Dusseldorf Old Town Guide: Attractions, Restaurants & Hotels

Updated on January 19, 2024  

dusseldorf-old-town guide

Looking for a captivating destination steeped in history and culture? Welcome to Düsseldorf Old Town, renowned as the "longest bar in the world" due to its wealth of pubs, restaurants, and bars.

This guide will take you through winding alleyways, historic buildings, major landmarks and more that make this place truly unique. Get ready to journey into the heart of Germany's charm!

History and Significance of Dusseldorf Old Town

Dusseldorf Old Town has a noteworthy past dating back to 900 years ago.

In 1186, the Counts of Berg took control of the region. [1] As centuries passed, this quaint neighborhood maintained its charm through winding alleyways and remarkable historical buildings.

Today, Dusseldorf's old town is more than just an antique part of the city; it stands as a symbol of cultural heritage and architectural beauty.


Each cobblestone street tells stories from eras gone by, making every corner iconic for tourists worldwide.

This picturesque destination serves as an impressive testament to medieval architecture with historical landmarks scattered amidst tourist hotspots.

Must-See Attractions in Dusseldorf Old Town (Altstadt)

Marktplatz Square

As a central square in Dusseldorf's Old Town, Marktplatz Square flaunts its historical significance and architectural gems.

This tourist hotspot houses the Town Hall of Dusseldorf, a testament to centuries-old architectural heritage.


Known for its rich past, the square dates back to the 14th century when it was part of the city's first expansion.

At this historic site, tourists marvel at an imposing equestrian statue of Elector Johann Wilhelm II at its center. The majestic bronze figure stands as a proud emblem of his rule over Dusseldorf during the late 17th century.

A visit to Marktplatz Square offers an enriching experience that reaches far beyond sightseeing; one delves into cultural narratives etched throughout centuries and embodied within stone structures standing tall today.


Schlossturm, a must-see attraction in Düsseldorf's Old Town, stands as the lone survivor of an old castle that once towered over the city. Its towering structure on Burgplatz beckons visitors from afar.

Now serving as SchiffahrtsMuseum, Schlossturm displays a collection of ship models, illustrations and artifacts that narrate 2000 years of maritime history.


This historic building is not just viewed as part of Germany's artistic heritage but also praised as one of its finest maritime museums.

A visit to this museum offers engaging tales about ships and their evolutions across centuries. No trip to Dusseldorf would be truly complete without exploring the historic charm and maritime secrets housed within Schlossturm!

Basilika St. Lambertus

Basilika St. Lambertus is a stunning 13th-century church in Dusseldorf Old Town.

The church's Gothic-style architecture and tall dome make it a must-see attraction for visitors. Located next to the Rhine River, this historic site offers picturesque views that are truly captivating.