10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Hamburg

Updated on March 15, 2024  

Best Japanese Restaurants in Hamburg

With this ultimate guide, you'll uncover the best Japanese restaurants in Hamburg that do more than just feed your cravings - they'll whisk you away to the bustling streets of Tokyo without leaving town! 👇

Top Japanese Restaurants In Hamburg

YOSHI im Alsterhaus

Perched on the fourth floor of Hamburg's famous department store, YOSHI im Alsterhaus doesn't just serve up amazing sushi, but a variety of fresh fish dishes that are both delicious and beautifully presented.

The contemporary setting provides stunning views from its terrace, making every dining experience feel special.


This restaurant strikes a perfect balance between quality and price, offering an upscale dining experience without breaking the bank.

Plus, having mention in the MICHELIN Guide is no small feat! [1]


Our excitement peaks when we talk about NIKKEI NINE. This place is a treasure trove of flavors, where Japan meets Peru on your plate. It's right inside the luxurious Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg.

Imagine Japanese culinary techniques dancing with Peruvian scents – that’s what you get at NIKKEI NINE.

They’ve got a cool bar and service that'll make you feel like royalty. Dive into their menu and find dishes brimming with good fortune, just as the number nine suggests in Japanese culture.

Every bite here tells a story of two continents uniting to give you an elegant feast for the senses!


We know a hidden gem when we see one, and Akari in Uhlenhorst shines bright. This cozy spot feels like stepping into a family's welcoming home, complete with minimalist Japanese décor.


It's authentic to the core – tonkatsu that melts in your mouth, agedashi tofu simmering in its delicate broth, and sushi so fresh it might as well have leapt from the sea.

Folks around Hamburg can't stop talking about Akari's incredible flavors. They rave about feeling transported to Japan with each bite. We agree; it's a must-visit for anyone craving real Japanese food in Hamburg.


Echtasien excels in bringing the flavors of Japan to Hamburg. With two locations, one in Winterhude and the other on Blankeneser Landstr., this family-run restaurant offers an extensive variety of sushi, maki, sashimi, tempura, and teriyaki dishes.

It is renowned for its creative sushi combinations and traditional Japanese specialties like tonkatsu and agedashi.

The small but cozy ambiance paired with authenticity makes dining at Echtasien a delightful experience for lovers of Japanese cuisine.


Our friends who've been to Kampai unanimously vote them for fresh rolls in a cozy atmosphere. It's an unassuming shop tucked away on the notorious Reeperbahn, dishing out some of the city's best sushi.


Run by Japanese experts, you know you'll find sushi done the traditional way here every single time.

Expect to find your cravings satisfied without breaking the bank—meals here hover between €11 and €20!

Katana Sushi

With just five tables, Katana Sushi is small but nice and cozy.

Located directly at Großneumarkt in the Neustadt district, they specialize in California-style sushi offerings that tantalize the taste buds with unique combinations and delectable sauces.

One unique feature of Katana Sushi is the opportunity for customers to not only enjoy sushi but also learn how to make it themselves. The cooking course at the restaurant includes learning how to make maki, inside-out rolls, nigiri, and gunkan sushi. [2]


Matsumi, situated in the bustling Colonnaden area, has been a favored Japanese dining spot since 1982.


It was established with a focus on serving Hamburg's Japanese community. The restaurant maintains its reputation as one of the finest in the city and offers an authentic taste of Japan right in the heart of Hamburg.

With over three decades of experience, Matsumi stands out for its dedication to authenticity and tradition, promising visitors an exquisite Japanese culinary journey without leaving Germany.

Raw like Sushi

Raw like Sushi, nestled in the heart of Eppendorf, beckons with its traditional and hot sushi offerings. This small, family-run gem prides itself on serving authentic Japanese dishes that tantalize the taste buds.

The restaurant is renowned for its creative sushi and maki creations, which change monthly to keep things fresh and exciting.

Don't forget though, Raw like Sushi operates as a cash-only establishment – credit cards are not accepted here.

Sushi Lo 

Sushi Lo in Rotherbaum is renowned for its friendly staff and spacious veranda, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing lunch.

Their reasonably-priced sushi are fresh and delicious. If you're here for a meal, the sushi bentos will set you back between €11.50 to €20, which is super affordable.


The more popular options are their nigiri and sashimi (sliced raw fish) - my favorite was scallop and salmon. However, there are also cooked sushi options too if raw stuff isn't your thing! 

Another favorite is the avocado rolls, perfect for vegans, as it consists of avocado chunks rolled in sticky sushi rice wrapped in seaweed.


Zipang in Hoheluft, Hamburg is a notable MICHELIN Guide Restaurant renowned for skillfully blending traditional and contemporary Japanese culinary techniques.

The restaurant has gained popularity among Japanese diners for its authentic Japanese cuisine.

At Zipang, patrons can indulge in modern Japanese fine dining within an elegant setting that exudes sophistication and taste.

The dishes served are not only visually exquisite but also bursting with rich flavors, making the dining experience truly exceptional.

What to Look for in a Japanese Restaurant


The menu at these top Japanese restaurants in Hamburg features a delectable array of authentic dishes from sushi and sashimi to flavorful ramen. These restaurants promise an extensive selection that caters to all tastes, including must-try options like tonkatsu, yakitori, and yakiniku.</