8 Best Hamburg City Tours

Updated on January 29, 2024  

best hamburg city tours

Looking to make the most of your time in Hamburg? Look no further. This blog post brings you the lowdown on the best Hamburg city tours, offering a no-nonsense guide to exploring the city's highlights and hidden gems. From walking city tours, to boat and bike, get ready to experience Hamburg like a local with these top-notch tours.

Top Hamburg City Tours


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2-Hour Tour of the Historic Old Town

  • Best City Walking Tour
  • See the highlights of Hamburg


boat wasserschloss hamburg

2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour

  • Best City Tour on Boat 
  • See the city from another perspective


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Private 75-Minute Tour of St. Pauli

  • Best St Pauli District Tour
  • Includes a fish sandwich!

1. 2-Hour Tour of the Historic Old Town

Take a step back in time with the 2-Hour Tour of the Historic Old Town, your ticket to uncovering Hamburg's vibrant past. This tour is packed with stories and sights that will leave history buffs in awe.

Walk the same streets where merchants once bustled around Hamburg's first harbor basin, thrown open to ships in 1189.

Your guide brings history alive as you stand before St. Nicholas' Church and wander through Mönckebergstraße, also known as "Mö." You'll feel like part of the city’s centuries-old narrative among towering structures like Chilehaus.

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The tales from your knowledgeable guide make every cobblestone hold a story worth telling—one minute you're learning about underground bunkers from WWII; the next, you're catching glimpses of what life was like during the Great Fire of 1842.

It's no wonder this tour stands out—it balances deep historical knowledge with fascinating landmarks that appeal to all ages.

The ease of booking with free cancellation up to a day ahead gives peace of mind while planning your adventure through Hamburg's old town memories and marvels.

Perfect for families or groups seeking an intimate glimpse into Hanseatic heritage without getting lost in dense historical jargon or large crowds—this is an experience designed for discovery and connection with one of Germany's most storied cities.


  • Stroll through the old town halls and feel like a Hanseatic merchant from long ago!
  • Stand in awe of St. Nicholas’ Church – its tall spire will totally wow you.
  • Get your explorer vibe on at the Africa House – it’s like stepping into another world, no passport needed!
  • Shop till you drop on Mönckebergstraße, where every store calls out your name!


  • Walking for 2 hours can be a lot if you're not used to it.
  • If old buildings aren't your thing, this tour might make you yawn.

2. 2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour

Climb aboard the 2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour and get ready for a journey through maritime history and modern wonders. Your expert guide knows every story and secret of the port, making you feel like an insider on this adventure.

As the boat slips past HafenCity, catch your breath at the stunning view of the Elbphilharmonie standing tall against the sky. The locks open just for you, offering a glimpse into Hamburg's heartbeat from its waters.

The contrast between old traditions and sleek container ships is striking as you glide by. It's more than just a tour; it’s a portal to understanding how Hamburg grew from its humble fishing roots to become Europe's third-largest port. [1]

Remember to download the 'Rainer Abicht' app before stepping on deck – your ticket to stories in six languages if German isn't your thing.

This cruise checks all boxes with flexibility - cancel up to 24 hours ahead for a full refund. And don’t worry if plans change last minute; reserve now but pay later options are here for you. This experience packs value that lasts long after those two hours on water have sailed away.


  • See Hamburg's big ships and boats up close—way cooler than from land!
  • Spot the shiny Elbphilharmonie glittering by the water—it's a real wow moment.
  • Glide through giant locks—you'll feel like you're in an adventure movie.
  • Watch old meets new—the port's a mixtape of cool cranes and sleek buildings.


  • Sometimes the weather plays spoilsport – it gets really windy and chilly on deck, so you might shiver if you forget your coat.
  • If you're not a fan of big boats or water, this XXL tour might make your stomach do somersaults!
  • The cruise is super popular; getting a spot can be tough – like trying to snag the last cookie in the jar!

3. Private 75-Minute Tour of St. Pauli

Dive into the heart of Hamburg's infamous St. Pauli district with this private tour. Imagine yourself wandering through the lively streets as your guide spills secrets of sailors and legends of bygone times.

The history comes alive as you stroll past landmarks like Davidwache police station and Hans-Albers-Platz, each story more colorful than the next.

Feel the energy of the Reeperbahn, where nightlife buzzes and tales from the red light district keep you hooked. A standout feature is sampling a fish sandwich at "Kleine Haie, Grosse Fische".


It’s not just a meal; it's an authentic slice of Hamburg culture that will dance on your taste buds. And since it's a private group experience, you get to soak in all these experiences without elbowing through crowds or straining to hear your guide.

It blends history with pleasure seamlessly, catering to both curious minds and hungry stomachs in one go. You're not just watching – you're partaking in Hamburg life with every step and bite during those action-packed 75 minutes.


  • Get picked up and dropped off at your convenience.
  • Dive into Hamburg's tales — from pirates to the Beatles, you'll be an expert on St. Pauli's past!
  • Walk where legends walked! From pulsing Reeperbahn to cozy Hans-Albers-Platz, it's all yours to explore.
  • Mmm, taste a real local treat – a fresh fish sandwich waiting just for you after your adventure!


  • No late - night stroll; tour ends before the St. Pauli nightlife kicks off.
  • Misses out on insider stories from local night owls and bartenders.
  • You gotta walk a lot, so wear comfy shoes or your feet will not be happy!

4. Speicherstadt and HafenCity Tour

Explore the heart of Hamburg on the Speicherstadt and HafenCity Tour. As you wander through Speicherstadt, marvel at historic warehouses where merchants have traded goods for centuries.

Your guide's stories bring the past to life, making you feel like you're stepping back in time. Then, shift gears to see HafenCity’s sleek buildings that touch the sky. This tour wraps both old and new into one, showing off Hamburg's layered history.

hafencity hamburg photo

You won't need to worry about changing plans; this tour lets you cancel for free up until 24 hours before it starts. Plus, there’s no stress on your wallet today because you can reserve now and pay later.

From mingling with locals near Elbe Philharmonic Hall to possibly sneaking a peek at a coffee roaster or Spice Museum – this two-hour journey is packed with sights and sounds.

This tour beautifully contrasts tradition with modernity, giving a full scope of what makes Hamburg unique in just two hours!

Grab your spot and join others who crave both historical charm and contemporary vibes—all guided by someone who knows these streets inside out.


  • Say goodbye to stress – cancel for free up to a whole day before the tour!
  • Explore Speicherstadt and HafenCity with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Discover the Kesselhaus, learn its history, except on Mondays.
  • Enjoy the tour without extra costs for food and drinks.


  • Even though it says 'German' on the page, the guides speak English
  • Only 2 hours long

5. Line A Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

Hop aboard the Line A Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour to see Hamburg like never before. You get total control of your day with the freedom to hop off at any of the 20 stops across the city. 

Explore landmarks such as Elbphilharmonie and Speicherstadt whenever you want. Don’t worry about strict plans; you can book now and pay later, giving you flexibility in your travel schedule.

With headphones provided on the double-decker bus, dive into stories and facts about Hamburg’s history in 11 different languages.

Line A Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

Picture yourself cruising through Harvestehude's stunning villas or marveling at the architecture around Outer Alster Lake – all while learning from an audio guide that knows every twist and turn of this vibrant city.

This sightseeing tour shines with practicality for everyone — it’s wheelchair accessible too! And if your plans change? No stress, free cancellation up to 24 hours ahead means peace of mind is part of the package. 


  • No worries if plans change – cancel a day before and get all your money back!
  • Chill now, pay later – book your adventure with no money down.
  • Explore all day – tickets are good for 24 hours whenever you start.
  • Get your own headphones to listen to interesting facts with a GPS audio guide system.
  • Start and finish your tour at the famous U S Landungsbrücken - easy and convenient.


  • Sometimes buses are full, you might have to wait for the next one.
  • If it rains, the view from the open top deck gets spoiled.
  • The audio guide might not work well; this can be a bummer if you're excited to learn cool facts.

6. Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour

Hop on a bike and explore Hamburg's heart with the Downtown, Alster & Alternative Areas Bike Tour. You'll start your journey near the university, where you can pick out a bike that fits just right. 

As you pedal through Sternschanze, feel the cool breeze while taking in views of historical buildings and lush parks. The tour isn't just about sights; it's a lesson in culture as you glide by street art and mingle with locals enjoying their day.

bike tour sunset

The path leads to lively St. Pauli and serene Inner Alster Lake, showcasing Hamburg's elegant side next to its gritty one. Each push of your pedals takes you deeper into stories of artists who shape the city and communities that vibrate with multicultural life.

Alongside knowledgeable guides, discover secret spots often missed by others.

With an affordable price tag and features like free cancellation up to 24 hours before, this experience is both wallet-friendly and flexible—perfect for modern travelers seeking adventure on their own terms.

Rainy day? No worries! Your guide has got alternative plans ready so that not even bad weather can dampen the spirit of discovery on this unique three-hour tour around Germany’s gateway to the world.


  • See the fancy shops by Alster Lake and feel like you're in a movie!
  • Discover hidden spots where Hamburg's cool culture thrives, away from the usual tourist paths.
  • Get to know the stories behind vibrant neighborhoods – it's like traveling through time!
  • Tour comes with everything you need: bike, guide, map, and rain plan.


  • Watch out! If you're not used to cycling in a city, the busy streets can be tricky.
  • Heads up for rainy days – Hamburg's weather can turn your bike adventure into a wet ride.
  • Don't bring your fancy shoes; pedaling through some edgy neighborhoods might lead to muddy encounters!

7. 2H Hamburg Segway Tour

Zip through Hamburg's streets on a Segway and discover the city from a new angle. The 2H Hamburg Segway Tour offers an exciting way to see famous sights like the Michaelis Kirche and Landungsbrücken. 

Your guide is both knowledgeable and entertaining, sharing stories that bring the history of places like Speicherstadt to life. It’s not just about sightseeing; it’s also about feeling the cool breeze as you glide along with ease.


Getting around on a Segway adds fun to your tour, especially with practice time included so you can ride confidently.

You won’t have to worry about gear either – they’ve got helmets, raincoats, gloves, and even warm vests ready for you.

Customers love this tour! They get value for money and enjoy easy transportation throughout the city.

Imagine scooting past Fish Market crowds or cruising by Hafencity’s waterfront scenes without breaking a sweat—a perfect blend of thrill and culture in just two hours.


  • Zip through Hamburg's sights – your cool Segway makes it easy and fun!
  • Safety first: riders must be over 14 and not expecting babies.
  • English and German guides
  • Gear up for any weather! Helmets, raincoats, gloves – they've got you covered.


  • Not for kids – sorry, little ones, this tour's only for people 15 and up!
  • Weather wobbly – if it's pouring rain, you might get a bit soaked even with the gear.

8. Scavenger Hunt and City Sights Smartphone Tour

The Scavenger Hunt and City Sights Smartphone Tour turns exploring Hamburg into a thrilling adventure. 

With your phone as a guide, every step is full of surprises as you hunt for landmarks like Davidwache, solving clever puzzles along the way.

You might even find yourself taking creative snapshots at Hauptkirche St. Michaelis to score extra points! This tour puts fun twists on sightseeing that keeps everyone engaged.

Booking this self-guided walking tour means you can dive into Hamburg's rich history while moving at your own pace. Need to pause for lunch or grab a coffee? No problem – there’s no time limit, so take all the breaks you need!

Plus, free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance offers peace of mind for those with shifting plans. It’s an affordable day out packed with discovery and play.

Remember to charge your smartphone before heading out because you'll need plenty of battery life and internet access to use the Explorial App effectively throughout this entirely outdoor activity.

The starting point is easy to find once you book; then it’s off on a two-hour journey woven through Hamburg’s vibrant streets – just the right mix of culture, challenge, and cheer that makes city tours memorable.


  • Skip the stress of planning! Book now, pay later – zero cost today!
  • Rain or shine, change of plans? No worries – cancel 24 hours before and get a full refund.
  • Get your phone ready for fun times! Tour at your own pace with the handy Explorial App.
  • Explore in any language! Bring friends along and enjoy multiple language options.


  • No go for wheelchairs – This tour isn't friendly for friends on wheels.
  • Gotta have internet – You'll need a smartphone that's charged and ready to surf the web.
  • Plan ahead with weather – Since it's all outdoors, rain could put a damper on your adventure.

Highlights of Hamburg In a City Tour

Old Town (Altstadt)

Stroll through the Old Town's cobblestone streets and feel the pulse of Hamburg's history. This area is a treasure box of culture, tucked away on the banks of the Elbe River.

Marvel at centuries-old buildings that tell tales from Germany's largest port. Visit Miniatur Wunderland, where tiny trains zoom around a mini world bustling with activity.

Grab your phone for an interactive scavenger hunt or join a guided tour to uncover hidden gems in Speicherstadt, Old Town’s historic area. Each corner offers a new discovery, from grand churches to charming plazas.

Soak in this cultural heritage spot and don't miss out on what makes Hamburg city tours truly memorable.


HafenCity sparkles along the Elbe river, buzzing with life and history. This cool quarter sits on Grasbrook island and is a hot spot for modern architecture fans.

You can't miss the towering Elbphilharmonie or the maze-like Speicherstadt warehouse complex nearby.

Elbphilharmonie river

Tour guides love to share stories of this area's past with curious visitors.

Hop on a boat to glide through HafenCity’s waterways for views you won’t find on land. Along these canals, every twist and turn reveals a new surprise—from top-notch museums to chic restaurants.

With 100 square kilometers of harbor magic, there's always more to uncover in this part of Hamburg’s bustling port.


Explore the marvel that is Speicherstadt, a grand warehouse district in Hamburg with towering neo-Gothic buildings and a rich history. It's not just any collection of warehouses; it's recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Speicherstadt photo

Imagine wandering through streets lined with red-brick giants, each one telling tales of trade from days long past. Snap photos from the public viewing platform where you can soak in 360-degree views over the city and harbor.

Get lost in this massive complex, stretching out as the world's largest connected warehouse area. Each building oozes character, showing off intricate designs that will transport you back to an era when maritime commerce shaped cities like Hamburg.

Don't miss your chance to see these architectural wonders up close on your tour of Germany’s famous port city.

St. Pauli & Reeperbahn

St. Pauli buzzes with energy at night, especially along the Reeperbahn. Here, neon signs light up the bustling streets where bars, clubs, and theaters come to life. You'll find plenty of action in this district known for its vibrant nightlife and bold entertainment options.

Feel the pulse of Hamburg as you walk past music venues that once hosted famous bands like The Beatles.

beatles platz photo

The Reeperbahn isn't just about partying; it's a slice of cultural history too. This area boasts a famed red-light district that draws curious visitors from all over.

Dive into St. Pauli's spirited atmosphere on a private tour and hear stories about local landmarks and hot spots that have seen decades of revelry. Witness how this district shapes Hamburg's dynamic character - an essential stop for anyone wanting to taste the city's buzzing life after dark.

Alternative Areas

Hamburg's heartbeat echoes in its alternative areas. Dive into neighborhoods like Grindel, bustling with indie cafes and unique boutiques. The Alternative Hamburg Tour shows you a different side of the city, where community spirit shines bright.

Pay what you like and soak in diverse cultures through murals, underground music spots, and local hangouts.

Uncover secrets that only locals know with the Insider Travel Guide to Hamburg. Stroll through streets lined with history that textbooks don't tell. Find hidden gems for foodies or snap quirky street art.

Every corner tells a story; let these off-the-beaten-path tours narrate yours.

Types of City Tours in Hamburg

Walking Tours

Explore the soul of the city by foot with an array of walking tours. Dive into history with a Local Tour of Hamburg Historic Centre, where every cobblestone tells a story.

Want to uncover hidden gems on your own? Grab your smartphone for a self-guided tour that leads you to secret spots and fascinating attractions at your own pace.


If St. Pauli’s nightlife piques your interest, there's even a sex and crime tour in its neon-lit streets! For those seeking more privacy, private guides tailor tours for small groups, ensuring an intimate experience of Hamburg’s unique charm.

Whether it’s historic landmarks or cultural insights you seek, choose from various themed walks that cater to your interests and let you experience Hamburg's unique vibe up close.

Bike Tours

Hop on a bike and pedal through Hamburg's heartbeat. Guided bicycle tours let you weave into the city's nooks, crisscrossing between historic sights and modern marvels. You'll find yourself gliding along flat, scenic routes that make for easy riding.

Zoom through Speicherstadt's iconic warehouses or catch a breeze beside the harbor on a breezy 1.5-hour day cruise by bike. Take a suburb spin to see how Hamburg’s charm extends beyond its center with companies like Hamburg Radtour leading the way.

Each push of the pedal brings new sights, from bustling markets to tranquil canals—a perfect blend of exercise and exploration under open skies.

Segway Tours

Glide through Hamburg's streets on a Segway tour and see the city from a new angle. These tours make sightseeing fun and effortless, even as you cover great distances without getting tired.

You'll feel the breeze on your face as a local guide leads you to famous spots, sharing stories that bring history to life.

Choose from different Segway adventures like cruising by the harbor or exploring Speicherstadt during the day or at night.

River Cruises

See Hamburg from the water on a relaxing river cruise. Feel the breeze as you drift along the Elbe