9 Best Hamburg Walking Tours

Updated on January 29, 2024  

best hamburg walking tours

Looking for the best Hamburg walking tours? Look no further. In this blog post, we'll highlight top-notch walking tours in Hamburg that offer an authentic and enriching experience, allowing you to explore the city's rich history and vibrant culture on foot.

9 Best Hamburg Walking Tours


hamburg river

Hamburg Discovery Tour

  • Best Overall Walking Tour
  • Covers all the Hamburg highlights


reeperbahn photo

Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour for Ages 18+

  • Best Red Light District Tour
  • Includes 2 drinks!


Elbphilharmonie hamburg photo

Exclusive Elbphilharmonie Plaza Tour with Views

  • Best Elbphi Tour
  • Learn all about this Hamburg icon

1. 2.5-Hour Hamburg Discovery Tour

Step into Hamburg's vibrant past and present with the 2.5-Hour Discovery Tour. Your expert guide brings to life tales of pirates and WWII drama as you wander past stunning landmarks like the neo-Renaissance Rathaus.

You'll feel a chill hearing about the city's spooky legends while also soaking up insights on how Hamburg became a cultural gem.

This walking tour packs in picturesque Old Town streets, maritime history, and modern wonders like Elbphilharmonie. With free cancellation and pay-later options, planning is stress-free.

It's no wonder this tour tops our list; it’s affordable, flexible, and filled with enriching stories that stay with you long after your visit.

Meeting your guide is easy at the central Starbucks in Mönckebergstraße—you can't miss it! From there, get ready to step back in time as well as discover what makes Hamburg buzz today. Grab your comfortable shoes and dive into an adventure where every corner promises a new story.


  • Get the scoop on how ships and sailors turned Hamburg into a cool, hip place.
  • Dive deep into stories that make this city's heart beat – you won't get bored, promise!
  • Explore Hamburg for 2.5 hours with a live tour guide.
  • Change plans easily with free cancellation up to 24 hours before.


  • No boat ride included
  • The tour doesn't run in bad weather 

2. Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour for Ages 18+

Step into the heart of St. Pauli and uncover its secrets with this unique two-hour tour. It's more than just a walk; it's a deep dive into the underground world where the stories of sex, crime, and local legends come alive. 

Picture yourself strolling through Herbertstrasse, armed with inside info that brings each corner to life. The "Zur Ritze" bar isn't just another stop - it’s where boxing greats like Mike Tyson put on gloves and where hidden tales wait behind every punch. [1]

Feel the thrill as you explore places only known to locals, sipping on two complimentary drinks that set the perfect mood for adventure.


This tour gives you a backstage pass to St. Pauli's past and present. You'll learn about fierce gang rivalries like those between Nutella gang and GMBH gang while discovering what happened to a famous boxer who vanished without a trace.

This is the best walking tour in the St Pauli district because it packs raw excitement with exclusive knowledge that can only come from an insider's perspective – making it stand out in its category. 

Your guide will serve up Hamburg’s history alongside lively anecdotes, ensuring not just facts but engaging stories are remembered long after you've left St. Pauli’s neon lights behind.


  • Explore St. Pauli's nightlife with a 2 - hour guided walking tour.
  • Enjoy stories of sex and crime from an expert guide in English or German.
  • Experience the famous Zur Ritze Boxing Club with entry included.
  • Get two free alcoholic drinks to enhance your adventure.
  • Book now without paying upfront and score optional bar and club discounts after the tour.


  • Not for the faint of heart – this tour dives deep into St. Pauli's gritty underbelly... You'll hear tales that might just give you goosebumps!
  • Sorry, no kids allowed – it's 18+ only, so leave the little ones at home

3. Elbphilharmonie Plaza Guided Tour

Step onto the Elbphilharmonie Plaza and feel like Hamburg's skyline is yours. With a knowledgeable guide, you'll dive into the story of this iconic building without waiting in line.

The guide shares secrets and stories that bring the 'Elphi' to life as you ride up Europe's longest escalator. [2] At the top, pause and take in one of Hamburg's most stunning views.

Elbphilharmonie upclose

The tour offers more than just sights; it sparks conversations about architecture and music with tales of controversy that once swirled around this landmark.

As you overlook the city, imagine concerts playing inside or dream about spending a night at this grand venue. Your hour-long journey flies by packed with information from behind-the-scenes details to material wonders used in construction.

We liked this tour because it balances intriguing facts with breathtaking sights — perfect for those who love history mixed with hands-on experiences. 

You'll walk away with memorable stories to share, not just photos from an observation deck. Plus, your flexible booking means peace of mind in case plans change last minute – all making for an enriching addition to your Hamburg adventure.


  • Skip the long lines and waltz right into Elbphilharmonie Plaza with an expert guide – like you're VIPs!
  • Ride up Europe's longest escalator – it's a whopping 269 feet of moving stairs. Imagine that!
  • Get the scoop on all the Elbphilharmonie drama. Who knew a building could cause such a fuss?
  • After your tour, soak in stunning views from the top. Hello, Hamburg! You look pretty from up here.


  • Sometimes, the plaza gets super crowded – you might have to share those cool views with lots of others.
  • If it's windy, hold onto your hats up there! The open - air Plaza can get quite breezy.
  • No backstage peek on this tour – you won't see where the musicians tune their instruments or take their coffee breaks.

4. Private Couples' Photoshoot and Walking Tour

Get ready for an adventure with Hamburg's Private Couples' Photoshoot and Walking Tour

Imagine walking hand in hand with your partner while a professional photographer snaps beautiful shots of you two against the city's most famous backdrops. You'll learn how to pose like a pro, making sure each photo captures your love perfectly.

You won't need any modeling experience as your friendly guide shows you the ropes. Alongside romantic photos, explore landmarks such as Nikolai Memorial Church and Speicherstadt.

The 1.5-hour journey is filled with fun, poses, and lots of clicks! Afterward, cherish those moments with 20 edited digital photos to show friends and family.

Plus, there’s no stress about payment upfront – reserve now but pay later! Enjoy personal attention in this private group activity that fits into busy schedules easily at just an hour and a half long—wheelchair accessible too!

Prepare for laughs, love-filled looks, and unforgettable memories on one of the best walks through Hamburg you’ll ever have.


  • Snap fabulous photos with your sweetheart – no need to be a pro!
  • Explore Hamburg's hot spots, like the cool Rathaus and old Speicherstadt.
  • Get 20 top - notch edited pics to show off your fun day.
  • Stroll through the city and find hidden gems along the way.


  • If it rains, your hair might get all frizzy during the photoshoot... yikes!
  • Only 20 pictures? Picking favorites could be super tough.
  • You'll walk a bunch – hope your shoes are comfy!

5. Speicherstadt and Hafencity Guided Tour

Step back in time and discover the magic of Hamburg's famous Speicherstadt on a guided tour

As you wander through the historic warehouse district, imagine being a merchant from centuries ago. You'll marvel at towering red-brick buildings where spices once filled the air. Your knowledgeable guide brings stories to life, making history feel fresh and exciting.

Speicherstadt photo

Now fast-forward to HafenCity, where cutting-edge architecture shows off what tomorrow holds for urban living.

The contrast is striking: one minute you're lost in old-world charm, the next you're surrounded by sleek modernity.

On this tour, flexibility is your friend — book now but pay later if plans change! And don't worry about accessibility; everyone can join in as these tours are wheelchair friendly.

Experience Hamburg's heartbeat from every angle with this comprehensive city tour that fits neatly into just 1.5 to 2 hours of your day. From detailed explanations at Elbphilharmonie to secret spots only locals know about, leave feeling connected to this dynamic city and its rich tapestry of tales.


  • Change of plans? No sweat! Cancel for free if you do it 24 hours ahead.
  • Book now, pay later – keep your cash until adventure day!
  • Spend 1.5 - 2 fun-packed hours exploring with cool guides who speak English or German.
  • Roll on in – this tour's totally wheelchair friendly!


  • Only worth it when in a group

6. Schanzenviertel Culinary Tour

Dive into the heart of Hamburg's most vibrant neighborhood on the Schanzenviertel Culinary Tour.

Imagine sipping on a hot espresso at a cozy café while your guide shares tales that breathe life into Sternschanze's colorful past.

You'll stroll through this eclectic district, sampling its mouthwatering delights along the way. From savory to sweet, each bite tells a story of tradition and innovation.


Picture yourself laughing with friends or family as you wander from one local eatery to another, guided by an expert who speaks both English and German.

This isn't just any tour; it's your chance to see Hamburg through the eyes of those who shape its culinary scene.

Think about how great it feels not worrying about rain spoiling your plans, because this tour comes ready for any weather! With everything sorted out – food tastings included – all you need is comfortable shoes and an appetite for adventure.

You can even book a private group tour if you want something more personal. Plus, there’s no stress about upfront costs with their reserve now & pay later option—a perfect fit for keeping travel flexible.

Your three hours exploring Schanzenviertel will fly by as you connect with history, taste incredible flavors, and leave full of not just food but memories too!


  • Explore Schanzenviertel's best eats on a 3 - hour guided food tour.
  • Taste delicious treats at five popular local spots.
  • Enjoy the experience with up to 10 friends for one group price.
  • Get insights from a knowledgeable guide who loves food.
  • Discover yummy options for vegetarians too.


  • Heads up, food lovers! If you're not into walking, this 3 - hour stroll could tire those taste buds!
  • Love surprises? This tour won't spill the beans on which eateries we visit — gotta keep it a mystery until you get there!
  • No room for last - minute snackers — spots fill up fast, so those who snooze... might just lose out on munching through Schanzenviertel!

7. In the Footsteps of "Olivia" Reeperbahn Tour

Step into the colorful world of St. Pauli on the "In the Footsteps of 'Olivia'" Reeperbahn tour, where Hamburg's nightlife comes alive under the glow of neon lights. 

As you wander through this pulsing district with your guide, each step unveils a story – from Olivia's legendary bars to iconic spots like Beatles Square. Your guide knows every nook and cranny, sharing tales that will make landmarks like the Dancing Towers and Herbertstraße stick in your memory.

drag queens

This isn't just any walk; it's a dive into local culture with laughs and insider knowledge at every turn.

Imagine sipping a specialty drink as part of the scene while absorbing fun facts about Germany’s most famous drag queen that only locals would know.

The 2-hour stroll wraps up with a shot to toast your adventure – because what better way to experience Hamburg than living it yourself? You'll feel like part of St. Pauli's storied past, present, and future all bundled together in an unforgettable evening out.

Booking is easy—no payment upfront—and if plans change, cancel 24 hours ahead for a refund.

From history buffs to party seekers, everyone leaves with something from this one-of-a-kind Reeperbahn tour – whether it’s an anecdote shared by your knowledgeable guide or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere as you explore Hamburg’s red light district firsthand.

So tie your laces tight for an exploration where history meets hedonism right at your feet!


  • Walk with us for 2 hours and get the inside scoop on Olivia, a famous drag queen. Feel the vibe of St. Pauli's wild past!
  • Check out cool spots like the high - flying Dancing Towers! Hang where The Beatles kicked off their stardom at Beatles Square.
  • Sneak a peek at Hamburg’s naughty side on Herbertstraße… Shh! Plus, find out where to party at places like Hans-Albers-Platz.
  • End your night with a bang – grab a local drink and cheer with a shot. Here's to an unforgettable tour!


  • Tour might last two hours; kids could get restless.
  • Hamburg’s red light district can be too edgy for some; not everyone's cup of tea.
  • If loud bars aren't your scene, the party spots may be a bit overwhelming.

8. Walking Craft Beer Tour in the St. Pauli District

Take a stroll through Hamburg's St. Pauli district and uncover the craft beer gems this vibrant area has to offer with the Walking Craft Beer Tour

Your expert local guide knows all the top spots and stories, making you feel like an insider in no time. From the hip ÜberQuell brewery with its industrial charm to the cozy Musikbar Eldorado, you'll taste six different beers that are refreshing and full of flavor.


This tour is not just about sipping beer; it's also a journey back in time. As you wander from pub to pub, your guide shares tales from Hamburg's storied past as a brewing powerhouse.

With each stop, learn more about how German drinking culture has evolved over centuries. The best part? You're doing it all while holding a cold brew in hand.

For three fun hours, indulge in new tastes and make memories as you mingle with fellow beer lovers on this adventure through St. Pauli's streets.

Know that planning is easy too — book now and pay later if needed, plus cancel up to 24 hours ahead for a full refund! Remember to bring your ID and pack light – after all, there’s walking involved on this unforgettable experience through Germany’s craft beer heartland.


  • Sip on six different tasty beers – find your new favorite!
  • Stroll through St. Pauli's cool spots with the fun guide.
  • Get the buzz on Hamburg’s beer history and hip hangouts.
  • Hang out at ÜberQuell and Eldorado – where the locals go!


  • You might get full! Six beers is a lot, so pace yourself and don't chug.
  • It's a walking tour – wear comfy shoes or your feet will beg for mercy!
  • St. Pauli's weather can be fickle; bring an umbrella unless you want to sip beer in the rain.

9. Hamburg Historic City Center Pay-What-You-Want Walking Tour

Walk through Hamburg's heart with a local expert ready to show you the city's secrets. Imagine standing in front of the grand Town Hall, where your guide unveils tales from its political past.

You won't just hear stories; you'll step into history as you visit St. Michael's Church and feel the old stone walls that have stood for centuries. As you wander, weave through alleyways lined with medieval churches, each one holding treasures waiting for your discovery.

You set the pace on this walking tour—after all, it’s designed around your interests! Got a question? Your knowledgeable guide has answers and insights that turn every corner into a learning moment.

Pause by Speicherstadt's ancient warehouses and snap pictures sure to spark envy in friends back home. Treat your taste buds at historic port areas serving up fischbröchten or labskaus if you dare—a culinary adventure within an adventure!

Here’s the scoop: book now without spending a dime and decide what it’s worth when it ends. Rain or shine, lace up comfy shoes and dress for Hamburg weather—this tour waits for no storm! Meet beneath bright yellow umbrellas at Town Hall's entrance; then set off on footpaths paved with stories untold until now.


  • Explore Hamburg's history with an expert guide.
  • Enjoy the freedom of paying what you want for the tour.
  • Taste local foods as you walk through the city center.


  • Heads up, if it rains, you'll get wet – no rainchecks here!
  • Remember to wear comfy shoes – this walk's a full two hours.

What Makes These Tours the Best

Knowledgeable and experienced tour guides

Your adventure in Hamburg gets better with a fantastic tour guide leading the way. They not only speak your language, but they're also pros at making history come alive. Imagine walking down ancient streets as your guide spins tales from long ago.

You'll hang on to every word, whether it's a quirky fact about a landmark or an insider story only locals would know.

These guides wear many hats – entertainers, historians, and even friends. They love sharing their passion for Hamburg and have all the cool tips up their sleeve. From hidden alleys to the best street food spots, they've got you covered.

Laugh along with them, learn something new and see Hamburg through the eyes of someone who calls it home.

Rich historical and cultural information

Imagine strolling through Hamburg's winding medieval canals or gazing at grand baroque churches that stood strong against firestorms. Each walking tour is like a time machine, taking you back to when Hamburg was one of Europe's most significant port cities.

You'll uncover tales of maritime glory and cultural treasures with guides who live and breathe the city's history.

Step into the past as you discover hidden alleyways lined with ancient buildings. Learn about the lives of sailors and merchants who shaped this bustling harbor town.

Get ready to soak up stories that are as captivating as they are true—no dull history lessons here! With every step on these tours, Hamburg’s rich heritage comes alive right before your eyes.

Local insights and recommendations

Discover Hamburg like a local, with guides who live and breathe the city. They'll take you beyond the guidebooks to hidden gems and insider spots that most tourists never find.

You'll get more than just a look at beautiful buildings; these tours give tales of the city's heart and soul.

Get personalized tips on where to eat, what to see next, or how to experience Hamburg's vibrant nightlife safely.

Your guide knows all the best local haunts – from cozy cafes tucked away in narrow streets to the liveliest bars in St. Pauli. Trust their insights for an authentic taste of Hamburg life - it's like having a friend show you around!

Interactive and engaging experiences

You'll dive right into the heart of Hamburg, touching history with your own hands and seeing the city come alive through stories and activities.

Your guide will lead you through hidden alleyways and famous landmarks while peppering the air with tales that make each cobblestone feel like a piece of the story.

Engage in lively discussions, participate in fun challenges, or even sample some local flavors on culinary tours.


Each step on these walking tours is an opportunity to connect with Hamburg's spirit. You're not just passing by; you're part of the city's living tapestry for a moment.

From feeling the buzz of St. Pauli’s nightlife scene to soaking up panoramic views at Elbphilharmonie Plaza, there's something thrilling waiting around every corner. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even leave your own mark on this captivating German gem!

Tips for a Successful Walking Tour

Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately

Strolling through Hamburg means lots of walking, so lace up your sneakers or any soft, cushioned shoes with arch support. You'll be thankful for the comfort as you explore cobbled streets and hidden alleys.

Dress in layers too; Hamburg's weather can change quickly. Choose clothes that let you move freely and stay comfy all day long.

Think about the season when you pick your outfit for a Hamburg walking tour. On sunny days, sunglasses and hats are smart picks. If it looks like rain, don't forget a waterproof jacket or umbrella.

This way, you'll enjoy every moment of your adventure without worrying about sore feet or being too hot or cold.

Stay hydrated and bring snacks

Bring a water bottle on your Hamburg walking tour. Sipping water often will keep you refreshed and ready for adventure. Don't forget, snacks are your best friends to fuel up along the way.

You can munch on them while listening to tales of the city's past.


On some tours like the Reeperbahn Sinful Mile, they'll hand you a beer or soft drink—perfect for quenching your thirst! But it's always smart to pack extra drinks and treats in your bag.

Stay energized and hydrated so every step of the tour is enjoyable!

Pack a camera or smartphone for capturing memories

Capture every moment of your Hamburg walking tours with a camera or smartphone. Hamburg's hidden history and vibrant street scenes deserve more than just a glance—they should live on in stunning photos you can share or look back on.

Imagine having an insider guide leading you through the streets, pointing out perfect photo ops along the way. You'll want to snap shots of historic landmarks and local life as it unfolds.

Don't miss out on expert photography tips from professional guides during special guided walks. Your smartphone becomes a tool for discovery and keeps all those memories close at hand.

Click away as you explore Schanzenviertel's culinary delights or get inspired by Speicherstadt's old-world charm. Each picture tells another piece of Hamburg's rich story that only walking tours can reveal.

Follow the tour guide's instructions and be respectful to other participants

Listen carefully to your tour guide; they know the best spots and stories. They'll keep you safe and informed. Your guide also sets the pace, so everyone enjoys the journey without ru