Hamburg in January (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in January

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In January

Hamburg in January is a hidden gem. The quiet streets make it easy to explore the city without bumping into lots of tourists. You can find great deals on hotels and tickets to attractions.

Plus, you'll get a real feel for Hamburg's cozy winter vibe.

During this time, the city lights up with winter magic. Icy gusts from the Elbe River mix with warm lights of local cafes. Wrap up in your scarf and wander through frosty parks or along quiet canals.

Catch special concert performances that only happen this month! Hamburg shows its special side in January – you just have to bundle up and see it for yourself.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In January

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg feels pretty chilly in January, but it's the cozy kind of cold that invites warm jackets and hot drinks.

Expect the thermometer to hover around 39°F on most days. At night, it tends to drop down to a brisk 31°F, so you'll want those extra blankets if you're out late.

Rainfall is not too heavy this time of year; however, skies offer up about 2.7 inches of precipitation throughout the month.

Dressing up for Hamburg weather means layers! You'll need them as temperatures swing between icy mornings and slightly warmer afternoons.

Think scarves, gloves, and your best winter boots to walk comfortably through the city streets or along the frosty Elbe riverbanks.

With smart clothing choices, even a bit of rain or snow won't stop your outdoor fun in this vibrant German city!

hamburg in january

Dressing For The Weather

Bundle up in warm clothes if you're heading out to explore Hamburg in January. The air gets chilly with temps hovering around 39°F during the day and dipping down to about 28°F at night.

Think layers – a cozy sweater, a thick jacket, and maybe even an extra scarf for good measure. Don't forget your gloves and a knit hat to keep those fingers and ears toasty.

Heading out after dark? Make sure your coat is hefty enough to fend off the evening cold.

Even though it might feel brisk, proper attire means you can enjoy everything from the frosty docks of the Elbe river to the glow of leftover holiday markets without shivering through your adventure!

Keep that winter weather at bay with boots that laugh in the face of snowflakes, all while strolling comfortably through Hamburg's wintery charm.