Hamburg in September (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in September

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In September

Hamburg in September is a hidden gem with the perfect weather for exploring. The city basks in the comfort of cool breezes and gentle sunshine, offering an escape from summer's heat.

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You can enjoy outdoor cafes and long walks along the Elbe without breaking a sweat, thanks to temperatures that stay between 50—66°F. It's also less crowded than peak tourist months, meaning more space for you at museums, parks, and on city tours.

This month is ripe with cultural festivities too! Film buffs gather for Filmfest Hamburg while ship lovers celebrate at Hamburg Cruise Days. Foodies can indulge at the Open Mouth Food Festival before raising a glass of beer at Hamburg Oktoberfest.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In September

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg greets September visitors with a pleasant climate. The city's average temperature hovers around 61°F, making it comfortable to explore the sights without heavy layers. Expect mild days with highs typically reaching 66°F and cool nights dropping to nearly 50°F.

This drop in temperature feels gentle; you won't see any sharp changes.

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Rainfall is part of Hamburg's charm this time of year. It brings out the cozy cafes and gives the city streets a shiny glow—but don't let that deter your plans! On average, you'll experience some rain, but nothing too extreme.

Keep an umbrella handy and enjoy everything Hamburg has to offer as leaves start turning golden-brown under cloudy skies.

Dressing For The Weather

September in Hamburg means layering up! Expect to sport a light jacket or sweater when you're out during the day. Sunshine can be a tease, and before you know it, you'll feel the chill.

Come nighttime, things get nippy; so don't skimp on warm clothes — think coats, gloves, and snug hats. Always keep an umbrella or raincoat handy too. Sudden showers are like uninvited guests – they pop up without warning!

With temperatures dancing around 20°C (68°F), your outfits need to balance comfort with weather readiness. Choose breathable fabrics that let you add or peel off layers easily. This way, you’re ready for anything – whether it's a warm afternoon in the park or a cool evening by the Elbe River.

Hamburg September Holidays And Events

Filmfest Hamburg

Filmfest Hamburg lights up the city with movie magic. Over ten days, cinema fans flock to see a lineup of 130 feature films and documentaries from all over the globe. Imagine walking into grand theaters where stories and characters come alive on the big screen.

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As Germany's third-largest film festival, it's a must-see event in September. You'll rub shoulders with film buffs and critics alike as you hop from one venue to another. There's something thrilling about being part of this crowd, sharing reactions to fresh cinematic creations.

Hamburg Cruise Days

Hamburg Cruise Days is an unmissable maritime extravaganza on the Elbe River. It's where history and modernity collide with stunning ships and the captivating Blue Port Hamburg illuminating the night sky. [1]

This fantastic event marks an exhilarating conclusion to a week replete with all things cruise-related, celebrating the city's rich maritime legacy.

hamburg port anniversary

It stands as Northern Europe’s premier cruise festival, offering not only breathtaking sights of these grand ships but also treating attendees to awe-inspiring events.

Factoring in this event into your September plans ensures an unforgettable encounter with Hamburg’s seafaring heritage against a spectacular river backdrop – truly an experience unlike any other!

Open Mouth Food Festival

The Open Mouth Food Festival, held in September, delighted food enthusiasts with an array of delectable dishes, showcasing Hamburg's culinary diversity and future food trends.

Renowned chefs and sustainable practices took center stage at the festival, drawing eager foodies from across the city to savor the delicious offerings.


This festival added another vibrant celebration of gastronomic delights to Hamburg's street fest lineup, solidifying its place as a must-visit for any lover of good food.

The first-ever "Open Mouth" food festival hit Hamburg in September 2023, attracting crowds with its rich culinary experience. Showcasing a wide range of delightful dishes against the backdrop of innovative sustainability initiatives, this event quickly became a highlight on the city's festival calendar.

Hamburg Oktoberfest

Hamburg hosts its own Oktoberfest in September, offering an authentic German celebration at Memorial Park. The event takes place earlier than Munich's Oktoberfest due to cooler weather and shorter days in October.


This festival provides a fantastic opportunity to experience traditional music, Bavarian delicacies, and the vibrant atmosphere of a classic German Oktoberfest.

Bring along your lederhosen or dirndl as you indulge in delicious pretzels, sausages, and frothy beer among the lively crowds. Immerse yourself in the infectious energy of folk music while creating unforgettable memories at Hamburg's very own Oktoberfest!

Top Things To Do In Hamburg In September

Take an Elbe River or Harbor Cruise

Cruising the Elbe River or touring Hamburg's harbor is a must-do in September. Experience the city's maritime heritage from a unique perspective and take in picturesque views of the waterfront.

With warm and sunny weather, it's the perfect time to enjoy this popular activity and soak up the maritime atmosphere of Germany’s largest cruise port.

There are various tour options available for cruising the Elbe River and the Hamburg harbor.


boat wasserschloss hamburg

2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour

  • Best Overall Boat Tour
  • Informative and enriching

Attend Hamburg Oktoberfest

Experience the infectious energy of Hamburg Oktoberfest in September, where traditional German culture and lively festivities come alive. With its rich history, this world-renowned beer festival offers an authentic taste of local food and a vast array of beers that cater to every palate.

Celebrated amidst pleasant weather conditions, this event provides a perfect backdrop for immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and reveling in the music, dancing, and camaraderie that define Oktoberfest traditions.

Engage in the merriment by donning traditional Bavarian attire or simply embrace the spirit of celebration while enjoying the diverse entertainment offerings throughout this iconic festival.

Explore Speicherstadt and HafenCity

Discover Speicherstadt, the largest UNESCO World Heritage warehouse complex. Wander through its red-brick buildings and intricate canals, capturing picturesque moments while learning about Hamburg's maritime history.

Then head to HafenCity, where the stunning Elbphilharmonie stands tall against the skyline. Immerse yourself in this modern urban area filled with innovative architecture, trendy shops, and inviting waterfront promenades.


Speicherstadt photo

Speicherstadt and HafenCity 2-Hour Tour

Explore Hamburg's Speicherstadt district and HafenCity on a guided walking tour. Learn about Speicherstadt's history as a center of trade and see the famous Chilehouse in the Kontorhaus district.

Nightlife at St. Pauli and Reeperbahn

St. Pauli in Hamburg buzzes with energy after dark, boasting a diverse mix of lively clubs, traditional bars, and upscale dining options - ideal for an unforgettable night out.

The iconic Reeperbahn district, nestled within St. Pauli, offers an array of entertainment choices such as theaters, galleries, and hip nightclubs - guaranteeing something for everyone to savor.

Renowned throughout Europe for its vibrant atmosphere and pulsating nightlife scene that rivals cities like Amsterdam and Berlin; St.Pauli is the go-to spot for those seeking an electrifying evening on the town.


Think you're ready for a wild ride? Grab the Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour and brace yourself for a night of thrilling tales, with drinks to spice things up.

If sipping beer is more your style, join the St. Pauli Highlights Tour to uncover hidden spots and toast to your discoveries! These tours will give you stories to share for years—book now and dive into Hamburg's famous nightlife.

Indoor Activities On Rainy Days

Visit the Miniatur Wunderland

Explore the fascinating Miniatur Wunderland, located in Hamburg's Speicherstadt district. This indoor wonderland showcases intricate models of cities and landscapes, making it a perfect rainy day activity in September.

Miniatur Wunderland photo

Families and visitors seeking indoor entertainment can immerse themselves in the detailed replicas of various attractions while also learning about their historical significance.

Offering a captivating experience with informative displays, this attraction is ideal for those looking to delve into an enchanting miniature world during their visit to Hamburg.

Hamburg Dungeon

The Hamburg Dungeon is a must-visit indoor attraction in September, immersing visitors in the city's dark history and folklore. It offers an entertaining yet educational experience regardless of the weather, making it ideal for rainy days.

hamburg dungeon torture

With vivid storytelling and thrilling special effects, this popular tourist spot showcases Hamburg’s grim past while providing an exciting adventure for all.

As advance booking is recommended due to its popularity, visitors are advised to secure their spots for a memorable and insightful journey through Hamburg's chilling tales.

See a Cabaret Show

Catch a vibrant cabaret show at Pulverfass Cabaret, offering an enticing escape on rainy days in September. Enjoy an evening filled with vibrant performances, dazzling costumes, and infectious music at one of the city's renowned cabaret venues.

Be swept away by spellbinding choreography, impressive vocals, and a lively atmosphere that will leave you entranced.

drag queens

Whether it's your first time experiencing a cabaret show or you're a seasoned enthusiast, Hamburg's eclectic cabaret scene promises an enthralling night of entertainment and cultural immersion.

Visit the International Maritime Museum

Nestled in Hamburg, the International Maritime Museum promises a captivating journey through maritime history. 

Housing an extraordinary collection of artifacts - from ship models to sailor uniforms - it offers a fascinating glimpse into seafaring traditions and achievements.

international maritime museum hamburg photo

As you wander through its halls, be prepared for an immersive experience that brings the maritime world to life. Moreover, when rain clouds loom in September, this museum becomes a haven for enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Brimming with detailed exhibits and historical insights, the International Maritime Museum ensures visitors are enveloped in the rich tapestry of seafaring culture.

Visit the Chocolate Museum (Chocoversum)

Indulge in the world of chocolate at Chocoversum, Hamburg's unique chocolate museum. Join an interactive 90-minute guided tour to uncover the fascinating journey from cacao bean to luscious chocolate bar.

Marvel at the process of making chocolate and savor various delectable chocolate creations as you immerse yourself in this indulgent experience.


Experience the joy of sampling different forms of chocolate while gaining insight into its production. Located in the city center, Chocoversum offers an educational yet entertaining escape from rainy weather, allowing visitors to delve into a world filled with delightful cocoa aromas and sweet treats.

Practical Tips For Visiting Hamburg In September

Saving Money With The Hamburg Card

Not many travelers to Hamburg know about the Hamburg Card, or they find out about it but it's too late. Don't let that be you!

This handy little-known card offers steep discounts on many attractions you might visit in Hamburg - museums, shopping, restaurants, the zoo and more.

For example, with the Hamburg Card, you'd get up to 50% off the top Hamburg museums like Miniature Wonderland, Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburger Kunshalle, International Maritime Museum and many more.

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With this card, you can take advantage of discounts for popular City and Harbor tours.

But the best part is really free unlimited travel on all public transportation within the city.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, the savings from buses and trams can add up, especially if you like to move around.

Download The Local Transport Apps

Getting around Hamburg in September is easy, affordable and convenient thanks to the city's excellent public transportation network, from trains to metro and buses.

You can always check Google Maps to plan your routes, but I recommend downloading the local transport apps, which usually display real-time updates.


The HVV (public transport association in the region) has their own app where you can plan routes and even buy and pay for tickets.

Another popular app is the Rheinbahn app!

Also worth downloading is the DB navigator app, which is managed by Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany. It covers regional and long-distance travel outside of Hamburg.

Be Prepared for Sudden Rainfall

Pack a compact umbrella or a waterproof jacket when visiting Hamburg in September to prepare for sudden rainfall, as the city's weather is renowned for its unpredictability.

It's also wise to have a backup plan for outdoor activities and consider indoor attractions like the Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg Dungeon, or the International Maritime Museum in case of unexpected downpours.

With fluctuating conditions that can alternate between sunny, foggy, and rainy within hours, being adaptable and ready for changes will ensure an enjoyable visit despite the variable weather.

Weather In Hamburg In September: FAQs

Does It Rain In Hamburg In September?

September in Hamburg sees rainfall for about 15.5 days, with an average precipitation of around 64 mm over the month. So, yes, it does rain in Hamburg during September but typically not excessively.

Hamburg usually experiences moderate rainfall during September, so it's a good idea to be prepared for occasional showers when visiting this vibrant city.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hamburg?

The best time to visit Hamburg is between May and September, with peak season falling within these months. The period from May to September brings good weather, with the warmest months being JuneJuly, and August.

This time offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration due to the favorable climate conditions. With numerous holidays and events taking place during this timeframe as well, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Hamburg while enjoying pleasant weather.

When Is The Shoulder Season In Hamburg?

The shoulder season in Hamburg occurs during the spring and fall, following the peak tourist months of May to September. German weather typically brings warm temperatures between April and August, with cooler temperatures from September through March.

This predictable climate pattern makes the shoulder seasons ideal for visiting Hamburg, allowing you to enjoy comfortable weather while avoiding large crowds and higher prices commonly associated with peak tourism months.

Experience pleasant conditions by planning your trip during these off-peak times while still relishing all that Hamburg has to offer without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons.

How Cold Is It In Hamburg In September?

In September, Hamburg experiences mild temperatures with an average high of 66°F (19°C) and lows around 50°F (10°C). The surface water temperature gradually decreases from 63°F to 58°F throughout the month.

So, it's not too cold but still cool enough to enjoy outdoor activities while savoring the early hints of fall in this beautiful city.

Is It Sunny In Hamburg In September?

Hamburg in September offers a moderately sunny climate, boasting an average of 142 hours of sunlight. During this month, you can anticipate approximately 5 hours of sunshine per day.

This indicates a decent amount of sunny weather suitable for exploring the city and enjoying outdoor activities.

Expect daytime maximum temperatures in the shade to reach around 18°C, providing pleasant conditions for sightseeing and partaking in various events and festivals that take place during this vibrant time in Hamburg.

What Is The Average Temperature In Hamburg In September?

The average temperature in Hamburg in September ranges from a high of 66°F to a low of 50°F. It's generally very mild, with an average temperature of 58 °F. The surface water temperature decreases from 63°F to 58°F during the month.

Should I Go To Hamburg In September?

September in Hamburg offers delightful weather with an average high temperature of 66°F (19°C) and a fresh climate. The city is alive with vibrant events like Filmfest Hamburg, Hamburg Cruise Days, Open Mouth Food Festival, and the celebrated Hamburg Oktoberfest.

You can take an Elbe River or Harbor cruise, explore Speicherstadt and HafenCity, attend the Oktoberfest, indulge in a brewery tour or revel in the nightlife at St. Pauli and Reeperbahn - ensuring an exciting visit regardless of your interests.

For indoor activities on rainy days, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting Miniatur Wunderland, experience thrills at the Hamburg Dungeon or enjoy cabaret shows.

Are There Any Major Hamburg Holidays In September?

In September, Hamburg hosts a few festivals that are not to be missed. This includes:

  • Filmfest Hamburg
  • Hamburg Cruise Days
  • Open Mouth Food Festival
  • Hamburg Oktoberfest

Are There Mosquitoes In Hamburg In September?

Mosquitoes are abundant in Hamburg in September due to the warm and wet weather, creating ideal conditions for breeding. The presence and abundance of mosquitoes are influenced by temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation.

Therefore, visitors should be prepared for potential encounters with mosquitoes during their stay in Hamburg.

Conclusion: Hamburg in September

Discover Hamburg in September - from its mild, breezy climate to a myriad of lively happenings. Explore the city's vibrant festivals and events, take in the breathtaking Elbe River views, and dive into rich cultural experiences.

Whether it's a sunny day or a sudden rainfall, there are endless indoor and outdoor activities waiting for you. Embrace the charm of this bustling city during its shoulder season and create unforgettable memories amidst the cool September breeze.


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