6 Best Pub Crawls in Hamburg

Updated on January 28, 2024  

best hamburg pub crawls

Looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Hamburg? Look no further than the Best Hamburg Pub Crawl. This blog post will guide you through the top pub crawls in the city, offering a straightforward look at where to find the best drinks and lively atmospheres for a memorable night out in Hamburg.

Get ready to navigate the local pub scene and make the most of your time in this dynamic German city.

6 Best Pub Crawl in Hamburg



Hamburg Private Pub Crawl Tour

  • Best Pub Crawl in Hamburg
  • Great value for large groups


boat party

Friday and Saturday Night Boat Party

  • Best Boat Party
  • Unlimited drinks and dinner buffet


drag queens

Party Harbor Cruise with Olivia Jones

  • Best Party with Tour
  • Meet the famous Olivia Jones

1. Best for Groups: Hamburg Private Pub Crawl Tour

Get ready to explore Hamburg's nightlife with the Private Pub Crawl Tour that stands out as our top pick for groups.

If you're planning a night out, whether it's for a birthday bash or just to have fun with friends, this tour hits all the right notes. You'll be in good hands as your knowledgeable guide leads you and your crew through the bustling streets of St. Pauli, Reeperbahn, or Sternschanze areas.

Imagine slipping past long lines with VIP skip-the-line access at four trendy locations—a perk that makes you feel like celebrities.


At each bar or club, cheers with a welcome shot without reaching for your wallet! The excitement doesn't stop there; between venues, enjoy free shots that keep the party going strong.

Choosing this private experience means personal attention from your live guide who speaks English, Spanish or German.

Such an interactive night ensures memorable stories and insider tips about local hangouts only residents usually know about.

With everything planned from start to finish, you can focus on making memories during these epic four hours rather than fussing over details like reservations and entry fees!

Remember though: bring ID; some spots will want to see it before serving up those tasty drinks.


  • Exclusive access to 4 different locations without waiting in line
  • Enjoy a complimentary welcome shot at the meeting point and free shots at every venue visited
  • Experience a private tour with a live guide available in Spanish, English, and German
  • Costumes allowed, but bulky outfits discouraged


  • Limited to 4 different locations
  • Expensive if alone

2. Best Boat Party: Friday and Saturday Night Boat Party

Get ready to rock the boat with the Hamburg Night Boat Party, available every Friday and Saturday night. 

This luxury passenger ship transforms into a floating dance floor, where you can groove to the live DJ's music under the sparkling lights of Hamburg Harbor

While sailing along the Elbe, feast on a delicious dinner buffet and enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks.

boat party

This vibrant party is perfect for celebrating any occasion from company events to stag parties. The festive atmosphere encourages guests to let loose as they revel in breathtaking nighttime views of the city.

With over two decades of experience in hosting memorable nights at sea, this is more than just a boat tour — it's an event that brings people together for fun-filled evenings.

We have chosen this experience as No. 2 on our list because it perfectly combines entertainment with stunning scenery.

Unlike a typical pub crawl through Hamburg’s bars, here you can dine, drink, and dance without ever leaving your venue - all while soaking up riverfront views ensuring a dynamic twist to your night out.

Plus, with its competitive pricing including food and drinks along with top-notch service aboard an elegant vessel make it an unbeatable value for anyone looking for an unforgettable night in Hamburg.


  • Party on a luxury passenger ship on Friday or Saturday night
  • Enjoy stunning views of Hamburg Harbor and city lights at night
  • Unlimited drinks and dinner buffet
  • Perfect for company events, stag parties, or nights out with friends


  • Limited seating may limit availability for last - minute bookings
  • Some guests might find the ticket price a bit high
  • Not suitable for those who are prone to seasickness

3. Best Tour + Party: Party Harbor Cruise with Olivia Jones

Hop aboard the Party Harbor Cruise with Olivia Jones for a lively twist on sightseeing in Hamburg. You'll get to see the port's sights while dancing to tunes spun by an onboard DJ.

Even if it gets chilly, the Landratten-Likör will warm you up and keep the party going. This cruise isn't just about fun; you’ll also learn cool facts about Hamburg Harbor from your host.

drag queens

This 1.5-hour tour combines excitement with education, all set against a backdrop of stunning harbor views. Whether you're snapping photos with Olivia Jones or sipping specialty drinks, there's never a dull moment.

If rain clouds roll in, no worries—the boat has you covered and even offers a sun deck for those brighter days. After docking at Altona landing pier, continue your adventure at Olivia Jones Bar where the vibrant atmosphere carries on.

The Party Harbor Cruise ties together entertainment and discovery perfectly—a memorable way to experience one of Hamburg's most famous attractions from the water!

With easy cancellations and a live German-speaking guide, this is more than just a tour; it’s where stories are made and shared long after leaving the docks.


  • Meet and be accompanied by the famous Olivia Jones
  • Enjoy lively party music from the onboard DJ
  • Stay warm and happy with Landratten - Likör
  • Includes Landratten - Likör (alcoholic spirit)


  • Limited availability of tickets
  • Extra cost for drinks and snacks on board
  • Not suitable for people prone to seasickness

4. Best for Individuals: Night Pub Crawl through The Reeperbahn

Dive into the night with a Reeperbahn pub crawl through Hamburg's coolest spots. Your guide will lead your group to four trendy bars, making sure you feel like a VIP with no waiting lines.

This experience shines for those who love mingling with friends in new places and enjoying lively music along with tasty drinks. This is a great option if you're travelling alone due to them offering individual prices.

As you hop from bar to bar, enjoy free welcome shots that set the tone for an unforgettable evening.


The personal touch of having a live tour guide in Spanish, English, or German makes it stand out. It's especially perfect for celebrating special occasions from birthdays to bachelor parties.

It’s more than just bar-hopping; it’s about creating memorable stories in Hamburg’s vibrant nightlife scene without any stress of planning or queuing up.


  • Special gifts for bridal/groom parties
  • Visit the trendiest bars in the city and enjoy complimentary welcome shots at each stop
  • Skip the line and get exclusive entrance to each venue
  • Enjoy a personalized experience with a private group tour led by a live guide in English or German


  • Limited to specific languages for the live tour guide

5. Best for Occasions: Bachelor(ette) Party with Pub Crawl

Get ready to dive into the heart of Hamburg's nightlife with your friends. This private Pub Crawl is perfect for any bachelor or bachelorette party, making sure the special night is one for the books. 

You won't stress over planning; you'll hop from club to club enjoying welcome shots and skipping long lines.

With a guide who knows Spanish, English, or German, you will explore cool clubs filled with great music and lively crowds.


The four-hour tour gives you a taste of exclusive entry spots that normal tourists miss out on. If plans change last minute? No problem! Free cancellation up to 24 hours before makes things easy.

You'll start with a greeting schnapps and keep the energy high with more shots along the way. While sipping drinks in each bar, remember only those 18 years and above can join this crawl.

So dress up (but skip bulky costumes) and leave hand carts at home—tonight's about celebrating without extra weight! With pick-up flexibility around St. Pauli or Sternschanze areas, get ready to experience an unforgettable night priced just right for groups up to 15 people.


  • Costumes allowed for the Bachelor(ette) Party pub crawl.
  • Flexible reservation with the option to pay later.
  • Duration of 4 hours for an unforgettable experience.
  • Skip the ticket line hassle and enjoy a private group tour.


  • Limited availability on certain dates.
  • Not suitable for individuals under 21 years old.
  • Additional costs may apply for customized experiences.

6. Honorable Mention: Hamburg Private Premium Pub Crawl

Dive into Hamburg's vibrant nightlife with the Private Premium Pub Crawl. You and your friends can skip the long lines and get right to enjoying the city's coolest bars.

A knowledgeable guide fluent in English, Spanish, or German will lead you through four hotspots. Feel like a VIP as free welcome shots await at each venue.


This pub crawl packs in fun for any celebration – birthdays, bachelor parties, or work gatherings. The four-hour tour is not just about bar-hopping; it’s about making memories with pals while exploring new places.

Plus, if plans change last minute, there’s no stress with free cancellation up to 24 hours before.

The convenience of paying later makes booking easy for groups up to 12 people. You'll even leave with souvenirs – T-shirts and bottle openers included!

Fancy dress is allowed too, so get creative and make this experience uniquely yours! Just remember your ID; this adventure is for adults only.


  • Includes welcome schnapps, free shots, and entrance fees
  • Exclusive extras like personalized T - shirts, Prosecco, tiaras, and bottle openers


  • Limited availability for last - minute bookings
  • Not very popular

Tips for a Successful Pub Crawl in Hamburg

Staying safe and responsible

Set a budget before you start your pub crawl. This helps you avoid spending too much money. Drink water and have some food at each stop to keep up your energy and stay sharp. Always choose public transportation or walk to the next bar.

Drink responsibly and always be polite with others. Having fun is important, but so is everyone's safety and comfort. Take breaks and drink water between alcoholic drinks to help yourself stay in control.

Keep an eye on your friends too, making sure everyone sticks together and stays safe while enjoying Hamburg's nightlife scene.

Engaging with locals and fellow pub crawlers

Talking with locals and other pub crawlers can make your night more fun. Be open to new friends as you hop from one spot to another. Share stories, laugh, and learn about the best local spots they recommend.

Making connections adds to the adventure and may lead to discovering hidden gems in Hamburg.

Smile often and maintain eye contact when chatting at a pub crawl event. These simple acts break the ice and show that you're friendly. Ask questions about must-try drinks or places they love in the city.

By doing this, you can enjoy unique experiences that only insiders know about!

Planning the route and schedule

Pick the right neighborhood for your Hamburg pub crawl. The Reeperbahn area is a top choice with lots of action and variety. Look up bars ahead of time to make sure they fit your vibe.

Map out your stops and decide how long to stay at each place. Check bar hours too, so you don't miss out on any fun spots!

Start early in the evening to enjoy more pubs without rush. Create a flexible schedule that lets you spend more time where you're having the most fun. Keep travel times short by walking or taking quick rides between bars.

Choosing one of the above tours means you do not need to worry about planning. Just focus on having fun!

Conclusion: Hamburg Pub Crawl

In conclusion, the Hamburg Pub Crawl offers an unforgettable experience in one of Europe's most vibrant nightlife hubs. Don't miss out on the Hamburg Private Pub Crawl Tour, perfect for a fantastic night out with friends.

For those looking for a boat party, the Friday and Saturday Night Boat Party is a must-try! Join in and create lasting memories while exploring this iconic district under the guidance of expert tour leaders.


Still undecided? I recommend Hamburg Private Pub Crawl Tour as the best pub crawl in Hamburg!

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