Where to Stay in Dusseldorf (10 Best Places)

Updated on December 24, 2023  


Wondering where to stay in Dusseldorf? This guide will break down different places in the city, helping you pinpoint the most suitable areas for your stay.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the best places to stay in Dusseldorf, from wallet-friendly spots under 30 euros/night to boutique hotels near all the hotspots.

Best Places to Stay in Dusseldorf



Altstadt (Old Town)

  • Best for first timers
  • Near major attractions & Xmas markets




  • Best for Shopping
  • Near train station




  • Coolest Place to Stay
  • Trendy and vibrant

Altstadt (Old Town) - Where to Stay in Dusseldorf for First Timers

If it's your first time visiting Dusseldorf, you won't find a more ideal location to stay than the Altstadt (Old Town).

This district pulsates with culture and activity, ensuring you are never far from an intriguing museum or a delightful dining experience.


Staying in Altstadt means you're at the heart of it all, with easy access to both historic sights and modern comforts. Every corner reveals something new, from art galleries tucked away in ancient buildings to stylish boutiques showcasing the latest fashion.

Affordable Luxury Accommodation in Dusseldorf Old Town:

Mid Range Accommodation in Dusseldorf Old Town:

Altstadt (Old Town) and MedienHafen– Where to Stay in Dusseldorf for Nightlife

After exploring the historic charm of Altstadt for its daytime appeal, those looking to dive into Dusseldorf's spirited evening scene will find a seamless transition as the sun sets.

Altstadt (Old Town) transforms into a buzzing hub of activity after dark, making it an ideal location for travelers who want to experience authentic German nightlife. This district boasts an array of traditional pubs and hip bars where patrons can mingle with locals and enjoy live music.


Just a short stroll away lies MedienHafen, Dusseldorf’s avant-garde quarter brimming with contemporary architecture and waterfront lounges. Here, revelers can indulge in high-energy dance clubs or unwind at chic rooftop bars offering panoramic views of the Rhine River.

Staying in either neighborhood places visitors at the heart of Dusseldorf’s famous nightlife — perfect for night owls seeking entertainment until dawn.

Best Hotels in MedienHafen:

Oberbilk – Best Place to Stay in Dusseldorf on a Budget

Oberbilk offers travelers a chance to explore Dusseldorf without breaking the bank. Known for its affordability, this neighborhood welcomes visitors with a variety of budget-friendly accommodations.

You'll find hotels and holiday rentals that provide comfort at a fraction of the cost compared to other parts of the city.

Ease of transportation is another perk of choosing Oberbilk as your base. With public transport connections readily available, guests can navigate to famous attractions effortlessly.

Moreover, families appreciate Oberbilk's practicality and its proximity to essential amenities. This area proves you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy the rich experiences Dusseldorf has in store.

Best Hotels in Oberbilk:

Dusseltal – Kid-Friendly Place to Stay in Dusseldorf with Family

For families looking for a peaceful and kid-friendly place to stay in Dusseldorf, Dusseltal is the perfect choice. The area offers plenty of cultural activities, beautiful buildings, and recreational parks for families to explore.

With comfortable accommodations and excellent public transport connections to the city, Dusseltal ensures a great experience for both parents and children.


Families staying in Dusseltal can take advantage of nearby attractions like the Zoo Park and multiple playgrounds, providing additional recreational opportunities for kids and adults alike.

Best Hotels in Dusseltal:

Friedrichstadt – Coolest Place to Stay in Düsseldorf

Friedrichstadt stands out as the coolest place to stay in Düsseldorf. Situated at the heart of the city, this hip neighborhood offers a trendy and vibrant atmosphere that appeals to first-time visitors and those seeking a centrally located area.

Friedrichstadt boasts innovative architecture, historic monuments, and excellent waterfront dining options. Its proximity to Altstadt also makes it an ideal choice for shoppers since it is adjacent to Königsallee boulevard lined with boutiques.


The area's central location and convenient transportation make it easy for visitors to explore all that Düsseldorf has to offer.

Whether enjoying the local vibe or taking advantage of its creative energy, Friedrichstadt provides an exciting experience for travelers looking for something unique during their stay in Düsseldorf.

Best Hotels in Friedrichstadt:

Stadtmitte (Königsallee) - Best Neighborhood for Shopping

Stadtmitte is the place to be for shopping enthusiasts. Königsallee, a chic boulevard in this neighborhood, offers an array of high-end boutiques and designer stores. The area is perfect for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for retail therapy.

Whether you're into luxury fashion or browsing unique shops, Stadtmitte will not disappoint.


Plus, Königsallee's leafy promenade and elegant surroundings provide a sophisticated backdrop as you explore the many shopping delights on offer.

With its bustling energy and stylish appeal, this neighborhood stands out as the ultimate destination for avid shoppers looking to indulge in Düsseldorf's renowned fashion scene.

Best Hotels in Stadtmitte:

Flingern – Best For Creative minds and music fans

Flingern Nord, a vibrant neighborhood in Dusseldorf, is a haven for creative minds and music fans. The area exudes an inspiring atmosphere, attracting artists, designers, and individuals with a passion for creativity.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the local art scene, explore trendy bars and restaurants, or indulge in retail therapy at the neighborhood's eclectic shops. Flingern Nord is also known for its diverse entertainment options and uplifting ambiance that appeals to music enthusiasts.


The area offers a range of activities to stimulate artistic inclinations while providing ample opportunities to experience live music performances. Whether attending cooking classes or exploring art museums and sports complexes, there are plenty of ways for creatives to engage with their surroundings.

Embracing Flingern allows visitors to partake in the burgeoning culture of this unique neighborhood - making it an ideal destination for those seeking inspiration and musical experiences.

Best Hotels in Flingern:

Unterbilk – Best Neighborhood for Local Vibe

Unterbilk offers the best neighborhood for a local vibe in Düsseldorf. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and local life, Unterbilk is perfect for immersing yourself in the authentic Düsseldorf lifestyle.

Situated just south of Altstadt, this area is ideal for discovering local restaurants, cafés, and experiencing the unique culture of Düsseldorf beyond typical tourist attractions.

It’s vibrant and lively ambiance makes it an attractive option for those looking to explore the city from a genuine perspective.

Best Hotels in Unterbilk:

Stadtmitte (near the train station) – Top place to stay for one night

Stadtmitte is the commercial heart of Dusseldorf, with a wide range of accommodation options. It's conveniently located near the train station, making it ideal for travelers needing a place to stay for just one night.

Visitors can easily access the city's main attractions, museums, parks, and shopping while enjoying the vibrancy and bustle of this area.

Of course, if you are flying in just for one night, then these hotels near the airport are your best bet.

Best Hotels in Stadtmitte: