Schlossturm, Dusseldorf (Castle Tower & Maritime Museum)

Updated on October 28, 2023  


The Schlossturm, a historic tower, is one of Düsseldorf's most iconic landmarks. In this blog post, we'll take you on an immersive tour of this stunning attraction – from its rich history and architectural charm to panoramic views and engaging activities.

Discovering the Iconic Schlossturm in Dusseldorf

History of Schlossturm and Significance of the Tower

The Schlossturm, a powerful symbol of Düsseldorf's history, stands tall in the heart of the city. Dating back to the 13th century, it is all that remains of an expansive medieval Dusseldorf Castle once belonging to Counts of Berg.

Despite enduring significant impact through centuries that saw the demolition of other parts of the castle in 1896, Schlossturm survived and serves as a beacon preserving historical architecture.


Today it houses a maritime museum which attracts enthusiasts eager to delve into Germany's maritime past and understand more about Dusseldorf’s remarkable journey across time.

Thus enhancing its significance not just as a beautiful remnant but also as an educative space making history tangible for visitors from around the world.

Architectural Features and Cultural Importance

The Schlossturm, the only remnant of Dusseldorf's historical castle complex, showcases striking Baroque architecture. Its imposing presence embellishes Burgplatz's cobblestone square and offers a visual feast for all who visit.

Three prominent architects—Pasqualini, Wiegmann, and Stüler—contributed to its design.

Viewpoint angles reveal intricate architectural details that testify to its past grandeur.

This cultural symbol tells tales from the city's rich history through its majestic façade and unique identity steeped in architectural heritage. 

Guided tours around the Schlossturm provide insights into why this site is such an important tourist destination due to its significant historical ties.

Must-Do Activities at Schlossturm

Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum)

Located in the iconic Schlossturm, the Maritime Museum offers a rich collection of historical artifacts and models demonstrating the region's maritime history.

The museum takes visitors on an educational journey, exploring everything from ship construction to river trade involving the Rhine.

Detailed exhibits provide insight into Rhine ecology and how it has shaped life and commerce over centuries. [1]


The blend of well-preserved relics, from olden-day navigation tools to scale models of ships, adds depth to your understanding of how Dusseldorf evolved through its relationship with the waterways.

Engaging displays appeal both to history buffs eager for knowledge and casual travelers seeking unique experiences in this ancient city palace tower.

Wander around this nautical treasure house; every artifact narrates a compelling tale from Dusseldorf’s thriving maritime past.

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Taking in the Panoramic Views from the Viewing Platform

The viewing platform at Schlossturm provides visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

From this observation deck, you can see the stunning city skyline and get a glimpse of Dusseldorf's most iconic landmarks.

The elevated position allows for an uninterrupted view, giving you a chance to truly appreciate the beauty of the scenery.

Whether you're snapping photos or simply taking in the sights, enjoying the panoramic views from the viewing platform is an absolute must.

Enjoying a Delicious Meal at the Cafe (Laterne im Schlossturm)

At Laterne im Schlossturm, visitors can indulge in a delicious meal while taking in the charming ambiance. [2]

The restaurant offers a diverse menu of appetizers and main courses, showcasing both local and international cuisine.