14 Best Breakfast Places In Hamburg

Updated on March 12, 2024  

best breakfast in hamburg

We all know the feeling—you roll out of bed, your stomach's doing somersaults and you're wondering where to have the best breakfast in Hamburg. Well, after many mornings scouting high and low, we think we've found them.

From traditional German classics that'll stick to your ribs, to light-and-breezy health-conscious options — we’ve got with our handpicked list of breakfast places in Hamburg. 👇

Top Breakfast Spots in Hamburg

Café Gnosa

We love heading to Café Gnosa when we're in St. Georg. It's like stepping back in time, with over 80 years of history tucked into its cozy corners.

Their breakfasts are hearty and truly German – eggs, breads, meats, and cheeses that fill you up for a day of exploring Hamburg.

Café Gnosa breakfast Hamburg

And oh, those cakes! They're not just treats; they're masterpieces that look as good as they taste.

Café Gnosa is more than a breakfast spot; it's part of the local heartbeat, especially known among the gay and lesbian community.

Café Paris

Café Paris takes you right to the heart of France without leaving Hamburg. Its art nouveau decor sets the stage for a morning feast amidst elegance and style. You'll find it near the Rathaus, offering a cozy spot to savor high-quality coffee with friends.

The breakfast menu at Café Paris is robust, filled with delicious offerings that celebrate French cuisine. Think fresh pastries and creamy lattes in an upscale setting that reminds you of turn-of-the-century Parisian cafés.

It's perfect for those who enjoy starting their day surrounded by class and flavor right in the city center.

Steff's Wild Roots

Steff's Wild Roots is our go-to spot for the fluffiest, most delicious waffles you've ever tasted. Picture this: a cozy nook where the smell of fresh coffee mingles with sweet maple syrup.

It's not just any breakfast nook—this place feels like home.


They serve up an all-day breakfast that'll have you coming back time and again. Their menu boasts hearty options, catering to everyone from early risers to brunch enthusiasts who love lingering over their meal.

Trust us, the vibrant atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes make Steff’s stand out in Hamburg’s breakfast scene!

Mit Herz und Zucker

Mit Herz und Zucker is a bustling breakfast spot in Hamburg, where you can relish homemade pies, tantalizing sandwiches, flavorful egg dishes, and luscious pancakes.

Its central location at Steindamm makes it a convenient place for both locals and tourists to enjoy delicious breakfast offerings seven days a week.

The inside of the place is adorable and it looks nice and feels cozy. If you want to sit inside, you might have to wait. But if the weather's nice, sitting outside and soaking up the sun is just lovely!

TRE PAZZI Café & Bar

Located in Winterhude, TRE PAZZI Café & Bar is an Italian breakfast spot, knowned for its charming ambiance. The café features a rotating menu of warm Italian dishes that are simply irresistible.

It's known for serving coffee made with local organic milk, adding an extra touch of quality to every cup.


The coffee at this place is really good, and the sandwiches are tasty. We enjoyed it twice over the weekend with espresso and some small Italian treats.

It can get pretty crowded on sunny days, but if you're willing to wait a bit, you'll likely find a seat.

Klein und Kaiserlich

This Austrian coffee shop is a hidden gem for breakfast in Hamburg. This café offers traditional Austrian coffee specialties, delectable cakes, and an array of breakfast options.

It has a fancy and cozy inside that feels really welcoming. Plus, their hot chocolate is amazing!

But you must try their homemade Topfenstrudel - it's absolutely heavenly with every bite.

Of course, its location on Kaiser Kai quay provides a stylish venue with a waterside terrace.

Café Kostbar

Café Kostbar in Sternschanze offers a stunning view from its terrace, drawing in hipsters and urban bohemians alike. The café is known for serving all-day breakfast options, along with hearty burgers, nourishing bowls, and delectable cakes.

With its diverse menu ranging from breakfast to cocktails in the evening, Café Kostbar caters to various cravings throughout the day.


Situated amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Sternschanze area in Hamburg, Café Kostbar welcomes patrons seeking not just a meal but an experience.

Whether it's a leisurely morning coffee accompanied by a panoramic view or an indulgent brunch affair, this spot entices visitors with its blend of ambiance and flavors.

Gretchens Villa

Gretchens Villa sits in Karolinenviertel, a trendy Hamburg district. The menu features breakfast, daily specials, and a tempting array of home-baked cakes. Its cozy atmosphere with turquoise wallpaper makes it an ideal spot for enjoying morning dishes like eggs and granola or indulging in light lunches.

The cafe offers a lovely setting to relax, serving up delightful baked goods alongside coffee.

The café is highly recommended for those seeking a royal dining experience with its appealing options including breakfast treats, focaccia, salads, and other mouth-watering dishes.

Cafe Par Ici

Cafe Par Ici in Winterhude is a charming French café nestled in a cozy setting. With its intimate ambiance, it's known for serving delightful lunch menus featuring sweet or savory tartes.

The café offers an authentic French-style breakfast, complete with freshly baked baguettes and other delectable options.

A visit to Cafe Par Ici promises an inviting atmosphere where one can savor the essence of a traditional French breakfast experience right in the heart of Hamburg's Winterhude district.


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