10 Best Korean Restaurants In Hamburg, Germany

Updated on March 14, 2024  

Best Korean Restaurants In Hamburg

Looking for the tastiest Korean cuisine in Hamburg? Look no further! In this guide, we'll unveil the best Korean restaurants in Hamburg, serving up authentic flavors and dishes to satisfy your cravings. From sizzling BBQ to mouthwatering bibimbap, these eateries promise a culinary journey through Korea's rich gastronomic delights.

Top Korean Restaurants In Hamburg


We love heading over to Hanmi in St. Pauli for a taste of Korea right here in Hamburg. Tucked away near the buzz of Reeperbahn, this cozy spot serves up mouth-watering Korean dishes that will transport your taste buds straight to Seoul.

They've got it all: sizzling barbecue, tangy kimchi, and rolls of delicious kimbap. It's no wonder locals keep coming back!


The banchan at Hanmi are always a hit. These small side dishes add an explosion of flavors with every meal.

Imagine feasting on marinated meats grilled to perfection while chatting with friends in a vibrant atmosphere—it's our go-to place for authentic Korean food in Hamburg!

Kimchi Hamburg

At Kimchi Hamburg in Eimsbüttel, we dive into a world of authentic Korean flavors. Their menu is full of classic dishes that make our taste buds dance.

From sizzling meats grilled right at our table to perfectly seasoned dumplings, every bite feels like a journey to Korea. The atmosphere is laid-back and cozy, letting us focus on the delicious food.

korean-food hamburg

Many folks rank this spot as one of the best Korean restaurants in Hamburg for good reason. They have friendly service that makes us feel welcome each time we visit.

And their prices? They're reasonable enough that we can indulge in those amazing Korean set menus without breaking the bank.


We can't get enough of kini in Sternschanze. Their kimbap is a must-try, bursting with flavor in every bite – it's like Korean sushi taken to the next level. [1]

Not only do they serve up tasty tapas, but they also have plenty of vegan options that don’t skimp on taste. The portions are generous, making sure you leave full and happy.


Kini stands out as a gem for vegans looking for Korean-style dishes. Located in the vibrant Schanzenviertel district, this place has made a big impact with its delicious and authentic food.

Seoul 1988

Seoul 1988 is a Korean restaurant in Hamburg with three different locations. It's highly regarded as one of the best Korean eateries in town, serving up classic dishes like tteokbokki rice cakes in a spicy stew. [2]

Customers praise it for its super authentic and lovely food, and the added bonus of allowing dogs in the restaurant has made it an even more popular spot among locals.

The staff are friendly and accommodating, adding to the welcoming ambiance that makes Seoul 1988 a beloved choice for those seeking delicious Korean cuisine.

The restaurant has received glowing reviews for its authentic and tasty Korean food. Many consider it their favorite Korean spot in Hamburg due to its flavorful offerings and delightful atmosphere - making it a must-visit for anyone craving an authentic taste of Korea right there in Hamburg!

YONG korean

YONG korean, nestled in Sternschanze, Hamburg, stands out as one of the top Korean restaurants.

The menu flaunts delectable selections like bibimbap rice bowls, kimbap, and tantalizing spicy fried pork belly with kimchi.


With its popularity for authentic Korean cuisine and a diverse menu featuring dishes such as soup, baked bananas, and mochi - YONG korean promises a flavorful adventure.


Located in Hamburg, Han-Mi is a popular Korean restaurant known for its authentic and diverse menu.

The restaurant has garnered positive reviews for its flavorful dishes, catering to both meat lovers and vegans.

Notably, Han-Mi offers customers the unique experience of Korean grill dining, allowing them to cook their choice of meats on tabletop grills.

With an array of traditional and modern cuisine options like bibimbap, Korean dumplings, and spicy fried chicken, Han-Mi captures the essence of Korean flavors while embracing innovation.

Kimchi Guys

Kimchi Guys, a Korean restaurant located in Hamburg, Germany, offers an enticing array of Korean street food and delights diners with sweet and savory options.

The casual eatery is renowned for its Korean fried chicken variety, drawing praise for both its fast service and delicious fare.


Surpassing many other Korean eateries in Hamburg, Kimchi Guys stands out with its authentic Korean cuisine and extensive range of dishes that allow patrons to explore the flavors of Korea.

Wagu Wagu im Levantehaus

Tucked away in Levantehaus, Wagu Wagu is a charming family-owned Korean eatery that exudes warmth and authenticity.

This cozy restaurant is beloved for its trendy yet traditional Korean fare, prepared with an evident labor of love.

One can indulge in a delightful array of classic favorites including Bibimbap, Tteokbokki, Korean Popcorn Chicken, and the popular Halal Chicken dish - all crafted with care and expertise.


The ambiance at Wagu Wagu is inviting and the service truly reflects the passion behind this small gem.

As you enter this culinary haven, prepare to be enveloped by mouthwatering scents and a sense of genuine hospitality that makes every visit feel like coming home to an old friend's kitchen.

kkokki loves vegan

Kkokki loves Vegan, a Korean Vegan street food restaurant in Hamburg, Germany, is a family-owned gem. They serve an enticing array of vegan dishes like chicken tofu wings, miso soup, and tteok-bokki that delight the palate.

The tradition of preparing authentic Korean food has been passed down through generations – from the owner's grandmother to their father.