6 Best Hamburg Brewery Tours

Updated on January 29, 2024  

best hamburg brewery tours

Looking for the best Hamburg brewery tours? Look no further. This blog post will guide you through the top brewery experiences in Hamburg, giving you a taste of the city's finest craft beers and the stories behind them.

Top Hamburg Brewery Tours


brewery metal containers

Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour

  • Best Hamburg Brewery Tour
  • 7 beers included



St. Pauli Beer Tasting Tour

  • Tour the iconic St. Pauli district
  • Includes entry to breweries and a bar



Schanzenviertel Food and Beer Tour

  • Alternative area of Hamburg
  • Includes beer + currywurst!

1. Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Dive deep into Hamburg's beer culture with the Craft Beer Tasting Tour. It's not just a sip here and there; you get to taste at least 7 different local beers over the course of 3 hours. 

Learn as you drink, discovering why Hamburg was once hailed as 'The Brewery House of the Hanseatic League'. This tour is for those who love history as much as they love beer.

brewery metal containers

You'll meet your guide at "Schulterblatt 73" before setting off on an adventure that mixes medieval brews with modern craft twists.

Each stop introduces a new flavor and a piece of brewing lore, making sure your palate and brain are equally entertained. The constantly varied selection means every tour offers something fresh, ranking it top-notch among brewery experiences in Hamburg.

What sets this experience apart is the seasonal updates to their beer lineup—always keeping things exciting—and insights into ancient brewing methods that shaped today's techniques.

Experience traditional beers from centuries ago alongside innovative craft options by microbreweries blazing trails in the industry. Wrap up this boozy journey through time feeling like a true connoisseur of all things hops and barley!


  • Taste over 7 local beers on a 3 - hour tour of Hamburg.
  • Explore 1,000 years of brewing history at different venues.
  • Try some of Hamburg's best craft beers and learn about the unique local craft beer scene.
  • Experience traditional Hamburg beers as well as new craft offerings and get insights into medieval brewing techniques.
  • Limited availability of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer options for those who prefer such choices.

2. St. Pauli Beer Tasting Tour

Hop into the heart of Hamburg's brewing culture with the St. Pauli Beer Tasting Tour

This isn't just any pub crawl; it's a voyage through centuries of beer history led by local experts who know their hops! Picture yourself sipping on fine craft brews from three distinct breweries, each bursting with unique flavors that capture the soul of St. Pauli - Hamburg's Red Light District.

red light district

As you zigzag between lively taprooms, spectacular views of bustling docks and serene shipyards unfold before your eyes. The tour hits a high note at "Zur Ritze," where you'll not only get to quench your thirst but also peek into its iconic boxing cellar—a hidden gem where legends have thrown punches!

This sip-and-stroll adventure offers more than just tasting—it’s an education in pint-sized form.

Learn how Hamburg rose to be a beer-brewing powerhouse while making stops for hearty samples along the way. Wrap up your experience picking out your favorite beer for one last free sample—the perfect end to an invigorating 2.5-hour journey.

The St. Pauli Beer Tasting Tour blends entertainment with enlightenment, creating memories that stick long after the last drop has been savored.

Who would've thought that beer-tasting could give such rich insight into Hamburg's heritage? Cheers to discovering new favorites and stories worth telling over a cold one!


  • Explore three unique breweries and savor diverse craft beers
  • Soak in stunning harbor, shipyard, and dock views
  • Gain fascinating insights into global beer history
  • Relish a refreshing beer at the famous "Ritze" pub and tour its renowned box cellar
  • Brewery admissions and beer tastings included


  • Limited availability, may not be suitable for last - minute bookings
  • Participants must be of legal drinking age to enjoy the beer tastings
  • Tour may involve walking and standing for extended periods, so comfortable footwear is recommended

3. Schanzenviertel Food and Beer Tour

Get ready to step into Hamburg's heart of beer and bites with the Schanzenviertel Food and Beer Tour

This is where you dive deep into the city's brewery roots, dating back to when Hamburg led Europe's brew scene. Imagine kicking off at Ratsherrn Brewery, feeling each step echo through halls steeped in hoppy history, then watching master brewers at work.

It's not just a peek; it's a full-on journey from grain to glass.

Next, stroll through the Schanze district—a place buzzing with cool vibes—and suddenly find yourself in front of mind-blowing currywurst that'll have your taste buds dancing!


Keep wandering and end up sipping beers that break all the rules—think wild fruit flavors and bold new craft blends among hip locals and fellow travelers.

This food tour packs it all: hidden gems, live German storytelling by your guide, two-and-a-half hours pulsing with culture. Tip: wear comfy shoes for easy exploring! With sips shared and stories swapped, this isn't just another tour—it’s your backstage pass to authentic Hamburg flavor adventures!


  • Explore the trendy Schanze district
  • Learn about beer production at Ratsherrn Brewery
  • Sample interesting and delicious beers
  • Taste the best currywurst in Hamburg


  • Limited time for each stop
  • Potential crowds in popular locations
  • Additional expenses for souvenirs or extra snacks

4. Walking Craft Beer Tour in the St. Pauli District

Sip your way through St. Pauli's history with a craft beer in hand! The Walking Craft Beer Tour takes you on a three-hour journey to Hamburg's coolest breweries and bars.

Imagine strolling along the cobbled streets, guide by your side, chatting about the city's beer-soaked past. With six different beers to try, your taste buds will thank you at every stop.

Your local guide knows just where to take you for that authentic German drinking vibe. Picture yourself at ÜberQuell brewery, surrounded by industrial chic decor as you sip a fresh pint.

Or maybe you'll be clinking glasses in Musikbar Eldorado, feeling like one of the regulars. This walking tour isn't just about tasting; it's about connecting—with people, places, and pints.

Booking is super easy—reserve now without paying upfront and cancel free if plans change.

You'll walk away from this experience not only buzzed but also filled with fun facts and new friends. It's more than just a pub crawl; it’s a cultural deep dive into Hamburg’s crafty pours! Cheers to making memories one beer at a time!


  • Explore the St. Pauli district on a 3 - hour walking tour
  • Sample 6 different craft beers along the way
  • Expert guide included for an immersive experience
  • Book now, pay later for flexibility in travel plans.


  • Limited availability on specific starting times may not suit everyone's schedule.
  • Not suitable for individuals under the legal drinking age.

5. Private German Beer Tasting Tour in Hamburg Old Town

Step back in time and explore Hamburg's beer heritage with a Private German Beer Tasting Tour.

Your personal guide is not just any guide; they're beer experts! They'll lead you through the cobblestone streets of Hamburg’s Old Town, sharing stories of medieval breweries that quenched the thirst of sailors and merchants long ago. Imagine sipping on Germany's finest beers where it all began.

beer tasting tour

With this brewrey and city tour, you dive into a world of hearty laughter and clinking glasses. Choose from 2 to 4 hours of adventure, each tailored to tease your taste buds with select popular and craft beers.

Matched perfectly with traditional German appetizers, every sip reveals more about the local brewing passion. The convenience is unmatched – cancel for free up until 24 hours before or book now without spending a dime.

So why pick this? It's simple: authentic experience meets flexibility. Opt for the extended tours if you crave deeper dives into Germany’s pub culture or wish to feast on moreish dishes alongside your brews.

Each step of your journey brings new flavors and tales, told by guides fluent in many languages ready to make your day unforgettable at Hamburg's best pubs and breweries.


  • Customizable private beer tasting tour in Hamburg Old Town
  • Options for 2, 3, or 4 - hour tours with various beers served
  • Includes popular, regional, and craft beers in generous quantities
  • Food served at one venue includes snacks, appetizers, and hot dishes
  • Indulge in popular, regional, and craft beers with German - style appetizers at the best pubs and breweries.


  • Limited availability, so booking in advance is recommended.
  • May not be suitable for those with limited mobility due to walking involved during the tour.
  • Additional costs may apply if you wish to purchase extra food or drinks beyond the included selection.

6. The "Fischkopp" Food and Beer Tour

Imagine stepping into the bustling streets of St. Pauli, where the smell of fresh fish sandwiches fills the air and laughter echoes around you. The "Fischkopp" Food & Beer Tour lets you dive right into this lively scene.

You'll start with a delicious bite to eat and some Astra beer, setting the tone for an adventure through Hamburg's historic brewing culture.


As you wander past vibrant landmarks, your guide fills each step with stories that bring old Hamburg to life. You get to hang out at Brewdog's craft beer bar – it’s like being let in on a local secret as you sip on varied brews.

Your journey concludes at ASTRA Brauhaus, tasting three unique beers that are as rich in flavor as they are in history.

This tour isn't just about eating and drinking; it's a doorway to experiencing Hamburg’s spirit through its love for breweries.

Each stop serves up more than just good food and drinks – they're chapters in a storybook brimming with tradition. With friendly guides eager to share their knowledge, you leave not only full but enlightened too, carrying memories from one of the best walks around town.


  • 5 beer tastings included
  • Try the legendary fish sandwich
  • English - speaking live guide


  • Limited time to fully savor each beer and dish
  • May not be suitable for those with dietary restrictions or non - drinkers
  • Tour may be affected by inclement weather, impacting the overall experience

What to Expect on a Brewery Tour

Brewery history and process

Hamburg's brewing roots run deep, with a beer history of over 1,000 years. Picture this: generations of skilled brewers crafting their beers with passion and precision. Today, you can step into that legacy on a Hamburg brewery tour.

At spots like the Holsten Brewery in Altona, they'll show you the ropes—how they mix water, hops, and malts to create liquid gold. See massive kettles that bubble with future brews and towering fermenters where yeasty magic turns wort into beer.

As you wander through these historic halls, you're following in the footsteps of countless brewers before you. They've all been part of Hamburg's famous beer scene. Watch modern craft converge with ancient tradition right before your eyes.

Dive into each stage from boiling to bottling while sipping on samples that range from hoppy to sweet-smooth maltiness. Every sip tells a story—a tale of taste honed over centuries right here in Hamburg.

Beer tasting

Explore the rich flavors of Hamburg's local brews on your beer tasting adventure. As you sip different craft beers, feel the unique notes dancing on your tongue – from bold hops to smooth malts.

Each brewery tells a story through its signature blends, and you'll learn why these German beers stand out in taste and tradition.

Embrace the camaraderie among fellow beer lovers as you discuss the distinct profiles of each brew. You may find yourself favoring a light zesty ale or being drawn to the dark side with a robust stout.

Local food pairings

Pair your beer with mouth-watering local eats. Imagine biting into a juicy, savory bratwurst right after sipping a hoppy craft brew. It's an adventure for your taste buds! Each pub or restaurant on the Hamburg brewery tours offers its own special pairings.

You could be munching on crisp potato pancakes one moment and tangy pickled herring the next, all while enjoying freshly brewed beers.


Discover traditions through flavors that tell Hamburg's story. Brewery tours give you this awesome chance to taste dishes straight from the brauhaus kitchen.

Think of soft pretzels with mustard, hearty meat platters, or sweet local pastries; each bite complements the unique German beers you're tasting.

Tips for a Successful Brewery Tour

Make reservations in advance

Secure your spot and guarantee the best price by booking popular beer tasting and brewery tours in Hamburg ahead of time.

Get Your Guide offers top-rated options with reviews, photos, and free cancellation, making advance reservations essential for a successful experience.

Pace yourself

Take your time during the brewery tour, savoring each beer tasting without rushing. Enjoy the unique flavors and aromas with small sips, allowing yourself to fully appreciate each brew's characteristics.

As you pace yourself, you can truly immerse in the brewery history and process, absorbing the fascinating details behind each beer's creation.

Soak in the ambiance, indulge in local food pairings that complement the beers perfectly, creating a delightful sensory experience.

Cheers to pacing yourself for an unforgettable brewery tour!

Bring a designated driver or use public transportation

Ensure a safe and responsible brewery tour by bringing a designated driver or utilizing public transportation for worry-free travel after enjoying the beer tasting experience.

Plan ahead to eliminate any concerns about getting home safely and focus on savoring the unique flavors of each brew, knowing that transportation arrangements are taken care of.

Conclusion: Best Hamburg Brewery Tours

From traditional breweries to innovative craft beer establishments, these Hamburg brewery tours provide a rich taste of Hamburg's brewing heritage. With knowledgeable guides and diverse tastings, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the art and craft behind each brew. 

Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just looking for a unique experience, the best tours in Hamburg promise a memorable and flavorful exploration of the city's brewing culture. Cheers to discovering Hamburg's beer scene in the most enjoyable way possible!

best hamburg brewery tours

Still undecided? I recommend Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour as the best brewery tour in Hamburg!


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