6 Best Hamburg Bike Tours

Updated on January 29, 2024  

best hamburg bike tours

Discover the city's charm on two wheels with the best Hamburg bike tours. Navigate through its iconic landmarks, picturesque neighborhoods, and scenic waterfronts as you pedal through the rich history and vibrant culture this German gem has to offer.

Get ready to saddle up and explore Hamburg in a whole new way with these top-rated bike tours.

Top Hamburg Bike Tours


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Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour

  • Best Hamburg Bike Tour
  • Ride through multiple districts


bike tour city

Speicherstadt & Old Harbor Bike Tour

  • Also Great Bike Tour
  • Get to cross the river via the historic Elbe Tunnel


bike tour sunset

City Tour by Bike with Elbphilharmonie

  • See the main city highlights
  • Entry to Elbphilharmonie

1. Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour

Hop on a bike and get ready to see Hamburg like never before with the Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour.

Your trusty guide, fluent in English and German, takes you from posh lakeside shops to buzzing alternative districts. And don't fret about rain; they've got you covered with plan B options.

Saddle up for a journey that weaves through Sternschanze's historical charm and into St. Pauli's Portuguese quarter where cultures mix.

Pedal past artist havens and elegant boutiques lining Inner Alster Lake – each pedal stroke brings new insights into how Hamburg's contrasting worlds coexist side by side.

Plus, everything’s included: your bike rental, an insightful guide eager to share stories and secrets, even a handy city map.

We chose this tour as our top pick because it delivers more than just sights; it reveals the soul of Hamburg through its diverse neighborhoods.

As you glide under Lombard Bridge or spot "campers" near rowing clubs and consulates, every turn is not simply another sight but a story waiting to be told – one that truly captures what makes biking in Hamburg unforgettable.


  • Explore vibrant Hamburg on a 3 - hour bike tour
  • Ride by the elegant boutiques of Inner Alster Lake
  • Get to know multicultural neighborhoods and their history
  • Enjoy a live guide in English or German, with bike rental included


  • Limited flexibility in case of bad weather alternatives for the tour
  • Possibility of crowded bike paths during peak tourist seasons
  • The price might not be inclusive of optional gratuities or personal purchases

2. Bike Tour of the Speicherstadt & Old Harbor

Hop on a bicycle and join the Bike Tour of the Speicherstadt & Old Harbor to unlock Hamburg's maritime secrets. Glide through hidden harbors and see where tall ships once unloaded their goods.

Feel the wind in your hair as you pass historic warehouses and modern rail marvels alike. Picture yourself taking a coffee break by the water, surrounded by Hamburg's stunning skyline at Hafen Museum.

This bike tour is our number two pick because it perfectly blends adventure with education. You'll not only pedal over picturesque bridges like Baakenbrücke but also dive into history as you roll through the old Elbe Tunnel.

Alter Elbtunnel photo

Imagine having an expert guide sharing stories that make each site come alive – from Greenpeace’s German headquarters to Steinwerder district's gritty charm.

This three-hour journey comes packed with everything: choice of bikes, a knowledgeable guide, even photo ops to capture Hamburg's beauty!

Plus, peace of mind is yours with free cancellation up to 24 hours before. So let’s get those wheels turning and explore Hamburg’s docks and waterside wonders together!


  • Explore the maritime side of Hamburg and visit lesser - known harbors
  • Ride along historic docks and see modern railroad facilities
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the Hamburg skyline and take a coffee break in the Hafen Museum
  • Cross the river via the historic Elbe Tunnel


  • Limited availability for spontaneous bookings
  • Weather - dependent experience; may not be as enjoyable in poor weather conditions

3. City Tour by Bike with Elbphilharmonie

Hop on a bike and experience Hamburg's sights like never before with the City Tour by Bike featuring Elbphilharmonie. This journey kicks off in Rotherbaum and cruises past the shimmering Alster lakes, straight to the heart of history and modern elegance.

Imagine pedaling through storied neighborhoods, where artists breathe life into every corner, while immersing yourself in tales from centuries past.

bike tour sunset

This tour is our number three pick because it masterfully combines exercise with exploration. You'll feel the breeze on your face as you zip down Deichstraße, trace ancient fires that shaped Hamburg, and marvel at towering brick structures perched over narrow waterways.

Then there’s a stop at HafenCity—a testament to urban renewal—capped with an awe-inspiring view of the mighty Elbphilharmonie.

This 3-hour guided adventure comes packed with everything: a trusty bike, an expert guide fluent in English and German, even photos emailed to you for keepsakes! 

Plus, if plans change last minute? No worries—you can cancel free up to 24 hours ahead. And pay nothing until your plans are rock-solid. So grab your helmet; historic Peterstraße awaits!


  • Expert guidance: Enjoy a 3-hour tour with live guides speaking English or German.
  • Engaging experience: Explore the city by bike and visit the iconic Elbphilharmonie.
  • Includes bicycle, guide, and city map
  • Receive a photo series about the city via email


  • Limited availability, so booking in advance is recommended
  • Weather - dependent, so it's advisable to check forecasts and dress accordingly before the tour

4. Bike Tour with a Private Guide: Hamburg Best Highlights

Hop on a bike and follow your knowledgeable guide through the heart of Hamburg. You'll breeze past long lines of traffic and explore more than you could on foot.

The tour starts with top-notch bikes suited just for you, ensuring comfort as you pedal from one amazing sight to another.

Feel the wind in your hair while cycling along the bustling Port of Hamburg, then ease into the charm of Old Town. Each turn brings a new discovery, from awe-inspiring architecture to serene urban parks.


Your private guide shares stories that bring the city's history alive—you're not just passing by landmarks; you're diving deep into Hamburg's vibrant culture.

With options from 2 to 6 hours, there’s a tour for every schedule and interest level. Take snaps at Speicherstadt or let loose at Reeperbahn street knowing you've got insider tips guiding your journey.

This eco-friendly adventure is perfect for seeing Hamburg in style—say goodbye to sore feet and hello to an unforgettable ride!


  • Cycle from Port of Hamburg through Old Town to Speicherstadt
  • Personalized route tailored to your pace and interests
  • Expert guide with official Hamburg license speaking multiple languages
  • Fully equipped renting bikes from professional company included
  • Optional safety equipment provided, including helmets


  • Limited availability for last - minute bookings
  • Weather - dependent, so outdoor conditions could impact the experience

5. 2H Hamburg E-scooter Tour

Zoom around Hamburg on the 2H E-scooter Tour and see the city like never before. Feel the cool breeze as you whiz past landmarks such as Hafencity and Elbphilharmonie.

Your expert guide shares stories that bring each site to life, making this more than just a ride; it's a journey through history.

electric bike

Learning to ride is easy and safe with practice time included. Once you're zipping along, every twist and turn reveals a new treasure of Hamburg's sights in record time. By joining this city tour, you cover more ground than traditional walking tours without breaking a sweat.

The value-packed price includes not only your guide and gear but also extras like raincoats or warm vests if needed.

This means you'll enjoy Hamburg's outdoor adventure come rain or shine! Remember, booking is flexible – reserve today without paying upfront for peace of mind.


  • Glide through Hamburg’s streets on a e-scooter for an exhilarating experience.
  • Small group size, max 10 participants
  • Includes safety gear and practice time before the tour
  • Multiple language options for the live guide


  • Limited tour options outside of Hafencity
  • May not be suitable for those seeking a more physically active excursion
  • Potential weather - related disruptions to outdoor activities

6. 3-H Hamburg Segway Tour

Hop on a Segway and zip through Hamburg's streets like never before. Your local guide is brimming with cool stories about landmarks such as the grand Rathaus and buzzing Fish Market.

Before you take off, they'll give you all the tips you need to glide safely.

Picture this: You're cruising along, taking in sights like Speicherstadt's old warehouses and the Reeperbahn's nightlife, all without breaking a sweat.

The tour has your safety covered with helmets, plus raincoats for those drizzly days—so nothing will dampen your adventure.

Imagine pausing by St Michaelis Kirche or Marco Polo Tower while your guide reveals secret tidbits that even locals might not know.

This 3-hour journey isn't just convenient; it lets you soak up city vibes up-close in half the time it would take on foot. And if plans change, relax—you can cancel 24 hours ahead for a full refund. So grab that helmet and see Hamburg from a whole new angle!


  • Enjoy live tour guidance in both German and English
  • Hear captivating stories about Hamburg's key spots like Rathaus, Fish Market, and Reeperbahn
  • Practice time provided beforehand for beginners
  • Professional guide leads the Segway tour, with helmets included for safety


  • Limited availability, so booking in advance is recommended.
  • Not suitable for individuals under 15 years of age or weighing less than 45 kg.
  • Participants must be able to stand and step up onto the Segway unassisted.

Benefits of Taking a Hamburg Bike Tour

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Choosing a bike tour in Hamburg means you're pedaling towards a greener city. Each turn of the wheels cuts down on CO2 emissions, helping reach those ambitious mobility targets. Think about it - no gas fumes, just clean air and your own energy to ride through the city's sights.

You become part of Hamburg's shift to more bikes, fewer cars.

Bike tours are your ticket to sustainable travel without sacrificing fun or freedom. Glide past traffic jams with ease and feel great knowing you're making a positive impact.

As you explore each hidden corner of Hamburg, remember that every pedal stroke is an eco-friendly victory for both you and the planet!

Local Insights and Hidden Gems

Pedal through Hamburg's bustling streets and you'll find more than just the famous sights. The city is dotted with hidden spots that only locals usually know about.

Imagine discovering an out-of-the-way cafe where residents sip their morning coffee or a secret garden nestled between buildings, perfect for a quiet break.

Your guide knows all these places and shares stories you won't find in guidebooks.

Bike tours let you glide into cozy neighborhoods off the beaten path. You could find yourself admiring street art in an alleyway one minute and then watching boats on a serene canal the next.

Fun and Active Way to See the City

Hop on a bike and whisk through Hamburg's bustling streets. Feel the breeze as you zip along the waterways and weave through vibrant neighborhoods. You're not just sightseeing, you're part of the city's pulse! Cycling lets you discover hidden spots that buses can't reach.

Imagine gliding past the majestic Elbphilharmonie or pedaling around the serene Alster Lake, all while your heart races with excitement.

Saddle up for an adventure where every turn brings a new surprise. Catch glimpses of historic architecture mixed with modern design without worrying about parking spots or traffic jams.

With each pedal stroke, you'll immerse yourself in Hamburg’s rich history and culture from a fresh perspective. These tours aren’t just travels; they are active stories waiting to be lived by you!

Enjoy the Fresh Air and Scenic Views

Feel the cool breeze as you pedal through Hamburg's picturesque streets. Catch stunning views of historic landmarks and serene waterways along your bike tour route, giving you a unique perspective of the city's beauty.

As you ride, soak in the refreshing scents of lush parks and green spaces that line your path, creating an invigorating experience for all your senses.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face and revel in the sights of vibrant landscapes that unfold before your eyes, making every moment a delightful adventure.

Tips for a Successful Bike Tour

Dress comfortably and wear a helmet

Wear a comfortable outfit suitable for biking. The helmet protects your head during the tour. Helmets are available to use if needed on some tours, like the Hamburg Highlights Bike Tour.

Stay hydrated and bring snacks

Keep your energy up during the bike tour by staying hydrated and packing some snacks.

Remember, cycling around Hamburg can be a fun but demanding activity, so having water and a few nibbles on hand will keep you feeling refreshed and fueled for the adventure.

With the city's captivating sights awaiting you, having these essentials will ensure that hunger or thirst won't interrupt your exploration.

Don't forget to pack a water bottle - it's crucial to stay hydrated while pedaling through the city's charming streets and landmarks.

Plus, throwing in some light snacks like nuts or granola bars will give you an extra boost when tackling those uphill paths or discovering new corners of Hamburg!

Follow traffic rules and stay aware of your surroundings

When biking in Hamburg, it's crucial to follow traffic rules and stay alert to your surroundings. Understanding the cycling regulations in Germany will help ensure a safe and enjoyable tour.

Stay aware of pedestrians, vehicles, and other cyclists while following traffic signals and signs. Familiarize yourself with hand signals for turning and use bike lanes whenever possible for a smooth ride around the city.

Take breaks and enjoy the scenery

Pause during your bike tour to soak in the picturesque views of Hamburg's historic landmarks like the Speicherstadt and Old Harbor. Bask in the fresh air while taking a break, allowing yourself time to appreciate the city's enchanting scenery and lively atmosphere.

Embrace these moments by stopping at key vantage points on your route. Savor the sight of Alster Lake as you pedal through downtown, capturing serene snapshots that truly encapsulate Hamburg’s allure.

Listen to the guide's instructions and ask questions

Pay attention to the guide's instructions for a safe and enjoyable bike tour. Inquire about any doubts or details to make the most of your experience, capturing all the sights and insights during your Hamburg adventure.

Capture memories with photos along the way

Capture the breathtaking views and unique experiences of your Hamburg bike tour by snapping memorable photos along the route. Don't miss out on documenting the vibrant cityscape, historical landmarks, and charming hidden spots that make Hamburg so captivating.

Conclusion: Hamburg Bike Tours

In conclusion, Hamburg's diverse bike tours offer an exciting and active way to uncover the city's history and beauty. Whether you're into scenic landscapes or urban hotspots, there's a Hamburg tour tailored just for you.

Don't miss out on experiencing the Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour with its live guide and inclusive bike rental. And be sure to reserve the captivating Speicherstadt & Old Harbor Bike Tour, promising an enriching exploration of historic sites along with options for free cancellation.

bike tour sunset

Still undecided? I recommend Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour as the bike tour in Hamburg!

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