9 Best Ramen Restaurants in Dusseldorf

Updated on February 24, 2024  


Finding the perfect ramen spot in Dusseldorf can be quite a challenge given the city's abundant options. Notably, Düsseldorf is renowned for its Little Tokyo neighborhood; a hotspot filled with multiple esteemed ramen restaurants such as Naniwa and Takumi.

This blog aims to narrow down your choices by listing the top-rated ramen spots in this city along with highlighting key features that make a great ramen restaurant. Get ready to satiate your noodle craving by delving into our choice picks of Dusseldorf's finest!

Top Ramen Restaurants In Dusseldorf

Naniwa Noodles & Soups

Naniwa Noodles & Soups is the go-to spot for a state-of-the-art ramen fix in Dusseldorf! We visited at 20:30 and despite the bustling crowd, we were seated within 15 minutes.

The huge bowl of noodles with wonton and extra belly pork slices was a flavor-packed delight, and my partner enjoyed the Ramen with belly pork.


The authentic experience continued with starters like edamame and pork meat fried gyozas, followed by the spicy and comforting Ramen Stamina, although the service left something to be desired.

Despite that hiccup, the generous portions and diverse ramen options on the menu make Naniwa a standout in Dusseldorf's Japanese culinary scene. Arrive early to avoid the queue!

Address: Oststraße 55, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Takumi 1st Düsseldorf

I absolutely love dining at Takumi 1st! The ramen is incredibly delicious, especially the tan tan white soup base, which is creamy and rich in taste. My go-to is the non-spicy version with all the options included—highly recommended!

The portions are generous; you'll definitely leave feeling satisfied. The fried squid is good but a bit much for us. The staff is super friendly and helpful, always ready to answer questions.


The wait can be around 25 minutes, but it's worth it. Once seated, the service is super fast and organized. I appreciate the kitchen's transparency, seeing the gloves in use adds a nice touch. For the price paid, it's a definite value.

Despite a minor disappointment with the egg, the overall taste is fantastic. The Japanese interior design adds to the experience, making it a place I'd happily revisit, especially during less busy times!

Address: Immermannstraße 28, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany


Takezo in Dusseldorf is my ramen haven! Their shoyu ramen, chahan, and gyoza are incredibly tasty, showcasing the best karaage in town.

For something unique, the tsukemen is a rare find, offering a delightful noodle-dipping experience into flavorful broth. 

Moving beyond ramen, Takezo offers a fantastic array of Japanese delights. The fried chicken is excellent, paired with delicious mayonnaise, and the octopus is wonderfully tender, not chewy; and the bamboo shoots are incredible.

ramen-restaurant-in-germany cologne

The staff's kindness and attentiveness elevate the dining experience, making excellent service a big plus alongside their delicious cuisine. Don't miss the must-try cassis orange mix – unbeatable and perfect for those who love to drink. 

If you appreciate authentic Japanese cuisine, Takezo is your go-to spot! 

Address: Immermannstraße 48, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Takumi Tonkotsu Düsseldorf

Takumi Tonkotsu in Düsseldorf is a delightful find! The food is tasty, fresh, and well-prepared, offering great value for money.

The diverse Ramen selection, including flavorful Tonkotsu broth, is a standout. The Gyoza and fried chicken are also delicious. The Chicken Tantan Men is a must-try, satisfying cravings for authentic Japanese flavors.


The friendly Japanese staff speaks both English and German, creating a welcoming atmosphere. While the personal space is limited, it adds a charming touch.

The service is genuine and reminiscent of Japan. The courtyard can feel a bit crowded on hot days, but overall, Takumi Tonkotsu is highly recommended, conveniently located within walking distance from the station.

Address: Oststraße 51, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tokyo Ramen Takeichi

Tokyo Ramen Takeichi is a fantastic spot for ramen. The staff is super nice and attentive, and there's even a cute little robot delivering dishes.

I tried the noukou miso ramen with chicken, and it was delicious—simple, yet well-made ingredients. The broth is the real star—so tasty, especially after slurping down the noodles and meat. The only thing is, I wish there was more chicken, and maybe eggs as a default in the dish.

Despite the occasional wait, it's totally worth it. The satisfying and filling meal keeps me happy all day. The atmosphere is great, especially for anime fans, with nice decorations and anime openings in the background. If you love ramen, it's a must-try!

Address: Immermannstraße 18, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Ramen Soul

I recently tried Ramen Soul, and it was a solid experience. I kicked off with the vegetarian spring roll, followed by the pork ramen as my main dish.

The meal was well-prepared, and the ramen, featuring pork, tofu, broccoli, sprouts, and mushrooms, impressed me. The broth was particularly delicious. 

The place is a short walk from my hotel, and although English isn't widely spoken, the staff was patient. The menu is somewhat limited, but the ramen and noodle dishes were fantastic.

ramen-germany dusseldorf

The handmade dishes truly look and feel homemade, with prices varying based on ingredients. Keep in mind, the beverages can be a bit pricey, but the unique dish names add a nice touch to the experience! 

Don't forget, it's cash-only, but PayPal is accepted. 

Address: Franklinstraße 24, 40479 Düsseldorf, Germany

My Noodlehouse

I had an amazing experience at My Noodlehouse. The food was incredibly delicious, and the service was friendly. They offer an extensive variety of noodle dishes from different Asian countries, including ramen, pho, pad thai, udon, soba, and more.

Additionally, their menu features other delectable Asian options like dumplings, spring rolls, and curry – all fresh and tasty.

The restaurant boasts a cozy and modern atmosphere with simple yet elegant decor, incorporating some Asian elements. The lighting was just perfect, and the place was clean and spacious. No long waits for a table or food.

They have a diverse selection of drinks, including beers from Japan, China, and other Asian countries, along with traditional Japanese sake.

japanese-ramen-shop-in-germany cologne

A very inviting spot for noodle and Asian cuisine enthusiasts. I'm definitely coming back soon to explore more of their menu. While it might get a bit warm and smoky inside due to the open kitchen, the overall experience and friendly service make it a must-visit.

Address: Eingang, Bismarckstraße 54A, Oststraße 109, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Takumi Chicken & Veggie

Had one of the best spontaneous lunches ever at Takumi Chicken & Veggie! We initially planned to go to another Takumi branch, but it was too crowded, and luckily, we stumbled upon Takumi 3rd.

The vegan ramen was incredibly good, possibly a limited collaboration with Mila-the-Vegan. Such an amazing creation! I opted for the Yuzu Shio, and their wide selection of vegan ramens is fantastic. It's refreshing to have more than one vegan option, unlike most ramen places. 

I'd love to see vegan Kaarage and curry on the menu – that would be a dream!

The staff, who are friendly and English-speaking, made the experience even better.


Despite the wait, especially for larger groups, the experience and delicious food make it worthwhile. The creamy chicken ramen and limited daily bowls add an exclusive touch. The Mala Gyoza and Tantanmen Ramen were also delightfu

Address: Klosterstraße 72, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Takumi 6th Spicy Tan Tan Men

Takumi Tan Tan, nestled in the heart of the Japanese district, is a fantastic ramen spot. The staff is super friendly, offering quick and uncomplicated service.

The ramen is a flavor explosion, featuring a thick and creamy broth that hits the spot. The variety of ramen dishes caters to every taste, with just the right amount of side dishes.

While the prices are on the higher side, the authenticity justifies it – importing ingredients from Japan ensures an authentic experience. It's not a big issue, as the place allows everyone to savor genuine Japanese ramen in the middle of Düsseldorf.

With options for spice lovers, non-spicey eaters, vegans, and vegetarians, Takumi Tan Tan is a go-to spot for a delightful ramen fix.

Address: Immermannstraße 32, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

What Makes A Great Ramen Restaurant In Dusseldorf

Authenticity Of Ingredients

Authenticity is a crucial aspect when it comes to determining what makes a great ramen restaurant in Dusseldorf. Traditional Japanese ingredients play a vital role in creating an authentic ramen experience.

Things like soy sauce, miso paste, and scratch-made noodles are essential components that contribute to the overall taste and quality of the ramen.

By using these high-quality ingredients, the restaurants are able to deliver an authentic and delicious bowl of ramen that truly captures the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Quality Broth

The quality of the broth is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the best ramen restaurant in Dusseldorf. In these top-rated establishments, the broth is made fresh and simmered for hours to achieve a rich and flavorful taste.

Whether it's a meat or vegetable-based broth, you can expect high-quality ingredients that create an authentic and satisfying dining experience.

The attention to detail in crafting the perfect broth sets these restaurants apart, ensuring that every bowl of ramen is packed with delicious flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Perfectly Cooked Noodles

The key to a great bowl of ramen lies in perfectly cooked noodles. In Düsseldorf, ramen restaurants take pride in their ability to achieve the ideal texture and doneness of the noodles.

Whether it's thin or thick, straight or curly, the noodles are cooked just right – firm but tender with a satisfying chewiness.

This attention to detail ensures that each bite is enjoyable and adds to the overall experience of savoring a delicious bowl of ramen.

Toppings And Seasonings

The variety of toppings and seasonings offered at ramen restaurants in Dusseldorf is a crucial element that contributes to a great dining experience. These toppings and seasonings enhance the flavors of the dish, adding depth and complexity to each spoonful of ramen.

Takezo Ramen Bar, for example, offers unique toppings like black sesame Tan Tan Men, which adds a nutty flavor to the rich broth. [1] In order to maintain authenticity, these ramen restaurants use high-quality ingredients sourced from Japan for their toppings and seasonings.

Popular choices include teriyaki chicken, butter, corn, seaweed, and boiled eggs. It's these high-quality toppings combined with expertly crafted broths that distinguish the best ramen restaurants in Dusseldorf.

Cozy Ambience

A cozy atmosphere is an essential aspect of a great ramen restaurant experience in Dusseldorf.

When you step into one of the many ramen spots in the city's Little Tokyo neighborhood, you can expect to find warm and inviting spaces that make you feel right at home.

The dim lighting, soft music, and comfortable seating create a relaxing environment where you can enjoy your bowl of delicious ramen.

The walls are often adorned with Japanese-inspired decor, adding to the overall ambiance.

Whether you're dining alone or with friends, the cozy atmosphere enhances your dining experience and makes enjoying your favorite ramen even more enjoyable.

Conclusion: The Best Ramen Restaurants In Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf, you'll find a variety of top-notch ramen restaurants to satisfy your noodle cravings. From the authentic flavors at Naniwa to the mouthwatering dishes at Takumi Chicken & Veggie, there's something for every ramen lover.

Don't miss out on trying My Noodlehouse or Takezo for a truly unforgettable dining experience. Time to slurp up some delicious bowls of ramen in Dusseldorf!

Key Takeaways

  • Naniwa, Takumi 1st Düsseldorf, and Takezo are some of the top ramen restaurants in Dusseldorf.
  • The best ramen restaurants in Dusseldorf prioritize authenticity of ingredients, quality broth, perfectly cooked noodles, delicious toppings and seasonings, as well as a cozy ambience.
  • To find the best ramen restaurant in Dusseldorf, check online reviews, ask for recommendations from locals or food enthusiasts, and look for authenticity of ingredients.


1: Black Sesame Tantanmen (Vegan), retrieved from https://www.okonomikitchen.com/black-sesame-tantanmen/

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