Hamburg in December (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in December

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In December

Hamburg dazzles in December with twinkling lights and festive cheer. Streets come alive with the scent of mulled wine as Christmas markets spread cozy vibes. Imagine sipping hot cocoa while browsing handmade crafts, feeling like you're part of a winter fairy tale.

Hamburg's charm doesn't fade even as the cold sets in; historical buildings look majestic under a dusting of snow, and locals bundle up for merry gatherings.

christmas markets hamburg

Families find joy at Winter DOM, a funfair with thrilling rides and tasty treats that make for lifelong memories. Culture lovers can still explore museums or catch an opera show adorned in holiday style.

The harbor sparkles extra bright on chilly nights—perfect for romantic strolls by the water's edge. And don’t miss out on St Nicholas Day traditions where shoes fill up with surprises overnight! Visiting Hamburg in December means embracing warmth amidst the frost, creating stories worth telling back home.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In December

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg chills out in December, with temperatures dancing between a brisk 40°F down to around 33°F. You'll want your warmest coat, as the city wraps itself in cooler days and even frostier nights.

Rain sprinkles its presence throughout the month too—expect it about 17 days in December. With around 71 mm of rainfall, always keep an umbrella handy for those sudden drizzles!

Dressing sharply means dressing warmly here. Layers are your best friends; think cozy sweaters, scarves, and gloves. Waterproof boots make puddle-jumping after a rain shower fun instead of a soggy chore.

Remember, Hamburg doesn't do winter halfway—it's all crisp air and sometimes wet streets! Keep snug and dry out there.

Dressing For The Weather

Pack your winter gear because Hamburg gets chilly in December. You'll need a heavy coat, scarves, and gloves for those long strolls through the city. Don't forget a warm hat; it keeps more heat than you think! Daytimes might feel a bit milder, but as the sun sets, temperatures near freezing call for layering up.