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Are you looking for a straightforward guide to navigating Dusseldorf Airport? Look no further. With its history and essential facilities, Dusseldorf Airport is a key hub in Germany. This article will provide you with all the necessary information to make your airport experience hassle-free. Get ready to explore everything this bustling airport has to offer!

Guide to Dusseldorf Airport

Location and History

Dusseldorf Airport sits just 7 kilometers from the city center in Dusseldorf-Lohausen. It started way back in the 1920s and has grown into a major spot for air travel in Germany.

With its rich aviation history, this airport is not only a place where planes take off and land; it's also an important connection point for travelers heading to many places.

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Over time, Dusseldorf Airport has seen plenty of changes and expansions. It now serves as a home base for several airlines, offering flights all around the world. The airport plays a huge part in making sure people and goods move smoothly across borders, making it a key piece of international flights and passenger services within the busy European airspace.

Terminals Information

Dusseldorf Airport has three main terminals, A, B, and C. They are all next to each other and it is easy to walk from one to the other. Terminal A is mostly for flights by Lufthansa and their partners.

Terminal B handles planes going to places in Europe. Terminal C takes care of international flights that go outside Europe.

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Each terminal has gates where passengers board or leave airplanes. You will find signs that help you get to your gate or any airport service you might need. Whether you're flying far or just hopping over to another city, getting around these terminals is simple!

Airlines and Destinations

Dusseldorf Airport connects travelers to the world with a variety of airlines flying near and far. Eurowings has its hub here, so passengers have lots of choices for where they can go. [1]

Several other airlines also focus their flights through this airport, adding even more options. With three terminals and two runways ready for big planes, there’s no shortage of places to fly.

You can catch regular flights to cities across the globe from Dusseldorf International Airport. Whether you're looking for scheduled trips or special charter journeys, it's all available here.

Airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, and Air Berlin take off to international spots every day. This means if you need to get somewhere, whether it's London or Los Angeles, chances are there's a plane heading that way from Dusseldorf Airport.

Transportation Options

Taxis and Car Rentals

Getting around after you land at Dusseldorf Airport is easy with a taxi or a rental car. You can find taxis waiting right outside the terminal, ready to take you to your destination.

They are there 24 hours a day, both where flights leave and arrive. Taxi Düsseldorf, Rhein Taxi, and Dein Wunsch Taxi are some of the companies that offer rides into the city center.


If you prefer driving yourself, car rental services at the airport let you pick up a vehicle that suits your needs.

There are several rental companies and cars to choose from at the airport, but I always book mine online in advance here. This is so I avoid scenarios where I'm left with no suitable cars at all.

Once you have picked up your rental car, it's an easy drive into the city center using the highways. The journey takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Public Transportation to and from the Airport

Düsseldorf Airport is well connected to the city by public transport, with scheduled buses and a railway station located within the airport. The airport is easily accessible by bus and train, allowing passengers to travel to and from the airport without any hassle.

In addition to this, there are also convenient city connections available via these modes of transportation, making it easy for travelers to reach their destinations once they arrive at the airport.


Passengers can make use of the bus services which operate regularly between Düsseldorf Airport and various parts of the city.

Additionally, a train station located at the airport provides access to regional and national rail networks, further enhancing travel accessibility for passengers arriving or departing from Düsseldorf International Airport.

Parking Options

Dusseldorf Airport offers around 20,000 parking spaces for both short-term and long-term use. For short-term needs, visitors can easily find parking at lots P1, P2, P3, P7, and P8 directly across from the terminal areas.

The airport also provides options for electric vehicle charging as well as oversized vehicles. Additionally, there is a convenient parking service office located on the ground floor of Terminal multi-storey car park P3.

With affordable solutions available, travelers can choose stress-free parking during their visit to Dusseldorf Airport.

Services and Amenities

Shopping and Dining Options

The airport offers a wide range of shopping outlets, including gift shops and boutiques. There are over 40 restaurants, cafes, and bars to choose from as well as convenience stores for quick snacks.

Passengers can explore various dining options, with food vendors scattered throughout the terminals. Duty-free stores are also available for those looking to shop before their flight.

Lounges and Relaxation Areas

Dusseldorf Airport has five lounges across three piers, offering comfortable seating, entertainment options, and refreshment choices. Travelers can rest, work, or relax while waiting for their flights.

Lounges feature amenities such as business areas, shower facilities for refreshment, and reading materials for leisure.

Additionally, the Sheraton Duesseldorf Airport Hotel on-site provides a bar and fitness center to ensure relaxation and enjoyment during layovers or extended waiting times at the airport.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Dusseldorf Airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals, making it convenient for passengers to stay connected.

There are six internet access points at gates A, B, and C. Additionally, charging stations are available in the arrivals terminal as well as throughout the airport, allowing travelers to power up their mobile devices before or after their flights.

Düsseldorf Airport

Passengers at Düsseldorf Airport can also access Wi-Fi; however, there are limited outlets for charging mobile devices.

This makes Dusseldorf International Airport a more convenient choice for those who need both wireless internet and ample opportunities to charge their devices.

How to Spend a Layover at Dusseldorf Airport

Indulge in a delicious meal at one of the airport's restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Relax and unwind in the lounge areas, where you can kick back and take a breather during your layover.

Explore the shopping outlets for some browsing or pick up any last-minute travel essentials.

How to Spend a Layover at Dusseldorf Airport

Take a tour of the airport facilities and amenities to keep yourself entertained while waiting for your next flight.

Enjoy watching airplanes take off and land, providing an exciting sense of hustle and bustle within the airport environment.

Stay connected with the airport's WiFi to catch up on emails or stay updated on your social media channels.

Hotels Near Dusseldorf Bonn Airport

Sheraton Duesseldorf Airport Hotel is a green oasis right at Dusseldorf Airport, offering convenient accommodation. Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf provides one of the best stays near the airport.

Holiday Inn Express - Düsseldorf Airport, just 1.2 mi from the airport, offers a shuttle service for added convenience. 

These hotels provide excellent lodging options for travelers arriving or departing from Dusseldorf Airport with their proximity and convenient services while ensuring comfort during your stay.

Conclusion: Dusseldorf Airport Germany

In conclusion, Düsseldorf Airport in Germany provides a range of services and facilities to ensure a smooth travel experience. Travelers can find transportation options, including taxis, car rentals, and public transport.

The airport also offers various amenities such as shopping and dining options, lounges, wifi, and charging stations.

With helpful tips for navigating the airport and nearby hotel information available, Düsseldorf Airport aims to cater to the needs of all travelers visiting North Rhine-Westphalia.

Key Takeaways

  • Dusseldorf Airport is close to the city and has three terminals for different flight destinations.
  • There are many ways to get to and from the airport, like taxis, buses, trains, and rental cars.
  • The airport has a lot of parking spots for visitors with places for electric cars too.
  • Travelers can shop, eat, relax in lounges, use free Wi - Fi and charge their devices at Dusseldorf Airport.
  • Hotels near the airport include Sheraton Duesseldorf Airport Hotel and Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf.


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