Public Transport in Hamburg: Buying Tickets and Using Trams

Updated on March 14, 2024  

public transport in Hamburg

Discover the ins and outs of Hamburg's public transport system, including trams, buses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, water bus, and regional trains. Get to know how to purchase tickets and the various types available for single trips or longer stays.

How To Navigate Public Transport In Hamburg

Types Of Public Transport in Hamburg: Trams, Buses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn

In Hamburg you can ride the public transport system and often get to your destination quicker than walking or driving! 

Here are the types of public transport you'll find in this city:


The U-Bahn in Hamburg is a fast way to travel around the city, Norderstedt, and Ahrensburg. It has four lines: U1, U2, U3, and U4. These lines help people get where they need to go quickly.

Riders can catch a train to many places within Hamburg and its neighboring areas.

Riding the U-Bahn is part of using Hamburg's big public transport system. This system also includes underground trains, light-rail networks, buses, and ferries. People use the U-Bahn because it makes getting around simple and fast.


The S-Bahn zips through Hamburg, making stops all over the city. It's a key part of getting around, run by the HVV and about 30 other companies. This fast line, or "Schnellbahn", gets people where they need to go almost as quickly as the U-Bahn does.

Hamburg takes pride in its S-Bahn for being super reliable, not just in Germany but across Europe too. It connects with other trains like the U-Bahn and AKN railway, making it easy to travel far and wide in Hamburg without much hassle.

Water Bus (Fähre)

Water Bus, known as "Fähre" in German, forms a part of Hamburg's public transport system. Operated by the Hamburg Transport Authority (HVV), these ferries provide an alternative way to traverse the city using HVV tickets or the Hamburg CARD.

The ferry network and schedules can be accessed on the HVV website, offering convenient travel options for residents and visitors alike.

The harbor ferries offer an exciting opportunity to explore areas around the waterfront while being seamlessly integrated into the broader public transportation system.


Buses go everywhere in the city, and as especially helpful when you're in the suburbs or are planning to minimize walking on foot.

Night Bus (Nachtbus)

Night buses (NachtBusse) in Hamburg, numbered from 600 to 688, operate from Sunday night through Thursday night. They cover most parts of the city and some adjacent areas. The HVV offers 19 night bus routes with varying intervals during weeknights and weekends.

While most public transportation winds down shortly after midnight, these services keep rolling from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m., ensuring night owls can get safely from the party zones to the main train station and beyond.

Regional Trains

Hamburg’s public transport system includes regional trains operated by the HVV. These trains provide convenient connections between Hamburg and its neighboring areas, as well as other European cities, thanks to frequent services run by Deutsche Bahn.

Regional trains are an integral part of Hamburg's public transport network, offering efficient travel options for both residents and visitors.

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Purchasing Tickets And Fares: Single Tickets, Day Tickets, Weekly, And Monthly Passes

Single or day pass

Single and day passes for public transport in Hamburg are available at ticket machines, offering convenient options for occasional travelers.

Day tickets provide a cost-effective choice, equivalent to 4 short trips or 3 local journeys within the city, making them ideal for frequent travel.

Additionally, these tickets can be purchased online or through HVV apps with a 7% discount and are valid across all buses, underground trains, and ferries in Hamburg.

Tickets range from 1.50 EUR to 4.40 EUR for single trips while day tickets vary from 5.40 EUR to 8.60 EUR without time restrictions—a convenient alternative suitable for various travel needs within Hamburg's comprehensive public transport network.

Weekly/monthly ticket pass

You can buy a weekly travel pass for €29 or get a monthly one for €69, both offering limitless rides throughout the entire HVV network. The passes enable hassle-free and cost-effective travel options, with easy purchase methods available through the HVV app or online shop.

These offers provide a practical solution for frequent travelers, allowing them to navigate Hamburg's public transport system conveniently and affordably.

HVV Card

Get the HVV Card for cashless purchases of single, day, and extra tickets with a 3% discount. You can buy it at ticket machines or online from

When purchasing tickets, the HVV Card offers convenience and savings for your public transport journeys in Hamburg.

🚨 TIP: Get the Hamburg tourist card to en­joy free unlimited public transport rides and discounts on tourist attractions!

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Where to Buy Public Transport Ticket in Hamburg

Buying your public transport tickets in Hamburg is a breeze. Wherever you turn, there's probably somewhere you can get your tickets from. 

The best places are the ticket machines at train stations; they are easy to spot and use.

If you need to speak to someone, there are five customer service centers scattered around the city, such as at Main station.

Otherwise, you can get tickets from kiosks and lottery ticket offices too.

Another convenient way is downloading the HVV app on your phone, where you can plan your journey, then buy tickets before you hop on a tram or bus.

Lastly, bus drivers can also sell you a ticket on the bus! How convenient is that?

Frequency And Operational Hours

Public transport in Hamburg operates frequently with trains and buses running every 5-10 minutes, providing efficient travel options for commuters. The tight net of train and bus lines ensures that transportation is readily available throughout the day. [1]

Whether it's early morning or late at night, travelers can rely on the operational hours of public transport to seamlessly navigate through the city.


The frequency and extended operational hours of public transport in Hamburg are designed to cater to the bustling urban lifestyle, ensuring that residents and visitors have convenient access to transportation at all times.

Ticket Prices

One-way tickets in Hamburg cost between 1,90 EUR for short haul and 3,60 EUR for rings A & B. The cost of a ticket for public transport in Hamburg depends on the zone through which you want to travel.

Validating Your Tickets

Before boarding, you must validate your ticket to avoid getting fined. When using trams or buses, look for the red or yellow validation machines on platforms or inside the vehicle. Simply insert your ticket into the machine, and it will be stamped with the date and time!

But tickets purchased from ticket machines on board trains and buses are valid from the time of purchase and do not require validation.

Benefits Of Using Public Transport In Hamburg


Compared to renting a car or taking a private taxi, you save a lot more by using public transport. Sometimes public transport is so efficient, you might get to your destinations at the same time (or faster) than if you took a car!

Ticket prices are budget-friendly too, especially when considering the convenience and coverage of the network.

Environmentally Friendly

Public transport in Hamburg is environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. With a 23.9 percent share of public transport and 14.5 percent for cycling, the city aims to create a green network covering 40% of the area for eco-friendly transportation. [2]

By using public transport, you contribute to lowering carbon footprints and supporting Hamburg's initiatives as the European Green Capital. [