9 Best Hamburg Comedy Clubs and Shows

Updated on January 14, 2024  

best comedy clubs in hamburg

If you're looking for a good laugh in Hamburg, there are several top-notch comedy clubs in Hamburg that are worth checking out. From the Quatsch Comedy Club to the Reeperbahn Comedy Club, there's no shortage of hilarious entertainment options in the city.

9 Best Comedy Clubs in hamburg

Quatsch Comedy Club Hamburg

Quatsch Comedy Club Hamburg is a spot you'll want to check out. It's known for its cool mix of humor and views of the harbor. You can catch a show with four club comedians and a host who will crack you up, from famous comics to fresh faces.

They have shows every week with five different performers, so it's always something new.

This place gets lots of love from comedy fans in Hamburg. You won't be bored here, even if it's raining outside! The club offers indoor laughs that are perfect for gloomy days. Picture this: You're by the sea, laughing along with some of the best comics around—that’s Quatsch Comedy Club for you!

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Quatsch Comedy Club Live Show Ticket

Quatsch Comedy Club Live Show Ticket

Visit Germany's most famous comedy club with an entry ticket to a live stand-up show at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Hamburg. Enjoy a constantly changing lineup and new shows featuring 4 comedians every week.

Reeperbahn Comedy Club

The Reeperbahn Comedy Club stands out in Hamburg's lively St. Pauli district, where fun and laughter light up the night. This spot is smack in the middle of Germany's most famous mile, proving itself a star on the entertainment scene.

It reels in about 400,000 visitors each year—a testament to its top-notch shows.

Get ready for an evening packed with giggles at this club. It seats you right at the heart of humor alongside locals and travelers alike who are all there to share a laugh.

The stage here sees some of the funniest people doing their thing, making sure you'll leave with your sides hurting from all the chuckles.

Club 20457

Club 20457 stands out in Hamburg's comedy scene. You'll find the atmosphere electric – full of energy, with every show promising a memorable night.

This club is part of what makes Hamburg's culture so rich and entertaining. Expect top-notch performances that bring people together from all walks of life.

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Club 20457 is where you can sit back, relax, and let the comedians do their magic, filling your evening with joy and laughter.


MisterPeinlich holds a prominent position amongst the best comedy clubs in Hamburg.

Being part of Hamburg's vibrant comedy scene, MisterPeinlich consistently delivers entertainment and laughter to its audience.

Its reputation as a top-notch comedy club makes MisterPeinlich an essential stop for anyone seeking quality comedic performances.

With its strong standing in both local and international rankings, attending a show at MisterPeinlich promises an evening filled with side-splitting humor amidst a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Lustig Comedy Club

Lustig Comedy Club is one of the top comedy clubs in Hamburg, known for delivering regular stand-up comedy shows in English.

Visitors, expats, and English-speaking Germans often flock to this club for a good laugh.

The "Life's a Joke" comedy show is among the popular events hosted here. As part of the vibrant comedy scene in Hamburg, Lustig Comedy Club offers online ticket exchanges for easy event access.

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SCHNACK Stand-Up Comedy Club

SCHNACK Stand-Up Comedy Club is a top choice in Hamburg’s comedy scene. They bring the best Berlin comedians right to Hamburg for monthly shows that always deliver big laughs.

What's cool is that they pick some of the city's most beautiful spots to host their events, adding an extra touch of charm.

If you love seeing stand-up acts in English, this club offers hilarious English-language shows at various venues across Hamburg.

Moin Comedy Club Hamburg

Moin Comedy Club Hamburg is a top choice for side-splitting laughter in the city. With its regular stand-up comedy shows performed in English, this club offers an entertaining experience for international visitors.

Situated near popular attractions, it provides an ideal entertainment option while exploring the city.

This club has garnered excellent reviews from guests and is well-known for offering a unique sightseeing experience through its comedy shows.

Additionally, visitors will find various hotels conveniently located near Moin Comedy Club Hamburg, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit to this vibrant comedy hotspot.

Hamburg International Comedy

Hamburg International Comedy creates themed events with English Stand Up Comedians. They put on regular stand up comedy shows in English for visitors, expats, and English-speaking Germans.

Hamburg International Comedy provides a multicultural platform for the New English Comedy Experience. It's associated with English stand-up comedy events and parties in Hamburg, making it part of the lively entertainment scene in the city.

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It's important to remember that this club offers a unique space for those seeking out an authentic and immersive English stand-up comedy experience in Hamburg.

With its diverse lineup of comedians and themed events, this club is renowned for providing an inclusive environment where laughter knows no language barriers.

Burning Mic Comedy Show

Burning Mic Comedy Show is Hamburg's only weekly English comedy event. [1] It features comedians at all levels, from amateurs to professionals, attracting a diverse audience and creating lively nights every week.

The show hosts an open mic every Tuesday at Jolly Jumper and a monthly showcase at various venues in Hamburg. Additionally, it includes spotlight shows with international headliners and live podcast sessions at different clubs in the city.

The Burning Mic Comedy Show is highly popular in Hamburg, serving as a platform for talented comedians of varied backgrounds to display their skills.

GET UP Comedy

If you're looking for a laugh in Hamburg, don't miss GET UP Comedy. This club is known for its energetic atmosphere and diverse lineup of comedians. Plus, it's popular among English-speaking audiences.

So if you're in the mood for some hilarious stand-up comedy in English, this is the place to be.

What sets GET UP Comedy apart is their regular shows catering to visitors, expats, and even English-speaking Germans. With its inclusive vibe and side-splitting performances, it's definitely a spot worth checking out during your time in Hamburg!

Conclusion: Hamburg Comedy Scene

In Hamburg, laughter echoes through the vibrant comedy scene, offering a unique blend of entertainment for family outings or intimate dates with your partner. Beyond the iconic landmarks, exploring the city's comedic charm adds a delightful dimension to the list of things to do in Hamburg. So, let the humor unfold, creating lasting memories for all.


1: Burning Mic, retrieved from https://burningmic.de/

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