Hamburg in February (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in February

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In February

Hamburg turns into a winter wonderland in February. The city sparkles under a blanket of snow, and the chilly weather is perfect for cozy indoor activities.

Bundle up and explore the historic streets dusted with white or head to one of the many cafes for a hot drink.

Ice skating rinks pop up around town, offering fun for everyone.


This month also has fewer tourists, so you'll have more space to enjoy all that Hamburg offers. You can visit popular spots like Miniatur Wunderland without waiting in long lines.

Plus, hotel prices drop after the holiday season, making February a budget-friendly time to see this vibrant city.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In February

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg gets pretty chilly in February, with temperatures usually between a frosty 28°F at night and a cold but bearable 40°F during the day. The city is no stranger to winter's crisp air, so you'll feel that fresh coolness on your cheeks.

Snowfall isn't strange either, although it's often more about icy rain and sleet than fluffy snowflakes. With an average of just over two inches of rain this month, you'll want to pack your waterproofs alongside your warm woolies.

Come prepared with a good coat and maybe some thermal layers – especially if you're planning to explore Hamburg's outdoors or take a brisk walk along the waterfront. Those average highs of 3-5°C (37-41°F) mean that even when the sun peeks out, it won't be T-shirt weather any time soon.

But don't let that dampen your spirits! Just think of how cozy it feels to duck into a cafe for hot chocolate after wandering around in the wintry mix outside.

Dressing For The Weather

Bundle up in warm clothes if you're heading out to explore Hamburg in February. The air gets chilly with temps hovering around 39°F during the day and dipping down to about 28°F at night.

Think layers – a cozy sweater, a thick jacket, and maybe even an extra scarf for good measure. Don't forget your gloves and a knit hat to keep those fingers and ears toasty.

Heading out after dark? Make sure your coat is hefty enough to fend off the evening cold.