Hamburg in December (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in December

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In December

Hamburg dazzles in December with twinkling lights and festive cheer. Streets come alive with the scent of mulled wine as Christmas markets spread cozy vibes. Imagine sipping hot cocoa while browsing handmade crafts, feeling like you're part of a winter fairy tale.

Hamburg's charm doesn't fade even as the cold sets in; historical buildings look majestic under a dusting of snow, and locals bundle up for merry gatherings.

christmas markets hamburg

Families find joy at Winter DOM, a funfair with thrilling rides and tasty treats that make for lifelong memories. Culture lovers can still explore museums or catch an opera show adorned in holiday style.

The harbor sparkles extra bright on chilly nights—perfect for romantic strolls by the water's edge. And don’t miss out on St Nicholas Day traditions where shoes fill up with surprises overnight! Visiting Hamburg in December means embracing warmth amidst the frost, creating stories worth telling back home.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In December

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg chills out in December, with temperatures dancing between a brisk 40°F down to around 33°F. You'll want your warmest coat, as the city wraps itself in cooler days and even frostier nights.

Rain sprinkles its presence throughout the month too—expect it about 17 days in December. With around 71 mm of rainfall, always keep an umbrella handy for those sudden drizzles!

Dressing sharply means dressing warmly here. Layers are your best friends; think cozy sweaters, scarves, and gloves. Waterproof boots make puddle-jumping after a rain shower fun instead of a soggy chore.

Remember, Hamburg doesn't do winter halfway—it's all crisp air and sometimes wet streets! Keep snug and dry out there.

Dressing For The Weather

Pack your winter gear because Hamburg gets chilly in December. You'll need a heavy coat, scarves, and gloves for those long strolls through the city. Don't forget a warm hat; it keeps more heat than you think! Daytimes might feel a bit milder, but as the sun sets, temperatures near freezing call for layering up.


Choose waterproof boots to keep your feet dry. Hamburg's damp climate means you could encounter some rain or the rare snowfall as you explore this maritime city.

Cozy sweaters and thermal underlayers are smart choices—they'll trap warmth without bulking you up too much.

Stay snug out there while enjoying all that Hamburg has to offer!

Hamburg December Holidays And Events

Hamburg DOM (Winter) - November to December

Bundle up and head to the Hamburg DOM this winter! This fair turns into a wonderland from November to December. Bright lights and festive music fill the air, making it feel like one big Christmas celebration.

Try delicious German treats, hop on fun rides, or watch live shows that'll leave you in awe.


Visitors love strolling through the market booths at the Winter DOM Fair. It's like being inside a giant Christmas Market but with more thrills! Imagine sipping hot chocolate while browsing unique gifts under a twinkling sky—pure holiday magic comes alive here in Hamburg’s chilly nights.

St Nicholas Day (December 6)

St Nicholas Day fills the city of Hamburg with joy and excitement on December 6. Known as the patron saint of children, St Nicholas is celebrated in Germany for his miraculous deeds. [1]

The festive day is marked by a vibrant parade that lights up the streets of Hamburg, signifying its association with Christmas.

This holiday celebration brings families together to share love, giving St Nicholas Day a special place among other December events in Germany.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

December 24th and 25th are festive and joyous days in Hamburg, Germany. On the evening of December 24th, Christmas Eve, the city comes alive with celebrations. This is considered the major day for Christmas festivities in Hamburg.


Families gather together to exchange gifts and enjoy a traditional holiday meal. The spirit of the holiday season fills the air as locals and visitors alike participate in cultural traditions and embrace the joyful atmosphere.

Not only is Christmas Eve important, but December 25th, Christmas Day, is also significant for celebrating this special time of year.

Throughout Hamburg, there are various events and activities happening during these days that capture the essence of German Christmas traditions.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th and is the second day of Christmastide. It is a quiet occasion for many people, spent with friends or family.

In Germany, Boxing Day is also known as Second Christmas Day.


It's worth noting that some businesses may be closed on this day. So if you're planning to visit Hamburg during this time, keep in mind that it might be a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones rather than engage in busy city activities.

New Year's Eve

Hamburg is the perfect place to celebrate New Year's Eve with exciting festivities and celebrations.

There are plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy during this time, such as exploring the beautiful Hamburg Christmas Market.

The weather in December is fresh, so don't forget to dress warmly for the outdoor events.

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, Hamburg, Germany transforms into a lively spectacle. Silvester, as New Year's Eve is known in Germany, is celebrated with meticulous planning and routine traditions in many households.


The city bursts to life with vibrant celebrations welcoming in the new year. It's a time when locals and visitors alike come together to revel in exciting fireworks displays, street parties, and joyful gatherings that create an electric atmosphere throughout the city.

Top Things To Do In Hamburg In December

Take a Winter Cruise

For a chic winter experience in Hamburg, consider the Winter Alster Tour aboard the Alster Steamer. The ship provides a comfortable setting as it cruises around the outer Alster near the shore.


Onboard, you can enjoy reasonably priced mulled wine, coffee, cocoa, and cake. This leisurely hour serves as a delightful break, especially after a lengthy shopping spree. Hamburg exudes its enchanting charm even in the darker seasons.

Keep an eye out for potential changes or cancellations due to varying water levels, ensuring you plan your memorable river cruise at the optimal time based on weather conditions and seasonal fluctuations.

Bispingen Snow Park

Bispingen Snow Park, located just a short 30-minute drive from Hamburg, is the ultimate haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

As the first winter sports arena in northern Germany, it boasts the widest indoor ski hall in Europe, measuring an impressive 300 meters in length.

With its convenient location and extensive facilities, Bispingen Snow Park presents an ideal opportunity for visitors to indulge in exhilarating winter activities without venturing too far from vibrant urban areas.

Attend a Brewery Tour

Visiting a brewery in Hamburg in December offers a unique experience for several reasons. Firstly, the winter season adds a cozy and intimate atmosphere to the brewery tour. The chill in the air contrasts with the warmth inside, creating a comfortable environment to enjoy craft beers.

Additionally, December is a less crowded time for tourism, allowing for a more personalized and relaxed brewery experience. You can engage more deeply with brewers, ask questions, and savor the flavors without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons.

Moreover, breweries often have special winter-themed or seasonal brews during December, providing an opportunity to taste and appreciate unique flavors that may be exclusive to this time of year



Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Taste at least 7 local beers on a 3-hour tasting tour of Hamburg. Explore over 1,000 years of brewing history at different venues and try some of Hamburg's best craft beers.

Ice Skating And Other Outdoor Activities

Lace up your skates and hit the ice at Planten un Blomen, a top spot for outdoor fun in Hamburg during December.

The EisArena Hamburg welcomes both beginners and seasoned skaters to its winter wonderland, making it an ideal choice for a chilly day outing.


Besides skating, embrace the wintry charm with snowtubing and snowshoe hiking - there's no shortage of exhilarating activities to enjoy amid the December chill.

Soak in the festive spirit with a dash of adventure - from gliding across frozen ponds to swooshing down snowy slopes, Hamburg brings outdoor joy that perfectly complements the season's celebrations.

Visit the Christmas Markets!

Experience the magic of Hamburg's Christmas markets in December, where over 30 festive wonderlands come to life.

Indulge in traditional German holiday treats like mulled wine and roasted chestnuts while browsing through charming stalls adorned with seasonal decorations and handmade crafts.


At the iconic Hamburg City Hall Christmas Market, savor local delicacies as you immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere filled with twinkling lights and joyful carols.

Discover an array of unique gifts, artisanal products, and culinary delights at one of Germany's most celebrated Christmas market destinations. From captivating displays to heartwarming festivities, each market offers a distinct experience that captures the essence of holiday cheer.

Indoor Activities In Hamburg In December (When It Snows)

Visit the Miniatur Wunderland

Explore the enchanting world of Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model railway exhibit globally. [2]

Immerse yourself in over a dozen intricate displays, including exquisite replicas of Hamburg’s bustling streets and scenic coastlines, as well as captivating depictions of Austria and more.

Miniatur trainset

With its spellbinding attention to detail, this must-see attraction promises an awe-inspiring experience for visitors to Hamburg, providing an extensive glimpse into richly recreated landscapes that will delight all ages.

Visit the Hamburg Dungeon

Explore the chillingly immersive world of Hamburg's dark history at the Hamburg Dungeon.

This indoor activity promises an unforgettable experience featuring professional actors, thrilling rides, and stunning special effects that bring the city's past to life in a way that is both terrifying and educational.

hamburg dungeon torture

Delve into this captivating journey through time as you discover over 600 years of hair-raising history within one hour.

Immerse yourself in a gripping adventure where every twist and turn unravels another spine-chilling secret. The interactive elements ensure you are part of each story, bringing to life historical events with unparalleled realism.

Visit Hamburg Chocolate Museum

Indulge your senses at the Chocoversum, an enchanting chocolate museum in Hamburg. Discover the history of chocolate and witness its transformation from bean to bar through an immersive tour.


Delight in tasting various delectable chocolates while learning about their production process, making it a sweet experience for all ages.

At the Chocoversum chocolate museum in Hamburg, immerse yourself in a hands-on journey that celebrates the art of snacking on delightful chocolates. Uncover intriguing facts about this beloved treat and gain insight into its significance throughout history.

Practical Tips For Visiting Hamburg In December

Saving Money With The Hamburg Card

Not many travelers to Hamburg know about the Hamburg Card, or they find out about it but it's too late. Don't let that be you!

This handy little-known card offers steep discounts on many attractions you might visit in Hamburg - museums, shopping, restaurants, the zoo and more.

For example, with the Hamburg Card, you'd get up to 50% off the top Hamburg museums like Miniature Wonderland, Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburger Kunshalle, International Maritime Museum and many more.

hambug card image

With this card, you can take advantage of discounts for popular City and Harbor tours.

But the best part is really free unlimited travel on all public transportation within the city.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, the savings from buses and trams can add up, especially if you like to move around.

Be Prepared For Possible Snowfall

Be prepared for snowfall in Hamburg during December, as it commonly occurs during this time. Snow can linger on the ground for days.

Winter lasts from December to February, bringing freezing temperatures and occasional snow, making it essential to pack warm clothing and be ready for wintry conditions.

winter germany hamburg

Remember to prepare with appropriate attire and footwear suitable for snowy weather. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and have a plan in place if snowfall affects travel or outdoor activities.

Download The Local Transport Apps

Getting around Hamburg in December is easy, affordable and convenient thanks to the city's excellent public transportation network, from trains to metro and buses.

You can always check Google Maps to plan your routes, but I recommend downloading the local transport apps, which usually display real-time updates.

The HVV (public transport association in the region) has their own app where you can plan routes and even buy and pay for tickets.

Another popular app is the Rheinbahn app!

Also worth downloading is the DB navigator app, which is managed by Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany. It covers regional and long-distance travel outside of Hamburg.

Weather In Hamburg In December: FAQs

Does It Rain In Hamburg In December?

Hamburg experiences an average of 17.5 days of rain in December, with moderate rainfall totaling around 71mm for the month.

Rain is expected on roughly 17 days during this time, so it's advisable to come prepared for wet weather while exploring the city or taking part in various holiday activities.

Remember to pack waterproof gear and plan indoor activities just in case the weather doesn't cooperate. However, don't let a little rain dampen your spirits - experiencing Hamburg's festive atmosphere amidst light drizzles can add its own unique charm to your visit!

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hamburg?

The best time to visit Hamburg is between May and September, with peak season falling within these months. The period from May to September brings good weather, with the warmest months being JuneJuly, and August.

This time offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration due to the favorable climate conditions. With numerous holidays and events taking place during this timeframe as well, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Hamburg while enjoying pleasant weather.

When Is The Shoulder Season In Hamburg?

The shoulder season in Hamburg occurs during the spring and fall, following the peak tourist months of May to September. German weather typically brings warm temperatures between April and August, with cooler temperatures from September through March.

This predictable climate pattern makes the shoulder seasons ideal for visiting Hamburg, allowing you to enjoy comfortable weather while avoiding large crowds and higher prices commonly associated with peak tourism months.

Experience pleasant conditions by planning your trip during these off-peak times while still relishing all that Hamburg has to offer without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons.

How Cold Is It In Hamburg In December?

In December, Hamburg can get quite chilly with an average high temperature of 40°F (5°C) and a low of 33°F (0°C). The daily highs tend to decrease from 42°F to 39°F as the month progresses.

Overall, expect overcast or mostly cloudy weather about 74% of the time, adding a wintry feel to the atmosphere in this German city.

The temperature in Hamburg sits around 6°C (43°F) on average during December, making it necessary to dress warmly for outdoor activities and events. Whether you plan to explore Christmas markets or take a sightseeing cruise on the Elbe River, be prepared for cold but festive conditions that are ideal for experiencing winter in Germany.

Is It Sunny In Hamburg In December?

December in Hamburg is not particularly sunny, as it's overcast or mostly cloudy about 74% of the time. The weather tends to be characterized by clouds and limited sunshine during this month, making it an ideal time for indoor activities or enjoying the festive holiday atmosphere at various events and markets around the city.

Despite the lack of abundant sunshine, visitors can still experience the unique charm of Hamburg in December through its diverse cultural offerings and vibrant seasonal celebrations.

The weather patterns usually bring clouds and limited sunlight during December in Hamburg. This creates a cozy atmosphere for indoor activities like visiting museums, historical sites, or savoring delicious treats at traditional Christmas markets found throughout the city.

What Is The Average Temperature In Hamburg In December?

The average temperature in Hamburg in December is approximately 6°C (43°F). Daily high temperatures range from 42°F to 39°F, with a mean temperature average of around 40°F. This translates to a high seasonal norm of 41°F and a minimum of 38°F.

Should I Go To Hamburg In December?

Hamburg in December offers a unique experience despite the cold temperatures. The city comes alive with holiday markets, events, and festive cheer, providing a magical atmosphere for visitors.

While the weather might be brisk, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy, including winter sightseeing cruises on the Elbe River, exploring snow parks, indulging in traditional Christmas markets, and visiting intriguing museums.

It may not be the warmest time to visit Hamburg but embracing the wintry charm can lead to memorable experiences that make it worth considering.

Considering Hamburg's cold and breezy weather in December with average highs of 40°F (5°C) and lows of 33°F (0°C), it's essential to dress warmly and prepare for possible snowfall.

Are There Any Major Hamburg Holidays In December?

In December, Hamburg, like many other places, observes various holidays and events. One notable celebration is Christmas, which is widely celebrated throughout the city.

Residents and visitors alike engage in festive activities, such as exploring Christmas markets, attending seasonal concerts, and enjoying traditional German holiday cuisine.

Moreover, St. Nicholas Day on December 6th is another event celebrated in Hamburg. This day involves various customs, including the appearance of St. Nicholas, who is often accompanied by his companions, Knecht Ruprecht or Krampus, depending on regional traditions.

Are There Mosquitoes In Hamburg In December?

Mosquitoes are typically not a concern in Hamburg during December. This is because mosquitoes thrive in hot and wet conditions, which are not common during the cold winter months.

The average temperature in Hamburg in December is around freezing at night and a few degrees above freezing during the day, making it too cold for mosquitos to survive. However, it's always a good idea to take necessary precautions like using mosquito repellent when traveling to any destination, just to be safe.

Conclusion: Hamburg in December

Experience the magic of Hamburg in December - a mix of festive celebrations and chilly weather. With average temperatures hovering around 40°F and overcast skies, get ready for a winter wonderland! From enchanting Christmas markets to indoor activities like visiting the Miniatur Wunderland, there's something for everyone.

Embrace the cold with outdoor adventures such as ice skating or take a brewery tour for a taste of local flavors. Maximize your trip with practical tips on transportation and savings using the Hamburg Card.

Don't miss out on this unique December experience in vibrant Hamburg!


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