Kids and Cranio have left their mark here.

This neighborhood packs charm into just one kilometer of colorful streets. Sandwiched between unusual neighbors in its past, Karoviertel shines with graffiti-splashed facades and murals by the Street Art School.

Every turn brings new surprises to your art walk in this once impoverished but now vibrant quarter.

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