12 Best Sushi Restaurants in Hamburg

Updated on March 15, 2024  

Best Sushi in Hamburg

Perhaps it is unexpected, but Hamburg has a surprising number of great sushi places. Forget the dry stuff you find at the supermarket — we're talkin' expertly crafted nigiri and creative yet delicious rolls. 

Discover where to find the absolute best sushi in Hamburg with our ultimate guide below!👇

12 Top Sushi Restaurants In Hamburg


We love the authentic experience at Matsumi. It's a place where traditional Japanese culture and cuisine come to life right here in Hamburg. If you step into their tatami room, you'll feel like you've been transported straight to Japan.

They're famous for serving some of the best sushi in Hamburg with flavors that are true to Japanese roots.


The chefs at Matsumi take pride in their craft, selecting only the freshest ingredients for their dishes. We always find the sushi here top-notch, placing Matsumi high on our list when we crave genuine Japanese sushi.

Kampai Sushi

Our friends who've been to Kampai unanimously vote them for fresh rolls in a cozy atmosphere. It's an unassuming shop tucked away on the notorious Reeperbahn, dishing out some of the city's best sushi.

Run by Japanese experts, you know you'll find sushi done the traditional way here every single time.

Expect to find your cravings satisfied without breaking the bank—meals here hover between €11 and €20!


This Asian-inspired restaurant seems to do it all - Thai green curry, tandoori chicken, beef pho... and interestingly also serve some of the best sushi in town.! We chose their lofty courtyard to enjoy freshly name spicy tuna tempura rolls and veggie rolls — what a way to spend a summer's eve.


JIN GUI isn't only about great sushi. The dim sum here will knock your socks off too!

Trust us, this place is a must-visit for anyone craving modern Asian cuisine.

ONO by Steffen Henssler

For inventive sushi, consider stopping by ONO. The restaurant, owned by the renowned TV chef Steffen Henssler, is known for their creative takes on traditional sushi.

We sampled the tuna truffle - which had an interesting crunch from BBQ chips and a zesty kick from ponzu - as well as the slightly spicy avocado heaven maki. Both were a taste explosion in my mouth, and nothing I had expected.

They also offer the classic rolls like the California roll, but if you want to veer off the beaten path, ONO is a great place to experiment with new flavors and textures!

Sushi Lô

Sushi Lô, found on Rothenbaumchaussee, is known for reasonably-priced sushi that's fresh and delicious. If you're here for a meal, the sushi bentos will set you back between €11.50 to €20, which is super affordable.


The more popular options are their nigiri and sashimi (sliced raw fish) - my favorite was scallop and salmon. However, there are also cooked sushi options too if raw stuff isn't your thing! [1]

Another favorite is the avocado rolls, perfect for vegans, as it consists of avocado chunks rolled in sticky sushi rice wrapped in seaweed.


This traditional Japanese restaurant prides itself on an unpretentious atmosphere where diners can witness their dishes being skillfully prepared in an open kitchen setting.

They specialize in original Japanese cuisine, offering classic sushi along with hearty home-cooked dishes, such as tempura (lightly battered, deep fried seafood or vegetables) and nabemono (traditional Japanese stew). [2]

It's a place that promises not just a delightful sushi experience but also a chance to dip into the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine.


As expected from a Japanese restaurant, sushi is a popular choice at SUSHI 153. 

We spotted many customers repeatedly ordering plates of it, beautifully presented with a touch of wasabi and pickled ginger on the side.


If you're new to sushi, this place will have you hooked in no time. The fish here is really fresh, and melted in my mouth like butter, especially when paired with perfectly seasoned rice.

raw like sushi & more

Situated in the heart of Hamburg, this Raw Like Sushi & More doesn't not only serve the classic makis, nigiris, and sashimi's but also new and creative Special Maki every month - so you won't be bored coming here again and again.

Aside from that, they also offer poke bowls, keto sushi (using cauliflower rice instead of actual rice), and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Stepping into the eatery, you feel like you're entering a theater, especially in the lounge area with those comfy sofas. And it's not cheap-cheap, but if you go for something like a combo deal, you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.


HENSSLER AT HOME, located at Große Elbstraße, is a favorite among foodies who love Japanese food. 

Japanese food hamburg

This small and elegant restaurant serves unusual yet yummy dishes beyond just the classic sushi — think Panko Flower (cauliflower baked with spicy panko with a tangy lime avocado dip) or donbur