6 Best Ramen Restaurants in Cologne, Germany

Updated on October 11, 2023  


Cologne, Germany is a city steeped in history and culture, offering travelers an eclectic mix of traditional and modern experiences. Among the rich culinary scene lies a treasure trove of authentic Japanese cuisine, with ramen taking center stage at numerous highly-rated establishments.

Whether you're a die-hard foodie or simply curious about this popular Asian dish, join us as we explore the best ramen restaurants within Cologne's vibrant Friesenviertel district and beyond.

Top Ramen Restaurants In Cologne

Ramen Bar Takezo

If you're looking for the best ramen in Cologne, head straight to Ramen Bar Takezo. The restaurant takes great care in crafting its broths (boiled for over 10 hours!), noodles, and toppings to ensure the bowl of ramen you get closely mirrors what you'd find in Japan.


According to a glowing review, Takezo serves "the best ramen in Europe" thanks to their authentic broth, handmade ramen noodles and melt-in-your-mouth Chashu pork belly. Another reason to keep coming back? Their generous portions and affordable prices.

Don't let the look of the restaurant mislead you, you'll definitely want to return!

Address: Mathiasstraße 24-26, 50676 Köln, Germany

Takumi Cologne

Takumi Cologne stands out as a top choice for ramen lovers in Cologne, Germany. Renowned for its exceptional reputation among locals and tourists alike, the restaurant has amassed hundreds of positive reviews on Tripadvisor and is often praised as having some of the best ramen in Europe.

ramen-restaurant-in-germany cologne

The menu at Takumi Cologne features a variety of mouthwatering ramen bowls to cater to different tastes, including vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. Alongside these delectable noodle soups, customers can sample flavorful sides such as gyoza or karaage which add an extra touch to their dining experience. [1]

Address: Hohenstaufenring 58, 50674 Köln, Germany

Daikan Izakaya Bar

Daikan Izakaya Bar is a must-visit for any ramen lover in Cologne. Located in the trendy Nippes district, this Japanese-inspired eatery boasts delicious noodle soups that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

With its industrial restaurant design, Daikan offers a unique, modern atmosphere that perfectly complements its flavorful dishes. The restaurant has quickly grown popular among locals and tourists alike, with 197 TripAdvisor reviews praising its authentic ingredients and savory broths.

Address: Maastrichter Str. 9, 50672 Köln, Germany

Daimyo Restaurant

One of the top ramen restaurants in Cologne is Daimyo, a fine dining establishment that offers authentic Japanese cuisine. [3] Alongside their excellent sushi and seafood options, they serve up some of the best noodle soup in the city.

ramen-germany cologne

Vegetarian visitors can also enjoy a variety of dishes catered to their dietary needs. With 453 reviews on TheFork website and ranked among the top 10 Japanese restaurants in Cologne by its community, it's no surprise that Daimyo is highly recommended for those looking for an authentic taste of Japan while exploring the German city.

Address: Friesenwall 116, 50672 Köln, Germany

Restaurant Kintaro

Located in the heart of Cologne's Friesenviertel district, Restaurant Kintaro is a must-visit for ramen lovers traveling to Germany. The restaurant has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine since 1988 and offers a cozy dining experience that transports you straight to Japan. [4]


What makes Kintaro stand out from other popular Japanese restaurants in Cologne is their delicious noodle dishes, especially their signature ramen bowls. Run by a husband-and-wife duo - a Japanese chef and his local-born wife, the restaurant's food is known for its authenticity and quality ingredients.

Address: Friesenstraße 16, 50670 Köln, Germany


Kaizen is one of the top ramen restaurants in Cologne, located on Lindenstraße. This Japanese restaurant offers a fusion of traditional and modern cuisine with an authentic touch from its experienced Japanese chefs.

They specialize in sushi, serving up guilt-free pleasure to their customers with unique dishes like fried sushi. With over 1356 enthusiastic reviews and 198 detailed photos, Kaizen has earned its spot as one of the 50 best Japanese food and restaurants in Cologne. [5]

Their use of fresh ingredients gives a unique taste to their dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Address: Lindenstraße 67, 50674 Köln, Germany