12 Best Hamburg Tours for All Interests

Updated on February 8, 2024  

best hamburg tours

Looking to make the most of your time in Hamburg? Explore the city with ease by checking out the best Hamburg tours available.

Whether you're into history, architecture, or local cuisine, these tours offer a straightforward way to discover the highlights of this vibrant German city.

Best Hamburg tours at a glance:

Best Hamburg Tours

1. Best Hamburg Walking Tour: 2.5-Hour Hamburg Discovery Tour

Discover Hamburg's rich history and stunning architecture with the 2.5-Hour Hamburg Discovery Tour.

This walking tour stands out as a top pick because it combines expert guidance with captivating stories, making it not just educational but also entertaining.

The neo-Renaissance Rathaus will leave you in awe, while the Old Town’s charming streets offer scenic views that tell tales of a bygone era.

hamburg city hall

With this tour, you dive into the city's maritime legacy which has shaped Hamburg into a cosmopolitan gem.

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of historical events and local legends, like the story of the headless pirate that haunts the city. It's an adventure through time that brings history to life!

The convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours before and pay-later options makes booking stress-free.

For a very affordable price, you receive enlightening commentary from your English-speaking guide who meets you in front of Starbucks in Mönckebergstraße; it’s easy and accessible—a perfect reflection on why we rank this experience as the best Hamburg walking tour..


  • Explore Hamburg's historic Rathaus and take in the stunning neo - Renaissance architecture
  • Immerse yourself in Hamburg’s charming Old Town during a leisurely stroll
  • Gain insight into how Hamburg’s maritime legacy has shaped its modern, cosmopolitan identity
  • Not suitable for those with limited mobility
  • May not be ideal in inclement weather
  • Limited time to explore each site

2. Best Hamburg City Tour: 2-Hour Tour of the Historic Old Town

This 2-hour tour of Hamburg's historic old town takes you through the city's most iconic landmarks. With a knowledgeable guide, you explore sights like St. Nicholas’ Church and Mönckebergstraße shopping street.

The tour gives life to history as you hear tales about the Great Fire of 1842 and see the old town halls. Smell the sea air by Africa House, reminding visitors of Hamburg's trading past.

Each step on this private group tour is a photo opportunity, from Chilehaus' unique architecture to Trostbrücke’s storied bridge where merchants once traded goods.

chilehaus photo

It’s perfect for those who love exploring cities with rich histories while capturing unforgettable images to take home.

We picked this as the best Hamburg city tour because it goes beyond just viewing landmarks; it makes history come alive through stories and facts that paint a vivid picture of Hamburg's evolution into a modern commercial hub.

Plus, with options to book in several languages and free cancellation up to 24 hours before, it stands out for being flexible and accommodating for travelers worldwide.


  • Experience the rich history and culture of Hamburg's Old Town in just 2 hours
  • See iconic landmarks like St. Nicholas’ Church and the unique Chilehaus
  • Learn intriguing historical details from an experienced guide
  • Enjoy convenient access to top attractions, including Mönckebergstraße shopping street


  • Limited time to fully explore each attraction
  • Possible crowded tour groups during peak times
  • Not suitable for those with mobility issues due to walking tour

3. Best Hamburg Brewery Tour: Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Explore the heart of Hamburg's beer culture with the Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour

This adventure dives into a millennium of brewing history, offering an authentic taste of at least 7 distinct local beers. Each sip comes with stories of ancient brews and secrets from today's microbreweries.

This tour stands out because it blends education with enjoyment. Learn why Hamburg was known as "The Brewing House of the Hanseatic League" and how each beer gets its unique flavor through special brewing processes. [1]


With a guide to reveal hidden gems, you won't just drink; you'll embark on a historical journey from medieval times to modern craft sensations.

As the best Hamburg brewery tour, this tour impresses not just with variety but also depth—a truly immersive experience for anyone eager to understand what sets Hamburg's beer apart. It’s more than just tasting; it’s feeling part of a centuries-old tradition that still bubbles in the heart of the city today.


  • Discover 1,000 years of Hamburg's brewing history with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Enjoy a tasting session featuring at least 7 locally brewed beers.
  • Gain insights into the unique craft beer culture in Hamburg.
  • Food provided during the tour


  • Limited availability, may be difficult to secure a spot.
  • The tour may not be suitable for those under 21 years of age.
  • Participants must arrange their own transportation to and from the meeting point.

4. Best Hamburg Boat Tour: 2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour

Explore the wonders of the Port of Hamburg on the 2-Hour XXL Cruise Tour. This journey lets you see huge ships and learn about the port's colorful history. 

A German-speaking guide will be with you, telling stories and facts about what you see. If German isn't your language, don't worry! You can use an audio guide in six different languages including English and Spanish.

hambrug boat bridge

The Hamburg boat tour is not just informative but also very convenient. You can cancel for free if it's more than 24 hours before departure, which gives peace of mind. Book now but pay later so your plans stay flexible.

Big bonuses include a downloadable audio app and discounted prices for early booking. Remember to bring headphones for the audio tour! Enjoy a close-up view of docks bustling with life while relaxing aboard a cozy ship.

This engaging experience combines learning with exciting sights. Bring your ID and come ready to discover old fishermen tales alongside modern container giants; just note that this adventure isn't designed for wheelchair users or large pets.

Get ready to capture awesome skyline shots as you cruise along one of Europe’s most important harbors!


  • Includes a knowledgeable guide and audio app
  • Audio guides available in English, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and French
  • Small dogs allowed onboard with leash and muzzle
  • Reserve now and pay later for flexible travel plans


  • Limited seating availability
  • Tour may be affected by weather conditions
  • Some languages may not have live tour guide support

5. Best Hamburg Bike Tour: Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour

Explore Hamburg's unique charm with the Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour. Starting at Dammtor, you're only a quick trip away from hopping on your chosen bike.

Your knowledgeable guide will lead you through Sternschanze to witness its fascinating mix of history and contemporary culture. As you pedal down Hafenstrasse in St. Pauli and through the Portuguese quarter, diversity springs to life.

cycling tour city

The Inner Alster Lake dazzles with elegant shops, while milestones like the “Komm in de Gänge” project stir conversation about city living.

This three-hour bike tour doesn't just reveal Hamburg's differing neighborhoods; it tells their stories as well—tales of change and community spirit that keep these areas alive.

Ride confidently knowing you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before your tour starts or choose to reserve now and pay later for unmatched flexibility in travel plans. Rainy day? No problem—the tour adapts with an alternate program using public transport so your adventure never skips a beat.

This comprehensive experience comes complete with bike rental, an expert guide fluent in English and German, a handy city map, plus tips for any weather scenario.

With group sizes kept small for personalized attention but scalable on request, every rider gets the best seat to uncover Hamburg's most compelling sights and hidden gems.


  • Bike tour through diverse areas of Hamburg
  • Small group size for personalized experience
  • Rainy day alternative program available
  • Includes bicycle rental and experienced tour guide
  • Learn about multicultural neighborhood history


  • Not suitable for participants under 12 years old.
  • May not be ideal for those with mobility issues, as it involves biking through various terrains.
  • Limited availability during peak tourist seasons.

6. Best Hamburg Food Tour: St. Pauli Guided Food Tour with 5 Tastings

Embark on a mouth-watering journey through the heart of St. Pauli with the St. Pauli Guided Food Tour. This adventure is perfect for food lovers and culture enthusiasts alike! 

Dive into a world of flavorful tastings as you stop at five carefully selected restaurants. Enjoy both international dishes and local German delights, catering to all tastes, including vegetarian options.


A licensed guide leads you off the beaten path to explore culinary gems while sharing fascinating stories that bring St. Pauli's spirited history to life.

Alongside savory bites, this three-hour Hamburg food tour serves up insider anecdotes about the neighborhood's colorful past and present—you might even find yourself standing where legendary tales took place!

With a flexible cancellation policy and reasonable pricing per group, there’s no need to wait; indulge your taste buds and satisfy your curiosity in one delicious go!


  • Sample 5 diverse food tastings from top - rated restaurants
  • Explore St. Pauli with a licensed guide and uncover hidden gems
  • Learn authentic insider stories about St. Pauli's culture
  • Vegetarian alternatives offered at each stop


  • Not suitable for vegans due to limited vegan options
  • Tour may not be suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies
  • Participants should be prepared for walking and standing for extended periods

7. Best Hamburg Bus Tour: Hop-On/ Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour Classic Line

Hop on the bright yellow and red double-decker bus for an adventure through Hamburg with the Hop-On/Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour Classic Line

From the bustling fish market to the scenic views of St. Pauli Piers, this tour offers a seat at the heart of Hamburg's charm. You'll find yourself captivated by stories and facts from an experienced guide who knows every corner of this historic city.

With your day-long ticket, freedom is yours – jump off at any attraction that catches your eye and simply catch another bus when you're ready to explore more.


The open-top deck is perfect on sunny days for panoramic city views while listening to an audio guide available in German or English. Plus, accessibility isn't a worry; wheelchair users can comfortably experience everything the tour has to offer.

For a very affordable price, you get 1.5 hours packed with insightful commentary on Hamburg’s landmarks without being tied down to one spot – all wrapped up with convenient cancellation policies and flexible payment options that work around you.

This sightseeing bus tour hands over the keys to discover Hamburg your way!


  • Explore Hamburg's top attractions with ease
  • Conveniently hop on and off the bus at your leisure
  • Learn about the city from experienced guides
  • Start at any of the 15 stations on the route


  • Limited schedule availability on certain days
  • Crowded during peak tourist seasons
  • Some attractions may require paid admission in addition to bus ticket

8. Best Hamburg Segway Tour: Sightseeing Tour with 'Scuddy'

Scoot around Hamburg and see the city in a new light with the Segway Sightseeing Tour. Glide through HafenCity and along the Elbe, feeling the breeze as you go. 

The 'Scuddy' electric mobility vehicle makes it fun and easy to cover more ground. You'll zip past canals, reach Lohsepark's lush scenery, encounter the tale of the headless pirate at Störtebeker Ufer, swing by Old Elbpark for a history lesson with old Bismarck, and finally soak up stunning harbor views.

Best Hamburg Segway Tour: Sightseeing Tour with 'Scuddy'

This Hamburg segway tour isn't just about zooming around; it's your chance to connect with Hamburg's spirit at every stop without tiring your legs out from walking.

This 2.5-hour experience gives you live commentary in English or German – ensuring no story goes unheard. Safety is key: helmets are provided to meet safety standards so you can focus on enjoying your ride. Reserve your spot easily online and relax knowing free cancellation is available if plans change.

The minimum age requirement ensures that participants have some driving experience under their belt before hopping on a Scuddy—just don’t forget your license!

This hands-on tour requires no prior Segway experience; just show up in comfy shoes (leave pets at home), grab a helmet, listen to quick instructions from your guide, then set off to conquer Hamburg’s streets alongside fellow adventurers.


  • Glide through HafenCity's canals for a unique sightseeing experience
  • Marvel at breathtaking harbor views as you cruise along
  • Small group experience with 3 to 9 people
  • Suitable for ages 15 and up with a Class B driver's license
  • Helmets provided and included in the tour price


  • Limited availability due to high demand
  • Not suitable for people with mobility issues
  • Weather - dependent and may be canceled in case of bad weather

9. Best St Pauli & Reeperbahn Tour: Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour for Ages 18+

Dive into the heart of Hamburg’s red light district with this gripping St. Pauli and Reeperbahn tour. Your guide shares secrets of famous spots while you soak in the exclusive insider knowledge about St. Pauli's past and present.

Imagine standing in “Zur Ritze,” sipping a drink where boxing legends once trained below your feet, revealing layers of history with every story told.

Feel the thrill as you explore Herbertstrasse and learn about the mysterious disappearance of a local boxing hero. This 2-hour adventure gives you more than just tales; it offers an authentic glimpse into the nightlife that shaped Hamburg's red light district.

Hear tales of turf wars between rival gangs, and understand how celebrities are drawn to this intriguing spot.

By choosing this Reeperbahn tour, you're not only signing up for fascinating stories but also enjoying two complimentary drinks and optional discounts at various bars after your tour ends.


  • Gain exclusive insider knowledge about the vibrant neighborhood
  • Uncover intriguing stories about Herbertstrasse, Davidwache, and Jack the Ripper in Hamburg
  • Visit the basement boxing club where legends like Mike Tyson and Klitschko brothers trained
  • Includes 2 alcoholic drinks and entry to Zur Ritze Boxing Club
  • Opportunity for discounts at bars and clubs after the tour


  • Not suitable for individuals under 18 years old
  • Limited availability due to exclusive insider access
  • Tour may not be suitable for those uncomfortable with topics related to sex and crime

10. Best Hamburg Speicherstadt Tour: Speicherstadt and HafenCity 2-Hour Tour

Dive into Hamburg's rich history with the Speicherstadt and HafenCity tour.

This walking adventure takes you through the heart of Germany's trade legacy, showing off grand warehouses and narrow canals. Feel the cobblestones under your feet as you learn about exotic goods like coffee and tea that once flooded this trading hub.

The knowledgeable guides bring tales of oriental carpets to life against the backdrop of stunning neo-Gothic architecture.

canals speicherstadt

As you wander from the magical Fleetschlösschen to the iconic Wasserschloss, every turn unveils a piece of history. Marvel at modern marvels too, like HafenCity and its impressive Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

A highlight is seeing Chile House up close – a true architectural feat! With an option for German or English speaking guides, and easy cancellation 24 hours in advance, it caters to all travelers' needs.

Expect more than just facts; this Speicherstadt tour adds color to stories that make landmarks memorable long after you've returned home.

It suits groups up to ten for an intimate glimpse into Hamburg’s storied past – no boat necessary! Grab your walking shoes for two hours well spent among legends of commerce and culture in one of Germany's most fascinating districts.


  • Experience a guided tour of the modern HafenCity
  • Learn about the history of Hamburg's historic harbor
  • Explore unique aspects of local culture, including coffee, tea, and oriental carpets
  • See famous landmarks like the Chile House and Elbe Philharmonic Hall
  • Entry to attractions included


  • May not be suitable for those with limited mobility due to the walking tour
  • Not ideal for visitors looking for an in - depth historical perspective of Hamburg
  • Limited time may restrict the exploration of all attractions listed

11. Best Hamburg Self-Guided Tour: Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour around the port

Discover Hamburg's waterfront wonders at your own speed with the scavenger hunt self-guided tour. This adventure mixes a treasure hunt and sightseeing, making exploring the port a blast. 

You can start whenever you choose and take as many breaks as you want to snap photos or just enjoy the view.

This tour is great for groups of friends or families because up to 10 people can join in under one ticket. Each package comes with riddles and puzzles that guide you through landmarks like Elbphilharmonie and Speicherstadt.

If you ever get stuck, there’s an emergency envelope with all the answers. The best part? If plans change, cancel 24 hours before for a full refund.

You'll receive everything by mail within Germany before your trip starts – no need to meet a tour guide! So grab your walking shoes and set out on an adventure around Hamburg's historic port at your own pace.


  • Enjoy a fun and interactive 4.5 - hour scavenger hunt around the Port of Hamburg.
  • Pause the game at any time to take a break or capture photos.
  • Includes 16 envelopes with riddles, directions, and interesting facts.
  • Comes with an emergency envelope containing all solutions.
  • No need for a tour guide, making it flexible and independent.


  • Not suitable for those with mobility issues due to the walking tour.
  • Limited availability during peak tourist seasons.
  • Self - guided tour may not be ideal for travelers who prefer guided experiences.

12. Best Hamburg Pub Crawl: Night Pub Crawl through The Repperbahn

Dive into the vibrant Hamburg nightlife with the Night Pub Crawl through The Repperbahn. It's a private, four-hour journey into the city’s hottest spots where you can bask in great music and taste delicious drinks without waiting in line.

A live guide fluent in Spanish, English, and German languages will lead your exclusive adventure. This tour stands out for its flexibility; cancel up to 24 hours before for a full refund, or book now and decide to pay later.


The best Hamburg Pub Crawl kicks off with a welcome schnapps and promises free shots at each bar you visit.

You'll breeze past queues with skip-the-line access as your guide ensures an unforgettable outing perfect for celebrations like birthdays or bachelor parties. Additionally, special gifts like T-shirts, Prosecco bottles, tiaras or bottle openers add extra sparkle for larger groups.

Joining this pub crawl is not just about hopping from one bar to another; it's about experiencing local culture with every stop.

Celebrate milestones or simply enjoy a carefree evening as part of your exploration of Germany's famous party mile: The Repperbahn.

With everything included from entrance fees to welcoming shots - except additional drinks - all you need is your spirit of fun on this night-time quest through Hamburg’s lively streets.


  • Free shots at every location and on the way
  • Entrance fees for all venues included
  • Special gifts like PubCrawl Finisher T - shirt, Prosecco, tiara & bottle opener
  • Skip-the-line access
  • Live tour guide available in Spanish, English, German languages


  • Limited availability for last - minute bookings
  • Not recommended for participants under 18 years old
  • The tour may be affected by extreme weather conditions

Benefits of Taking a Guided Tour in Hamburg

Expert knowledge and insights

Local tour guides in Hamburg are like walking encyclopedias. They know all the hidden spots and stories of the city, providing expert insights. Instead of just seeing the usual sights, these guides offer a deep understanding of what makes Hamburg special.

guided food tour

These guides share insider information that you won't find in guidebooks. On private history tours, local experts lead the way, making it easy to explore historic landmarks while sharing fascinating details only locals know.

Free walking tours allow you to discover Hamburg's hidden gems at no cost. Your guide fills you in on each cultural charm as you stroll through the streets, bringing life to old stones and famous icons. Every step becomes an engaging learning experience.

Time-saving and hassle-free experience

Guided tours in Hamburg eliminate the stress of planning your own route and schedule. Experts lead the way, allowing you to enjoy more sights in less time. Forget about figuring out maps or public transport; your guide handles it all.

You absorb stories and facts without the worry of missing anything. Choose a half-day walking tour with a local guide for an even smoother visit. They customize your experience based on your preferences, ensuring no time is wasted on spots that don't interest you.

Personalized and informative experiences

Guided tours in Hamburg bring stories to life with local guides sharing their deep knowledge. Each visit becomes special as the tour is tailored to your interests, whether it's history, architecture, or local food.

A private 2-hour guide hire lets you delve deep into what fascinates you about Hamburg. Options like the St. Pauli walking tour mix fun with facts for a memorable adventure crafted just for you by someone who calls Hamburg home.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hamburg Tour

Consider your interests and preferences

Choosing the right tour in Hamburg means thinking about what you enjoy most. Love history? Go for a walking tour through the historic Old Town. If food excites you, try a guided food tour with tasty samples along the way.

Hamburg has something special for everyone, from bike tours exploring downtown to boat cruises on the Elbe.

Make your decision based on what sparks your passion. For those who like unique explorations, self-guided scavenger hunts or Segway tours might be perfect. And if personalized attention is key, look into private custom tours that cater just to your interests.

Whether it's culture, cuisine, or craft beer that draws you in, let your preferences lead the way to an unforgettable Hamburg adventure!

Read reviews and ratings

Check out what others say before you pick a tour. Reviews and ratings can show you which tours are worth your time. They tell you about their experiences, both good and bad. Look for feedback on guides, sites visited, and overall enjoyment.

People often share tips that could make your trip even better.

Use reviews to find the top Hamburg tours with a money-back guarantee. See how other travelers felt about their adventures in the city. Their insights can help you choose a tour that matches your interests.

Feedback from fellow explorers is especially useful if you're considering unique or less-known activities.

Check availability and schedules

Explore the availability and schedules of budget-friendly tours in Hamburg. Discover skip-the-line options and mobile tickets for top-rated excursions, including city tours with insider tips and historical insights.

Dive into breezy harbor tours to experience the Port of Hamburg and the Hamburg Harbour firsthand.

Consider unique experiences

Explore unique experiences in Hamburg such as a guided food tour through St. Pauli, featuring 5 tastings of local delicacies.

Additionally, you can opt for a scavenger hunt self-guided tour around the port to discover hidden gems at your own pace.

Experience a night pub crawl through The Reeperbahn, known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment options.

Conclusion: Best Tours in Hamburg

To sum up, Hamburg's charm unfolds through its diverse attractions, and the best tours in Hamburg effortlessly capture the essence of this vibrant city.

From the historic wonders of the Speicherstadt to the lively atmosphere of the Reeperbahn, these tours offer a curated glimpse into the heart of Hamburg's rich culture and history.

With knowledgeable guides and immersive experiences, these excursions prove to be an indispensable part of any visit to this dynamic German metropolis, making Hamburg a city worth visiting.

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