Hamburg in July (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in July

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In July

July is the great time to visit Hamburg, with average daily high temperatures ranging from 70°F to 73°F. The weather in Hamburg during July is usually mildly cool with a gentle breeze, making it an ideal time to explore the city.

The average temperature in Hamburg in July ranges from a high of 73°F to a low of 55°F, making it a comfortable and pleasant time to visit. There are plenty of things to do in Hamburg in July, with temperatures ranging from 55—73°F, allowing for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In July

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg heats up in July with average daily highs between 70°F and 73°F. Nights stay comfy, so you won't need heavy blankets. This month shines as one of the warmest, hitting temps similar to June's cozy feel.

Rain might pop by during your stay, but it doesn't stick around long. Pack an umbrella and some sunnies; Hamburg likes to mix sunshine with showers!

hamburg in july

Dressing For The Weather

Pack light and breezy for July days in Hamburg. T-shirts, dresses, shorts, and light trousers are perfect for the warm temperatures. The average high is a comfortable 73°F (23°C).

But don't forget a sweater or cardigan; evenings can get cooler even after a sunny day.

Always have an umbrella handy! Sudden showers aren't unusual this time of year. Layering is smart—be ready for mild breezes and cloudy skies about half the time. You'll be all set to enjoy everything from outdoor festivals to evening strolls along the Elbe River.

Hamburg July Holidays And Events

Altonale - June to July

Altonale brings a creative burst to Hamburg each summer. Over half a million people flock to this cultural street festival in the vibrant district of Altona. [1] Streets come alive with art, music, and theater performances for all ages.

Food stalls offer flavors from around the world while local crafts and artworks display the city's creative flair.

altonale festival

Visitors can dive into workshops or watch live bands under the sun. It's not just about spectating; you're invited to join dance groups and make some memories.

This festival shows off what Hamburg does best—celebrating diversity and culture with open arms—and it’s absolutely free!

Eppendorfer Landstrassenfest

Eppendorfer Landstrassenfest in July is a notable event tied to Hamburg’s vibrant summertime scene, drawing locals and visitors alike.

The festival infuses the Eppendorf district with an electrifying atmosphere, featuring live music, food stalls offering local delicacies, bustling market stands brimming with handmade goods, and lively entertainment for all ages.

This well-loved event aligns perfectly with July’s warm temperatures — a prime opportunity to soak up the sun and relish outdoor festivities. With average daily high temperatures ranging between 70°F to 73°F (21°C to 23°C), Eppendorfer Landstrassenfest sets a picturesque stage for enjoying summer at its peak in Hamburg.

Hamburg Harley Days - June or July

Hamburg Harley Days rev up the city’s energy in June or July, attracting motorcycle enthusiasts and curious onlookers.

The event brings together a vibrant mix of live music, custom bike shows, and an electrifying parade that reverberates through Hamburg's streets. [2]

Hamburg Harley Days

With its thrilling atmosphere and diverse entertainment, this celebration is a highlight for both locals and visitors alike.

Embracing the spirit of freedom and individuality, Hamburg Harley Days encapsulate the city’s lively essence during the summer months. So rev your engines and join in the revelry if you’re seeking an authentic taste of Hamburg’s spirited community.

Tibargfest - June or July

The Tibargfest in June or July is a must-visit event in Hamburg, offering a vibrant mix of street parties, live music, and open-air activities. This popular festival caters to visitors of all ages with its diverse range of entertainment options.


From engaging street performances to delicious local food stalls and lively festivities, the Tibargfest is an immersive experience that showcases the dynamic spirit of Hamburg's cultural scene.

As one of the significant events during this period, embracing the energy and enthusiasm at Tibargfest promises an unforgettable taste of local traditions and community celebrations against the backdrop of warm summer days.

Hamburg Pride - July or August

Hamburg Pride, a vibrant celebration of LGBTQI+ love and acceptance, lights up the city in July or August. The festivities kick off with the exhilarating Pride Night on July 29th, marking the beginning of an inclusive and joyous week. [3]

With diverse events and spirited gatherings, Hamburg embodies inclusivity and warmth during this celebratory period.

Hamburg Pride

Beaming with colorful parades and meaningful cultural demonstrations, Hamburg’s Pride exemplifies unity and diversity. It's a time when the city radiates positivity, welcoming locals and visitors alike to join in celebrating love and tolerance for all.

Hambug DOM (Summer) - July or August

In July and August, the vibrant city of Hamburg hosts its iconic Summer DOM festival.

This fun fair, deeply rooted in history and tradition dating back to the middle ages, offers an array of thrills for visitors - from exhilarating roller coasters to spectacular firework displays and delectable refreshments.


The DOM festival showcases three different editions: spring, summer, and winter, each lasting a month; attracting crowds with its festive atmosphere akin to Munich's Oktoberfest.

Summer DOM comes alive during July and August in Hamburg - it's a lively time when the city pulsates with energy.

As you roam through this historic event filled with attractions ranging from heart-racing rides to mouthwatering treats under dazzling fireworks display, you'll experience firsthand why the Summer DOM is an unmissable celebration in this captivating German city.

Vogelball Festival

The Vogelball Festival, held annually in July, is a vibrant celebration that encapsulates the free-spirited essence of summer.

Located in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg quarter, this festival embraces the lively atmosphere with its bird-themed costume ball and wild courtship dance.

Coinciding with the city's Christopher Street Day parade, it becomes an even larger event for Hamburg, drawing diverse crowds to revel in electronic music and self-expression on the MS Dockville grounds.

Attendees are treated to an inclusive environment that champions acceptance and artistic expression, making Vogelball a must-visit extravaganza in Hamburg during July.

Top Things To Do In Hamburg In July

Take an Elbe River or Harbor Cruise

Cruising the Elbe River or touring Hamburg's harbor is a must-do in July. Experience the city's maritime heritage from a unique perspective and take in picturesque views of the waterfront.

With warm and sunny weather, it's the perfect time to enjoy this popular activity and soak up the maritime atmosphere of Germany’s largest cruise port.

There are various tour options available for cruising the Elbe River and the Hamburg harbor.


boat wasserschloss hamburg

2-Hour XXL Port of Hamburg Cruise Tour

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Hit The Beach Clubs

Beach clubs in Hamburg buzz with life in July as locals and visitors flock to the Elbe river and other spots. Enjoy a relaxed vibe, sun loungers, refreshing drinks, and occasional live music amidst stunning waterfront views.

Dive into beach volleyball, relax on hammocks under palm trees or just soak up the radiant sun – all while relishing delectable snacks from food stands at these vibrant venues.


Bask in the chilled-out atmosphere that even includes swimming opportunities if visiting family-friendly beaches like Wittenbergen or Falkensteiner Ufer. With an exciting range of activities set against scenic backdrops, beach clubs are a must-visit for those seeking summertime fun in Hamburg.

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen, a sprawling 100-acre park in Hamburg, lures visitors with its diverse landscapes. The park boasts exotic plants, trees, and rock formations alongside serene ponds and a charming teahouse.

Families can revel in themed gardens while couples find solace amidst the tranquil greenery. Amidst the bustling city life of Hamburg, Planten un Blomen offers an idyllic retreat for nature lovers seeking relaxation.

Planten un Blomen

This sought-after haven exemplifies Hamburg's commitment to providing green spaces for leisure and rejuvenation. The enchanting gardens and captivating light shows make it a top choice for those looking to unwind or immerse themselves in natural beauty within the heart of Hamburg’s urban landscape.

Hamburg Fish Market

The Hamburg Fish Market, a lively and vibrant institution since 1703, is a must-visit spot in the bustling port city. Situated right on the harbor, it offers an array of attractions such as freshly caught fish, colorful fruits, fragrant flowers, trendy clothing, and unique souvenirs.

hamburg fish market stands

Opening at the crack of dawn, this market exudes energy with its bustling atmosphere and tempting seafood delicacies that draw in crowds. It's the perfect place to savor mouthwatering local treats while soaking up the cosmopolitan vibe of this historic port city.

Located alongside Europe’s second-busiest port, visitors are treated to more than just seafood – they can experience an array of enticing offerings while immersing themselves in the market’s lively ambiance.

Explore Speicherstadt and HafenCity

Speicherstadt is the world's largest warehouse complex, featuring impressive red-brick buildings and intricate waterways. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a captivating blend of history and modernity.

Don't miss out on Miniatur Wunderland, an attraction that showcases incredibly detailed miniature landscapes within Speicherstadt. Moving on to HafenCity, it's a bustling district with innovative architecture and vibrant cultural spaces.

The area offers numerous opportunities for exploration, from stylish cafes to contemporary art galleries.


Speicherstadt photo

Speicherstadt and HafenCity 2-Hour Tour

Explore Hamburg's Speicherstadt district and HafenCity on a guided walking tour. Learn about Speicherstadt's history as a center of trade and see the famous Chilehouse in the Kontorhaus district.

Indoor Activities On Rainy Days

Visit the Miniatur Wunderland

Located in the picturesque Speicherstadt district, Miniatur Wunderland is a must-visit indoor attraction in Hamburg. This remarkable wonderland boasts the title of being the largest model train exhibit globally and continues to expand.

Miniatur trainset

As you step inside, be prepared to be awed by intricate recreations featuring trains running through stunning replicas of not only Hamburg but also the Austrian landscapes and other mesmerizing areas.

It's an ideal option for families seeking captivating indoor activities during inclement weather. Don't miss out on witnessing this enchanting world that constantly evolves with its extraordinary attention to detail.

Hamburg Dungeon

Explore the immersive experience of Hamburg Dungeon, an intriguing tourist attraction that brings the city's history to life through interactive shows and exhibits.

Step into a world filled with gripping storytelling and special effects, offering a unique opportunity to delve into Hamburg's past in an entertaining way.

hamburg dungeon torture

This indoor activity is an ideal option for discovering Hamburg's heritage, especially when looking for captivating experiences during the rainy season in July.

Immerse yourself in the engaging displays and themed attractions at Hamburg Dungeon, providing a fascinating insight into the city's historical events while enjoying a memorable and educational visit.

See a Cabaret Show

Catch an electrifying cabaret show at Pulverfass Cabaret,  - a perfect evening plan. Gasp at glittering costumes and stunning choreography, with performances ranging from classic to contemporary acts.

drag queens

Relish the captivating music, outstanding dance routines, and humorous sketches that guarantee an unforgettable night out. Enjoy sipping on cocktails while immersing yourself in the magnetic atmosphere of an enthralling cabaret performance.

Visit the International Maritime Museum

Marvel at Hamburg's rich maritime heritage by paying a visit to the International Maritime Museum. Situated in the historic Speicherstadt, this museum offers an immersive experience into the world of shipping and trade.

The collection includes ship models, authentic uniforms, paintings, and other fascinating artifacts related to maritime culture.

international maritime museum hamburg photo

Housed within one of Hamburg's oldest standing warehouses, visitors can uncover gripping stories of explorers, conquerors, captains, and seafarers while gaining valuable insight into the city’s pivotal role in maritime history.

Gain a deeper understanding of Hamburg's significance in global trade as you explore this treasure trove of maritime artifacts.

Visit the Chocolate Museum (Chocoversum)

Discover the irresistible world of chocolate at Hamburg's Chocoversum museum. Step into an interactive journey through the delectable history and production process of chocolate, immersing yourself in the sights, scents, and flavors.


It's a perfect indoor activity, especially on rainy days in July, providing both entertainment and education for visitors of all ages. The Chocoversum is not just a typical museum; it's an immersive experience that takes you through the entire process of making chocolate, from bean to bar.

With its central location and fun-filled learning opportunities, it's no wonder that this museum is popular among tourists and locals alike.

Practical Tips For Visiting Hamburg In July

Saving Money With The Hamburg Card

Not many travelers to Hamburg know about the Hamburg Card, or they find out about it but it's too late. Don't let that be you!

This handy little-known card offers steep discounts on many attractions you might visit in Hamburg - museums, shopping, restaurants, the zoo and more.

For example, with the Hamburg Card, you'd get up to 50% off the top Hamburg museums like Miniature Wonderland, Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburger Kunshalle, International Maritime Museum and many more.

hambug card image

With this card, you can take advantage of discounts for popular City and Harbor tours.

But the best part is really free unlimited travel on all public transportation within the city.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, the savings from buses and trams can add up, especially if you like to move around.

Be Generous With Sun Protection

When visiting Hamburg in July, it's crucial to be generous with sun protection due to the warm weather. With temperatures ranging from 55—73°F (13—23°C), sunscreen is essential for outdoor activities like Elbe River or Harbor Cruises and beach club visits.


Don't forget to pack a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and lightweight clothing to shield yourself from the sun's rays as you explore the beautiful city of Hamburg.

Remember, applying sunscreen every two hours and seeking shade during peak sunlight hours will help you stay protected while enjoying all that Hamburg has to offer in July.

Be Prepared for Sudden Rainfall

Pack an umbrella or a lightweight raincoat when visiting Hamburg in July, as the weather can be unpredictable and sudden rainfall is common. It's wise to have some form of protection against unexpected showers, especially when enjoying outdoor activities or exploring the city.

With temperatures ranging from moderate to warm, it's essential to be ready for occasional downpours amidst the pleasant summer climate.

Weather In Hamburg In July: FAQs

Does It Rain In Hamburg In July?

Hamburg experiences an average of 19.2 rainfall days in July, with precipitation totaling around 49mm. Rainfall is spread over 7 days on average, resulting in a wet climate during this month.

Visitors are advised to be prepared for sudden rain showers and consider indoor activities for rainy days.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hamburg?

The best time to visit Hamburg is between May and September. This period brings the warmest and sunniest weather, making it ideal for exploring the city’s outdoor attractions and enjoying various events.

The months of May, June, July, August, and September offer the most favorable weather conditions in Hamburg.

Unlocking rich travel experiences amidst vibrant festivities or leisurely strolls along the waterfront requires planning your trip between May and September – a window that guarantees pleasant weather for enriching escapades throughout Hamburg's cityscape.

When Is The Shoulder Season In Hamburg?

The shoulder season in Hamburg usually occurs during May and September. This period is ideal for visitors who want to avoid the peak tourist influx and enjoy relatively quieter attractions and accommodations.

Additionally, the weather during these months is generally pleasant, making it a comfortable time to explore the city's outdoor offerings without facing extreme temperatures or heavy crowds.

How Hot Is It In Hamburg In July?

Hamburg sizzles in July, with average daily highs ranging from 70°F to 73°F. As the hottest month, temperatures typically soar to an average high of 72°F and a low of 55°F. Embracing a maritime temperate climate, Hamburg can see temperatures climbing up to 74°F in July.

Is It Sunny In Hamburg In July?

July in Hamburg is a mix of sun and clouds, leaning towards more cloudy days. On average, sunny weather graces the city around 46% of the time. The temperatures soar to a delightful 74°F during the day and retreat to a pleasant 63°F in the morning, creating an enjoyable climate for exploring all that Hamburg has to offer.

Remembering pale blue skies glinting off modern marvels and historical landmarks, July showcases Hamburg's charming blend of urban allure and natural beauty against an ever-changing sky.

What Is The Average Temperature In Hamburg In July?

In July, Hamburg experiences average high temperatures of 70°F to 73°F. The typical daily temperature range in July is from a cooling low of 55°F to a warm high of 73°F, making it pleasant for outdoor activities such as enjoying the many festivals and events that take place during this vibrant summer month in the city.

Should I Go To Hamburg In July?

Hamburg in July beckons with mild weather, averaging 73°F during the day and pleasant lows of 55°F. It's an ideal time to soak up the city's lively atmosphere, from outdoor events like Altonale and Hamburg Harley Days to strolling through captivating spots like Speicherstadt and HafenCity.

If you revel in warm temperatures and a bustling city vibe, Hamburg in July is a definite go.

If you enjoy summer warmth coupled with refreshing breezes, exploring Hamburg's vibrant festivals and leisurely cruising along the Elbe River or harbor charms your spirit - then yes, Hamburg in July is worth it.

Are There Any Major Hamburg Holidays In July?

July in Hamburg is a festive season, with two major holidays and celebrations taking place. The city hosts the Port Anniversary, a lively event that attracts visitors with its spectacular fireworks, music, and maritime activities.

Additionally, the Reeperbahn festival lights up the streets with live music concerts, street performances, and vibrant parties. These iconic events showcase Hamburg's rich cultural heritage and provide an unforgettable experience for visitors during July.

Amidst the summer warmth, these celebrations add an extra layer of excitement to exploring the city’s dynamic atmosphere—making it a perfect time to immerse yourself in Hamburg's energetic vibe while enjoying these renowned festivities!

Are There Mosquitoes In Hamburg In July?

Mosquito season in Hamburg peaks in July due to warm and wet weather. The abundance of mosquitoes is influenced by factors such as temperature, humidity, and rainfall.

The warmer and humid conditions in Hamburg create an ideal environment for mosquitoes to thrive, making it important for visitors to be prepared for these pesky insects while exploring the city's attractions.

Conclusion: Hamburg in July

July in Hamburg offers a delightful blend of mild temperatures, outdoor festivals, and diverse activities. Whether it's cruising the Elbe River or savoring the vibrant atmosphere at the Hamburg Fish Market, there's something for everyone.

From exploring HafenCity to immersing in cultural delights at Miniatur Wunderland, July beckons with a feast for the senses. Soak in the city’s rich festivities and pleasant weather—Hamburg is ready to charm you!


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