21 Best Day Trips from Hamburg, Germany

Updated on January 20, 2024  

day trips from hamburg

Looking to escape the city hustle? Discover the best day trips from Hamburg that offer a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Whether you're into historic towns, scenic landscapes, or coastal retreats, this guide has you covered with straightforward recommendations for a memorable day away from Hamburg.

21 Best Day Trips from Hamburg


Lübeck is a sweet spot for anyone wanting to step out of Hamburg for the day. Known as the "marzipan city," this place treats your eyes with its famed City of Seven Spires skyline.

You might find yourself walking through the Old Town, where each turn uncovers something new. Picture tall red-brick buildings that tell tales from centuries ago when Lübeck was a big deal in the Hanseatic League.

lubeck germany day trip from hamburg

You can make your own adventure here, choosing spots that catch your fancy. Maybe you'll peek inside historic churches or unwind at a cozy café with marzipan treats—a sugary nod to the city's reputation.

This charming town wraps up history and culture into one neat package, making it an ideal getaway from Hamburg any time you like.


If you love grand buildings, Ludwigslust is a must-see. This town has a big baroque castle that people call the "Versailles of the North." You can walk around its huge gardens and see how beautiful they are.

Inside the castle, there's a lot to learn about old times.

Ludwigslust is not crowded and noisy like Hamburg. It's quiet and pretty. You have lots of space to walk around and enjoy nature. On a sunny day, you could spend hours here just looking at all the neat things in the castle and taking it easy in the gardens.

It's a great place to take it slow and enjoy some history without rushing.


Schwerin is a must-see on your day trip list from Hamburg. Just an hour and a half away by train, it's easy to get to and perfect for a quick getaway.

Picture this: the grand Schwerin Palace stands tall, nestled between sparkling lakes, with vast gardens stretching around it.

Here, you can spend time wandering through these stunning landscapes or touring the castle itself.

Schwerin germany

Visiting Schwerin gives you a taste of fairy-tale magic without having to go far. You might walk in the lush castle park one moment and gaze at the impressive architecture of the palace next.

And don't worry about running out of things to see; cities like Luebeck and Rostock are close by for even more exploration.


When visiting Hamburg, plan a day trip to Bremen for a unique historical experience. Known for its association with the famous German fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians," this city offers an engaging and relatively untouched glimpse into history.

Unlike many other cities in Germany, Bremen has remained unscathed during various events, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic and preserved historical setting.

Sharing the title of "Free and Hanseatic city" with Hamburg, Bremen presents similarities that make it a must-visit location while exploring the surrounding areas from Hamburg.


Travemünde, a popular seaside resort close to Lübeck, is known for its clean and friendly atmosphere.

Situated alongside the Baltic Sea, it offers stunning coastal views and a relaxing ambiance.

The town's picturesque architecture adds to its charm.

Travemunde germany hamburg day trip

Only about 1 hour away from Hamburg, Travemünde is easily accessible and boasts a beautiful beach, making it a sought-after destination for visitors of all ages.


Hannover is a gem worth exploring with its array of activities and sights. Hannover, boasting diverse activities, promises a memorable getaway.

Discover the charm of Herrenhausen Garden, a picturesque gem in the city. Take in historic sites or savor local cuisine, ensuring there's something for every taste.

With just a day, plan strategically to make the most of your visit. Consider a private guide for an insightful exploration of Herrenhausen Garden, adding depth to your journey.

Whether strolling through greenery or immersing in local culture, a day trip to Hannover offers a refreshing escape from the bustling streets of Hamburg.


Consider a day trip to Berlin from Hamburg for a taste of Germany's vibrant capital city. Berlin, a city rich in history and vibrant culture, welcomes you with iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall. Explore the dynamic atmosphere of Alexanderplatz and savor local cuisine at bustling food markets.

berlin river germany

Delve into the city's past at the Berlin Wall Memorial or the DDR Museum. Efficient train connections make it feasible to absorb Berlin's essence in a day.

Uncover the juxtaposition of historic charm and modern energy, ensuring a memorable excursion that reveals the heart of Germany's capital city in just a day.


Wismar, a popular day trip from Hamburg, offers sandy calm bays for relaxation and enjoyment. The town is easy to navigate, making it convenient for a day trip. Visitors can explore attractions such as Nikolaikirche, Welt-Erbe-Haus, and Tierpark Wismar.

Known for its gorgeous architecture and historic ties to the Hanseatic League, Wismar is an ideal destination from Hamburg.

Visitors can also enjoy activities like sailing, surfing, and diving at the beaches near Wismar. Its deep historical significance makes it a must-visit spot for those interested in history and culture.


Rostock, just a two-hour journey from Hamburg, is a coastal gem worth exploring. The region boasts charming medieval towns, captivating castles, and unique landscapes – all within an hour or two away.

Easily accessible by train, Rostock serves as an ideal starting point for day trips from Hamburg.

rostock germany

Visitors can explore attractions like Schwerin Castle and other popular destinations nearby, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking history and natural beauty on their day excursion.


Oranienburg, known for the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, serves as an open-air museum and memorial. It's a great addition to your day trips from Hamburg.

The city offers historical significance and gives you the chance to pay your respects while learning about an important part of Germany's past.

This spot provides a somber yet educational experience that adds depth to your exploration of the region.

Plus, it complements other nearby attractions, making it a meaningful stop on your journey through northern Germany.


Kassel, nestled in the heart of Germany, boasts a rich cultural tapestry and historical allure. Delve into the city's charm by exploring iconic landmarks like the Hercules Monument and the Wilhelmshöhe Palace.

Immerse yourself in the art world at the renowned Documenta exhibitions, showcasing contemporary masterpieces. Indulge in local flavors at traditional eateries, savoring regional delicacies.

With its seamless blend of history, art, and gastronomy, a day in Kassel promises a fulfilling excursion. Optimize your visit by planning efficiently, ensuring a memorable journey from Hamburg.


Stade, a small city with Hanseatic history, is an ideal day trip from Hamburg. Nestled along the Elbe River, it boasts a blend of history, art, culture, and nature that caters to diverse tastes and budgets.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the charm of this Hanseatic pearl while surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Stade provides an authentic glimpse into the region's rich past and offers a delightful escape beyond the bustling streets of Hamburg.

Surrounded by the lovely Elbe River and filled with historical significance from its Hanseatic roots, Stade is a versatile day trip for those seeking a break from urban life.

Whether it's exploring historical sites or enjoying leisurely walks through beautiful scenery, Stade has something to offer every kind of traveler looking to experience an enriching day outside Hamburg.


Lüneburg is a charming town with a rich history dating back to the Neanderthals, known for its salt production and well-preserved Hanseatic buildings.

Luneburg germany

Visitors can enjoy strolling through the picturesque streets, exploring the German Salt Museum, visiting churches and abbeys, and indulging in the ornate architecture and local pastries.

It is an easily accessible and worthwhile day trip destination from Hamburg.


Heligoland, an island in the North Sea, is a fantastic day trip option from Hamburg. It's just a 3-hour high-speed ferry ride away. The island has diverse attractions including Wadden Sea mud, luxury resorts, countryside hamlets, and beaches.

Also, its WWII history is captivating with bunker tours showcasing its historical significance.

Moreover, Heligoland is appealing all year round – each season offering different charms making it versatile for day trips from Hamburg. You will find something unique to explore no matter when you visit!


Cuxhaven, a charming maritime town at the mouth of the Elbe River, beckons with its picturesque beaches and coastal vistas. Divided into Duhnen, Dose, and Sahlenburg, Cuxhaven features kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches in Duhnen.

Here, you can feast your eyes on large container ships sailing by and embark on mesmerizing mudflat hikes. As the gateway to Wadden Sea National Park, Cuxhaven offers an array of activities for nature enthusiasts as well as numerous dining spots to relish local flavors.

Situated along the North Sea, Cuxhaven draws visitors with its scenic coastal landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. It's home to approximately 52,000 residents and is an ideal day trip destination from Hamburg. [1]


Buxtehude, a historical former Hansa city near Hamburg, is perfect for a half-day trip. With its population of around 40,000 inhabitants, it offers charming and peaceful surroundings.

The town's picturesque landscapes have earned it the reputation of being a "village of fairy tales". Easily accessible from Hamburg with a half-hourly train connection, Buxtehude provides a leisurely escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The town's proximity to Hamburg makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a break. Its tranquil ambiance and captivating scenery offer visitors an opportunity to unwind amidst idyllic surroundings.

Altes Land

Altes Land, with its lush meadows and fruit orchards, offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can immerse yourself in the picturesque countryside setting, strolling through blooming apple trees or taking a leisurely bike ride along scenic paths.

altes land near hamburg

The region is also known for its charming half-timbered houses that add to the quaint atmosphere. Additionally, you can visit traditional farms and taste delicious local produce while learning about traditional farming practices.

While in Altes Land, don't miss out on the opportunity to admire the stunning Elbe River flowing gracefully through this idyllic landscape. Whether you're seeking a serene day trip or an immersive cultural experience, Altes Land provides a delightful retreat just a short distance from Hamburg.

Glücksburg Castle

Glücksburg Castle is a picturesque destination near Flensburg, offering a rich historical and cultural experience. The castle houses fascinating treasures and artifacts, providing insight into its storied past.

Visitors can embark on guided tours to learn about the castle's history and the distinguished dukes who once lived there. Within the castle, visitors can explore rooms like the Red Hall and chapel, gaining a deeper understanding of its significance.

Surrounding the castle is its own enchanting lake, enhancing its already captivating appeal as a day trip from Hamburg.

Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its mudflats and islands. [2] The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park encircles a small cluster of islands located in the Elbe estuary near Cuxhaven.

Along the coast, you can enjoy activities such as sunbathing, biking, walking, and hunting for amber.

wadden sea day trip from hamburg

Numerous exquisite day trips from Hamburg offer opportunities to explore different cities and natural wonders like Lübeck, Ludwigslust, Schwerin, Bremen and much more. For nature enthusiasts or those seeking a day filled with adventure and relaxation, the Wadden Sea presents an ideal destination.


Schaalsee, located east of Hamburg, is part of the Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve. It offers a peaceful and natural escape with picturesque landscapes for hiking and wildlife spotting.

Known for its tranquil atmosphere, it's an ideal spot for a relaxing city break. The lake's proximity to Hamburg makes it easily accessible for both tourists and locals alike.

schaalsee biosphere reserve

Surrounded by serene beauty, Schaalsee provides an opportunity to unwind in nature while also exploring other nearby attractions like castles and medieval villages. With its location near Hamburg, it's no wonder why Schaalsee has become a favorite day trip destination.

Fehmarn Island

Fehmarn Island, also known as the Sunshine Isle, is a top choice for sun-seekers. It's Germany's third largest island and a hotspot for windsurfing. The 963m-long bridge connects it to the mainland and serves as a gateway to Denmark.

This island offers unique food, history, and landscapes for visitors to explore. With 78km of broad beaches, it's one of Germany's sunniest spots.

Boasting a separation from the German peninsula of Wagria in Holsatia by the Fehmarn Sound and from Denmark's Lolland by the Fehmarn Belt, this locale provides an opportunity for both relaxation and exploration.

Conclusion: Day Trips from Hamburg

For an unforgettable day out, explore the enticing day trip options from Hamburg. Beyond the vibrant activities in Hamburg, discover destinations that cater to every interest. 

Whether you're seeking a wholesome day with the family or a romantic escape, these day trips offer a perfect balance. 

From charming villages to scenic landscapes, each excursion promises a memorable experience that complements the dynamic offerings of Hamburg itself. Enjoy the best of both worlds – the lively urban atmosphere and the tranquility of nearby destinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamburg is near many cool places like Lübeck, Ludwigslust, and Schwerin which are great for quick trips.
  • There are lots of things to see close to Hamburg, such as castles, old towns, beaches, and even a zoo.
  • Places like Berlin and Heligoland take longer to get to but they're worth it because there's so much to do there.
  • You don't need a lot of time for some spots. Buxtehude is just 30 minutes away by train!
  • The Wadden Sea is a special spot where you can play in the mudflats and it's not far from Hamburg.


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2: Wadden Sea - UNESCO World Heritage Centre, retrived from https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1314/

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