17 Indoor Activities In Hamburg On A Rainy Day

Updated on January 20, 2024  

things to do in hamburg on a rainy day

Rainy days in Hamburg can put a damper on your outdoor plans, leaving you scrambling for alternatives. Luckily, the city is home to an array of fascinating indoor attractions suited for such occasions.

This article lists some top spots where you can stay dry and entertained, from exploring aquatic wonders to scaling new heights at an indoor climbing venue. Keep reading to find out some of the best indoor activities in Hamburg!

17 Indoor Activities in Hamburg

Hamburg Kunsthalle

The Hamburg Kunsthalle is a big art museum in the city. It shows off lots of different types of art from old to new. If it rains, this place is perfect to see some cool paintings and sculptures.

They have rooms filled with amazing artworks that you can look at all day long.


You can walk around and see creations by famous artists without getting wet from the rain outside. The museum has things for people who like all kinds of art, so you're sure to find something that makes you say "wow!" It's a fun indoor activity in Hamburg when the weather is not so nice.

Miniatur Wunderland

Head over to Miniatur Wunderland and stand in front of the largest model train exhibit on earth. [1] This place will amaze you with tiny trains zipping through little cities, mountains, and even a working airport! Brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun made this magical spot, and it just keeps getting bigger.

You'll find more than trains here. Boats sail in real water at the harbor scene, and there are mini versions of Hamburg's main train station and subway systems.

Miniatur Wunderland photo

Each little building, street, and tree has been carefully put together to make whole countries in miniature form.

Don't miss out on wearing virtual reality goggles that let you feel like you're actually inside these incredible scenes. It's not just fun—it's also great for learning stuff about different places without leaving Hamburg on a rainy day!

International Maritime Museum

The International Maritime Museum takes you back in time through Hamburg's rich seafaring past. It holds over 40,000 items showing how people have lived and worked on the sea for thousands of years. [2]

See models of famous ships like the Queen Mary II and learn about epic sea battles.

international maritime museum hamburg photo

Stroll through nine floors of this museum set in a big old warehouse in Hafencity quarter. You'll find things that sailors used long ago and stories of deep-sea discovery. The museum doesn't just show you stuff – it helps you feel what life was like on the world's oceans across history.

Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall is a cool place to go when it rains in Hamburg. You see, this big glass building looks like waves and has lots of music inside. People call it "Elphi" and love how it's made.

Inside, there are three spots where you can listen to tunes, watch the city from high up, or even stay the night if you want.

Elbphilharmonie hamburg photo

You'll hear sounds really well here because they built it for that. It sits right by the water on all three sides — so while you're dry and cozy inside listening to music, you can also see the river moving around Elphi.

Big shows happen here with musicians from all over the world playing their hearts out.

Hamburg Dungeon

The Hamburg Dungeon takes you back in time with actors and special effects. It's fun for kids and grown-ups. You'll hear spooky stories from history. The place has a cool water ride and Hamburg's only indoor free fall tower for extra thrills.

hamburg dungeon photo

You can buy tickets online to make sure you get in. If plans change, it's easy to pick another day to visit. It’s a mix of laughs and screams as you learn about the past.

Panoptikum Wax Museum

Visit Panoptikum Wax Museum in the Reeperbahn area for a fun day. You'll see over 120 wax figures that look like real famous people. Stand next to your favorite stars and take cool pictures.

This museum is special because it's the oldest one in Germany that has wax figures. [3]

wax museum queen elizabeth

You can do more than just look at these wax figures; you can interact with some of them! Many visitors say going to Panoptikum is a must-do if you're in Hamburg and it's raining outside.

It's not just about seeing statues, it’s about having an amazing time pretending to meet celebrities and important people from history up close.

Prototyp Car Museum

The Prototyp Car Museum takes you through 80 years of car history. Here, you find sports cars from the past 70 years. They have rare prototypes too. You see up to 50 racing and sports cars at this museum. [4]

It's in Hamburg's harbour area inside an old factory building from 1836.

car museum black car

You get to try driving simulators and go on tours guided by experts. This place is fun for both grown-ups and kids looking to learn about cars on a rainy day. The setting gives off a cool vibe because it mixes the feel of an old factory with shiny, fast cars.

Indoor Climbing at Nordwandhalle

Indoor climbing at Nordwandhalle is a hit for those who love to move and have fun, no matter the weather. With 3,500 square meters of space for climbing and bouldering, there's a challenge here for everyone.

You can climb high walls or stick close to the ground on boulder problems. Bright colors pop against grey rainy skies outside as you grab handholds and find your way up.

Kids and adults all enjoy Nordwandhalle because it brings adventure indoors. It stands out as one of Hamburg's top indoor experiences that shine even when it rains. Plus, it's big, modern, and friendly—perfect for families looking for something exciting to do together on wet days in the city.

Escape Room Challenges

You can have a great time indoors with escape room challenges in Hamburg. They are fun games where you work with friends or family to solve tricky puzzles. You find clues, crack codes, and try to get out of the room before time runs out.

Each escape room has its own story and secrets for you to uncover.

Hamburg has many places offering these cool adventures. The themes are all different, so you might be solving a mystery from history or trying to stop a ticking bomb! It's perfect for testing how well your group can think together under pressure.

And don't worry if it’s pouring outside; once you're in the game, the real world fades away!

Relaxing Day at a Spa

On a rainy day in Hamburg, you can have a cozy time at one of the many spas. They have everything to help you relax.

You can enjoy the wave pool or warm up in the thermal spa. There's also an outside pool that feels extra nice when it's chilly out.


Treat yourself with massages and wellness treatments at one of these spas in Hamburg. It's great for taking a break from busy days. With pools and saunas, you'll forget all about the rain outside!

Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck

Step inside Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck and forget the rain as you meet animals from all over the world. This special place is right next to Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg. Here, families get to see life under the sea without getting wet.

You'll find fish, sharks, and colorful coral reefs in this underwater haven.

Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck

The aquarium isn't just about fish; you can also spot creepy crawlies and reptiles that live in steamy jungles. With 210 different animal species, there's always something new around every corner.

Kids love feeling like they've stepped into a warm tropical land at the Tropen-Aquarium, which is perfect for a rainy day adventure! Plus, if you're biking along the river Elbe, why not make a stop here? It's a fun break on your cycle trip through Hamburg.

Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli

If you're looking for a place to eat and shop indoors, Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli is perfect. It's in the St. Pauli area of Hamburg. There, you can find lots of food spots and little stores to visit.

This hall has different kinds of food to try out.

At Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli, enjoy a warm welcome as you walk through its heart with 20 stands full of tasty treats from nearby and far away places.

You get both yummy foods and cool things made right here in this city! It's a great spot to see what local life and culture are like while staying dry on a rainy day.

Fun Arena Hamburg

Fun Arena Hamburg gives you a place to play and laugh, even if it's pouring outside. You can hit golf balls in a glowing mini-golf world or jump around in a big area full of air cushions.

It's an indoor park where everyone finds something cool to do.

This spot has lots of different games and fun things for people of all ages. You could be climbing walls, racing go-karts, or playing in the laser tag arena.

So grab your friends or family and head over to Fun Arena for a day filled with excitement away from the rain! [5]

Action Arena Hamburg

At Action Arena Hamburg, you can jump into a world of adventure no matter the weather. It's a place where you can play golf in a glowing black light setting and watch live shows that tell thrilling true stories.

The arena's two cool rides are sure to get your heart racing.

trampoline park

You also have many things to do like bounce on big trampolines doing flips and jumps. Play basketball or 3D dodgeball while flying through the air! If you want action, this spot has got it all for an awesome time indoors.

Book flea market at Hühnerposten

The book flea market in the central library at Hühnerposten is perfect for book lovers on a rainy day. You can stay cozy and dry while you look for old books. It's fun to see all the different kinds of books people have brought to sell.

Some are very old, and some are almost new.

At this flea market, you get to meet other people who like books as much as you do. You might find your next great read or a rare gem for your collection! This place gives you a cool way to enjoy Hamburg even when it's wet outside.

City Paintball Hamburg

City Paintball Hamburg lets you play paintball right in the city. It's the only place in Hamburg where you can shoot paint and have a blast with your friends indoors.

With five different fields to choose from, you get to feel like a hero no matter what the weather is outside.

You and your team can run, hide, and chase each other as you try to grab the other team's flag. It’s a great way to spend time on a rainy day because it gives you an exciting rush of adrenaline without getting wet or cold!

Kixx - Kickerzentrum

Kixx - Kickerzentrum is a place in Hamburg where you can have lots of fun indoors. It has many exciting things to do and see. You won't care about the rain when you're playing games and enjoying different worlds inside Kixx.

This indoor leisure park is perfect for a day when the weather is wet, and you want to stay dry but still have a great time.

You'll find all kinds of games and activities that keep everyone entertained at Kixx - Kickerzentrum. Bring friends or family, because it's made for groups to enjoy together. Laugh, play, and forget about the grey skies with all the cool stuff there is to do here!

Conclusion: Hamburg on a Rainy Day

To sum up, Hamburg on a rainy day offers a myriad of captivating experiences. From exploring world-class museums and galleries to savoring the city's diverse culinary delights, there is no shortage of indoor activities to enjoy. The rich maritime history and architectural wonders provide an engaging backdrop for a day well spent. So, next time the weather is less than favorable, don't fret – embrace the vibrant cultural scene, indulge in delicious cuisine, and make the most of your time with these unforgettable things to do in Hamburg.


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