6 Best Beer Gardens in Cologne, Germany

Updated on August 17, 2023  


Cologne is a picturesque city known for its stunning cathedral, rich history, and vibrant beer culture. One of the best ways to experience this city's charm is by spending an afternoon or evening in one of its many inviting beer gardens.

Whether you're sipping on traditional kölsch beer along the banks of the River Rhine or exploring lesser-known gems tucked away in scenic parks, these outdoor drinking spots offer a delightful combination of local brews and al fresco dining.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the best beer gardens Cologne has to offer and share tips for making your visit unforgettable.

Top Beer Gardens In Cologne, Germany

Hellers Am Volksgarten

Nestled within the picturesque Volksgarten park, Hellers am Volksgarten is a top choice for travelers seeking to experience a charming beer garden in Cologne.

With scenic views of the adjacent pond and lush green surroundings, this destination offers an idyllic ambiance that perfectly complements its selection of local beers on tap.


Hellers am Volksgarten provides more than just a fantastic setting - it is also known for offering delectable German cuisine, elevating your beer garden experience with mouth-watering dishes like traditional pub classics and regional specialties. [1]

Boasting outdoor seating and communal tables, this family-friendly venue encourages visitors to relax in its serene environment while savoring their beverages and bites alongside locals and fellow tourists alike.

Address: Volksgartenstraße 27, 50677 Köln, Germany

Aachener Weiher Biergarten

One of the best beer gardens in Cologne, Germany is Aachener Weiher Biergarten. Nestled in the beautiful Nagaskai-Hiroshima Park, this biergarten is easily accessible as it's located near ubahn stops in the north east corner of the park.

Surrounded by a picturesque park setting, visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities such as sunbathing, sports, and relaxation on the meadows around Aachener Weiher pond. [2]


A highlight of Aachener Weiher Biergarten is its delightful menu serving hearty German meals and pizzas alongside a refreshing selection of local beers.

Address: Richard-Wagner-Str., 50667 Köln, Germany

Biergarten am Rheinauhafen Johann Schäfer

Biergarten am Rheinauhafen Johann Schäfer, situated south of the Belgian District in a quaint park setting, is consistently rated among the top beer gardens in Cologne.

Offering both outdoor dining and a relaxing atmosphere under leafy trees or along charming cobblestone streets, this open-air drinking establishment appeals to travelers seeking an authentic German experience away from the typical Kölschkneipen. [3]


The Biergarten am Rheinauhafen Johann Schäfer distinguishes itself further by fostering a sense of camaraderie through communal tables where strangers become newfound friends after sharing stories over local food and drink.

Its picturesque location amidst lush greenery creates an inviting environment for patrons to unwind after exploring Cologne's bustling city center.

Address: Agrippinawerft 30, 50678 Köln, Germany


Located in the heart of Cologne, Germany, Odonien is one of the city's top beer gardens and cultural hubs. This unique outdoor venue offers a diverse program that caters to every taste and age group.


What sets this beer garden apart from others in Cologne is its unconventional atmosphere. [4] Bringing together culture, freedom, and experimentation, Odonien offers travelers an esoteric setting for socializing.

Address: Hornstraße 85, 50823 Köln, Germany

Brauhaus Sünner Im Walfisch

Brauhaus Sünner im Walfisch is a must-visit if you're looking for the best beer gardens in Cologne, Germany. This traditional brewery restaurant offers visitors an authentic brauhaus experience with its wide selection of local beer specialties and traditional brauhaus food.

Tourists highly recommend this establishment, which has received favorable reviews from travelers on numerous occasions. If you're interested in exploring Cologne's rich beer heritage, Brauhaus Sünner im Walfisch is also part of a 2-hour sightseeing tour that takes participants on a journey through the city's unique beer culture.

Address: Salzgasse 13, 50667 Köln, Germany

Biergarten In The Stadtgarten

One of the top beer gardens in Cologne, Germany is located in the beautiful Stadtgarten park. This charming outdoor dining spot is surrounded by trees and has plenty of seating for visitors to relax and enjoy traditional German cuisine and beer varieties.