Public Transport in Dusseldorf: Buying Tickets and Using Trams

Updated on February 7, 2024  

public transport in dusseldorf

Be it trains, buses or trams, public transport in Düsseldorf can get you anywhere you want affordably and conveniently.

It's so easy to travel around Düsseldorf that it's known as the "15-minute city" — almost everything important can be reached within 15 minutes!

So here is your ultimate guide on taking public transport in Düsseldorf, where we explain your best options, the best journey-mapping apps, how to purchase bus or tram tickets, and more! 👇

How To Navigate Public Transport In Dusseldorf

Types Of Public Transport in Dusseldorf: Trams, Buses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn

In Düsseldorf you can ride the public transport system and often get to your destination quicker than walking or driving! 

Here are the types of public transport you'll find in this city:


The U-Bahn, also known as untergrundbahn, are city trains that connect different spots within city limits.

They typically make more frequent stops and are similar to metro trains. These stations are identifiable by signs featuring a white 'U' on a blue background.


With the S-Bahn, traveling to nearby places is easy and fast. These are trains that usually connect cities with their suburbs or nearby towns in some cases.

They cover a larger area than U-Bahns and have stations spaced farther apart. S-Bahns mostly run on the surface, but they can also go underground, especially within city limits. 


These tramways run on rails alongside regular roads and make multiple stops within the city center. Think of them as something between a bus and a U-Bahn. 


Buses go everywhere in the city, and as especially helpful when you're in the suburbs or are planning to minimize walking on foot.

Night Express

During Friday and Saturday nights, as well as before public holidays, you can count on the Night Express (NachtExpress) departing from the main station. While most public transportation winds down shortly after midnight, these services keep rolling from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m., ensuring night owls can get safely from the party zones to the main train station and beyond.

Regional Trains

If you want to explore even further to nearby suburbs or cities like Cologne, regional trains (RE, RB) are perfect for these long-distance trips.