10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Dusseldorf

Updated on November 16, 2023  


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Best Chinese Restaurants In Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf and craving authentic Chinese food? Look no further. This blog post highlights the best Chinese Dusseldorf in the city, offering a straightforward guide to satisfy your taste buds with flavorful dishes and a genuine dining experience. Get ready to explore the culinary gems that bring the taste of China to Dusseldorf.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Dusseldorf

China Restaurant Three Kingdoms

I recently had a fantastic dining experience at China Restaurant Three Kingdoms with my family. The fresh fish and delicious pork intestines stood out, and the owner/manager and waiter were incredibly kind and helpful. The portions were generous, easily shared among 2-3 people.

While the ambience was okay, I personally felt it was too dark. Despite that, once inside, more than half of the patrons were Asians and that assured us we were in the right place. I opted for cabbage with chili and chili pot pork intestines, both delightfully spicy. 


The pork intestines were expertly prepared, crispy, and paired perfectly with cauliflower and celery in chili oil sauce. The authentic Chinese flavors were a delight, and the quick and friendly service enhanced the overall experience.

China Restaurant Three Kingdoms in the heart of Düsseldorf is a must-visit, offering a true taste of Chinese culinary excellence.

Don't forget to reserve a table and indulge in the delicious fish, with the Szechuan sauce and garlic being standout flavors. We even had to take the chicken "to go" due to the satisfyingly full experience. A culinary journey that's truly worth it!

Address: Stresemannstraße 4, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Little lamb Düsseldorf

Little Lamb in Düsseldorf delivered an amazing experience, offering a variety of sauces that are truly to die for. The food quality is exceptional, and the staff, though not extensively interacted with due to the convenient tablet ordering system, are friendly and offer great recommendations.

My first Hot Pot experience was fantastic, allowing me to choose 1, 2, or 3 types of soup and select from a variety of fresh ingredients. The friendly staff and pleasant ambiance added to the enjoyment.


Little Lamb's Chinese cuisine stands out as one of the best I've tasted in Europe, reminiscent of the authentic flavors experienced in Chengdu.

The spicy broth, exceeding expectations, was genuinely fiery, making it a must-try. At first, it looks pricey, but the generous portions and high quality make it absolutely worth it, especially when sharing the delightful variety with a group.

Address: Kölner Str. 14, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Hutong Bistro

Hutong Bistro is a gem among the best Chinese restaurants in Dusseldorf. The prices at Hutong Bistro are quite reasonable, with meals ranging from €8 to €21. Renowned for its handcrafted dumplings, Kung-Pao chicken, and Chinese noodles, Hutong Bistro delivers a true taste of Chinese cuisine right here in Dusseldorf.

Its warmly lit interiors create an inviting atmosphere for diners looking to enjoy their meal in cozy surroundings. Whether you're going out with friends or planning a casual date night, this place will not disappoint! At Hutong Bistro, every bite takes you on a flavorful journey into authentic Chinese gastronomy.

Address: Adersstraße 24, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

FUYU Dusseldorf Taiwanese Food

FUYU Dusseldorf Taiwanese Food is a hidden gem for authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Düsseldorf. I recently had the Lu Rou Fan (Braised Meat Rice), and it transported me back to Taiwan with its heavenly taste. The pork pieces melted in my mouth, a true delight.

The fried chicken was crispy outside and juicy inside, making every bite satisfying. The service reflects typical Taiwan hospitality, making the experience even more enjoyable.


Although the restaurant is small, the cleanliness and friendly staff create a warm atmosphere. I also tried the beef soup noodle, and the marinated innards plate, both flavorful though slightly salty.

Do note: They only accept cash payment. Despite the limited seating, I left a happy man, and my tummy couldn't be happier. I'll definitely be back for more.

Address: Immermannstraße 46, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tengri Tagh Uigur Restaurant

Trying Uigur cuisine at Tengri Tagh Uigur Restaurant for the first time was fantastic!

The chicken, Lamb BBQ, Uigur noodles, and salt milk tea were all new and tasty. The mix of flavors from Turkey, central Asia, India, and China made every bite interesting.

I really liked the traditional Uigur noodles called Laghman and the dumplings (manti). Sut chai, the salty tea, was a unique experience.

The friendly staff, especially the lady who complimented my wife, and the owner's recommendations made the visit enjoyable. Despite a less pleasant Saturday visit without a reservation, the 烤包子 (grilled dumplings) and chewy noodles convinced me to come back for more.

Address: Oststraße 120, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Hot One

I recently tried Hot One Restaurant, and it exceeded my expectations! Opting for the Thai Tom Yum Kung soup base was a fantastic choice; it tasted exceptionally good.

The variety of hot pot toppings and the array of meats and vegetables for grilling were impressive. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be returning.


The hotpot buffet had a great selection, and though the BBQ choices were slightly less, it was more than enough to leave us full and happy.

Cooking our own food added a fun element to the experience, and having various soup bases to choose from, like tom yum and tomato, made it even better.

Despite a recent price increase, the all-you-can-eat options are well worth it. I can't wait to return for another delightful hotpot experience at Hot One!

Address: Friedrichstraße 132, 40217 Düsseldorf, Germany

New City

New City Restaurant in Düsseldorf stands out as a top dim sum destination. Their BBQ pork buns and rice rolls are impeccable, meeting high Cantonese standards. The roasty duck, while crispy, could use less fat.

Despite the slightly dated decor and room for service improvement, it's hailed as the best dim sum spot in town. From a Chinese friend's perspective, the taste is authentic, offering a variety of delights like duck, chicken feet, buns, and refreshing tea that complements the flavors perfectly.

chinese-food-germany cologne

Fast service with a pleasant attitude, coupled with economical prices, makes New City a must-try for those seeking genuine Cantonese cuisine.

The grilled pork was unavailable when we were there, but the sweet ham pork with rice proved delicious, accompanied by crunchy pakchoy. The traditional Chinese restaurant ambiance, adorned with welcoming koi fishes, enhances the overall experience.

Address: Herzogstraße 38, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

China Restaurant Lin

China Restaurant Lin is a hidden gem serving authentic Yangzhou Chinese cuisine – a true find for anyone craving typical Chinese flavors.

The waitress, adorable and friendly, adds to the warm and cozy vibe. The extensive menu offers delicious, generously portioned meals and drinks, showcasing the diversity of Huaiyang Cuisine, proving Chinese food isn't just about spice.

Our group indulged in wine chicken, steamed sea bass, stewed pork cubes, sautéed pork liver, and Yangzhou fried rice.


Each dish was a culinary masterpiece, from the umami-packed sea bass to the flavorful tofu skin. China Restaurant Lin breaks stereotypes, offering a delightful, non-spicy Chinese dining experience.

Address: Oststraße 116, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Chuan Wei Chuan China Restaurant

My experience at Chuan Wei Chuan China Restaurant was a delightful journey into authentic Sichuan cuisine. The extensive menu offered a variety of options, and the dry pots were particularly satisfying. Although the pork belly in fermented tofu sauce fell short during my visit, the unique green string beans added a touch of tenderness that I appreciated.

The restaurant's ambiance is what sets it apart. On a late August evening, the place buzzed with a warm community vibe, featuring conversations in Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, German, and other European languages. The sassy boss's friendly reminders to departing guests highlighted the familial atmosphere.

germany-chinese-restaurant cologne

Chatting with her, it became evident that running a great restaurant is fueled by passion, especially for someone who loves hunting down good food. The dishes, while flavorful, leaned slightly towards the salty side for my taste, but the authentic Sichuan flavors, with a generous use of hot pepper chilis and peppercorns, left a lasting impression.

I look forward to returning, perhaps with a gentle reminder to the chef for a lighter touch on the salt.

Address: Bahnstraße 59, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

China-Restaurant Dschunke

China-Restaurant Dschunke is a top-notch Chinese restaurant in Dusseldorf that has gained quite a reputation. Located near Dusseldorf Central Station (HBF), it offers an authentic dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

The menu at Dschunke is clear and even includes photos, making it easier for patrons to choose their favorite dishes. This establishment is especially popular among Asian people, which adds to its authenticity and overall quality.

With positive reviews from satisfied customers, China-Restaurant Dschunke truly lives up to its reputation as a genuine Chinese restaurant.


The variety of dishes offered at China-Restaurant Dschunke is simply outstanding. From mouth-watering roast duck to flavorful noodle dishes and delectable Hong Kong-style dim sum, there's something for every palate at this eatery.


My friend visited Gingerboy, enticed by the promising reviews. Despite the minor inconvenience of only accepting cash, he found the Asian cuisine truly delightful.

The duck curry stood out for its generous portions, and the open kitchen added a touch of authenticity to the dining experience. The service was described as both pleasant and efficient, though my friend noted some areas for improvement, such as the use of plastic cutlery and the timing of clearing finished plates.

Despite these small details, Gingerboy's excellent Pekin duck, flavorful noodle soup, and extensive wine selection left a positive impression, making it a recommended spot for Asian cuisine in Düsseldorf – just remember to bring cash!

Address: Glockenstraße 24, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany

Böser Chinese

We stumbled upon a hidden gem in Medienhafen – Böser Chinese, a delightful Chinese restaurant that pleasantly surprised us. The Pekín duck fajitas were an absolute wow!

The staff's friendliness, timely food preparation, and reasonable prices added to the overall positive experience. Despite the higher cost at times, the relaxing and exclusive atmosphere compensates for it.

While the homemade noodles stood out for their deliciousness, some discrepancies in spiciness and the lemonade being more cola-like were noted.


The spacious restaurant, complete with a large terrace, provided a pleasant setting.

The slightly higher cost was justified by the generous portions that undeniably satisfied. Overall, Böser Chinese offers great food, friendly service, and a calming ambiance, making it a noteworthy find in Düsseldorf.

Addres: Zollhof 13, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany

What to Look for in a Chinese Restaurant


To truly experience the flavors of China in Dusseldorf, authenticity is key. When looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant, pay attention to the location and atmosphere. Many genuine establishments can be found tucked away in neighborhoods with a strong Chinese community presence.


Additionally, take note of the type of teapot used by the restaurant; traditional porcelain or clay teapots are often indicative of a more genuine dining experience.

Lastly, true Chinese restaurants tend to serve their dishes family-style, emphasizing sharing and communal dining.

So if you spot large plates meant for sharing on nearby tables, you'll know you're in for an authentic culinary adventure.

Quality of ingredients

The quality of ingredients plays a crucial role in determining the taste and authenticity of Chinese cuisine.

In Düsseldorf, where there is a focus on top-notch Chinese food, it's important for restaurants to use high-quality ingredients to create delicious dishes.

This ensures that the flavors are rich and authentic, allowing diners to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.

With a commitment to using fresh produce, flavorful spices, and traditional recipes, the best Chinese restaurants in Düsseldorf prioritize ingredient quality to deliver exceptional meals that satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Traditional cooking methods

Chinese cuisine is known for its wide range of traditional cooking methods, which contribute to the unique flavors and textures of their dishes.

From stir-frying and deep-frying to steaming and red stewing, these techniques are essential in creating authentic Chinese flavors. [1]

Each region in China has its own preferred cooking methods, resulting in a diverse array of dishes across the country.

Whether it's the quick heat of stir-frying or the slow simmering of red stewing, these traditional methods play a crucial role in bringing out the best in Chinese cuisine.

Must-Try Dishes at Chinese Restaurants

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a popular regional Chinese food in Düsseldorf. It is a style of cuisine that originated from Guangdong province and is often enjoyed for breakfast or brunch. Dim Sum consists of bite-sized portions of food, typically served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. [2]

Some popular Dim Sum dishes include dumplings, buns, spring rolls, and rice noodle rolls. If you prefer milder flavors, Dim Sum is a great choice as Guangdong cuisine tends to be less spicy compared to other regional Chinese cuisines.


When visiting Düsseldorf, there are several restaurants that offer delicious Dim Sum options.

These restaurants have received positive reviews and are known for their authentic flavors and fresh ingredients.

Hot Pot/Steamboat

Hot Pot/Steamboat is a popular dish at Chinese restaurants in Düsseldorf. It is also known as Hotpot and involves a pot of spicy or non-spicy soup stock.

Similar to French fondue, diners cook their own ingredients in the boiling broth and enjoy a communal dining experience.

This flavorful dish is a must-try for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine in Düsseldorf.

Little lamb Düsseldorf is one of the highly rated Chinese restaurants that serve steamboat, allowing you to indulge in this delicious and interactive dining experience.

Szechuan dishes

Szechuan dishes are renowned for their fiery and bold flavors, making them a popular choice among spice enthusiasts. This regional Chinese cuisine showcases the unique combination of hot and numbing sensations that Szechuan peppers provide.


From classic favorites like Kung Pao Chicken to the popular Mapo Tofu, Szechuan dishes offer a tantalizing culinary experience that is sure to excite your taste buds. [3]

The key ingredients used in Szechuan cooking include chiles, garlic, vinegar, and peanuts which add depth and complexity to each dish.

Whether you're a fan of heat or interested in exploring new flavors, trying Szechuan dishes at Chinese restaurants in Dusseldorf is definitely worth it.

Conclusion: Düsseldorf's Best Chinese Restaurants

Discover the culinary delights of Düsseldorf's best Chinese restaurants, where you'll find authentic cuisine from different regions of China. From the popular Chuan Wei Chuan to the China Restaurant Three Kingdoms, these restaurants offer a range of flavorful dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

So, whether you're in the mood for traditional Dim Sum or spicy Szechuan specialties, these top Chinese restaurants in Düsseldorf have got you covered. Don't miss out on these must-try dining experiences!

Key Takeaways

  • China Restaurant Three Kingdoms offers a variety of regional Chinese seafood dishes and an immersive cultural experience.
  • Little Lamb Düsseldorf specializes in hot pot cuisine and skewers, bringing forth authentic flavors of Chinese gastronomy.
  • Hutong Bistro is known for its handcrafted dumplings, Kung - Pao chicken, and inviting atmosphere.


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