13 Best Wine Bars in Hamburg, Germany

Updated on March 12, 2024  

best wine bars in hamburg

Trying to find a good place for wine? You're not the only one. Don't worry, our team set out to find the best wine bars in Hamburg, and we think we've compiled an awesome list for you below.

From charming rooftop nooks to refurbished warehouses, your taste buds are in for a treat! 👇

13 Top Wine Bars in Hamburg

Alte Liebe

Alte Liebe hides behind a vibrant facade in Hamburg, waiting to be discovered. We love this place for its cozy atmosphere and exclusive wine selection.

It stands out as one of the best wine bars in Hamburg, where you can unwind with friends or enjoy a wild evening.


The clubhouse is tucked away inside Hamburg's St. Pauli clubhouse. [1] Decked out with fancy furniture from the 1920s, golden chandeliers, a romantic pavilion, and fancy mirrors, it's just a bar but an experience.


We absolutely love Buddels for a laid-back evening with fabulous wine. Tucked away at Deichstraße, this spot draws us in with its amazing selection of sparklers and an affordable wine list that never disappoints.

The staff? They're the best around, welcoming everyone with open arms and deep knowledge about their wines.

Here's what gets us excited: whether we crave red, white, or rosé, Buddels has it all – and always top quality! It doubles as a natural wine bar and shop, making it super convenient to grab a bottle for home.

Plus, they serve some delicious seasonal dishes made from local ingredients. And for our vegan friends? No problem – there are tasty options here too!


In St. Georg, we always make a point to stop by Heritage. This place is a real gem with its chic vibe and stunning rooftop view. It's right where you can sip on the finest German wines while soaking in the city sights from above.

People love it here because it's not just about wine; it's an experience.


You'll find us at Heritage on many evenings, mingled with a cool crowd enjoying hip drinks. It’s one of our favorite spots for unwinding after a long day or kicking off a night out in town.

The atmosphere is just perfect for anyone looking to relax or impress someone special with their choice of venue.

Hadley's Café Bar

Hadley's Café Bar stands out as a top wine bar in Hamburg, offering a delightful ambiance and an extensive selection of drinks, including an impressive array of wines.

Situated at Beim Schlump, this popular breakfast spot is favored for its inviting atmosphere and superior service.

Open from 10:00 am to 12:00 am on most days, Hadley’s Café Bar provides the perfect setting to savor delectable wines and relax with friends or family. 

Hygge Brasserie & Bar

Hygge Brasserie & Bar offers a blend of delectable cuisine, distinctive beverages, and carefully curated wines in a minimalist yet inviting setting.

Nestled within Hotel Landhaus Flottbek, this Michelin guide establishment exudes both coziness and modernity. [2]


Guests can relish seasonal and locally sourced dishes, often featuring ingredients from the restaurant's own farm. The "HYGGE" set menu and the surprise menu treat visitors to an exceptional dining experience.

Situated in the elegant Elbe suburbs, Hygge Brasserie & Bar provides a warm atmosphere complemented by spacious surroundings for guests.

La Vela

We love La Vela, a gem at the Hamburg Fish Market.

It's renowned for curating the finest wines from Italy. The vintner brings the crème de la crème of Italian wines to this delightful spot, making it a top choice among wine enthusiasts in Hamburg.

With its charming ambiance and dedication to quality, La Vela offers an authentic taste of Italy right in the heart of Hamburg.

Kleinhuis' Café & Wine Bar

Kleinhuis' Café & Wine Bar, nestled in the Komponistenquartier of Hamburg, boasts an impressive location near iconic landmarks such as Michel and State Opera.

Renowned for its German cuisine and seafood, this establishment offers an extensive selection of wines.


With a harmonious blend of culture, pleasure, and exceptional wines, visitors are treated to a unique experience from quality food to the bar's inviting ambiance.

The setting is further enhanced by the establishment's proximity to noteworthy landmarks like Laeiszhalle.

Poletto Winebar

Located in the vibrant heart of Hamburg Eppendorf, Poletto Winebar combines the charm of an Italian restaurant with the allure of a top-notch wine bar and shop. This establishment was founded in 2009 by Remigio Poletto, a renowned wine expert.

With its stylish and chic ambiance, this spot has become a standout favorite among locals and visitors alike, earning its reputation as one of Hamburg's premier wine bars.

The combination of delectable Italian cuisine and an extensive selection of wines sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience at Poletto Winebar. 

Lehmitz Weinstube

Lehmitz Weinstube, a cozy restaurant and wine bar nestled in Hamburg's Eimsbuttel district, exudes rustic charm. It's renowned for offering an exceptional range of high-quality wines, making it a top choice among wine enthusiasts.


The historic setting adds to the allure, while its reputation for serving delectable steaks further cements its place as a go-to spot for an enjoyable night out in Hamburg. 

Uhlenhorster Weinstube

Uhlenhorster Weinstube, nestled in the charming Uhlenhorst district of Hamburg, stands out among the city's impressive array of wine bars. This gem offers an ever-changing menu featuring seasonal German delicacies accompanied by an extensive selection of wines to elevate your dining experience.

Renowned for its cozy ambiance and top-tier cuisine, this establishment has earned itself a well-deserved place on Hamburg's list of must-visit wine destinations. 

Known for offering a splendid selection of wines and exceptional German specialties, Uhlenhorster Weinstube is more than just a wine bar; it's an immersion into divine flavors and comforting surroundings.

Vineyard Weinhandel

Vineyard Weinhandel is a wine shop and bar nestled in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, offering a delightful blend of retail and tasting experiences.