7 Best Hotels Near Messe Dusseldorf (Exhibition Centre)

Updated on December 24, 2023  


When it comes to finding the best hotels near Messe Dusseldorf, convenience and comfort are key. Whether you're in town for a business event or a leisure trip, having a comfortable place to stay close to the exhibition center can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll highlight some of the top hotels that not only offer proximity to Messe Dusseldorf but also provide a pleasant and accommodating stay for your visit.

Top Hotels Near Messe Dusseldorf


Hotel Schnellenburg

  • Best Hotel Near Messe Dusseldorf
  • Beautiful riverside views


Hotel Ashley's Garden

  • Coolest Hotel Near Messe
  • With a garden and pool


Parkside Apartment House

  • Best Apartment Near Messe Dusseldorf