17 Best Bars in Dusseldorf, Germany

Updated on January 26, 2024  


In Düsseldorf, the bar scene is as diverse as it gets - you just have to know your way around it! From traditional German beer halls serving up local Altbier to trendy cocktail spots with award-winning mixologists, this city has no shortage of bars for a satisfying night out.

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Best Bars in Dusseldorf

The Oak’s Bar

When you're in Düsseldorf, you can't miss the Old Town, also called the 'world’s longest bar' with nearly 300 bars and pubs. The Oak's Bar, situated in a quieter part of the Old Town, is a local favorite.

With comfy sofas, a fireplace, candles, and lots of exposed brick, it feels more like a cozy living room than a fancy bar — perfect for unwinding with friends or deep conversations.


This unassuming bar is known for excellent cocktails. Just let slip your preferred alcohol, and the bartender will whip up a concoction just for you.

You can also ask for something made with one of their homemade liquors – it's guaranteed to be delicious!

TIP: If gin is your thing, Wednesday nights are for special gin tastings.

Address: Hunsrückenstraße 14, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany


Sometimes you find a really awesome bar and you're hesitant about telling more people about it in case it becomes too crowded... well, Squarebar is like that for us.

This small little bar in the up-and-coming Derendorf district serves creative and delicious cocktails featuring homemade ingredients, like "Corpse Reviver 5392" and "Beastie Boy".

Driven by a small but enthusiastic team, they're always trying out fun ideas  for drinks and there's always something new on the menu, with inventive takes on classic cocktails.

Despite its size, Squarebar unquestionably leaves a big impression on anyone looking for a memorable night out in Düsseldorf.

Address: Collenbachstraße 57, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany

Hideaway Bar

Düsseldorf is home to Germany’s largest Japanese community, and Hideaway Bar is a Japan-inspired bar founded by Yuto Nagasawa, winner of two Japanese national cocktail competitions.

Hidden behind an inconspicuous door on Jahnstraße, you must ring a doorbell to be welcomed by Yuto himself. Inside, the atmosphere is uniquely intimate.

Hideaway's menu is a mix of Yuto's Japanese background and global travels. The most popular creations are his fresh fruit cocktails, but the menu also has some unique ingredients – like Matcha, parmesan, black sesame paste and so on.

Address: Jahnstraße 6, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

Brauerei Schumacher

If it's your first time in Düsseldorf, it's essential to sample Altbier, the local beer. Only a few breweries produce their own Altbier today, and Brauerei Schumacher is the city's oldest, dating back to 1838.

Found on Oststraße, this traditional tavern is a little bit outside the city center, but worth the pilgrimage, especially for beer enthusiasts.

Schumacher produces Schumacher Alt, a deliciously amber beer that many locals argue is the best in town (and often pitted against the brew made by Uerige, another local brewery).

It pairs perfectly with the hearty dishes on the menu; the melt-in-your-mouth Rheinischer Sauerbraten, perfectly fried pork schnitzel, and meatballs with Düsseldorf mustard are all crowd favorites!

Address: Oststraße 123, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany


Altbier Safari in Dusseldorf


I never fail to recommend Altbier-Safari's beer tasting & walking tour.

Led by an expert local guide, you'll visit the five breweries in Düsseldorf, learn their history & taste the beers on offer!


"Uerige" translates to "grouch" in Düsseldorf, a nickname given to the brewery's owner, Hubert Wilhelm Cürten, back in 1862.

This Old Town brewery is a unique find, preserving tradition by serving Altbier from antique wooden casks, poured using gravity. Although it's in a touristy place, you'll have an authentic German time in Uerige.

Similar to Schumacher, they follow the classic Altbier service, bringing around a tray of freshly poured beer glasses and unceremoniously replacing your empty one before you can keep track. Just remember, it's a cash-only place!

One of the more fascinating beers at Uerige is "sticke" — a stronger version of altbier with 6% alcohol by volume. Sticke is a special treat made only twice a year in January and October. According to legend, the first sticke was actually made by mistake!

Address: Berger Str. 1, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

Zum Schlüssel

Another must-visit brewery pub in the Old Town is the "Schlüssel". When they say they serve Europe’s best Alt from the barrel, they mean it – no bottles, just pure, unfiltered goodness.

This traditional tavern feels like home, with an unassuming beer garden, a simple set up, warm staff, and hearty portions of homemade dishes.

apfelstrudel apple strudel

The baked pork knuckle with mashed potatoes goes very well with their beer. And their apfelstrudel is hands down the most perfect one I've ever had.

The name "Zum Schlüssel" even has a story – it was a medieval tradition that the key to the city gate is kept in a neighboring restaurant. Even today, that key remains a symbol in their logo!

Address: Bolkerstraße 41-47, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

Brauerei im Füchschen

Along with Schumacher, Uerige and Schlüssel, Brauerei im Füchschen is the last of the "Big Four" breweries in Düsseldorf — if you're on an Altbier safari, this should be one of your stops.

pork knuckle

Notorious for their cheeky ads featuring foxes (a callback to "Füchschen" which means "foxy") this brewery has gained cult-status in Düsseldorf. Mainly for serving the crispiest and most tender pork knuckles around, as well as their own Altbier brew, Füchschen Alt!

However, you should be prepared for a crowd, in fact you'd be lucky to be slotted at a shared table as the pub is often full with locals and tourists alike.

Address: Ratinger Str. 28, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany


O'Reilly's is everything you'd expect from an Irish pub Düsseldorf – boisterous, good Irish food, and freshly drafted Guinness. Just a good ol' pub where everyone feels at home!

Conveniently located at the Old Town, they've got regular events like karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays, beer pong on Thursdays, and pub trivia on Mondays.

It's the perfect spot for a drink during your pub crawl or, for the sports fans, catching a football game!

Address: Mutter-Ey-Straße 1, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany


If you're looking for more than just a place to have a drink, BEUYS Bar on Neubrückstraße is where art meets mixology. Each cocktail is a work of art, much like the abstract paintings that decorate the walls.

So don't judge this bar by its unremarkable exterior – inside is a classy saloon, dim lighting, black & white walls and plush seats. Young artists from the nearby art academy frequents this place, so the atmosphere is always buzzing with inspiration.

The exquisite cocktails at BEUYS Bar are best enjoyed slowly: 

For a refreshing sip on summer days, try "Joseph's Delight" with gin, vanilla liqueur, lemon, and sweet thyme honey. If you're up for a unique experience, the "Herbal & Fennel Negroni" is made with gin, sweet vermouth, fennel & rosemary-infused Campari, topped off with a skeleton leaf.

Address: Neubrückstraße 2, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany


Et Kabuffke Killepitsch Stube

After a heavy Rheinish meal, it's time to head to our favorite parlor – Et Kabuffke Killepitsch Stube. People often line up on the sidewalk to get a shot of Killepitsch, a dark red herbal liqueur, served from a window.

This potent aperitif originating from Düsseldorf is similar to Jagermeister, with a spicy-herby flavor. 

If you prefer, you can grab a seat inside the small, dimly lit Et Kabüffke. There's a narrow spiral staircase that leads to the second floor with just a few tables – perfect for an intimate meeting with friends over a shot or two of Killepitsch!

Address: Flinger Str. 1, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

Brauerei Kürzer

Compared to older breweries like Schlüssel and Uerige, Brauerei Kürzer on Kurze Straße attracts a younger and somewhat hipsterish clientele. In fact, if the night is long enough, you might even catch people dancing on the benches.

Kürzer's modern and youthful energy brings a breath of fresh air to traditional Brauerei culture. The servers, known as Köbesse, are a bit unconventional here— some of them are women, a sight you won't encounter in other breweries in town.

However, when it comes to Altbier, Kürzer sticks to tradition, serving a delicious brew with the rich malty flavor characteristic of Düsseldorf's iconic beer.



If you find yourself in need of a respite from Altbier, and just want a good 'ol American cocktail, Ellington is the place to go.

This American bar in Central Hotel is a hop and a skip away from Düsseldorf Central Station, and exudes an air of elegance and old-world charm.

Its appeal lies in the the high-quality spirits used in its cocktails, both modern and classic renditions. Highly recommended are the Basil Smash and Old Fashioned.

But due to its small size, the place tends to fill up quickly! If you arrive too late, be prepared to enjoy your drinks standing up.

Address: Scheurenstraße 5, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

Bar Dr. Pfeiffer

Bilk, Düsseldorf’s alternative and artistic neighbourhood, has many great bars, and Dr. Pfeiffer’s is definitely one of them (if not one of the best cocktail bars in Düsseldorf!)

This cozy "living room" takes pride in crafting creative cocktails using their in-house gin and other spirits. The "Dr. Pfeiffer's Gin Elixir No. 1" is one of their best-known, with vibrant notes of Juniper, mandarin, apple, and vanilla.

We couldn't resist their creative cocktails – they tasted great, looked good, and were different. We liked them so much that we ended up trying six different ones between the two of us.

Address: Merowingerstraße 18, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany

Petit Punch

Located in the premium Pempelfort district, Petite Punch is named after a drink from the French Antilles and means "little punch".

There are around fifty varieties of rum and more, making this a haven for rum lovers – or anyone who loves an expertly-made cocktails, really. Those with refined tastes will appreciate the fact that they use homemade liqueurs and spirits perfected with sous-vide.

The vibe at Petite Punch is good for impressing a romantic date; dark, intimate, and the beautifully crafted drinks are sure to get hearts thumping.

Address: Jülicher Str. 9, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany



If you want a cool punk rock bar in Dusseldorf's Old Town, check out Engelchen ("Little Angel" in English). It's right across from Kürzer, and being dark, grungy and blaring loud music – you'll either love the vibe or not.

At Engelchen, there are angel motifs everywhere, which is a stark contrast to the rest of the "decor"; well-worn wooden furniture, scratched surfaces, and a haphazard mix of stickers & posters all over the walls.

But what's definite is the prices are really good compared to the more contemporary bars around the area. The punk rock scene is real, and the people here are friendly too!

Holy Craft Beer Bar

You don’t have to stick to Altbier all night, because Holy Craft offers dozens of different craft beer for the adventurous palate. 

There's always about 12 different beers on tap, including fun options such as Cherry Chouffe, a fruit beer, and Belgian La Trappe Dubbel.


In addition to that, they have about 60 types of bottled beers from places like Scotland, Belgium, Sweden and local varieties.

While Holy Craft Beer Bar doesn't have a full kitchen, they offer finger food such as Flammkuchen, chicken wings, and nachos & cheese to complement your beer selection.

Address: Liefergasse 11, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

The VIEW Skylounge & Bar

You’ll need to head to the 16th floor of the INNSiDE Düsseldorf Hafen hotel to find this sleek rooftop bar. Located at the chic Mediahafen area, it's perfect for business meetings or important dates. [1]

With its stunning panoramic view, this bar provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying cocktails and their beautifully presented dishes.

the-view-skylounge bar

Order the in-house concoction Negronili, a spicy blend of rum, Campari, Italian vermouth, herbal liqueur and ginger while enjoying a dizzying view of the Düsseldorf city skyline, and front-row seats to the Rhine Tower. 

Address: Speditionstraße 9, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany

Unique Features Of Each Venue


Dusseldorf's nightlife scene is pretty diverse when it comes to music styles. Whether you're into jazz, heavy metal, or hard rock classics, there's a bar or pub for you.

From the grungy vibes of Engelchen to the classy atmosphere of BEUYS Bar, you can expect to find an array of genres to unwind to.


From sleek and modern interiors to cozy and intimate spaces, each bar has a unique ambiance that appeals to different audiences.

With dim or warm lighting, type of furniture, and decor, bars offer different settings to help patrons unwind, relax and enjoy themselves the way they want to.

Whether you prefer a trendy hotspot with an energetic vibe or a more laid-back lounge with chill music, Dusseldorf's bars offer something for everyone.

Drink Offerings And Specialties

The top bars in Dusseldorf each have their own special drinks to suit every taste! 

You can enjoy local Altbier, craft beers from different countries, and homemade spirits with unique ingredients. Whether you prefer craft cocktails, fine wines, or special spirits, you'll find something for everyone. 

And if you're feeling adventurous, be sure to try the regional German dishes paired with local drinks for a truly authentic experience.



The Old Town is the main go-to spot for nightlife in Düsseldorf.

Bölkerstraße and Ratinger Straße are the main streets with plenty of bars — be it trendy lounges, traditional pubs, or energetic student bars — where you'll find a mix of locals, tourists, and expats.

However, some of the best bars in Düsseldorf are outside the Old Town!

The trendy neighborhood Bilk is home to Dr. Pfeiffer, one of our favorite spots for creative cocktails.

The premium Pempelfort district has a couple of chic bars like Petite Punch and Squarebar. 

The bars in the fancy Mediahafen area are usually more upscale, such as The VIEW Skylounge & Bar, and offer river views.

Oberkassel is known for its wine bars, where you'll encounter a more relaxed and sophisticated vibe with an older demographic.

Conclusion: Best Bars in Dusseldorf

In conclusion, the hip nightlife scene in Düsseldorf offers a variety of amazing bars. From the trendy Squarebar and the elegant Beuys Bar to the lively Engelchen and the classic Ellington, there is something for everyone in this city.

So grab your friends, dress appropriately, and get ready for an unforgettable night out exploring the best bars in Düsseldorf!


1: Innside Düsseldorf Hafen | THE VIEW, retrieved from https://www.theview-duesseldorf.de/

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