Belgian Quarter, Cologne (Restaurants, Things to Do, Nightlife)

Updated on February 14, 2024  


Over the years, the Belgian Quarter (Belgisches Viertel) has blossomed into a trendy district beloved by the younger crowd and creative types. There's so much to see and do, you can spend a whole day here!

Through this article we'll journey through Cologne's coolest district to find cute cafés, and vintage stores, multicultural restos and award-winning bars.

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Overview of the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

History and Significance of the Neighborhood

Situated north of the Rhine River, the Belgian Quarter has always been one of Cologne's coolest spot. It embodies the essence of people in Cologne; laid-back, a bit rebellious, and totally open-minded!

Now, you might be wondering, why the name "Belgian Quarter"? Well, one reason is it's facing Belgium. Plus, a bunch of its streets are named after Belgian cities, like Brussels, Limburg, Liège, and Brabant.


There's a story that artists like Simon Polke, Wolfgang Niedecken, and Jürgen Zeltinger used to hang out in the bars here, swapping beers and maybe even art for their tabs.

But things have changed a lot – rental prices shot up, and now it's a premium residential area that real estate agents drool over!

Cultural and Artistic Scene

Creativity runs wild in every corner of this eclectic neighborhood. Elegant art galleries proudly display pieces from local artists, while trendy boutiques mingle with thrift shops selling unique finds.

Walls, homes and buildings come alive with graffiti, stickers, and murals — some making bold political statements, others just adding a splash of color.


And theatergoers have a real treat waiting for them. The neighborhood's proximity to the contemporary Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz and the intimate Theater in Bauturm means that artsy performances are just a stone's throw away.

The Belgium Quarter is also home to Hahnentor, one of twelve medieval city gates and a popular landmark of Cologne. [1]

Popular Attractions and Landmarks

Right in the heart of this district is Brüsseler Platz, a hub of artsy boutiques, hip cafes, contemporary restaurants, and stylish bars that open until late.

This is the unofficial spot where people come together to enjoy drinks and socialize after a long day!