Hiking in Dusseldorf: 9 Best Trails Nearby

Updated on October 15, 2023  


Hiking in Dusseldorf offers a unique blend of urban vibrancy and natural serenity, making it a hidden gem within this bustling German city.

Explore how Dusseldorf's scenic trails provide a refreshing escape from the urban buzz in this article.

9 Top Hiking Trails in Düsseldorf

Gerresheim: Rotthäuser Bachtal

The Rotthäuser Bachtal hike in Gerresheim, a district of Düsseldorf, offers a diverse and captivating outdoor experience.

This popular circular trail begins at the Basilica of St. Margareta and takes you on a journey through the scenic Rotthäuser Bachtal nature reserve.

Along the way, you'll encounter fish ponds, reed areas, and steep rocky slopes, all surrounded by abundant flora and fauna.

The hike provides sweeping views of the surrounding landscape as it ascends over the Steinberg and traverses forested paths.


In wetter conditions, be prepared for muddy terrain and some steep climbs, so sturdy footwear is recommended.

The trail showcases a rich variety of species, making it a great spot for nature enthusiasts. Its close proximity to Gerresheim makes it an accessible and rewarding outdoor adventure for those in the area. 

Measuring an approachable 9.8km long, this route is a favorite among beginners and seasoned hikers alike. [1]

Many marvel at how such an easy path can offer so much — from enchanting flora to captivating fauna views — all within an average completion time of between 2 to 3 hours!

Megamarsch Düsseldorf

The Megamarsch Düsseldorf stands out as a challenging, expert-level hiking event held in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This robust 30.8-mile loop route takes participants on an exhilarating journey through picturesque landscapes and diverse terrains near Düsseldorf. [2]

Each stride delivers more than just physical endurance; it offers an intimate encounter with the natural beauty of the region.

Megamarsch Düsseldorf

Participants typically require about 10-13 hours to complete this distanced trek, making it both physically demanding and incredibly rewarding for those who conquer its path.

With every mile covered, hikers embrace their stamina against the backdrop of the panoramic landscapes that make up this thrilling hike - Megamarsch Düsseldorf.

Unterbacher Lake Loop

The Unterbacher Lake Loop hike, a picturesque 3.6-mile trail near Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, offers a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts.

This easily accessible route meanders around the beautiful Unterbacher See, providing stunning lake views from the harbor terrace and northern promenade.

A beach café with a floating lakeside terrace awaits at the southern lido. The trail features shady trees, making it suitable for jogging on warm days.


Though nearby roads create background noise, the serene lake and its protected bird island compensate well.

Gravel and scree paths dominate the lakeshore, and the route showcases natural landscapes, local flora, and fauna. This year-round loop typically takes around 1 hour and 12 minutes to complete, attracting hikers, runners, birdwatchers, and mountain biking enthusiasts.

Aaper Forest - Glider Airfield

The Aaper Forest in Düsseldorf is a nature reserve and popular hiking destination. One of the highlights of this scenic area is the Wolfsaap Glider Airfield, which adds an additional attraction for visitors.

Hikers can enjoy a 6.1-mile loop trail that takes them through the forest's beautiful parkland and wildlife habitat.

With its walking trails, nature trails, and picnic spots, the Aaper Forest offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying outdoor activities like birdwatching or simply taking in the scenic views.

The average completion time for this trail is around 2 hours and 32 minutes, making it an ideal option for those looking for a rewarding hike without too much time commitment.

Düsseldorf - Rhine Route

The Düsseldorf - Rhine Route is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts in the city. This popular area offers not only hiking, but also road biking and walking opportunities.

Open year-round, this approximately 14.6 km long trail provides breathtaking views of the Rhine River, including the impressive Fleher Bridge.

This route takes you through the Düsseldorf harbor, showcasing captivating architecture by internationally acclaimed designers, transforming the former commercial port into a promenade of architectural wonder.


As you journey past the NRW state parliament, you'll traverse the industrial harbor, enjoying sights of Lausward and Paradiesstrand, an island rich in biodiversity that was historically isolated from the district of Bilk by an Altrhein arm.

Today, it's home to the region's largest power plant. The tour continues along the Rhine, leading you to the picturesque Cecilienallee.

Key highlights of this scenic adventure include thrilling architectural feats, the idyllic Paradise Beach, and the vibrant Düsseldorf harbor, offering a captivating blend of nature and human ingenuity.

Ohligser Heide Loop

The Ohligser Heide Loop is a popular hiking trail located near Düsseldorf, Germany.

This trail offers hikers the opportunity to explore the beautiful natural scenery of the Ohligser Heide nature reserve.

Situated in the Bergisches Land, Cologne District, this loop provides a great escape into nature for both beginners and experienced hikers.