10 Best Hamburg Self-Guided Walking Tours

Updated on January 28, 2024  

best hamburg self guided tours

Looking for the best Hamburg self-guided tours? Look no further! In this guide, we'll uncover the top self-guided tours in Hamburg, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace and on your own terms.

From historic landmarks to hidden gems, get ready to experience Hamburg like never before with these self-guided adventures.

Top Self-Guided Tour Options in Hamburg



Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour (Hamburg Port)

  • Best Self-Guided Tour Around the Port
  • Explore Elbphilharmonie and Speicherstadt



Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour (City Center)

  • Best Self-Guided Tour Around City Center
  • See town hall, parks and aracades


Rhine Tower with Children

Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour for Children

  • Best Scavenger Hunt for Kids
  • Great family-friendly activity

1. Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour around the port

Explore Hamburg's famous port with the Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour and discover the city’s hidden gems.

This tour stands out because it lets you see major sights like Elbphilharmonie and Speicherstadt while enjoying a playful adventure.

With riddles to solve at each landmark, you'll learn about the city in an interactive way. It's perfect for friends or families looking to have fun together without being tied to a group.


You can start whenever you want, making it easy to fit this unique experience into your schedule. The freedom to pause any time means taking photos or grabbing a snack won't disrupt your adventure.

Also, if plans change, free cancellation up to 24 hours before gives peace of mind. Pay nothing today when booking, which adds flexibility—ideal for travelers who prefer keeping options open.

This Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour is our top pick due to its blend of independence and engagement—it doesn't just show you Hamburg’s Port; it invites you into a story where you're both the protagonist and the explorer!


  • Enjoy a 4.5-hour self-guided tour around the Port of Hamburg
  • Interactive scavenger hunt combined with sightseeing
  • Scavenger hunt box with 16 envelopes of riddles, directions, and interesting facts
  • Emergency envelope with all solutions included


  • Not suitable for those with limited mobility due to the walking tour aspect.
  • May not be ideal for travelers looking for a guided tour experience.
  • Participants need access to a smartphone or tablet to fully enjoy the scavenger hunt.

2. Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour (City Centre)

Explore Hamburg's city center like never before with the Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour. This tour gives you total control as you solve riddles and uncover the city's most famous spots. 

The scavenger hunt turns sightseeing into an exciting adventure, making it a top pick for families, friends, or solo explorers who love to mix fun with learning.

With this self-guided city tour, you're free to start whenever you want and take as many photo breaks as needed. It offers a unique way to see landmarks like Mönckebergstraße and Planten un Blomen parc without being rushed by a guide. 


Plus, if puzzles stump you along the way, there’s an emergency envelope with all the answers.

This flexible walking tour earned its spot at number two because of its innovative approach to exploring Hamburg on your terms.

For under $50 per group, it provides an affordable day out packed with challenges that bring each location’s history right into your hands.

Remembering your day solving tasks across town will be easy with all the great photos and memories you'll make during your self-guided journey through Hamburg's heart.


  • Explore Hamburg city center on a fun self - guided walking tour
  • Enjoy an interactive scavenger hunt and sightseeing experience
  • Scavenger hunt box with 16 riddle - filled envelopes
  • Emergency envelope with all solutions included


  • Not suitable for those who prefer guided tours
  • Requires a smartphone to access the scavenger hunt app
  • Limited interaction with a live tour guide for historical insights

3. Speicherstadt & Hafencity: Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt

Unlock the mysteries of Hamburg's Speicherstadt and Hafencity with an adventure that transforms your sightseeing experience.

The self-guided scavenger hunt lets you take on the role of a detective, diving into a world where each clue leads to fascinating stories about historic warehouses and modern marvels.

Speicherstadt photo

This tour stands out because it offers both fun and flexibility. You can start whenever you want, pause for lunch, or just soak in the sights at your own pace.

Priced affordably for groups up to five, this unique experience blends entertainment with education.

Grab your charged smartphone and wear comfortable shoes as you navigate through cobbled streets learning about pepper bags and peppercorns in an engaging way.

No worries if a puzzle stumps you – hints are just a tap away! It's ideal for families or friends who crave spontaneous exploration without being tied down by strict schedules.

We included "Speicherstadt & Hafencity: Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt" in our list because it strikes an excellent balance between interactive learning and sightseeing freedom while offering a fresh perspective on Hamburg’s charm. 

Participants get to uncover details often overlooked by traditional tours, making this one adventure you shouldn't miss when visiting Hamburg’s iconic landmarks.


  • Explore Hamburg's attractions at your own pace
  • Learn about HafenCity and Speicherstadt history in an interactive way
  • Flexibility to start the scavenger hunt at any convenient time
  • Have fun while discovering the main highlights of Hamburg


  • Users may prefer a guided tour instead of self - navigating
  • Some people might find the scavenger hunt format not suitable for their travel preferences
  • The product may not cater to individuals who are looking for in - depth historical information

4. Treasure Hunt Game through HafenCity

Dive into an adventure with the Treasure Hunt Game through HafenCity in Hamburg. 

This isn't just a walk around; it's a challenging game that takes you past cool places like the eye-catching Marco Polo Tower and into the wave-like design of the Elbphilharmonie.

Imagine figuring out puzzles while learning new things about historic spots.

Elbphilharmonie hamburg photo

Say goodbye to boring tours and hello to fun with this treasure hunt. It's perfect for friends and families who want to get active while sightseeing.

You'll carry a backpack full of riddles and follow clues that lead you on an exciting path through HafenCity, snapping photos along the way at Kaiserkai promenade.

Plus, there is no stress if your plans change; free cancellation up to 24 hours ahead means peace of mind.

This self-guided tour spices up learning with its clever game design, making facts about Hamburg memorable as you solve each riddle.

Not only will you feel accomplished when cracking codes but also end your day with some cool souvenirs after walking or riding 4.5 kilometers worth of city secrets!


  • Combine the thrill of a treasure hunt with a city walking tour
  • Includes a water bottle and rental of a backpack with riddles
  • Surprise at the end
  • Explore city highlights and take scenic waterfront photos


  • Not suitable for those with limited mobility
  • Might not be ideal for individuals who are not comfortable with outdoor activities
  • Participants need to have a basic understanding of English or German

5. Scavenger Hunt and City Sights Smartphone Tour

Discover Hamburg like never before with the Scavenger Hunt and City Sights Smartphone Tour. This self-guided adventure turns your phone into a personal tour guide, leading you to famous spots like Hauptkirche St. Michaelis while engaging you in exciting puzzles.

st michael church hamburg

As you follow clues to uncover hidden gems, each solved puzzle racks up points, adding a competitive twist to your sightseeing.

The Explorial app lets you explore at your own pace, so take breaks and savor every sight without racing against the clock.

The tour includes fun photo tasks that bring out your creativity and score extra points along the way. You'll start this unique experience armed with just an internet connection and charged smartphone after receiving a game code via email.

It's also super flexible – cancel free up to 24 hours ahead or book now without immediate payment!

At a low price and two hours full of discovery, it's an affordable yet rich exploration not bound by time constraints.

Just remember it’s designed for walking explorers; those needing wheelchair access will want to consider other options for enjoying Hamburg’s wonderful sights.


  • No time limit, take your time and enjoy the activity
  • Use multiple languages in one group for easy communication
  • Requires only internet access and a charged smartphone
  • Enjoy a 2-hour self-guided walking tour using the Explorial App for an immersive experience.


  • Not suitable for wheelchair users
  • Requires a smartphone and internet connection
  • Limited availability of starting times

6. Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour for Children

Take your kids on an adventure with the Scavenger Hunt Self-Guided Tour for Children in Hamburg. This tour turns sightseeing into a thrilling game, where each puzzle leads to new discoveries around the Port of Hamburg

You'll get a box filled with envelopes that hold secrets and challenges to uncover as you walk. It's not just about finding clues; it's a chance to learn fascinating facts about places like the monument to pirate Störtebeker and the ships at Kehrwieder.

Rhine Tower with Children

The beauty of this scavenger hunt is its flexibility. Start whenever you want, take photos, or rest whenever your crew needs a break—you're steering this ship!

With free cancellations and pay-later options, planning is stress-free. The whole family will enjoy exploring at their own pace without worrying about strict schedules or crowded tours.

This self-guided tour offers both fun and education rolled into one experience lasting around 2.5 hours—it's perfect for families who love combining play with learning while on foot.

So grab those comfortable shoes and set sail on a quest through the heart of Hamburg that your children won't forget!


  • Engage children in an interactive and educational experience
  • Enjoy a fun - filled family activity while exploring Hamburg Port
  • Flexibility to pause the game or take breaks at any time
  • Child - friendly riddles and interesting facts included


  • May not be suitable for children who dislike walking or extended periods of standing.
  • Not ideal for very young children with limited attention spans.
  • Depending on the day and season, weather conditions may affect the enjoyment of the outdoor tour.

7. Ohlsdorf Cemetery Self-guided Angel Walk

Get ready for a unique journey with the Ohlsdorf Cemetery Self-guided Angel Walk, where you can discover beautiful sculptures and uncover rich history at your own pace. 

With a live tour guide's voice in your ear and an audio guide via your smartphone, you'll walk through an English garden-style cemetery full of stories and sights. The entrance is easy to find near the Ohlsdorf underground station.


This two-and-a-half-hour adventure lets you reserve now but pay later, offering flexibility if plans change. And no worries about losing money because there's free cancellation up to 24 hours before.

As you follow the map on your phone, explore famous gravesites like those of the Jahr and Tchibo families while learning about grave symbolism from experts.

It's personal exploration made simple – just bring a charged smartphone, start with one click when you arrive, and unravel Hamburg's hidden gems as they come alive through history-telling angels.


  • Start the tour using your smartphone with a received link and start code
  • No internet needed during the tour once downloaded
  • Enjoy a 2.5-hour self-guided walking tour with your smartphone.
  • Option to have a live tour guide or use an audio guide.


  • Not suitable for those with limited mobility due to the self - guided nature of the tour.
  • Limited availability of live tour guides may result in unavailability on preferred dates.
  • Some visitors may find the cemetery setting to be emotionally challenging.

8. The Deadly Kiez Self-Guided Walking Tour

Dive into the heart of Hamburg with "The Deadly Kiez Self-Guided Walking Tour". This tour turns the city into an exciting game. 

You'll feel like a detective, using your wits to solve a murder while checking out St. Pauli's famous spots. Not only will you see sights and sounds of Hamburg’s nightlife, but you’ll also get your brain buzzing with tricky riddles.

Put on comfortable shoes, grab your smartphone and start this two-hour adventure any time that suits you.

As you follow clues sent via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the story unfolds right before your eyes. Whether alone or in a group of four friends, everyone becomes part of the action-packed mystery.

With flexible booking options and free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, there are no worries if plans change last-minute. Remember though, it's all in German – perfect for brushing up on language skills!

You won't just walk around; you'll be at the center of a gripping tale that makes learning about Hamburg totally unforgettable.


  • Use your detective skills to solve a murder mystery
  • Explore the notorious St. Pauli district of Hamburg
  • Experience an innovative way to tour the city
  • Challenge yourself with riddles and clues


  • Requires good walking endurance
  • Only in German
  • Not recommended for very young children due to the nature of the murder mystery

9. Self-Guided Culinary Tour for 2

Dive into Hamburg's vibrant food scene with the Self-Guided Culinary Tour for 2. This adventure lets you and a friend discover five unique artisanal food spots across the city. 

Each stop offers tasty samples, from traditional dishes to sweet chocolate treats. You'll get vouchers, making this experience not only delicious but also a great deal.

This food tour gives you freedom to explore at your pace, which means no rush and no crowds. Whether on foot or by e-scooter or bike, it's all about what works for you. 

Your visit to Chocoversum adds some sweetness to the journey while Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei provides a caffeine kick in an iconic warehouse setting.


Finish your day shopping at FrischeParadies for fresh ingredients that inspire your home-cooked meal using the provided recipe.

With everything from maps to a fun quiz included in your pack, this tour blends culinary delights with exploration and learning—a perfect combo for any food lover looking to understand Hamburg’s local flavors firsthand.

It's priced reasonably per duo and promises an authentic taste of Northern Germany that both new visitors and seasoned travelers will relish.


  • Discover a new side of Hamburg on a self - guided foodie tour for 2
  • Enjoy tasting the products at 5 artisanal food producers and vendors
  • Includes map, shopping list, and recipe
  • Choose between walking, renting an e - scooter or bike for travel


  • Limited guidance may be provided for navigating to each location
  • Some food producers and vendors may have limited availability or opening hours
  • Self - guided tour may require additional planning and research on the part of participants

10. Reeperbahn Self-Guided Interactive Walking Tour

Dive into Hamburg's nightlife with the Reeperbahn Self-Guided Interactive Walking Tour and uncover a gripping murder mystery right from your smartphone. 

You'll become a detective, piecing together cryptic clues while exploring St. Pauli's vibrant streets. The game strikes a perfect balance between fun and challenge, keeping you on your toes as you connect each riddle to real city landmarks.

The tour is packed with excitement – it pushes you to look at Hamburg through the eyes of an investigator, making every finding feel like a victory.

reeperbahn photo

Ideal for groups up to four, this adventure gives families and friends the chance to collaborate and share triumphant moments when they crack the case wide open. Plus, flexibility is key; start whenever suits you after booking!

Easily accessible via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, there are no extra tools needed besides your curiosity and comfortable shoes for walking.

Each solved clue not only brings satisfaction but also leads you deeper into the heart of Hamburg’s infamous red light district known for its rich history and buzzing environment – all while engaging in an active way that beats traditional tours hands down.


  • Solve riddles and clues while exploring Hamburg's famous Reeperbahn and St. Pauli.
  • Discover the vibrant nightlife of St. Pauli through an innovative online game.
  • Challenge your mind by solving clues to uncover a fictional murder mystery in Hamburg.
  • Perfect for urban adventurers, this self - guided tour offers a creative way to explore the city.


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer traditional guided tours.
  • Requires participants to have a smartphone or tablet with internet access.
  • Some participants may find the riddles and clues challenging.

Why Choose a Self-Guided Tour in Hamburg?

Flexibility and Freedom

Self-guided tours in Hamburg give you the power to explore as you like. You can start and stop whenever you want, making it easy to see the city's sights on your own terms.

With a self-guided tour, take all the time you need at each spot without worrying about keeping up with a group.

Having this kind of freedom means your day is yours to design. Stroll through Speicherstadt at sunrise or wander around Reeperbahn late into the night.

Self-Guided Tour in Hamburg

The Sherlock Holmes City Game even lets adventurers solve puzzles across town at their leisure, mixing fun with exploration perfectly.

Hamburg self-guided tours make sure no one tells you where to go next—you're in control!

Personalized Experience

Hamburg's self-guided walking tours let you connect with the city in your own way. You can find hidden treasures and explore places few visitors know about. This makes your trip special and unique to you.

Use GPS playback on audio tours to learn cool facts about landmarks as you see them. These stories make Hamburg come alive for you alone.

You choose what to do next on a self-guided tour. Love history? Spend more time at old buildings and museums.

Enjoy food? Try local treats on a culinary walk. Every step of the journey is yours to design, offering an intimate look into Hamburg's culture and heritage that matches your interests perfectly.


Self-guided tours in Hamburg save you money. Without a guide, prices drop and your budget stretches further. You can wander around Hamburg's attractions without paying for a tour guide's time.

This way, the cash stays in your pocket for extra treats or experiences. These tours also mix safety with savings because they're planned ahead while still being cheap.

You choose what to see on these adventures, which keeps costs under control. Enjoy scavenger hunts through the city without spending heaps of cash on group travel fees or pricey guided packages.

Check out popular spots like Reeperbahn or Speicherstadt at your own speed, saving more as you go. With self-guided tours, affordable fun awaits in every corner of Hamburg!

Tips for a Successful Self-Guided Tour in Hamburg

Plan Your Itinerary in Advance

Before you set off on a self-guided tour in Hamburg, make sure to map out your day. Decide which attractions and Hamburg tours you want to see. Look into restaurants where you could eat and find hotels or rest spots along the way.

Having a detailed itinerary helps you enjoy all that Hamburg has to offer without wasting time.

Check the