Dusseldorf Street Art: Where to Find Them?

Updated on October 19, 2023  


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Discover the vibrant world of Dusseldorf street art, where the city's walls come alive with creativity and expression.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the captivating realm of urban art that graces the streets of Dusseldorf, showcasing the talents of local and international artists.

From colorful murals that tell stories to thought-provoking graffiti, Dusseldorf's streets offer a canvas for artistic inspiration like no other.

Exploring Düsseldorf's Street Art Scene

The history and evolution of street art in Düsseldorf

Street art in Düsseldorf has its roots deeply planted in a rich history of subcultures and artistic expression.

It began as simple graffiti on walls before evolving into complex murals, sculptures, installations, and demonstrations over time.


This evolution allowed street artists to continuously push boundaries and experiment with new styles and trends.

Young creatives have been drawn to the city's vibrant scene from various disciplines including embroidery and urban knitting.

You'll see historical motifs shared alongside modern themes that echo the changing tides of our society today.

Together these elements have helped transform Düsseldorf's streets into an open-air museum showcasing diverse facets of urban art—adding a unique modern flavor to its rich arts and cultural heritage.

Famous street art pieces and artists

Here are some street art pieces, artists' names, and their locations in Düsseldorf:

  1. Artists: Os Gêmeos
    • Art Piece: "The Giants"
    • Location: Oberbilker Allee
  2. Artist: Hermann-Josef Kuhna
  3. Artists: Pixelpancho
    • Art Piece: "Boui Boui Bilk Giant Robot"
    • Location: Boui Boui Bilk
  4. Artist: Fin DAC
    • Art Piece: Asian beauties with colorful eye accents
    • City wide.
  5. Artist: Ardif (Parisian)
  6. Friedrichstadt and Bilk:
    • ARDIF
    • Jana & JS
    • FinDAC
    • Pixelpancho
    • L.E.T.

These street art pieces and artists contribute to the vibrant and diverse street art scene in Düsseldorf, showcasing a wide range of styles and influences from both local and international artists.

In addition to these big names, numerous local talents add dimension to this artistic culture through various forms such as embroidery and urban knitting.

Their collective work weaves an alternative narrative of Düsseldorf, infusing creativity into every corner of the city.

Where to Find Street Art in Düsseldorf

If you're an art enthusiast or just curious about the rebellious and creative side of the city, here are some must-visit locations to experience Düsseldorf's street art scene.

Kiefernstrasse - Flingern District

Kiefernstrasse, located to the east of the city, is a unique street where every building is adorned with large murals. 

What makes it even more intriguing are the construction cabins that seem to have been left behind for some mysterious reason, still occupying the street.

This street has a rich history of revolution and rebellion, having been squatted for many years. It's an anarchic oasis amidst the city's orderliness. [1]


Kiefernstrasse is considered the largest contiguous urban artwork in Düsseldorf.

No two houses are decorated the same way; the street is a canvas for political and artistic expressions, ranging from religious figures to extraterrestrial beings, bugs, and Chinese dragons. This street tells a story of political conflict and artistic exploration.

Boui Boui Bilk - Suitbertusstraße

This location features murals dating back to the 2013 "40 degree" festival. These artworks, overlooking a courtyard, include standout pieces by Italy's Pixelpancho and a collective of artists reimagining the historic Battle of Worringham. 


The art here tells stories, including Pixelpancho's representation of life's fragility.

Spielplatz Furstenplatz

Jana & JS's street art overlooking the park focuses on how people live in the city.

Their work captures human interactions against a backdrop of brutalist buildings, highlighting the close proximity of city life and the minimal interaction between individuals.


Brause - Zimmerstraße

Every city needs a street art hangout, and Brause in Zimmerstraße is Dusseldorf's place to be.

It's a hub for pop-up exhibitions, with a strong focus on local artists and their creative expressions.


Located beneath the Autobahn, Ellerstraße features panels filled with art created during a mass paint jam in 2011.


Local artists contributed to this initiative, which aimed to add vibrancy to the streets. The art lining the underpass adds color and cheer to this otherwise dingy space.


A series of panels along Helmholtzstraße resulted from a street art event in 2015. 

Local artists worked with a designated color scheme, resulting in an eclectic mix of styles.


Notably, these works were part of a research project, exploring community interactions and the impact of street art on the area.


The contemporary art center ZAKK in South Flingern is a meeting point for alternative culture lovers.

It hosts events such as parties, concerts, and plays, making it a significant part of the city's alternative culture scene.


Bilk has quickly become a new home for large-scale street art and urban expression. The underpass of Bilk's regional train station is a prime example of this transformation.

This area, filled with shopping centers, restaurants, and transportation hubs, has been revitalized with street art, breathing life into what was once a grey and unremarkable space.

Pretty Portal - Brunnenstr

Those who want to get the art off the street and onto their own four walls should plan a visit to the Pretty Portal gallery near the Bilk train station.

Pretty Portal is more than a gallery; it has a history of actively supporting urban art in Dusseldorf.


They have played a crucial role in attracting events and artists to the city.

Their collaborations with international and local artists like Findac, Ardif, and Jana & JS have been instrumental in shaping Düsseldorf's street art culture.

Impact of Urban Art on Düsseldorf

How street art adds character and uniqueness to the city

Street art in Düsseldorf adds a distinctive and one-of-a-kind character to the city. The vibrant graffiti, urban art, and colorful murals found on its streets create an atmosphere of creativity and expression.

Instead of being seen as disorderly, street art is celebrated as a visual delight that brings life to dull urban spaces.

These captivating artworks transform plain walls into cultural landmarks, telling stories and reflecting the city's cultural identity.

By beautifying public spaces with their spray paint cans and stencil art, street artists contribute to making Düsseldorf a more vibrant and visually engaging place for residents and visitors alike.

The interaction between street art and the community

Street art in Düsseldorf goes beyond being just a form of artistic expression - it actively engages the community. Through public art, the city invites its residents to be part of urban culture and creative collaboration.

Street art serves as a catalyst for community cohesion, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and encouraging social engagement.

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods while contributing to urban revitalization efforts.

In Düsseldorf, street art has become an integral part of the city's cultural identity, reflecting the dynamic interactions between artists and the community they serve.

The changing attitudes towards street art in Düsseldorf

Street art in Düsseldorf is no longer seen as just graffiti, but rather as a form of artistic expression that adds character and uniqueness to the city.

The once negative perceptions have shifted, with residents embracing street art as a cultural heritage and appreciating its contribution to visual storytelling.

This change in attitude has led to increased community engagement with street artists and their work, resulting in an artistic revitalization of public spaces throughout Düsseldorf.

Conclusion: Street Art in Düsseldorf

In conclusion, street art in Dusseldorf is an immersive and dynamic experience that can truly transform your city break.

Whether you're a solo traveler seeking inspiration or a couple looking to share in the artistic wonder, the streets of Dusseldorf offer a vibrant canvas that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning.

While the city boasts a rich cultural scene with numerous art galleries to explore, it's the open-air galleries of street art that breathe life and character into its neighborhoods.

The best part? It's all entirely free for anyone to enjoy.

Dusseldorf's street art is a testament to the city's creative spirit and its welcoming attitude towards self-expression.

Exploring Dusseldorf's street art is one of the best things to do in the city.

Key Takeaways

  • Düsseldorf's street art scene has a rich history and continues to evolve, with famous pieces and notable artists making their mark on the city.
  • Keith Haring and Banksy are among the internationally renowned artists who have left their mark on Düsseldorf's vibrant street art scene.
  • Notable local artists such as Klaus Paffrath and Alice Pasquini contribute to the diverse range of styles found in Düsseldorf's street art.
  • Kiefernstrasse is a must - visit location for street art enthusiasts, offering stunning murals and graffiti in the Flingern district of Düsseldorf.


1: Political actions against the housing shortage and restructuring and the squatter movement in Düsseldorf from 1972 to today, retrieved from https://archiv.squat.net/duesseldorf/Index.html

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